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  1. Hindsight is great. They couldn't afford him to begin with and cost them even more now. Fine with me.
  2. Nobody knew a thing ... it turned out badly for them. They couldn't afford him except for this year ... they ended up losing money and draft capital. It is what it is ... it's fine with me.
  3. Sorry, I disagree, it was a bad decision regardless .. period. Vikings #2 they gave up is going to be in the top 10 picks next year. The 3rd they get back is going to be in the last 5 of the same draft. That's a LOT of draft premium for basically nothing gained in 5-6 games. That's a bad trade and yes, he's a nice player but a #2 draft pick better be really, really helpful to your team. Obviously, it didn't help the Vikings that much and it cost them.
  4. Gave up a early second the way it looks for him and now they get back a late 3rd … brilliant, just brilliant. Complain about Gute if folks want to but he's not done ANYTHING so stupid as that.
  5. If things don't improve and fast with Pettine and his scheme ... the results of doing nothing will be a heck of a lot worse than making the change.
  6. Yup, mentioned him as a possibility before. Young like LF, aggressive and been doing a great job with the Badgers. Only problem, what would the Badgers do if he went to the Packers?!
  7. With some on this forum one never knows. I'm 50/50 on most whether or not its tongue in cheek. Lol.
  8. LOL ... I truly hope this is in jest. The NFC East is one of the worst divisions ever in NFL history right now. A .500 record would be running away with it and a 6-10 or 7-9 record could very well win it.
  9. Packers had a 10-0 lead Sunday in 1st qtr and didn't do squat to put a rush on Brady ... matter of fact, the whole frickin game.
  10. Nope on the D pass. No sacks, no pressures, 1 tackle for loss, soft zone, Gronk eating them up ... No pass there either.
  11. Injuries, covid, etc can take it's toll. But yeah the sky is falling, the sky is falling. LOL.
  12. Agreed ... young guy to look at who is aggressive and done a damn fine job ... Jim Leonard from the Badgers.
  13. Not spoiled one bit … the O line didn't play very well from the get go. Rodgers DID NOT play as good as he could have, no doubt. However, he was moving around to get time from the 1st series on. The pressure put on by TB's defense was problematic right away. Your points are well taken but there were many more times than that the O line just got whipped. That being said, it was one game against a D that is very well coached!
  14. O line failed big time. TB defensive co-ordinator rushed/blitzed Rodgers all game long; didn't sit a soft zone like Pettine. No excuses, Rodgers didn't play well after the 2 interceptions. That being said, WR couldn't get open, O line couldn't block, D line couldn't rush, LB couldn't cover or rush, secondary dropped int's ... Total collapse overall. A total crap the bed game and onto Houston. Packers better be pissed and ready to kick butt after this one!
  15. D played like crap. Not one pressure, not one sack, sitting back in soft zone, their running back had 150+ yards. That aint good.
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