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  1. Agree ... Minnesota and Chicago have lost a better player than Funchess.
  2. Could be … this isn't going away anytime soon if ever.
  3. Do you mean no 2020 season or the 2020 season proposed doesn't really count?
  4. Agree .. I just don't get not trying something/somebody/anybody different if the job just isn't getting done. Don't keep on doing the same darn thing time after time if it's not working!
  5. Agreed ... need help at the other spots big time.
  6. The entire D front and LB got run on ... both times Packers played them.
  7. Words to follow .. "when he does that". That's been the issue; hurt most of the time and isn't where he supposed to be.
  8. Also really like Jones but with how many quality backs are coming up in free agency I don't expect him to get that huge, team breaking dollars. Put that money in the OL and DL and sign him to a reasonable team friendly deal. Hoping it works out that way ... good for both involved!!
  9. If a vaccine is even "found" .. nothing says there will be an effective one. Some may not want to risk it - their decision.
  10. Understand his concern. There are some players with the same thought process that may never play again.
  11. Excellent post Shanedorf .. shows how the Packers dominated the NFC north. Nicely done.
  12. Haven't seen the contract but when a contract averages 40-50 million a year, not sure if it's team friendly or not. That's a whole lot of dollars for one position regardless.
  13. It would be fantastic if one or two of them steps up from this wide receiver group to shut up many media know it alls that project the group to be so bad this year. Same goes for the rookie draft choices knowing that Love has no chance except for learning and improving.
  14. Removed ... not worth discussing.
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