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  1. Love's college team was terrible ... Lawrence's team was pretty darn good. Switch them around and thinking the results would be different on a lot of thinking about them.
  2. Maybe ... maybe not. Without seeing either of them play a down of NFL football it's all a crap shoot. We'll know more whether they are or aren't this fall.
  3. Outside the box for sure. Fun to look at ... not sure how feasible but fun.
  4. Total speculation .. nobody knows for sure. Just sit back and relax Debbie Downer.
  5. Maybe maybe maybe. If if if. Or not. Whatever it is/has been, no go so far.
  6. Lol, you aren't asking for much in the draft are you? That's a whole lot to be looking for and many won't more than likely see the field. Like your thinking but there wasn't any help whatsoever this off season.
  7. Agreed. That being said, the big trophy is what the focus is. Been at the door 2years straight and slammed shut both times. Need more to keep that door open.
  8. The window is closing fast with Rodgers. Hoping for 2-3 years with him and GB still needs to add some important depth pieces at the very least.
  9. They better play a lot of 3T. Lowry,Keke are retreads with not much improvement in sight. King has a lot to show me before I'm a fan again.
  10. Kind of head scratching for sure. Keep hearing how GB needs this or that and not much happens. Other good teams, ie KC keep signing very nice players to help their team. Where are they and others getting the dollars to sign these guys?!
  11. Just don't get where these teams are getting the cap money to sign these guys.
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