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  1. Time to hold Mark Murphy accountable?

    Much as Favre did for the Packers ... he didn't win as many as he should have either. Probably shouldn't be throwing stones.
  2. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Like a double dip at safety but we must have a higher up draft pick on the DL/Edge somewhere. Wouldn't mind Polite at 30 or 44.
  3. NFL News & Notes

    Wow .. that's a lot of money for that dude. Time will tell if a huge overpay but for now I'd say the Seahawks have overpaid big time..
  4. Random Packer News & Notes

    Good to hear but what else would he say? I truly hope those two can get on the same track and prove all the nay sayers wrong. If they can get the offense back on track combined with a defense who can be in the top half … it can be very good again.
  5. Arron jones

    MM just couldn't make the changes in his system to do it. Good gosh I hope they do some passing routes out of the backfield this year! Agree Jones could be lights out if they do.
  6. NFL News & Notes

    Agreed. They pee money away on players with a history of problems which raised red flags all over the place. Then they want to squeeze players like Dak … wow. Train wreck.
  7. Arron jones

    I believe we can run the ball a bit more but more importantly, how about using the running back out of the backfield catching more passes? We just haven't done it the past number of years while a number of top notch playoff caliber teams have used it extensively. Utilizing that running back as such can be considered an extension of the running game. I truly hope LF uses this much more this year. If we don't have the right rb to do so …. draft one specifically for that purpose in the mid to lower rounds.
  8. Arron jones

    Also heard somewhere that he's put on a little more weight/muscle to help him stay healthy. Give him 15-20 carries a game and watch this team improve immensely.
  9. Cadmus TMI Mock Draft

    Everybody has their own ideas on drafting certain players at certain spots ... Each to their own. All I know, that was a heck of a lot of work put into your draft. I enjoy looking at different players and different mocks. Well done and presented.
  10. I find all this back and forth bantering on Rodgers entertaining if nothing else. We can all agree how talented he is … hall of fame QB. He is what he is; what we think doesn't mean squat and whether you love him or think he's a **** … each to your own. We'll see soon enough if this new head coach can relate and helps cure all the Packer offensive problems; without Rodgers buying in … we're screwed. That being said, the upcoming draft is one of the most important drafts for the Packers in a long, long time. Put a good one together with Rodgers buying in and everybody on this great Packer forum site will be happy again.
  11. Old time QB's don't count; it's a whole new ballgame now days. Let's try Qb's in the past 15 years.
  12. Here's hoping a new offensive scheme works its magic over the previous system that was good 15 years ago. Picks, crossing routes, bunch formations were never seen in the past system. Combine that with maybe a little more (not a lot though) running game and I'm hopeful that takes care of itself.
  13. With the decent/normal/well adjusted QB question posed ... not a real lot of QB names being thrown out there to work with. Totally agree with the thought process that Rodgers doesn't have to be the all catering, angel type person. I'll take him the way he is and by the way, trading Rodgers is still one of the dumbest ideas ever and I'm not a Rodger apologist.
  14. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    Hoping Burk's light goes on this year. Great athlete but can he "get it"? Get a draft pick safety and if Morgan can be signed for cheap … why not?
  15. Trade the 12th pick?

    Not sure where you are coming from sometimes. Sure teams look at character in varying degrees; some care, some don't. Character is in the eye of beholder pure and simple and yes it was your perspective, otherwise you wouldn't have mentioned it and then said it was well known and understood. Not sure being absolutely "pure" character wise is the #1 factor in being an all-pro but whatever trips your trigger in your thought process.