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  1. He's got to be pretty frickin cheap .... he isn't bad at at all WHEN he's available ... that isn't often enough for this team to count on. A team just can't keep waiting and hoping he gets rid of the glass slipper he's always wearing.
  2. Mil JS said it was a personal matter whatever the heck that may be. Also ... Kevin King is over his previous injury BUT now he is questionable with an achilles tendon issue. If he doesn't play ... again missing another game, why in the world would this team want to sign him to another contract. He's on the pines more than a red squirrel.
  3. Good thoughts ... need Pettine to play man to man with our healthy secondary and get after Rivers. Play zone and he'll pick us apart so get aggressive.
  4. Agree on Hicks and his hammy. If he can't play ... huge benefit for the Packers!!
  5. Agreed. Problem being, he's made of glass and has been ever since college.
  6. As it stands now ... agree. How this plays out the rest of the season is up to Pettine and his scheme or lack of it.
  7. Explain. Never mind, good sarcasm!
  8. Not so my friend ... I don't chap and it's certainly not utterly and completely forever. @Outpost31 have had our disageements but he's spot on. Good try though. LOL.
  9. OMG ... you don't think the D line is a problem? The linebackers are young and some of the mistakes are/can be expected. No such thing for the DL. They need help in the worst way and it didn't happen. The D needs to get aggressive and that starts with Pettine and his scheme.
  10. He's done his job! Up to the supporting cast and defense to do theirs!!
  11. Then if the price wasn't that high why wouldn't we upgrade? Totally dependent on the asking price but our Dl indictment as you said is they are pretty bad.
  12. Agreed but that wasn't his point.
  13. Each to their own. Ball protection over a little more escapability doesn't move the needle that much for me.
  14. Thinking most of us and our hearts have been through worse than this. And yes, you often times are a butthead. Carry on!
  15. Better have Bak ready to go then. The 20% rb that we have left for the game without Jones is worth about 5%. Packers showed last week how ineptness losses games. Dont want to make it 2 in a row!
  16. LOL … is the covid thing making everybody testy?
  17. Wtf are you talking about? Quit cherry picking crap. Go find something else to go off on. If that's your take on me being a "hater" on Rodgers which I'm not, some others on this forum better be expecting a rant from you.
  18. Look back my friend, no Rodgers hater here .. love the guy. No rant either, he's night and day different from last year. CHILL.
  19. Try being 68 years old and a fan for 60 years. You ain't seen nutin yet!
  20. LOL! Seriously? That dog is so dead.
  21. How did that style work yesterday? This secondary is much better than before. This years team is at the very bottom of nfl in turnovers. It's not acceptable.
  22. Then change the frickin alignments and predictability!! The players are not responding or performing. They aren't soft, right now the reality is they aren't very good.
  23. So much agree. Stop the run at all costs, make Cousins beat us in the wind. Stop the run at all costs, make Cousins beat us in the wind. Fail .... fail. Damn depressing.
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