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  1. Nintendo Switch Thread

    Oh sorry you're right! The review I read must have been a sneak peak.
  2. Nintendo Switch Thread

    Anyone get Luigi's Mansion 3 yet? Looks like a fun concept and I'm guessing plays similar to Odyssey? Thanks!
  3. 2018/2019 EPL Thread

    Announcer just said "Score-bry" lol, my guy has 4 goals today! Thoughts and Prayers Tottenham. Coutinho in the middle may have Bayern contending this year. BTW - Buying individual games for $3 on BR/Live is awesome.
  4. 2018/2019 EPL Thread

    Bayern putting the screws to Tottenham! Gnarby with 2 goals in like 3 minutes, any production outside of Lewy is amazing.
  5. 2018/19 Bundesliga Season

    Thanks for the reply, great news that most games are on Fox. I watched the Super Cup and was entertained, even though Bayern could not break through. I also have been listening the the "Bayern Munchies" podcast which has been solid and a good way to keep up with the team. The defense sounds pretty uninspired. Let's hope with the two new signings and Gnabry coming to life they start to get some momentum. I'm a FIFA nut so that Cutinho signing was crucial for me to keep using Bayern online lol.
  6. 2018/19 Bundesliga Season

    Appreciate the re-cap. I just got back from an awesome trip to Munich and want to become a legit fan of Bayern. I have been a growing soccer fan over the past several years (specifically Germany) but I want to take it to the next level. What advice do you have for following the team and watching games? I obviously follow the team on twitter and just bought Fifa 19 to get even more familiar with the roster lol. I'm guessing it will be much easier to watch Champions League games on FS1 versus Bundesliga. Kind of excited the games will be on early. Back to the team, are people optimistic/excited about the additions of Hernandez and Pavard? Thanks for helping a noob out!
  7. MKE Bucks Thread | Fr34k #1 in SI top 100

    My only concern the rest of this series is staying healthy. Thon and Drummond are both capable of really stupid/unnecessary fouls.
  8. Nintendo Switch Thread

    The struggle is real with Zelda and I right now. I don't play often enough and decided to started with Divine Beast Vah Naboris. Terrible call, I can't even get in and I only have three hearts. Every video I have watched has a Link with like 12 hearts. I need a strategy guide to help me go in right direction. Did everyone here just use videos to help or get a guide? I wish I played with more consistency so I could remember what the hell I'm doing. Going on a flight this weekend and would love to be squared away lol.
  9. 2018-2019 NCAAB Thread

    I bet this game and it was excruciating. I also bet VA Tech first half, they were about to get the ball but the refs called the fastest jump ball I have ever seen in my life. It was a joy to watch this all unfold.
  10. What movie are you watching?

    Saw Fighting with the Family yesterday, thought it was great. Being a fan of 2000s wrestling as a kid put it over the top for me but you don't have to know a thing about wrestling to enjoy (wife loved it as well). Its got quality humor with this over the top UK family and some vintage Vince Vaughn sarcasm. Most importantly an inspirational true story. I highly recommend!
  11. MKE Bucks Thread | Fr34k #1 in SI top 100

    That 2 minutes after the T was so much fun. Crowd was pissed off, he was pissed off, and the team just snapped off. Wauwatosa got a shout out from the TNT studio guys last night! Also I heard Albert/Weber were talking about how quiet it was in the fourth? Its a week day game and they were up 10+, relax guys. Lastly, Tony Snell made someone fall last night. That's how much its the Bucks year!
  12. MKE Bucks Thread | Fr34k #1 in SI top 100

    Middleton seems to let small factors impact his play. Early in the year, Bud was tinkering with him and the rotations...he went through a bad slump, randomly missed a game for no reported reason and their were some reports of him getting into it in the locker room. Any chance this Bledsoe extension is messing with him? He finally made the All Star team, is advertised as Bucks # 2 and then Bled gets the money during a playoff run. I obviously love the Bledsoe move but could see it impacting Middleton.
  13. MKE Bucks Thread | Fr34k #1 in SI top 100

    Fun game last night, I caught pieces. I love watching Bledsoe play D when he puts the clamps on, such an underrated piece of what makes this team so good. Fox was locked up on that last possession. Speaking of Fox, I wish I caught more of his games (super entertaining). The NBA is in such good hands with the talent/characters under 25.
  14. MKE Bucks Thread | Fr34k #1 in SI top 100

    Question got me thinking, if you could pair Giannis with any single NBA player who would it be? I think my top three wish list would be.. Steph Curry Anthony Davis Kemba Walker
  15. MKE Bucks Thread | Fr34k #1 in SI top 100

    Not James Harden.