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  1. For me, it is essential in EVERY Draft to look for someone to develop on the OL. I would be saying the same thing for DL but we are getting a monster is young under your scenario. Now with Tua expected to be fully healthy and if the doctors also give him the thumbs up come draft time, to you think the Dolphins would be interested at the number 2 pick to ensure they get him? And if yes should we entertain it since most likely we lose Chase? What if they give us all their first-round picks and their 3rd? That could be tempting.
  2. I get what you have been saying brother, but you can't get it off my mind that we sucked on D because of Manusky. The dude was trash, now with Chase and Sweat and that monsters in the middle we have a chance to go top 8 D for sure, maybe top 5. This is no joke, and don't forget who should be healthy as a LB also.
  3. Man with so many great WRs in this draft I wish KJ Hamler is there with our 3rd round pick. I don't think he will last that long but if he does I believe he will be a wonderful pick for us at that spot.
  4. So I guess Cousins wasn't good enough for Brucie Allen. This egomaniac destroyed the Redskins organization. Lets hope Rivera can turn it around.
  5. By far the best play was in OT when the Giants scored a TD and won the game thus giving us the number 2 pick in the draft.
  6. if Garrett has the job for next year, Eagles and Giants fans owe us. We sucked so bad in that last game, Jerry thinks he is turning things around LOL
  7. So any guess who Riverra keeps on his staff? I love to keep Callahan for the OL if he agrees. O'Connell and Tomsula would be also great to keep.
  8. yea and I would be very much down with this. Lets see if it happens. Rivera and Wilks will get the most of our guys and if we land Chase I can see us having close to elite front 7, probably the best in football next year.
  9. True, with the clown show Synder has here I guess we are lucky to at least get someone that has had success and is serious. I will reserve judgment when I see who his DC will be, because I think under the clown we had this D has performed 70% of capabilities at best.
  10. Don't know how I feel about this yet. Honestly Ron Rivera never impressed me as someone elite.
  11. We always play OSU very close and in Happy Valley next year it will be the same. It will be a tossup. The D next year will be just fine, PSU has some of the best OLBs in college football. Now that Chase is going to the NFL, that is a huge drop off right there in talent to fill for OSU, while Parsons will be one year older, wiser, stronger. Also don't underestimate Meyers loss as a HC, no way OSU loses the Fiesta this year if he was coaching.
  12. No way, I don't see Cincy not getting Burrow. Their fan base will revolt. Tua is way too much of a risk.
  13. One baby step at a time my brother. PSU is returning major players like Parson who looks like Lavar out there and is only on his second year. Also don't forget those RBs and the new OC we just hired. PSU will legitimately have the best RBs in college football next year with a sick rotation between Brown, Cain, Slade and Ford. And then the two highly regarded 4 star RBs out of Florida. We needed a OC that can utilize such talent. Anyway I have very high hopes for next year, this was suppose to be a rebuilding year with best estimates of a 9-3 season.
  14. Hello to all the great fans in here from Cancun. Just super happy weekend, PSU won the Cotton Bowl, OSU did everything but win and that has to crush them which I like and then we get the awesome news Allen is out in the street on his A&&. Now, first and foremost if Young is there we MUST pick him. Trade Kerrigan for a 3rd of 4th round pick if we must but having Young on that front 7 and a capable DC to utilize him correctly, no question we upgrade that D big time. The issue for my eyes was never the lack of talent on the front 7 as was a clueless DC that should never have been given that position. Now, if some team wants to throw picks at us we must listen. But it must be a major offer, that we simply can't refuse. Otherwise the pick must be Young. Happy New Year everyone and lest hope this is the first year of the 20s decade where our team gets back to glory.
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