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  1. Alex Smith

    Great Turtle we are going to jump up and down about a 71 million dollar QB that has thrown a couple of TD passes right now? Do we win that Carolina game if not for their turnovers? Just saying. Smith so far is average and I am being kind. If there is one player that is holding this team back from being more of a contender is Smith. and I hope to God I am wrong but I don't see this changing anytime soon if ever while he is the QB..
  2. Alex Smith

    you are delusional Name one game Smith has won this year that he contributed greatly. NONE ZERO ZIP. Its either the running game or the defense. KC with this offense which he knows very well would most likely beaten the Colts and we would be at least 7-2 right now.
  3. Is the defense for real?

    Man I be really loving Ioannidis. This guy is playing way above what anyone in their right mind would expect from a 5th round pick.
  4. Alex Smith

    The film is very short, the point is he had a lot of plays that receivers were open. He is missing open recievers, he is not seeing open receivers, he is very nervous in the pocket. This from a 14 year veteran dude. And you know that last QB i adored and honestly pissed me off so much we didn't lock him up I didn't even feel watching the off season this year.
  5. Alex Smith

    What this film break down. if you don't come away sick from it you are not a Redskins fan. On almost every passing play Smith has a wide open receiver to go to and either misses or doesn't see him. Even the TD to Doctson, he could have hit a wide open Bibbs a second earlier. The dude is trash. That is all we can say at this time.
  6. Have the Redskins Found Their Answer at LG?

    One of the calls was bogus. Just like that call on Moses which was beyond bogus. The refs have not been doing us any favors. But I agree Cooper will have a chance to prove his worth Sunday that is for sure.
  7. We Should Extend Scherff and The Greek Now!

    Don't forget every year the cap also goes up. I want this guy back man, we can't afford to loose top players.
  8. Have the Redskins Found Their Answer at LG?

    Nah their DL is good, its there secondary that is devastated by injuries. So I was very surprised Smith got sacked only 3 times and two of those sacks were on him for holding the ball way too long.
  9. Redskins Working Out Kickers

    What the hell happened to him? Jesus, are we going to have any of the starting players by the end of this season?
  10. Derek Carr

    Can't get any QB now for the next two years unless we draft one because we have Smith. No QB would sign to compete with Smith nor can we get rid of Smith with the cap hit that comes with it AND pay another starting QB. We are stuck with this guy for at least two years and just typing this makes me so sad man.
  11. Alex Smith

    Man don't remind me. The Walrus did it to us again. And if we did it to save a lot of money I maybe would have forgiven this front office.
  12. Week 11: Houston Texans GDT

    Mike you rocking it again buddy. Man about this game. Nope not going to happen, not unless Smith can hit a few big plays and I know down deep in my heart its not going to happen. Texans 28 Redskins 10
  13. We Should Extend Scherff and The Greek Now!

    No way no how. Seriously, Scherff is a monster at guard, young dude that should be on this line for then next 6 - 8 years at least. Allen and Payne we have a while to renew as they can play on their rookie deals for a few years. By that time I am hoping Smith is out the door and we will have the cap space to get them done comfortably. Ioannidis is a MUST, but then again this front office has a horrible handle on how to renew 5th round picks that have become great players don't they?
  14. The NFC LEast Thread

    Gruden got extended last year, which pisses me off because he should have requested as part of his extension to sign Cousins long term.
  15. How Gruden earned this teams respect

    By your logic since we played the worse competition in history and some of the worse defenses in history also, even if Gruden is screwing Smith, should he be at least top 15 with this competition? HE IS NOT EVEN THAT. And seriously what does Gruden have to do with over throwing wide open receivers? What does Gruden have to do with taking sacks because you refuse to throw the ball away. What does Gruden have to do when he checks down more often than not on 3rd and 8 to receiver that can't possibly make up those 8 yards? Please man, stop this nonsense, Smith is holding this offense hostage.