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  1. Week 15 GDT: Redskins at Titans

    yea man I didn't get why he took AP out on the 3rd and 3. That is a two down territory anyway and if he wanted to throw it perfect call would be play action with AP in there. Gruden totally blew that play call. But once again the refs screwed us bad in this game. Seriously screwed us, Monreo's penalty was totally bogus call, the ball was 15 feet high. So when the refs got together they discussed it, we can't call PI there the ball was not even close, how about illegal contact even though the Titan player was the first to push off so there is no complaining. I am so don with this league.
  2. Week 15 GDT: Redskins at Titans

    No way man, the refs have dogged us all year. They will not stop now.
  3. Week 15 GDT: Redskins at Titans

    Yea so far Hopkins has been money. Not bad, looks like the OL can hold a pocket today.
  4. Man Ovi is like aged wine, getting better and better. I think winning the cup got him playing very relaxed he is very sharp. And I also believe the rest of the team is playing at about 70% of their potential. I am loving it.
  5. Game Thread vs. Jags

    how crazy was today so far. Seattle just lost to SF. They got the chiefs next week. LOL
  6. Game Thread vs. Jags

    All great points and this is where Allen and the front office in general SUCK. And to add to this, why didn't we have an QB at least on the practice squat, I mean why didn't we hold 3 QBs. Again all on this horrid front office led by Allen. No argument, I have been saying the same thing for years about Allen and freaking Synder. Still you can't at least say we have moved in the right direction with our picks of Allen and Pane. Seriously what QB we would have gotten at those spots we picked those two. And, notice, I don't give this on Bruce doing something great, he was lucky Allen fell to us. Reciever same freaking thing, we had DJax and Garcon, we had all said in here we got to keep at least one, and then we kept none. We are saying the same thing, Allen has got to go. But again today, you still have to say at least they didn't fold after that punt return and this guy at QB he is trying his best. At least they have made it interesting for another week.
  7. Game Thread vs. Jags

    lavar you telling me stuff I argued with you for two years. The fact that this idiot didn't sign Cousins when he should have two years ago, the fact that he continues to make dumb mistakes I have said over and over. But lets face it, this team did what it did with a semi average QB in Alex Smith, then boom, your starting guards are out, your left tackle is out, then that average QB is out and immediately the next game your semi-decent backup QB is out. Don't know of any teams in the past on their 4th QB can be competitive.
  8. Game Thread vs. Jags

    Guys lets back up a minute and realize something. This team is decimated with injuries. We are on our 4th QB. We have our D secondary banged up. And still we go to the Jacksonville that is hurting so much for a win and beat them. The same Jacksonville team that played the Colts at the same place and beat them, more so kept them from scoring. Hell yea I hate Allen and hell yea I hate Synder but still, today's win shows maybe just maybe we do have a semi-decent team if not for all those injuries. One thing is for sure, Sanchez was the wrong QB. Not saying JJ is the man, but hell i will go as far as saying if this front office had any brains, they would have given Kap a chance right after Smith got hurt and most likely we win on of the games we lost (Dallas, Eagles, Giants) with him under center. Still Bravo to JJ for the effort. As our great old coach would say he fought his guts out today.
  9. Game Thread vs. Jags

    LMAO. this team is so done. See you fellas next year.
  10. Game Thread vs. Jags

    OMG, Harris almost gave this game away
  11. Game Thread vs. Jags

    Davis how can you drop that man. How could you?
  12. Game Thread vs. Jags

    And a blocked punt. Wonderful
  13. Game Thread vs. Jags

    We can't even run a freaking play without a yellow flag.
  14. Game Thread vs. Jags

    You mean as pointless as rooting for this team ever since Synder bought this team?
  15. Game Thread vs. Jags

    Ha Ha with a good hit