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  1. I don't see Denver even drafting a QB in the first round, much less trading up to do it,
  2. I doubt if the Skins will be in the Supper Bowl anytime soon, but Case had such poor coaching and bad protection last season, I believe he will do better for you than he did for us last season. People truly don't understand the value of good coaching.
  3. Actually, Case isn't that bad but he was coached by VJ and his staff of comics. Tom Brady would look bad playing for VJ! lol
  4. Great mock draft for my Broncos! ILB is one of our real needs also! Great job!
  5. You have your opinion and I have mine. I have seen many QB's go to a different team and do much better. He still has many of the tools to be a good QB and IF our OL can protect him, and we can get him some WR that can and will catch the ball, he ought to do good for the team this year. He can't get to the playoffs without help! Let's talk next year and see who was correct!
  6. I think Keenum will be traded this Spring. The Vikings may want him back as a back-up right now. Keenum may make a deal to take the league minumin plus his $7M and sense Denver is paying $3M of that, them paying $5M or less for a insurance policy that already knows their system, may sound appealing to them? Flacco is 34 years old and has a very strong arm, How old was Manning when we signed him in 2011? Seems to me that he was older an coming of several surgeries on his neck. True, Flacco probably isn't as good of QB as Manning was but he still COULD be pretty good for us for two or three years or more. I am one of those who see the glass as half full rather than half empty, but I think the Flacco trade will be a good trade for us.
  7. Being a Broncos fan, I could live with this draft. Hopefully our coaching will be able to bring a young QB along.
  8. I am not sure if my thinking is correct but: The Ravens will have to pay $16M of Joe's salary this next season and we will have to pay the other $10.5M of his contract.....correct? When we cut Case we will save $11M but have $10M in dead money .............correct? Looking at these figures, looks like if Joe doesn't work out, we have a one year lease on Joe this year for $.5M in exchange for a 4th round draft choice....correct? But next year if you cut him it will cost us $8M or $28.5M to keep him next year. Please correct me if this is wrong.
  9. wcf 1989 I assume you don't think the Broncos are going to sign any free agents? That seems odd?
  10. Draft Jones in the first round and in two years fans will be wanting Elway's head for wasting another high draft choice! Flacco would be my first choice but he is getting older also. Wait until next year to draft a QB.
  11. Thank you AKRNA, for the link but once free agency starts there may be more out there,
  12. I don't see a first round QB in this entire draft. Spend our first 3 rounds to draft a CB and ILB. The free agency is the place to look for OL and QB.
  13. I don't pay much attention to pre season rankings. I felt like if we had anything that even looked like a quarterback last season, we would have easily won our division. I think our defense got disguised holding the opponents to nothing and then our offense or special teams would turn the ball over and our defense was right back on the field with their backside amost in their own end zone. Seems like Ilke O z would go in and have a good game and Joseph would put Siemian right back in starting the next game!
  14. I would love to say that with Case Keenum and the talent we have that we have a great chance of going from last to first but unless Coach Joseph develops fast as a head coach, it probably won't happen. We still have some exceptional talent on our team, hope our coaching staff can step up.
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