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  1. Draft Rumors

    We got Bradberry cuz, we good.
  2. I like the pick but I thought Ridley would've been nice to take the top off the defense considering we have Christian, Curtis and Greg for the underneath stuff. Plus I think Russell Sheppard and Damiere Byrd can play some good ball. I think Ridley would've given us that Ted Ginn element we've been missing.
  3. Artificial Intelligence: Are You Concerned?

    I'm just concerned about what it does for employment. Ideally notsafeforFF but who knows how notsafeforFF handles the redistribution.
  4. Playoffs/Offseason Thread

    Worley had an up and down couple years here, I don't really feel bad about moving on from him. Especially considering the Richard Sherman buzz going around. It's not impossible to develop another young guy in the mean time. On the offensive side, now we have that Jerricho Cotchery role filled. Good to have a reliable receiver in the room. Between Byrd, Samuel and Mccaffery we have enough speed at the position. I'd like one more guy though but at least we wont have to get in the Watkins, AR bidding war.
  5. 90th Academy Awards

    I have only seen half of the best picture nominated films so far but Water is definitely deserving of the award. The degree of difficulty on what they pulled off was so high. This could have gone hilariously wrong in so many ways but they made a love story between a deaf woman and a fish creature work. And the B story was interesting, it created good conflict. It wasn't the most entertaining watch ever, but it was very well done. The score, cinematography paired with being a period piece, with elements of international film and science fiction all came together where the film still felt grounded. That's not easy to do! I think if you're calling for an agenda there were plenty of noms that would have supported narratives that were being called for leading up. Although GDT is a POC, that was not a narrative that helped float this movie. If anything, it was so weird in the obvious ways that it had the most noise to fight against to win. I think that's what makes me so happy this one won because as much as the social impact Get Out, Lady Bird, and CMBYN had, I just want to make sure I still live in a world where something can be seen as superior artistically despite not having the same social impact. I think this year we achieved the perfect balance. Directors of different backgrounds got movies backed that told stories that weren't compromised and were recognized for it and art that wasn't as socially focused can still compete. At the end of the day we can all rejoice that The Post didn't win haha
  6. Crazy Carolina off season

    I'm probably not the guy to respond to this sort of thing because I'm not really into the sports fantasy thing. Not only would they team not trade Cam, I also don't think you could get all of that out of Cleveland for him considering his injury history as it relates to his age and contract. So this was hard for me to engage with. But I support your enthusiasm and just the fact that you're posting a topic haha. Also, Christian is a McCaffery.
  7. Andrew Norwell

    Do people really feel comfortable with this? Say moving him out to left if Kalil continues to disappoint?
  8. Marty Hurney Named as Panthers GM - *nopeemoji*

    I like it for the continuity given all the ownership turnover and the inevitable roster shuffling upcoming. It's a threat to the stability that has been a big reason for the '10s teams and now those vets are starting to cycle out. He seems to have learned from his last stint with the team, in some ways I think that's more valuable than someone fresh who doesn't have the baggage. Makes him have to be that much more cautious since everyone is watching for his old tricks. He's on a short leash so I don't see how we lose.
  9. Survivor 35

    Are people actually impressed with Ben? I thought he was good until his alliance fell apart and now the show is just feeding him idols. It feels very Big Brother.
  10. Week 13: Panthers @ Saints

    Gotta at least keep Ryan for the culture. Matt is not good enough though.
  11. Carolina Panther's Greatest players at each position.

    We've had some pretty good punters. I liked Jason Baker I don't think he's gotten mentioned yet. And Andy Lee is awesome. I think Jordan Gross deserves consideration for best left and right tackle we've had since he played both spots. Anyone know what Chris Gamble is up to these days? He's the only former Panther contributor I never hear about coming by for training camp or anything like that.
  12. Thomas Davis Signs One-Year Extension

    Good deals for Turner and Davis. The "Hurney will throw buckets at everyone" crowd has been quiet.
  13. Podcasts!

    I used to be an every day Le Barard show guy but now I tune in and out. Dan can honestly be so unbearable sometimes. Wake and Take has been/was fun.
  14. Podcasts!

    Thanks man!
  15. Podcasts!

    Anyone know why Keeping It 1600 isn't playing on the Ringer network anymore? It used to be a good listen.