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  1. Who are the most underpaid players in the league?

    yanda's got to be up there, his salary has always been modest for a HOF guard
  2. Jalen Ramsey's QB Tiers

    The defense is at fault though, considering we invested pretty much everything from the draft and free agency into it the past few years to revitalize it. And we still got a under-achieving, inconsistent defense that cost us play-off slots 2 years in a row. The offense wasn't bad at all during the games that mattered at the end of the season, it was the defense that crapped the bed and allowed 20 points in the 4th quarter.
  3. Witten to retire after 15 seasons

    top 10 TE of all time.
  4. Flacco's fault?

    Both the FO and Flacco. As much hate as he gets, flacco has had one of the worst supporting casts in the league since the SB. His #1 receivers were a 34 YO steve smith, a mike wallace coming off a 300 yard season, and torrey smith. And none of them played together at the same time. OL has been always been bad/injured. I blame the FO for that, they went a little overboard to rebuild the defense.
  5. Jordan Lasley- The Fifth Element

    i don't know if its just me but he looked really smooth/natural running those routes on that video.
  6. When Does Lamar Jackson Start His First Game?

    I think it depends on how Lamar progresses, If the coaching staff likes what it sees, as soon as next year, this is the best scenario and like wackywabbit said, we've ALWAYS been in the playoff talks until the last games of the season under Joe Flacco, so the our season ending early and putting Lamar out there is highly unlikely. And we've spent pretty much everything this free agency and draft just on the offense, after neglecting it to death the past few seasons. Joe is probably going to at least have a decent season this year, the talent level on offense went from being arguably the worst in franchise history, to one of the better ones. I don't understand the Flacco bashing either, the only decent receiver he's had the past few seasons is Mike Wallace, and the OL has been decimated by injuries. I think only maybe 4 or 5 QBs could be successful here with the terrible supporting cast we've been trotting out.
  7. Bold Predictions Thread

    Browns, again pick #1 again next season. Both Mayfield and Ward bust. Deshaun Watson becomes average. Titans and Chiefs will pick top 10. Jaguars miss the playoffs. Aaron Rodgers isn't the same after the injury. Possible early retirement.
  8. 2018 Ravens Draft Weekend Thread

    25 year old tight end. oof.
  9. Is CJ Mosley elite?

    not sure why this fanbase is so down on mosely, i still remember the days of jameel mcclain and josh bynes...
  10. Ravens are not going to be punished that's hilarious, they're not making up an injury so they don't have to sign him, he legitimately had a bad ankle. This happened when Crabtree was available is probably a part of it though and pretty funny.
  11. 2018 NFL Combine - Measurements, Random Thoughts etc

    Gesicki is a freak. I want him at 16 if he's there, could be the next Gronk.
  12. Malcolm Butler situation

    This guy was touted as a top 10 CB at one point. Seems like Belichick let his ego get in the way or something here.
  13. Rob Gronkowski considering retirement

    The man has taken an ungodly amount of punishment. Get out while you can.
  14. Titans to hire Dean Pees as DC

    Sounds pretty much the exact same for the Ravens. I'm sure if the Ravens really wanted to keep him, they would've made it happen. Especially for this franchise which the FO is willing to invest and able to get quality players on defense. It's arguably the best place to be a DC in. Also I keep hearing titans fans say the reason he came back is for the opportunity to coach with his son, but the Ravens have one of the biggest staffs in the league, and an owner that is not afraid to spend money and have a history of doing players/coaches "family favors" Flacco's brother was on our practice squad once, and Greg Mattison's son played a couple games for us. I'm sure hiring Pees' son for an assistant coach role would be nothing.
  15. Titans to hire Dean Pees as DC

    The reason we've consistently had a top 10 defense is not because of Pees. The Ravens have always been a team that prioritizes defense first, we spent our top 4 picks on defensive players in the draft last year, resigned Brandon Williams, and signed Tony Jefferson from Arizona. Year before that we went out and got Weddle. Just looking on paper, our defense should have no weaknesses besides ILB next to Mosley, and maybe slot CB because of the way our FO continues to acquire talent there. And year after year it's the same story, always blowing leads at the end, very inconsistent defenses. Under the 6 years that Pees was here, we've never had a "elite" defense that we've had in the past with Pagano, Rex Ryan etc. Believe me, Ravens fans know what a great defense looks like, we've just never had it while Pees was here even though our FO continued to cater to him in the draft and free agency. Like I said he's the worst DC the Ravens have ever had.