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  1. our pass rush probably gona get worse next season if anything and it wasn't terrible in the first place. that is not the answer for us
  2. best way to stop mahomes is to play a dean pees style bend dont break zone coverages all game hope wink realizes this.
  3. idk if its roman or lamar but it's pretty ridiculous how the bad the offense looks when we play a huge game. Every KC game since lamar took over, 2018 playoffs, 2019 playoffs, this years wild card titans game, and now this game. lamar hasn't been able to pass in any of these games. personally i believe it's lamar, none of those teams had elite defenses. we roll over teams with better defenses than them every week in the regular sreason. it's like he's the opposite of flacco, just doesn't show up in big games unfortunately. hard to blame EDC, he gave us an elite defense, and we would
  4. defense was absolutely phenomenal, we might have the best defense in the league when fully healthy.
  5. that's a super hard catch for even kelce i get it he's been anti-clutch in the past but you're overreacting on this one
  6. can't blame andrews on that last throw, triple coverage and the ball was overthrown. he's been anti clutch in the past but not this game
  7. this offense is basically the opposite of flacco era sucks in big games but dominates against average competition
  8. wide open andrews roman isn't the problem lamar is bad in big games.
  9. killing ourselves right now this is going to come back to haunt us
  10. lamar has to throw that ball away, that sack ruined the drive
  11. our team matches up well vs them 50/50 type of game for me.
  12. Tbf the titans defense is probably our worst matchup along with the Chiefs who also don't have that great of a defense, we've rolled over good defenses but have struggled with these two teams so I'm fine with 20 points
  13. lamar played well vs them last season though, he's looked pathetic against the chiefs. Marlon and our CBs match up well vs Diggs and their WRs too imo. No one besides hump has a chance to cover tyreek. Jimmy also had some trouble vs kelce last game. Allen has been good but he's not mahomes and they don't have a 4.20 WR and and uncoverable tight end. i just want the best chance to get to the SB and i think we match up well against the bills.
  14. titans defense has given us trouble in all 3 games within the last year for whatever reason it's just a terrible matchup.
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