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  1. the coaching staff adjusting is not an option as long as marty is here.
  2. he played terrible, but he almost brought it back. still, putting flacco out there was our best option.
  3. exactly, that's why flacco should've subbed in
  4. don't know how people can defend lamar, ya marty is crap everyone knows this, but he fumbled the ball on back to back opening drives, and i can't remember the last time someone's been this bad at throwing the ball. this would've been a competitive game for sure if flacco got the nod after halftime. i just feel bad for suggs, weddle and this defense.
  5. what a pathetic performance. harbaugh has no balls, he needs to go. he's not putting this team in the best situation to win.
  6. if not for the defense, we should have 0 points right now. we haven't seen that abysmal of a offense since i dont even know when. flacco could've definitely put us back in the game in the 2nd half.
  7. that's game. incoming 3 and out with lamar.
  8. we're not winning this with lamar.
  9. our special teams has been trash...
  10. if we dont score on this drive with lamar, we gotta put in flacco. dont think harbaugh has the balls to do it though.