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  1. I think Jones would beat him cause he way bigger and would just take him down
  2. JJ basically lost his last two fights to dudes who are way worse strikers than Izzy. One of which got KO'd tonight.
  3. Jon Jones would get lit up on the feet by Izzy
  4. Lmao Izzy calls him Romero and Costa does the Yoel blocking technique. Did any punches land for either fighter in R1?
  5. I just hope we get a competitive fight and Izzy doesn't make Costa look silly
  6. Crazy that Tony Parker has more rings than Lebron
  7. Hopefully Herro outduels Lebron in the Finals.
  8. AD is a cornball Not even unlikable, doesn't even register on the likable scale. An afterthought in the likeable rankings
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