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  1. Stop sucking CP3, I dont think he has made a basket yet? Dude gets way too much credit for how good the Suns are. And OKC last year too
  2. Suns have too many good players. Cam Payne, Nader, Galloway haven't even been in the rotation since everyone has been healthy.
  3. Imagine putting Dudley on the player who leads the NBA in net rating
  4. Saying something to the ref. Crowder grabbed him when he said it then when the ref threw him out he told the ref, "I said that" lol
  5. They have reviewed like 3 nothing plays for hostile acts, they should stop
  6. Lebron does not care about 3pt shooters lol, dude just ignores them to roam.
  7. Lmao both teams turn it over in 1 second
  8. Butler big boy layup to send the gm to OT
  9. I think this Mayer has a mullet? 8 straight points for that mullet tho, 1 minute left
  10. McNeil splashing in this run. WV with a big turnaround
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