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  1. MMA Thread

    For some reason I root against Pennington every time.
  2. MMA Thread

    I was more talking about body kicks to tire Conor out or hurt him bad. And then he can finish him however after that. Maybe a submission or opens him up for a head kick. Kicks to legs and body and clinching against the fence are the ways I see Cowboy slowing Conor down if he is to win. The finish can be whatever after that. But I think Conor will win.
  3. MMA Thread

    Khabib is literally the only person who has beaten cause he was able to take him down. And Cowboy TDs are 100% off timing someone when they punch, no one has better timing than Conor. And Cowboy doesn't really hold people down to GnP
  4. MMA Thread

    Pettis was my last bet lol. Needed him to win to complete a 4 bet parlay and of course I watched him get grinded on for 3 rounds and lose. That was a couple years ago tho
  5. MMA Thread

    I highly doubt Cowboy is going to get Conor down and/or keep him down for a significant time. Best case would be kicks to the body/head imo.
  6. MMA Thread

    Pettis has to have spun out of a person having his back more than the rest of the UFC combined.
  7. MMA Thread

    She has a partial ACL tear, she's fine. - Cageside Dr. Poor Macey, getting wrecked w/ one leg.
  8. Suns blew a 14 point lead in a min. Cool 30 seconds left Lmao Hayward missed a wide open layup to clinch the Suns win
  9. Smart made 3pt counter: 10
  10. Marcus Smart now has the record for most 3s by a Celtic in a game. Lol And Bridges is 6-7 from 3 What is life
  11. Booker is averaging 35.5 PPG in Boston for his career. And he will improve on that today lol
  12. Mikal 4-4 from 3!!!!! And Marcus Smart answers with his 7th of the gm lmao
  13. Mikal 3 for 3 from 3
  14. I thought hte gm was at 6 here, not 6est. Boo Smart has 6 threes at half, so that is cool. Suns still winning by 9