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  1. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    It's weird listening to two people talk in two languages at the same time. How do they choose what sentence is in what language? And why is it necessary to switch 3x in a paragraph? And you don't understand the context so all the sentences you do understand make no sense.
  2. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    I'm not missing the point. I just like how a silly game gets you over your fear of violence real quick. If I gave you the option between getting tackled by ed reed and getting choked out by a gracie. 100% of the time you should get choked out. It's so safe there are gyms that don't allow you to tap. and in football there are NFL teams who give practice days off because too many of their players are injured (literally multiple teams did that today lmao) yeah, no one gets hurt. I like that you can pretend every play of football isn't super violent. there is a lot of strategy in mma. I watch a bunch of breakdowns on strategy and footwork technique and hand placement, reads, and setups, etc. the biggest difference is in football people pretend it isn't happening
  3. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    espn+ isn't espn it's like a separate channel that is online and yes there is live sports. tho not super popular stuff. like mma and fiba wc and mls and I think some baseball games. etc. and they do their own shows
  4. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    so you are ok w/ the violence because someone puts a ball into the endzone. fine, that thin veil is adequate enough for you to overcome your terror of violence. there are also a lot of aspects of mma that make a lot of fights less violent than football. you are completely fine if someone gets you in a choke and you tap or even if you go out.
  5. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    there is a 'b' in that four letter word. it just finished you know you are on a football forum, right? or is it fine to be super violent because you are also playing a kids game at the same time?
  6. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    disagree they had fiba world cup they have mma + other shows
  7. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    So if Kyle Allen plays it will be the 1st time ever that 19 starting QBs were 26 or younger.
  8. What Did You Cook for Dinner?

    italian casserole thingy pasta, ground beef w/ onion and garlic, pepperoni, mushrooms, sausage, cheese was good
  9. Jalen Ramsey requests trade from Jaguars

    I think that has more to do with the MLBs at least we could go 1v1 w/ PP and JR and bring up a safety for help
  10. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    what a play, the cb just kept running lmao
  11. Jalen Ramsey requests trade from Jaguars

    I'll give a 1st and 3rd Pat Pete, Ramsey, Byron Murphy with Budda and Swearinger at safety yes please
  12. Baker Mayfield vs Lamar Jackson

    yes but I have been pro lamar since his draft and have stated it multiple times since, tho I have no reason to talk about him/the Ravens since you know, they aren't my team so I don't really care that much
  13. Baker Mayfield vs Lamar Jackson

    we finished 17th in defensive dvoa last year our offense was just so terrible they were always on the field we also added swearinger, hicks, suggs, & byron murphy all who have played really well so far tho we were w/o pp
  14. Trade Help

    TY Hilton and AJ Green for who? who is the best player you think I can get w/ these fellows AJ just said he has no idea who said 6-8 weeks but it is going to be longer. Hopefully whoever I try and trade to doesn't see that lol
  15. Who killed you this week?

    good news, I won. just checked back to do the WW and he got docked like 5 pts for whatever reason and now I am the winner lol