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  1. luka also literally beat Kristaps, Pau, Marc Gasol, Rubio, Bogdanovich, Boban in 3 straight gms to win eurobasket right before the draft.
  2. are you saying because ayton got like 5 national tv gms (on relevant channels) is the reason he went #1 lol trae and JJJ and wendell and bamba and bridges x2 and knox and sga prob got just as much if not more, luka got picked over all of them. sorry for getting into a conversation w/ ny and derailing a thread lol
  3. they put like bowling on espn2, doesn't count he played on espn 1x, maybe 3 iirc because the UCLA/USC pac12 tourney gms were prob on espn
  4. so ayton played on espn once? and luka 2x and that doesn't even include the gms he was literally playing against current nba players in FIBA, which were prob all on nbatv.
  5. you can't be serious lol. luka was prob on nbatv/espn more than ayton lol. i remember posting in here every time he had a gm on tv. his euro playoffs and fiba runs were both on tv lmao, and he literally won the title in both
  6. DE does intel boards, not their own opinions. Also Mike literally is a UA alumnus lol. KOC is an NBA guy. BR lol. CBS Sports lol. I'm talking about draft ppl, the ppl who cover prospects everyday, not the dudes who jump in to put out a mock cause that is only thing to do in the offszn
  7. that's like saying pj tucker is the reason the bucks won the finals lol
  8. JJ wasn't the GM of the Suns then
  9. i'm pretty sure there was no consensus lol. i think everyone knew the suns were going to pick ayton but most ppl had luka #1 easy. or...the entire org could have been fired cause they haven't been out of the 1st rd in a decade lol
  10. former nba ppl say a lot dumb stuff everyone in the nba gets fired in like 3 years, if you suck you are getting fired this seems like evidence that teams don't care lol i think you missed the coverage lol, ppl were obsessed with luka that draft. he had a bunch of gms on american tv too lol. the euro playoff gms were on nbatv and then the fiba gms were also on NBATV/ espn (they won championship in both). Remember him saucing up kristaps? luka is basically the only euro prospect i ever watched because it was so easy.
  11. yes they got drafted #1 cause espn said they were good lol ppl get things wrong, go read last years thread and see for yourself lol. everyone on draft twitter has cade #1 and most don't even have green #2 from what i have seen. it isn't because "big college basketball" lol
  12. lol the espn pushing players narrative again jalen harris (who's that, idk) is also a rookie in the gl and pput up the same #s. malachi flynn (was he even drafted in the 1st?) is another rookie and put up 21 and 6. gl stats are silly since the incentive isn't really to win gms
  13. They seem like nice enough fellows, think it will be a wonderful trip for everyone.
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