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  1. NBA GDT | 18'-19 |

  2. MMA Thread

    cowboy vs khabib would be super fun. most people have success stopping khabib's takedowns they just can't get away so he tries a million times and eventually gets it. maybe cowboy's length could help him get away. and cowboy is good in the clinch so maybe a couple of knees or elbows can dissuade khabib a little
  3. 2019 NBA Draft Thread

    he's making 1.6 per game at 34.3%. And is shooting 43% on 3pters in January. Almost every player that gets drafted needs to be a little better shooter, including Ja. And is shooting 81% from the ft line, which indicates he can become a better shooter.
  4. 2019 NBA Draft Thread

    When I watch him it seems like he sleeps walks to 23 and 11 barely even trying. I think it's kinda like Simmons but the opposite. He might get bored because his team is way better than most of the teams he plays and he just tries stuff because it isn't really going to hurt his team.
  5. 2019 NBA Draft Thread

    Yes, he is basically De'Aaron Fox, probably even a better passer. He is a little too loose with his dribble and passing decisions but those should get better.
  6. I don't think I have ever seen a role that changes the role of someone who got hit. Only thing I ever saw was mafia getting to hide the lynch's role.
  7. I voted MDL at the beginning of day 1. And even you said you thought amac was a civ. Also Ted voted amac and you voted out James. Is there two separate mafia teams?
  8. MMA Thread

    i wish dj was in the ufc. I think cejudo legitimized 125 to more folks. and it would be good for dj to get some of that rub,plus more fun fights.
  9. tk3 do you know what amac is? is your role associated with his in any way?