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  1. and that isn't going to change this year blazers still play the suns, jazz and nuggets. they are going to the play-in. i mean the nugs might tank it to screw la but both the suns and jazz have reasons to beaat them
  2. no team has ever went from the play-in to winning the title fun fact of the day
  3. Suns were chilling all gm . Gonna beat the Blazers and help the Lakers get to 6th lol
  4. I put the gm on for like 2 min and AD has hit the ground like 3x. Dude relax
  5. Literally the 1st thing that happened when I turned on the gm was Ayton outjumping Drummond for a OR and getting called for an over the back, which was his 2nd foul, then KCP literally running over CP15 to get an OR, no call.
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