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  1. so you can only lie detect a single post? you didn't think you would be able to find a single post throughout all of day 1 that would be worthy of being detected w/o outing yourself?
  2. or you can send it to me tomorrow so I have a free day of not knowing my role!
  3. 2019 NBA Draft Thread: Little Declares

    And with that Goga Bitadze is this years sleeper candidate. Probably not to be a superstar but to get a lot more value than they were drafted.
  4. it's not really for postups, unless they switch Lowry or FVV onto him. It's more to get open layups/dunks from Giannis' defender being out of position for a split second. Or open threes because the PG defender has to hold Giannis until his man gets back into position. Stuff like this:
  5. I'm talking about setting backscreens or cross screens for Giannis to go into the post. Not him as a ballhandler in the pnr.
  6. Bucks should do something like the Cavs did with Kyrie setting a back screen for Love at the elbow and the ball at the other elbow. With Giannis as Love and whoever Lowry or FVV is guarding as the screener so they either have to switch a PG onto Giannis or get a pretty open three waiting for the help getting back into position. Just use the PGs as screeners for Giannis ala the Cavs whole strategy in the playoffs.
  7. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Finally got past the first couple episodes of Billions and its real good.
  8. Bucks need to put Giannis in the PnR with Brogdon a lot more. Still don't understand why they don't get more creative than a Giannis iso every play.
  9. he had 9 points in the first 5 minutes, so I guess that's why it didn't feel like it lol
  10. didn't feel like it but bledsoe dropped 20 points, the 2nd most on the bucks
  11. Kawhi needs to go to the post vs Brogdon. MB has completely stopped him off the driblle.
  12. Goddamn Kawhi make your clutch fts
  13. Brogdon has done a great job against Kawhi
  14. Kawhi are the Bucks not doubling on the 1v1 of Lopez on Kawhi?
  15. Gucci out here sparking Freddie's game