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  1. South Regional Thread

    Buzzcut Brad wishes he was as good as Payton Pritchard
  2. South Regional Thread

  3. South Regional Thread

    Admiral is clutch
  4. NCAA Tournament Thread

    All the upsets are happening at the same time. Idk which one to watch.
  5. South Regional Thread

    Bruh I think ACC teams are terrible at scouting because Virginia's defense is predictable. We run the same D and teams do the same things over and over to us. But when I watch them in the ACC I don't see the same actions as often. And then in the tourney teams all of a sudden do them Things like slipping the ball screens, empty side PnPops, early outlets after the PnR, split the hard hedge.
  6. South Regional Thread

    Oh no
  7. South Regional Thread

    Would probably destroy their program... Get it together.
  8. West Regional Thread

    I really like this M St. coach. Another simple play: a fake PnR, pivot/spin by the PG who passes to their post player who sealed when the big stepped over for his help responsibilities on the PnR.
  9. West Regional Thread

    Ja poster!! Also the M St. coach is pretty good. Saw that Marquette was trapping the Ja PnR so he called a slip to off ball screen. Then they were denying Ja so he called for a high post pass to backdoor for Ja.
  10. Jimmer to Phoenix. How ya gonna stop us now?
  11. West Regional Thread

    Ja with 5 assists in 5 minutes.
  12. NCAA Tournament Thread

    For the women's bracket and he is getting more prizes as we speak lol
  13. Midwest Regional Thread

    And then airballs a wide open three ftw. It wasn't even close. Poor Queen.
  14. Midwest Regional Thread

    Auburn fouls! Three FTS for NM St and they are only down two. Dude had a wide open layup for the tie tho lmao