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  1. lol... 20-31 Titans :') ALSO I think Texans upset the jags and we're back in 1st place and the 3rd seed by Sunday night
  2. Mike Mularkey is Jeff Fisher 2.0

    I don't think Mike is Jeff 2.0 They have a similar approach to the game of football. Tough. Run game. Defense. Field position. Lots of little things make them different For example Jeff would never have gave this many rookies this much playing time. Would never have let Marcus change the plays at the line etc Idk I just dont see it Also Jeff did lead us to a super bowl.. Our only appearance for that matter. A AFC championship game and a couple more playoff appearances. Yeah it ended bad but he had some good years so I dont understand all the hate. As for Mike yes the game has changed but give Mike some time. Yes we might need a new oc but to say Mike wont change at all is not true cause none of us know Mike and what he will and wont do. We have to wait and see
  3. Mike Mularkey is Jeff Fisher 2.0

    That's just not true. Just because some of us are happy with winning doesn't mean we thought nothing was wrong. I guess I should stop talking for other people but Ive had a good amount of things to be upset about. But my complaints for example McCain still being on the roster AND getting playing time aren't as extreme as FIRE EVERYONE and gets mixed in with some positive things so its viewed as nothing is wrong... I can already tell everyone in this thread is going to come at me and I dont wanna defend what I said. SO carry on boys. Just stop taking shots. We all agreed we wouldnt do this anymore.
  4. AFC South Discussion Thread

    Walker came with some fire last week
  5. Right like I don't see a way he gets fired this year. Playoffs or no playoffs. And we're not going to get destroyed in the playoffs LOL. As of right now we would play KC. I don't think they are destroying anyone... THE OC has to go btw. If he keeps Terry next year then I'll jump on the train. I really just want to hire someone and change up the system. And the play calling flow. Mike would be a fine HC if our OC has control of things and doesnt suck at play calling
  6. Mike Mularkey is Jeff Fisher 2.0

    I feel like this is aimed towards me and the other "Positive" posters( We're not even that positive LOL).. We all said we would stop coming at each other but I've seen three or four little shots like this one and it's annoying. God forbid we try to find a little joy in winning and being in the playoff race for the 1st time in 10 years. Doesn't mean we don't want to win the super bowl or making the playoffs is all we care about. The fact that you think that is pretty silly and some what insulting. Like we gotta start somewhere. You don't go from worst team in the league to superbowl champs in two years.. Little off topic but when we lose some of you (Not so much you in this post) love to rub it in our face that we are wrong for not saying we suck which makes the loss so much more enjoyable I feel like all I do on here is defend myself the ownership or Marcus I honestly I feel a little stuck with this label. Also Lowkey glad we have another "Our coach sucks" thread. We needed one
  7. We play three good defenses the last 3 games. 2 of them are great imo. If we don't figure it out and get something going we could lose all three games.. Lowkey really worried about next weeks game With that said. We still control our own destiny. And I think we go 3-0 to finish out LOL. I think our defense will get a couple turnovers in SF it will be ugly though. And the last two games will be tough. BUT the one thing I havent seen people talk about is how bad we are on the road and how GOOD we are at home. Our offense struggles on the road a bit it seems cause Marcus and the OL can't make the calls presnap. At home it's a lot smoother imo. And the overall energy of the team is WAY WAY UP at home. We win next week and that stadium is going to be rocking for the rams game. And depending on how everything goes.. Week 17 will be for the south. Might get flexed though I could see ATL vs CAR getting the PT spot but either way. THE STADIUM WILL BE LITTY and will be a huge advantage for us. Im not happy with the coaches rn but I also dont think theres anything we can do about in week 15 so Im only worried about this year atm. I feel like we're fine
  8. Im not mad LOL And sounds like I was right about you wanting to be right.
  9. Click the thread and thats the 1st post I see.. LOL. Can't imagine the sky is falling posts 20 pages in. Not even going to bother looking. So my thoughts.. We suck on the road. LOL. Our OC has got to go and hopefully Mike will open his mind up a bit and let the next guy bring some new stuff in. IF NOT Mike will have to go as well after next year sadly (I like Mike as a HC. Not the best but we've had much much worse) but Terry is not good at this. The flow of everything is all messed up. Its no good. Also Marcus looks like hes pressing again. Kinda like he looked at the start of last year. BIG WORRY FOR ME. Lewan. We need him. Some good things? Our pass rush showed up for the 2nd week in a row. Thats all I got. 3 games left. We have to win next week. TitanUPPPPP ALSO WHY IS HENRY NOT THE GUY ALREADY? Like you want to get my on the fire everyone train? This is doing it. PUT THAT BEAST ON THE FIELD AND LET HIM EAT FFS. /MiniFreakOut
  10. Proud of you for being super annoying all year. Pretty sure EVERYONE has been pretty okay with a new OC the whole year... But you right. All we've said was "Lol shut up" Arent you the one that said we should sell the team? God you must be so happy right now. Seems to me you'd rather us "Suck" so you can be right than us win this year. OH and LOL still only one game back. STILL going to make the playoffs for the 1st time in 10 years( GOD WE BETTER LMAOOO). Let that sink in. "Trash"
  11. Im interested to see what Carraway can do tbh.
  12. Lowkey wish this game was in Nashville so I could go again. I was at the 09 game. Watching CJ bust that long one and trash talk his was to the sideline was great. The VY drive to win it though was ridiculous. Hoping we can keep up the pass rush. Jones being on IR hurts but I think we are okay. KB gonna get a pick this game. I can feel it. Also think Corey finds the endzone this week!!!! Think it will be close but we win in the end!!!!
  13. NFL Playoff Race

    Honestly the next two games are SO important with the last two games being the Rams and the Jags. Cards game will be tough. And honestly the 49ers game might be a trap game.. Hopefully the coaches really push the idea that this west coast trip is for our playoff lives (Its not because the AFC is supa bad this year)!!! I like that we are staying out west for it though. Should focus up the team a bit. If we arent careful though we could lose all 4 games but I could also see us winning all 4 LOL idk. Cards have talent. And Jimmy G is solid but if we are who we think we are (Not what the forum thinks but what the team thinks) we should go out west and handle our bizzy and come back 10-4 As much as Ive been put into the "Overly Positive" group of the forum this year.. Im also up and down on some things we have done and play calls we've made and players we allowed to be on the 53 (BRICE IM LOOKING AT YOU) but Regardless of what anyone says being in the playoff race and playing meaningful football in Dec and hopefully JANUARY is really fun! We havent had this in what 8 or 9 years? Some of you should really try to enjoy this man. Its a great time to be alive! IF Marcus gets hot and turns into the Marcus of last year going into the playoffs we are a scary team! I know Ive been arguing with some of you. But Im glad we're all along for the ride together! TitanUP <3
  14. Kinda hard for Ryan to not give up key 3rd downs when Hop is pushing off EVERY play LOL Adoree would've gotten pushed around even more than Ryan did. Hes not ready for hop right now imo.