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  1. Is it Time ??

    yay the sky is falling thread! Trade Marcus! Fire Mike! Amy should sell the team! BLAHHHHH same crap when we start to lose every time. smh Carry on boys LOL
  2. Week 6 GDT - Ravens @ Titans

    Rough game all around. Couldn't get off the field on 3rd down which was very frustrating and giving up 11 sacks.. Theres no way to win like that. And I dont even know who to blame. I think we need to make some trades or peep FA cause we had depth questions coming into the season at WR but with Walker gone and Matthews quitting on us... We need some help. We need two new targets imo. Tate would be the best fit for us imo. He brings energy and would free up Davis on the other side. Won't matter if Marcus doesnt have time to throw and doesnt trust the line or the WRs. Hoping a healthy Marcus and a new target will spark something and that will free up the run game.. So we need to makes some moves if we really want to contend this year. Now as bad as the last two weeks have been we are still 1st place in the south which isnt saying much but 1st place is 1st place. We play in London this week vs a team we always struggle with and they look good this year so it might be rough if we come out flat. But Marcus played well vs them the last time he played the chargers even though we did lose. Idk I think we turn it around a bit this week which is hard to see after the last two weeks but I think the team gets up to play in London! Now we make a move on the bye week, get Marcus 100% everyone has a chance to reset and unwind after the long trip and next thing you know we are playing the cowboys on MNF then the Pats the week after. You want media attention well there you go. So this will be a interesting couple weeks though my gut says we wont trade for anyone.. I really hope we do! Still a long season! We have enough time to turn this around!
  3. Around the NFL

    Laugh and hang up the phone.. Marcus doesn't need to go anywhere
  4. Titans WR Rishard Matthews Asks Team For Release

    This man has quit on two teams... Made some big plays for us but I dont want a quitter on my team cause your mad your not getting the snaps or the targets when clearly our QB has been hurt since week 1. Who really knows what happened behind the scenes but its seemed to light a fire in Corey and hes starting to play like a top 5 pick this year. CD had a big day today but has been abusing CBs all year just havent had the QB play. Anyways good luck quitter. Sorry to who ever signs him. Imma have to hate your team LOL
  5. Titans Pick'Em Competition - Week 4

    NO NO NO I FORGOT AGAIN. I should be 3-1. Score matters I know so the leader board stuff wouldnt get worked out and I dont even care but yo I HAVE TWEETS OF ME SAYING 2 or 3 DAYS AGO WE WERE GOING TO WIN! I didnt put score tho. Man and I dont remember if I tweeted about the texans game. Was busy that week. But damn it. I swear I posted this week... SIGHHHHHH
  6. Week 3 GDT - Titans @ Jaguars

    Called it LMAO! We have a a defense as well! A pretty good one when everyone is on the field. All I heard this week was Jags HYPE and how they are the team to beat in the AFC... Think they will talk about us? LOL Speaking of the media all I heard was Texans or Jags winning the south. Hardly a mention the titans. WELP just beat those two teams back to back... Anyword on adoree?
  7. Titans Pick'Em Competition - Week 3

    I forgot last week ma... Well Im still gonna pick Titans 34 Jags 17
  8. Around the NFL

    Marcus should be here. He's clutch and truly think hes the guy to lead us to the superbowl but I also understand hes been hurt a lot and thats why... I get the media backlash but man Keap would be THE perfect back up. Skill sets are the same. CK as exp and has played in BIG games and a super bowl He would be a great back up that could win us some games but it wont happe.. Blaine was def a upgrade over Matt but like you said we might need to draft a higher pick cause in a couple years we will be the Jags KC and Us as AFC contenders and I dont want our season derailed from a injury. Any QBs you guys looking at as aback up next year? We could always sign Jameis as our back up next year! LOL
  9. Steve was always hurt and no one said he was made of glass. But its whatever When ever Marcus is out there we have a great chance to win. Do I think sunshine can beat his old team? Why not. He's had struggled most of of his career but he has had good games here and there. I mean he beat them last year. Threw for 243 and two TDs vs the jags. Idk if we want to rest Marcus one more week and get him ready for a huge game vs the super bowl champs at home then im okay with it. We really need Conklin Lewan and Evans to play this game.
  10. Week 3 GDT - Titans @ Jaguars

    Sky was never falling from my point of view after week 1. Game was super odd. And no we aren't world beaters but as we get healthier my confidence is going up And we did just beat a team that was supposed be right there with the jags in the race for the south with out out top 3 players on offense and our RT and backup tackle. A team that put 57 on us last year. idk I think its a big win! And imo the jags arent the best team in the NFL. Wait till Blake starts to Blake. Defense is amazing but we really do match up with them well. No Walker is going to hurt but They are going to be pressing imo to wipe out those two loses last year And I just don't think they've played a team with a pass rush. Bend but don't break. Hold them to FGs. Hope Marcus is a go and can make some throws and use his legs and if not hope the defense plays the game of the year! Also I think this is the week we need to see a trick play with Adoree and Taylor! And I don't see why Philly at home is a auto L.. or the Bills is a auto W. This is the NFL. We really never know
  11. Week 2 GDT: Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans

    Dont worry texans fans. The Jags should "Definitely" win on Sunday and get some payback for you xDDD Also gg. I for one love Watson and think hes going to just keep getting better. We lucked out Clownly didnt play but Wouldn't surprise me at all if you guys are in the race for the south and or the wild card even after 0-2. See you guys later in the year
  12. Patriots trade for Josh Gordon from Browns

    Im upset. LIKE TRADE HIM TO THE NFC you dweebs
  13. PIT WR Antonio Brown skips Monday practice

    I know its nonsense but Id trade a 1st and 5th and not look back LMAO Brown Davis Matthews and Taylor. Good lord Speaking of PIT WRs. I watched that Penn st USC game and fell in love with JuJu and Adoree. I wanted them both on the titans so bad lol. I love me some Corey Davis but you could just tell those two USC guys were going to be REALLY good and they've shown that. I know random rant lol
  14. Everyone talks about how injury prone Marcus is. But I seem to remember a injury prone QB we had back in the day and we praised him for being tough and playing through injuries. Marcus reminds me of him. He got his ankle messed up vs CLE his rookie and finished and won us the game. He almost got his knee blown out vs MIA his rookie year shouldnt of went back in but ken was trying to save his job but he still finished that game. Last year vs the colts. Hes legit played with one leg. Cant run. And wins us the game. Now last week vs MIA he shouldnt of come back in if he couldnt feel his hand. Did anyways and might of cost us the game with those two picks idk I think he would've played this week but Lewan Jack and kelly. were out and they didnt wanna risk it but the kid is tough. Starting to think hes Steve tough. I think he plays this week!
  15. Week 3 GDT - Titans @ Jaguars

    I also like the light blues, They are my fav. Although those whites we were sunday. But I LOVE the light blues on white. Anyways I was watching highlights of the jags games. In the offseason when the media talked about the the AFC south it was all about the Jags and Texans. Jags were one game away from the super bowl. Watson was put in the hall of fame. Mean while we go on the road in KC and come back from 21-3. If the pats or steelers had done that they would still be talking about it. Well with Morgan and Landry back which made Casey and Rak that much better we had Watson on the run the whole day. Now on the Jags. the hottest team not named the rams atm. They just knocked off the team that cost them a super bowl trip. People are picking them the go to the super bowl. And no one talks about how we swept them. there will be zero people picking us to win this game. But honestly... They've played two teams with bad pass rushes. Blake has been sacked one time on 78 drop backs. He did do a good job at avoiding some sacks in the pats game but I just feel like we have a legit pass rush with Casey Rak Morgan Landry Correa.. And if Evans comes back and plays more than 1 snap lol we have a LEGIT LB core along with a LEGIT DB core.. Malcom has gave up two long passes but other than those two TDs hes played pretty well. And Adoree is starting to come on and show why hes a 1st round pick. Im happy he get his 1st pick after Hop raised his hand for the ball like he was wide open LOL and Im glad KB didnt break up the pick as well. IDK I just feel like this is the best defense the Jags have faced and I think we are going to see Blake make some mistakes and take some hits. I think we give up some runs but I really do think we are all over Blake the whole day and it might end up leading to a long pass. Hopfully Malcom turns his head around lolol. On the offense side of the ball we should be getting Lewan back and MAYBE even Jack and that would help the running game a big but the jags do have a great Defense. Im worried this is the game we will miss Walker the most. But with Jalen on Davis should be fun to watch but I want Matthews to step up. And yeah I know can Marcus even throw the ball. We shall see but if Blaine starts he will throw a pick or two but how great would it be if he beats his former team LOL. But Id rather Marcus play if Lewan can go. Long story short I think this will be a defense slug fest. The Jags are flying high but wont over look us. This is a big game for both teams and it may come down to a ST play or a bad call. Idk. With ALL that said I think our defense comes in with some FIRE and creates sacks and INTs and WE SHOCK the jags on the road! Im feeling it