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  1. Perfect. Adding everything we needed IF we get JC
  2. Gonna be a great two after butler leaves
  3. Gimmie Hurts baby. If and probably when with our luck Ryan goes down. We need a back up. And hurts can move. Really we need a cb unless we plan on trading for one...
  4. Been locked out my acc for weeks maybe month but IM HERE lol.' Tua to MIA I think will be great for them Jags going CB is funny. I do like the kid but its funny they had probs the best CB duo a year ago now they are drafting one in the top ten lol
  5. He had his shot at being a starter when Henry wasn't THE KING yet lol annnnnnnd he was below avg imo and last year he was a waste. Good luck to him doe lol
  6. We have gotten old Nice FA. Keeping the offense together which I'm cool with. Not gonna lie idk anyone other than hurts in your draft lol. I just dont have time to dive into prospects like I used to probably doesn't help I can't watch college football like I did either lol. Nice change of pace from the 20 page Henry talk
  7. Never said he was a "scrub" but OK lol Yall can have the thread back LOL
  8. Did ss just compare Henry to Jacobs? lol ight
  9. I've always really liked Teddy. But I'm down with like 5 of these FAs. Or Ryan. Our window is open. We better not mess this up lol
  10. Bro what IS EVERYONE TALKING ABOUT LMAO. Henry is the best player we've had in a long long time. Theres some running backs that are just different. and Tanny was great and he had his moments but yo Im telling you rn he his not taking us to the super bowl unless this defense improves GREATLY. Which could be a thing. Big Jeff and Landry just need ONE more guy and our pass rush is insane. All I know is there are more LEGIT QBs out there on FA than RBs same with the draft so who we replacing Henry with? Nah hes not going anywhere this is crazy.
  11. This is a big offseason. WE HAVE TO MAKE MOVES. Window will close because of cap stuff soon. But Landry reminds me of a slightly better Morgan. Always SO close lol. But get a real pass rusher and the other boys will eat. Not to mention Jeff is going into the offseason good to go. NFL training gonna have him right next year.
  12. Ive been thinking Clowney a lot. He would make EVERYONE so much better. Clowney BIG Jeff Casey and Landry... Thats a front four. Also KB and Butlers INT will go up.
  13. GG boys. wish we could've made it a classic more like the reg season game but none the less congrats. You guys felt what we are feeling last year so Im happy it was you guys and not the ravens or pats. Smacked those boys out and thanks for smacking up Houston lol. But good luck and I hope we get to rematch in the playoffs next year. HOPEFULLY in Nashville so I can go to a damn playoff game lol but yeah Patty is the best QB I think Ive ever seen btw. Hes unreal lol. But yeeee later guys
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