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  1. Honestly losing Walker and now Smith is a killer. Firkser has some promise so maybe with the added reps he can really show out but who knows. but nothing near the level of Walker. I truly think if we dont lose Walker and that quitter we called our #2 WR (why didnt we trade him? I feel like we could've got something or a back up player or sit his butt on the bench) we would be at 10 or 11 Ws right now looking at the 1 or 2 seed. AND NO ONE TALKS ABOUT IT. If it was Gronk or Kelce that would be talked about every week. But it seems like everyone outside titans fans and FF owners just forgets how good he was and how important he was to Marcus. Idk it really does bother me. And Smith was starting to look the part so that sucks but next man up. Also Jack never looked right to me this year but Kelly should be ight filling in. BUT we now have zero depth at T Side note... Can't believe Kelly is such a big part of this team.. I was so mad trading DGB after one year which was crazy to me and boy was I wrong lol. I just had to google him to see what he was doing and hes been out of the league for a year and got a DWI last year lol. What a waste of talent. Glad we have Davis man. Sorry for the random rants. LOL. Post was kinda all over the place cause I kept adding things. My bad boys
  2. Sunday GDT

    Theres a lot of ways the AFC can play out. Also 49ers getting after Den. Knew that. That DOLPHINS PLAY THO LUL. Kinda worth seeing that happen to the pats even if thats the play that keeps us out of the playoffs cause L O L O L O L . Doubtful tho. Something about MIA and NE IN MIA. Idk. Sure the Vikings will be a good test for them next week. And forget the wildcard for a second. We can still win the south. We need help from either NYJ or Philly ANDD good ole sacklessville LUL BUT I can see it. We really should just've beat them on MNF but idk man LOL. ANYWAYS It can happen. This same Houston team lost 3 in a row they can surely lose 2 of the last 3. SO COULD WE THO LOL. So main focus is us for me. Yall peep the gmen scoring 40 something? without Odell. I like it. Maybe that ego will start clicking in for em and we can go shut em up. Hope Marcus and that hand of his are ready. Still got that feeling we are gonna need him next week. After seeing Henry running around like that on TNF they will make it a big deal to stop him. idk should be fun
  3. Same ol' Titans tell same ol' story

    Bro will you just stop with this same ole titans crap. Like I stopped reading this post lololol. SAME OLD TITANS DONT BEAT THE PATS. OR THE COWBOYS ON THE ROAD AFTER THAT START. OR COMEBACK IN KC. Hell even make the playoffs last year. Jets game was a game the old titans lose. Same as last night. I am worried about this road game but its in NYC in cold and we should be hyped to be there and still in this race. Yeah Bills L is rough but in all fairness give us a real WR on that play not a st player and we win. Phins game was crazy with the rain and marcus being hurt. We kept up with chargers. idk I just see this season as unfourtine of what could of been had walker not been hurt and matthews quitting on the team not really same ol stuff. Idk I think we finish 10-6
  4. Playoff Picture

    Idk I think I kinda want the ravens to win the north and the steelers fall a part lmao. I want another shot at them in the afc championship LUL Ravens will probs fall tho. Also there is still a way we win the south. So all sorts of things can happen. I just want in cause im telling you. Marcus in the playoffs is scary and with this defense... WE COULD MAKE A RUN. AND TO BRING EVERYTHING TOGETHER MATRIX prophecy style. We play the rams in the super bowl. in ATL. My god lmao
  5. Oh I didnt keep up with anything leading up to this one. But his throws did seem a bit off. Like that one to Davis in the corner. Thats a TD with a healthy marcus. And that pick obv but hopefully he heals up cause I think we are going to have our hands full with the Gmen next week.
  6. Damn it. He was just starting to get it imo. Oh well heal up with Walker and hopefully Anthony can keep surprising us lol. On another note did anyone find out why Marcus had that thing on his hand? was it the cold or what?
  7. Week 14 Jags vs. Titans

    I tried to to yall.
  8. Week 14 Jags vs. Titans

    YUP dont care about the playoffs this week. Feels like this is our only true rival We've beat them 3 times in a row. I WANT 4! I want to start a streak on them like the colts had on us It might get ugly but I think Malcom Butler has a good game. Think he got his swag back last week. KB is getting a pick. Also screens to lewis and end arounds with Batson are coming. AND. SURPRISE PLAYER OF THE GAME? TAYLOR! I think Davis will be pretty much covered up. And Taylor is faster than AJ on the left side. Thinking hes gonna beat him a couple times.
  9. Playoff Picture

    Denver has had me worried for a couple weeks now. They are going to be the problem ALSO its doubtful but if the texans lost to the colts and jags and either Philly or the Jets and we win out we win the south LOL. I do think they lose to the Colts and to Philly honestly cause they can keep up with them in scoring but that jags game.. Idk about all that. Just another thing to think about lol. THAT DAMN BILLS LOSS MAN. I knew when it happened that it would come back to haunt us. Playoffs or not I wanna win out and I think we do. If we dont then at least we get to enjoy some winning titans football and go into next year with our young players with more football under their belts.. And it would improve on our record last year which is nice. IDK At this moment in time all I care about is SMASHING the Jags. Hope Marcus is ready to RUN in a couple days lmao.
  10. Week 13 Jets vs. Titans

    I honestly never had any doubt. Having Taylor back is nice. Corey needs the ball more but Said it a week ago but you can quote me on this. WE ARE WINNING OUT. This win started the fire. AND IT RISES
  11. Week 13 Jets vs. Titans

    I dont even wanna read the fire everyone marcus sucks post in this thread. I knew we would pull it out. And we are beating the jags on Thurs The run has started.
  12. Week 13 Jets vs. Titans

    We are winning this game. Nuff said. Defense alone will win this game. Same with next week
  13. Week 12 GDT: Titans @ Texans

    Listen the jets are coming to town. Adoree and Butler will look great
  14. Week 12 GDT: Titans @ Texans

    WELL he needs to settle in cause hes getting paid WAY to much to play this bad tho hes made a FEW solid plays. I think Im just mad cause I was so excited to have or thought we had a LEGIT #1 but maybe Adoree is that guy at some point. Idk I really didnt think we would be pretty much starting the playoffs in week 12 lol. BUT HERE WE GO BOYS lol
  15. Week 12 GDT: Titans @ Texans

    He has to be benched man.. This is crazy. This offseason is big. We have to get a WR to replace Matthews and have someone next to Davis. Sharpe is trash idc. Taylor and Batson might be good but they are slot guys. And Id like to get a RB. Lewis is nice but we arent using Henry right and we need all around back. We need to replace Kline. Id say let Morg go only cause he seems to be hurt more and Rak brings more leadership but both need to be replaced. Keep rak for cheap. I dont know what to do with Malcom Butler. Moving forward if our defense plays like they did most of the season and we find some sort of running game we can easily win out and make the playoffs. Its not over yet. Jets Jags and Gmen are easy wins and 4 of the last 5 are at home which is HUGE cause we play really well at home. Last night sucked but it should be a fun rest of the season