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  1. Offseason Thread

    Stafford 0-3 in the playoffs Marcus 1-1 All this does is split the team and lose a 1st and honestly I think Marcus would beat him out in camp cause healthy Marcus and Stafford arent toooo far apart at this point imo though I havent watched that many lion games the last few years and Im thinking you guys havent either. Stats dont tell the whole story. And you give Matt Corey Taylor Sharpe and the other bums we had out there last season with the struggling Oline. Id be very interested to see how well he does. Idk JUST SAYING!! Anyways Ive been pretty much mia since the season ended. Have been going through a lot which seems to becoming a theme with me but Im here now and damn you guys are SUPER ready to move on from Marcus. Which is understandable but I dont think Jrob Amy or Mike feel the way you guys do. Its not time or the move bruh. With the QBs coming out the next two years I think we should give Marcus another year. Shore up the middle of the OL and if he stays healthy we make the playoffs. I truly believe Marcus is our guy. We REALLY need a backup QB that can at least mange games and make a couple plays and let our defense do the rest. Cause with the way Marcus plays it truly reminds me of Steve and he was always hurt and he also led us to the superbowl. We need that backup though. Watching sunshine vs the colts was just sad. Any production from him and we are in the playoffs lol. Dude looked SHOOK! Shouldn't of come down to the last game. Losing Walker and Matthews two guys Marcus had great chemistry was rough and my god we had ST players getting snaps at WR. It was nuts But yeah excited to go through and discuss the offseason with you guys! Hope you've all been well
  2. Week 17 Colts vs. Titans

    Even a slower Matthews would've been better than Sharpe and the rest of the AVG wideouts we had behind Davis. At least Matthews had some hands. I do think Taylor can be a solid slot guy in the future idk. Maybe Im wrong
  3. Week 17 Colts vs. Titans

    This is what Im saying. We had SOOOO many injuries man. Early on to. The fact we were even in the spot we were is amazing to me. And all this marcus needs to go is crap. Dude is a hell of a football player. You can point to stats and injuries all you want but just watch the kid play. He has so much heart. I dont blame him one bit for missing this game. I would like to add a more mobile back up QB but I wont get into all the offseason stuff in this thread. As for the game we had a real shot at winning. Rough that it ended like that but I dont think with all these injuries we would've made a playoff run anyways so slightly better draft pick for us lolol. I think the biggest problem is we didnt have walker. He always found a way to make plays for marcus. Losing him in week one HURT. Bad. Then Matthews quit on us... Both huge reasons we struggled on offense all year. Idk GREAT season tho. Had great games. Love Mike V baby. Think we got our guy
  4. Week 17 Colts vs. Titans

    We still gonna win boys.. LOL :')
  5. Colts Titans

    WELP here we go boys! Not gonna say good luck but umm enjoy the game next week! Wish Marcus hadn't of got hurt but two hot teams in primetime. Playoffs start Sunday night!
  6. Steve Wilks will be fired at season's end

  7. Week 17 Colts vs. Titans

    Its all pretty much playing out how I saw it playing out almost a month ago. Primetime game included. Almost like a vision bruh. This was supposed to happen two years ago when the Jags ruined everything. NOW! To get in we have to beat the QB we have never beat. But you know there was another QB in a colts uni we could never beat till that Sunday night in Nashville! THAT CODE BLUE! HELL ID BRING IT BACK! Marcus or no Marcus. We need to run the ball. Then RUN SOME MORE. Trick plays. IDC everything. We have to keep Luck off the field as much as possible. And Im lowkey hoping that they take us lightly even tho they wont say that. In the back of their minds they have to think the team they beat by 28 is the team they have to beat to make the playoffs? Easy. IDK IM VERY EXCITED. Sucks about Marcus but this is doable. We play great at home for the most part. Colts coming out of their cozy dome late in Dec to rain and cold. LOVE IT. TITANUP BOYS
  8. Week 17 Sunday football talk

  9. Week 17 Sunday football talk

    I hate these refs.. Im so worried rn. I have faith in us to beat the Colts at home... but damn if the steelers win and we have to trust the Browns to beat the ravens (Not even gonna mention the bengals beating the steelers cause LOL) on the road... LORD HELP ME COME ON SAINTS! WIN THIS ISH AND LET ME REST
  10. Week 17 Sunday football talk

    Good start for the saints defense!!!
  11. Week 17 Sunday football talk

  12. Week 17 Sunday football talk

  13. Week 17 Sunday football talk

    Oh I meant theres no way the bengals beat the steelers. Browns have a sold shot at beating the ravens. Already done it once although Lamar wasnt the QB at the time. And maybe Im confused on how a loss for them meant they were out? I did the playoff machine before and even if they had loss to the giants a win over us and they would own the tie breaker and got the 6 seed. Unless that changed with pitt winning which is awful awful for us so really confused about what you guys are saying. Doesnt matter now they won. Moving on Also rather have some pressure on them with the game meaning something. Them playing with nothing to lose and taking chances cause they have nothing to play for besides knocking us out of the playoffs. Idk two diff ways of looking at it I guess. ANYWAYS HOUSTON CHOKING LMAO
  14. Week 17 Sunday football talk

    Steelers winning is AWFUL for us. If that happens our hopes would be up to the Browns beating the ravens or Bengals beating the steelers which isnt going to happen. The colts game legit meant nothing. Houston winning just means we cant win the south. Like I said only game that mattered today was Steelers Saints.