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  1. GDT Week 5: Bills @ Titans Music City Mirage

    Last year was silly. A practice squad player who got cut the next day dropped a TD to take the lead in the 4th LOL. We had like 4 or 5 BIG drops last year. And I think Marcus was still dealing with that had. Our starting WR and Slot guy last year? One is traded and cant make the active roster and the other is our 4th WR. And Lewan is coming back You guys have a good defense. Should be fun.
  2. Week 5 GDT: Bills vs. Titans

    Bet that was amazing. I watched it with my great grandfather. Bills fan his whole life. This was my football game I sat and watched from start to finish. His face. I thought he was gonna drop then and there. So how could I not fall in love with this team. I was at the 99 yard VY drive and it was pretty damn loud for so few people LMAO. I started a on the way out that went all the way down to the streets LOL. Cause we had won like what 6 in a row after starting 0-5 or something idk it was crazy but yours is much better. Hoping we have a moment like those this season
  3. Week 4 GDT: Titans vs. Falcons

    Titans 28 Falcons 20
  4. Week 1 GDT: Titans @ Browns

    Man Corey Davis and AJ Brown is a scary DUO I know its one game but man AJ has that dog in em. And if he starts lighting it up and teams move their top corner to his side... Davis on some scrubs LOL. And Henry AND Marcus can still run LOL. If we can stay healthy... We're dangerous bruh
  5. Week 1 GDT: Titans @ Browns

    YUP Let everyone keep sleeping on MM and our squad while we keep racking up these Ws. Like even some of you on here be sleeping. Lmk if yall need another pillow or something LOL
  6. The Time Has Come - Browns/Titans GDT Thread

    gg guys. Ill be rooting for yall the rest of the way
  7. Succop to IR, we signed Cairo Santos

    Bummer. I saw we worked out Cody freaking parkey before we signed Santos... SOOO it could be worse lol
  8. Titans Trade Taywan Taylor To Browns

    Corey Davis isn't slow either and Raymond seemed just as fast as Taylor was idk. Kinda wish we would try Adoree on offense again.
  9. Roster Cuts

    Happy for the guy to make a 53. Been making plays in every preseason which doesnt mean much but hey still happy for him
  10. AFC South Discussion Thread

    Texans are still a solid team without him but yeah it def makes it easier. Also Jags with Foles are something. So I wouldn't say its no excuses cause injuries but yeah Luck and JC out of the south makes our chances MUCH MUCH better at hosting a playoff game this year
  11. Minicamp/OTA/TC Thread

    I forgot he was on the team lmao. I've been super disconnected this TC Anything I really miss?
  12. GDT Preseason #3 Steelers at Titans

    Yeah am I the only one not that concerned about last night? We just didnt look like wanted to play. Pitt took it very srs and if they wanna ball out out on 3rd string then go ahead lmao. And offense meh. looked like coach was like ight they are trying hurt us lets get out of here. Wish Marcus couldve hit Davis on that long one. Davis looks scary this year and Browns footwork is nice.. Only thing that really pissed me off was 25. Hes like my Justin Hunter of defense like COME ON brother. And we need Henry back there bet theres no safety then LOL Week 1 we will be lit. they get up on us early we are in trouble tho
  13. GDT #1: Titans at Eagles, Thursday, 6:30 p.m.

    Baker is good. He's got obj and landry. We got a damn good defense so good thing this is a team sport. Healthy Marcus is no joke either. And we do have Henry which everyone has seemed to forget about. Idk I think it will be a great game
  14. GDT #1: Titans at Eagles, Thursday, 6:30 p.m.

    Marcus will lead us to a W week 1 vs the Browns. BOOK IT
  15. AaT - Draft Thread - Complete

    Been really busy. Sorry boys. If my picks have already been picked lmk but For the 2nd year in a row give me Dion Lewis and then give me Malcom Butler