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  1. The Offseason Thread

    Cause Marcus knows theres nothing to talk about. Lets just go out there and do it BABY! Marcus is clutch AF I dont care what anyone says
  2. The Offseason Thread

    Marcus was always better Bucs my 2nd fav team because they passed MM like fr I smile every time I see them play LOL
  3. AaT - Draft Thread - 1 Person Needs To Pick

    Im going with one of our biggest FA signings this year! Mr Lewis!!! I think a RB with speed and quickness was one of our biggest needs in the past couple years! I think he will be huge in the screen game! And is a PERFECT back to pair with DH! Also Im going to be gone for about a week for my grandfathers funeral so I will probs miss my 2nd pick! I'll let @TitanLegend pick for me! Im not sending you a big board or anything so it's up to you my dude! Love you guys TITANUP
  4. Run Off Vote - Ranking The Roster #10

    Imma say wood since he had a pretty good year. And he gets everyone fired up
  5. Nashville Awarded the 2019 Draft(Rumor)

    Not a rumor anymore Dang the year we get the draft we will be picking 32nd
  6. The Offseason Thread

    LOL Be in the hall of fame for what? Taking bad angles and getting ran over? I miss this btw lolol
  7. The Offseason Thread

    I would LOVE Braxton on this team. I think we could run some good plays for him. Maybe let him throw the ball to Marcus
  8. NFL Draft Day 3 discussion

    Id love to add John Kelly to this team
  9. 2nd and 3rd Round Draft Talk

    Leave it to Vince to make me want to change my name REALLY bad again LMAOOO! GOOD LORD Like the pick! And I LOVE Jrob! Hes shown time and time again hes willing to go get the player he wants and isnt scared and GOD I LOVE IT! And Im really hyped about the way we infused our front seven with young talent to go along with some vets! Just like we did with the secondary Honestly if Marcus stays healthy and Corey Davis comes in and plays the way we all think he can... I think we have a great chance at making the AFCCG and WINNING IT.. YEAH I SAID IT WHAT??? LMAO
  10. 1st Round Draft Talk

  11. 1st Round Draft Talk

    SAME LMAOOO Im ready to be shocked though!
  12. 1st Round Draft Talk

    DAMN I really thought Jackson was going to NO.. Hmmmmm
  13. 1st Round Draft Talk

    Bucs just got a hell of a player!!!
  14. 1st Round Draft Talk

    I had a feeling Baker was going number one. Shocked they took Ward over Chubb but I get it. Browns defense with Ward is pretty damn solid IMO! With that said. MILLER AND CHUBB on the same line