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  1. Im just glad we fought back. They are a really good football team who WITHOUT BEN almost knocked us out of the playoffs last year. So its just one game. Next week we have to show up vs cincy. This team went through a lot the past couple weeks and to be 5-1 is great but lets get back on track fast and not have a melt down like we almost did vs Houston. AJ Brown is a top 10 WR in football. He's showed since hes been back what we've been missing and its playmaking in BIG moments. And I don't see one person on the Bengals that can cover him so next week should be easy mode lol. We NEED Adoree back. I think that will change the way we call defense and hopefully with him back put together with that solid 2nd half they can start to build up some momentum. You guys have said pretty much everything I was thinking so idk Im just on to the next one
  2. Get ready to be talked about alot this week. Tanny going off two games in a row. KING MF HENRY! Also Two 5-0 teams. The comments steelers players made when it got moved. And the media loves the steelers. Big game boys
  3. AJ going off this game. 5-0 Hope Pitt wins so we can take their 0 next week LOL
  4. If we know this is a trap game. The team does as well so we will be ready. Big Jeff is back and our slot/3rd down guy is back in hump. I feel good about this one
  5. AJ Brown is such a monster dude LOL! Now hopefully Clowney and Landry can start to eat and Henry can REALLY GET ROLLING. And damn I love me some Tanny! Lets put it on em baby TITAN UP
  6. And even Butler struggles with speedy WRs. I cannot wait for Adoree to come back lol
  7. No White is huge. He's legit af. Should make them have to bracket AJ instead of letting White lock him up man to man
  8. If they sell out to stop the run. AJ will get some good matchups. And Raymond may be a one trick pony BUT that one trick is damn good so he could get it going this week deep. ALSO Smith is becoming a real threat that DCs have to account for which means Henry will get it going cause I think we forget just how good AJ really is even without practice he will be ready to go and if they double him up lets find creative ways to get him the ball. Screens to him and Smith idc. Do I think we can stop them MEH. But we can make a few KEY stops and we will be in this thing. EVERYONE wants us to lose and damn it that should fuel the squad so LETS TITAN UP
  9. Whatever we are SOOOO CLOSE to getting TITANS football. Its been a rough road and no one expects or wants us to win which is why I think if the game is played we show up and win. I hope our 1st play is a PA deep ball to Raymond lmao. Idk I'm just ready for some football TUESDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL! And hopefully we can get things back to normal tho I don't like having to play Houston in 5 days but hopefully we will be 100% but who knows
  10. Damn Hump has been huge for us this year on 3rd down.. Glad AJ is coming back. But I would LOVE one day without adding someone to the list but I think the list is going to keep going up and up :((((
  11. Our #1 LT WR and CB are hurt... Covid is running through our team including our top TWO draft picks. This is a mess. Im having a hard time seeing any light at the end of the tunnel for this season. For football all together tbh it just happened to start with us. A few more teams with outbreaks and I think its gg. With that said Vikings players are bound start to testing positive. The chances of that not happening can't be good and they are playing this week and so on and so on and then football is over this year. Football is great and all but human lives are way more important obviously so Im praying everyone who has it beats and nothing tragic happens.
  12. True. WR depth is lacking but you can't have everything idk. Batson had a couple good catches last week if I remember and CD and Hump seem to be holding it down pretty well without AJ. Trust me no one wants AJ back more than me but we got what we got. Honestly I hope Henry has a KING Henry type day or at least 2nd half to put them away. 3-0 SOUNDS SO GOOD but this is going to be a tough one
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