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  1. So Im not reading this thread. Anyone wanna update me a little bit. Who are we looking at? Who do you guys like/hate? LOVE/DO NOT WANT? What is even our biggest need rn? NT? Pass rusher? ILB? Hook me up guys.
  2. Titans sign RB Dion Lewis

    OH MY THANK GOD! If the texans had gotten Lewis to add with Watson in that backfield with hop out wide... YIKES. Big offseason move for us
  3. Colts release Hankins

    If titans dont get Suh ID LOVE HANKINS
  4. Joe Thomas Retiring

    He was a monster LT forever. Lowkey sad for him having to play on the browns... Shut down. Him and Roos were my favorite tackles for like ten years. I hope Lewan can have something like a Joe like career Gonna miss him and I feel old
  5. Titans re-sign OG Josh Kline

    Like it. Keep the line together
  6. The Offseason Thread

    Random early morning random thoughts. Suh would just make everyone better. And we have a strong locker room with Rak woodyard lewan Casey and Marcus. I think Rak and wood could keep Suh in it and not let him become a problem. Idk I just feel like Butler Lewis and Suh as our FA would be huge cause we've been adding a lot of YOUNG talent. Some vets in there but now we now is the time to try and get big stars make a run. The AFC south is about to be the IT division Luck (If he plays lol) Watson and Marcus are going to be lights out next year imo. Blake gonna blake but they have that defense. Colts just got a lot of picks for that trade but Im glad they are out of the top three. Texans will be back next year. Watson and Hop are a problem. Idk we need to keep getting better. Also is Lewis going to be the KR and Jackson the PR? Think that would be best. Not as much for Jackson to worry about and Lewis is good. We need that playoff home game. Cause honestly it feels like our home field advantage is almost back to normal. And we just flat out play better at home. I kinda think our jerseys are going to be MEH at 1st but will grow on us. Corey is going to beast this year. EDIT Didnt see Hankins on the market. They might be going for Suh. I wouldnt mind Hankins and honestly didnt read what you guys said for the last five pages lmao
  7. Titans to sign Malcolm Butler-CB

  8. Titans Release Karl Klug

    KLUGGGGGGGG Love that guy. Came to work and played hard.. Hoping we can bring him back for cheap but if not I wish him the best!
  9. The Offseason Thread

    Are any of you MarcusMaiGOATa on twitter? Cause I feel like its one of you lmao
  10. The Offseason Thread

    MANNNN My friend mentioned Suh two weeks ago and I was like NOPE I want another DB Corner or Safety and a RB cause we have ZERO depth behind henry and I mentioned if we get Jones back we should be okay there. And maybe a ILB. He said Jayon would take Averys spot and I was like EHHHH maybe but still THEN WE GO OUT AND GET BUTLER AND LEWIS so Im SUPER down with SUH. My god. Rak Casey Jones Suh Morgan with Butler Ryan Jackson Byard and maybe another rookie behind them. We would have a LEGIT defense like. OMG OMG OMG and new UNIs! Im just sayin if the NFL is rigged I think its our turn to BALL OUT!!! LMAO
  11. Titans to sign Malcolm Butler-CB

    The way Jrob has went about building this team is pure greatness if it all works out.
  12. The Offseason Thread

    I was coming in here to say this' BRING BACK JMAC MAN. I'd take him over Tye smith no problem. This is his home. Should've never left! And then I can finally sit back and stop whining about our CBs.. I think Jackson has a big year with Butler on the other side. So what are we thinking? Pass rush in the draft? BPA? Sorry not been reading what you guys have been posting much lately
  13. Titans Resign DaQuan Jones

    YES YES YES Jones was having a pretty good year before he went down and I think our run d suffered. Also was starting to get pressure. Idk hes a solid player We are killing it this offseason IMO
  14. Titans to sign Malcolm Butler-CB

    IM SO HAPPY !!!
  15. Titans sign RB Dion Lewis

    OH ****