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  1. Miller would be almost our number 2 or are we sold on replacing CD with josh My hope is we find another gem high at WR. If we trade for anyone I want a corner lol Cutting adoree was so odd still to me
  2. Shame he wasnt healthy with us. But Dupree is a major upgrade imo would've loved to run it back with him but all good
  3. Things can change lol. Id take him over Fulton but maybe I just need to give Fulton a chance. I bet that was amazing
  4. The colts one for me. Cause I said I wasn't gonna believe in Ryan unless we beat the colts and that bomb got me on board for the rest of our run. And it was the colts.
  5. He had a few epic moments with us
  6. Wasn't he voted really high on our top players list? We thought we were good to go But last year something happened behind the scenes but he gone moving on
  7. Going into last year we all said he was our one and improving. Not saying he's great but hes a solid one but I edited my post talking about how he sucked at returns idk. Like I said after the edit I wanted Jalen at 1 or if we did trade go Tre'Davious White not adoree but we didn't know he would be god awful at returns but hindsight is 2020
  8. Because he is good for him tho and I like the Gmen so I can root for him. Im so bummed CD and adoree didn't pan out for us. Crazy Adoree sucked at PR and I still think he had a package on offense that could've worked. Still think we should've just drafted Jalen at 1 and we still could've picked henry. But could've would of you know
  9. Imma be honest I didn't look up on him so I don't have an idea of his potential. And you're right. As a rookie not having a real offseason at dB then being asked to play slot and not his normal outside with injuries AND no pass rush. Thats a big ask imo. So maybe he makes big steps like jmac and AV did. So ight jackrabbit and Fulton is the move lol maybe
  10. I agree. And KB should get back to normal if we have s pass rush. And I like hooker over Kenny tbh. Its the rest of the dbs rhat worry me.
  11. I always wanted tate but like you said he's pretty much done. Rather have TY tho he's bout done as well but might have a little left.. Maybe we can find a guy we like in the 2nd and trade up and go get him cause god forbid if AJ goes down we are in trouble.
  12. Just came to post this. We got some dogs now boys
  13. Oh this guy is seeing the field? Dang. LOL Yeah youre right its not the same thing at all and you are correct JJ was far to old which is my point.. I dont want anymore former texans def players. The good ones are gone or old so Mike can stop now lol but like always I hope Kevin balls out hopefully the pass rush helps everything I just dont like it. And im not freaking out. Only real move that bums me out is losing Corey cause he did a lot of things that help AJ and a lot of things that dont show up on the stat sheet. Hes gonna be missed and Malcom butler sadly had to go. Adoree getti
  14. Said the exact same thing about Jonathan joseph. Like word for word. And jj at least used to be good but he almost cost us the south n playoffs Random but I miss Jmac lol. Prime jmac obviously
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