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  1. Bye Week Thread

    Idk I think he wouldve lost it. maybe not thrown punches but def wouldve thrown Myles to the ground or I hope he would. but how is he a fake tough guy? When has he really needed to throw hands like that? Maybe the seahawks game but idk we needed him that game so Im glad he didnt. Maybe he is but I havent really seen him need to throw punches that I can remember. He does pick on CBs which is funny. The whole helmet getting ripped off thing reminds me of AJ ripping fins helmet off. DAMN yall have no idea how much I miss Finny. Wasnt a dirty player just wouldn't stop talking lmao. Wasn't the best CB by any means. Had that good year when our Dline was stupid good but sorry the finny rant lol On topic bye week stuff. Nice win by CLE. Think Ravens Texans will be a crazy game with BAL winning. Jags struggle early but pull it out. And this is where Id say Cincy pulls off a upset. Oak is feeling pretty good about themselves and def sleeping on em and Cincy got embarrassed bad. All the makings off a upset but damn Cincy is that freaking bad lol. Oh well it doesnt matter if we cant figure out how to beat these south teams lol. Enjoy your Sundays guys <3 EDIT Forgot the bills phins game.. UMMMM Bills D is for real but I could 100% see the phins pulling off a upset but yeah I know the team needs the bye week but my god no titans football sucks. Theres no buzz in the air
  2. King Henry Appreciation Thread.

    I was wrong about Henry and im so happy I was. I thought he looked great behind that bama oline but ran tall and idk I just didnt see it. boy I was wrong. Guy is a monster and hes playing behind a trash oline for the most part. And if we arent paying Marcus then i see no reason why to let him walk. If I were him and had a choice ( I know he doesnt) Id want to leave. We don't deserve him. And last year I thought he came on so strong at the end. Why? The talk with George? Coach pressure? Media fan pressure? MEH I really just think he is a late season back. No one wants to tackle him in the cold with their season probs over anyways. its happening again this year. Idk just a random thought On topic.While its not the best idea to sign backs to big contracts Im willing to risk it for Henry. Hes special
  3. Chargers fire Offensive Coordinator Ken Whisenhunt

    Was titans HC for a couple years as well ANYWAYS he is a awful awful coach so Im not surprised at this news
  4. Week 8 GDT: Bucs(2-4) @ Titans(3-4)

    Well we still know Marcus > Winston lol
  5. Week 8 GDT: Bucs(2-4) @ Titans(3-4)

    I like Adoree. solid DB.. I'm mad about the kr/pr adoree. Like my god thats what got him in the 1st and just awful And I to this day want a few plays on offense for him
  6. Week 7 GDT: Chargers(2-4) @ Titans(2-4)

    Every QB has looked good vs LA. But hey idc. He is the starter and hope he gets us rolling
  7. Week 7 GDT: Chargers(2-4) @ Titans(2-4)

    That goal line stand was amazing but shouldn't even been to that point. But hey I'll take it cause we needed a W badly just to keep up in the AFC south. Still don't like that we benched Marcus. I didnt see the Denver game that got him benched. Saw the end when Ryan threw a pick in the redzone lol. And Marcus hasn't played great this year at all but man neither did that oline. I did like how fast the ball was coming out of Ryans hands. Marcus to me has always tried to do to much. Anyways before I rant Im just going to say Im not sold on the move. Think we needed to give the oline a couple more weeks to mesh with Lewan coming in now Conk got hurt did he ever come back? But here we are Ryans the starter so Im rooting for him. Now moving forward idc who is at QB. We have talent on this damn team if we can turn it around and start stringing some Ws together we are right back in it. Couple of NFC teams coming up and we do well vs the NFC for whatever reason then a big game with KC which sadly Patty messed his knee up and hopefully he will be okay and back for the game.Then AFC south rematchs. Jalen is gone and we should win that game and we had the colts the last time. So I don't think its out of the question to win 5 in a row with the Panthers game I see being a huge problem with us not being able to cover backs. But say we go 4-1 and we are sitting at 7-5 and have a ROUGH end @ Raiders Home vs Houston and the saints who we play well against oddly enough and then end it on the road vs Houston. I just looked at the the rest of season for every team and honestly I can see it again coming down to week 17 and in a win and get in game and a 10-6 tie a top the south with us winning the tie breaker. Which I think we own Houston this year. Just a feeling. I know way ahead of myself but even after the bad play calls and stupid loses this team has talent and I havent lost faith yet. I think Marcus should start but Ryan can lead this team. This is probably the most talented group of playmakers hes ever had with Corey AJ Adam Sharpe smith Henry and if our Oline can mesh even tho Jack went down I like Kelly at RT better than LT so ALSO Henry is a late season back and I think its going to be just like last year. People are getting hurt its starting to get cold and no one wants to tackle this beast. And now we have our 1st round pick out there who is already making a impact which will make everyone better. And we already have a top 5 scoring defense. So I think we have a pretty crazy 2nd half of a season of football ahead of us
  8. GDT Week 5: Bills @ Titans Music City Mirage

    Last year was silly. A practice squad player who got cut the next day dropped a TD to take the lead in the 4th LOL. We had like 4 or 5 BIG drops last year. And I think Marcus was still dealing with that had. Our starting WR and Slot guy last year? One is traded and cant make the active roster and the other is our 4th WR. And Lewan is coming back You guys have a good defense. Should be fun.
  9. Week 5 GDT: Bills vs. Titans

    Bet that was amazing. I watched it with my great grandfather. Bills fan his whole life. This was my football game I sat and watched from start to finish. His face. I thought he was gonna drop then and there. So how could I not fall in love with this team. I was at the 99 yard VY drive and it was pretty damn loud for so few people LMAO. I started a on the way out that went all the way down to the streets LOL. Cause we had won like what 6 in a row after starting 0-5 or something idk it was crazy but yours is much better. Hoping we have a moment like those this season
  10. Week 4 GDT: Titans vs. Falcons

    Titans 28 Falcons 20
  11. Week 1 GDT: Titans @ Browns

    Man Corey Davis and AJ Brown is a scary DUO I know its one game but man AJ has that dog in em. And if he starts lighting it up and teams move their top corner to his side... Davis on some scrubs LOL. And Henry AND Marcus can still run LOL. If we can stay healthy... We're dangerous bruh
  12. Week 1 GDT: Titans @ Browns

    YUP Let everyone keep sleeping on MM and our squad while we keep racking up these Ws. Like even some of you on here be sleeping. Lmk if yall need another pillow or something LOL
  13. The Time Has Come - Browns/Titans GDT Thread

    gg guys. Ill be rooting for yall the rest of the way
  14. Succop to IR, we signed Cairo Santos

    Bummer. I saw we worked out Cody freaking parkey before we signed Santos... SOOO it could be worse lol