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  1. Do You Like Late-Season Saturday Games?

    Speaking for the tiny European viewership, I love them. With the exception of the first two playoff weekends, It's the only time we can watch a prime time game and not have to wake up 2 hours later for work.
  2. I always felt the opposite - that the nfl does surprisingly little to put their big games in the main slots. Tnf games are often ones you can see the moment they are announced won't be great. Mnf games as well often seem to be so random. In general many of the prime time games aren't the ones everyone is talking about and while later in the season that can be understandable to some extent, in the early weeks, when hype is still largely based of previous season records, it wouldn't be hard to find the biggest game and put it in a prime time slot (eg packers vikes was a far more obvious choice for a Sunday night game than packers bears). They also very rarely change the snf game later in the season. Very often there are better options for the slot. I remember a few years ago after the seahawsks superbowl, neither the afc c rematch of broncos pats nor the superbowl rematch of broncos seahawks made prime time. Broncos made other games on prime time that year, as did pats and hawks, but those rematches were as big as the nfl had at that time. They overlooked them. Not that it's all bad. Sometimes some of these random choices turns out quite good and I'm glad I got to see the whole game. Packers bears being a good example (this year and also the one in 2013 when mcowan won in green Bay)
  3. As a fan of no team who likes to watch good games, I would be happy if there were a few more slots. Often there are two good games at the early slot. But I'm OK with how it is as well. 5 games Is plenty. Plus I get the extra mnf game in week 1, the 2 Saturday games in week 15 or 16, the 3 games on thanksgiving, and 2 or 3 earlier London games. So it averages out to an extra half game per week over the season.
  4. Could Cousins end up the best QB from his draft class?

    Wilson is the best but not because of his ring. Another example of how idiotic the rings =best qb, argument. He was average when they won the sb with a great defense. Now he's amazing with a bad defense.
  5. Where's that toughest Division?

    Its quite close between some of the divisions, but thinking about it, I would rate the divisions right now. 1 NFC South - (Atm looks like the only division with 4 strong teams) 2 NFC North (I think their 2 best teams are slightly better than anyone in the south and the 2 worst teams slightly worse than anyone in the south, so gave the south the edge). 3 AFC North (3 and a half dangerous teams, but not absolute favourites like the NFC North so gave the NFC N the edge) 4 AFC West (the strongest division in football for the 2010's, this is probably the lowest they've been all decade and still very strong and could have switched with the North) Gap 5 AFC South (Its hard to separate between the bottom 4 divisions. They all seem to have 1 strong contender and then 3 lesser teams. I gave the AFC South the edge because their 3 lesser teams all have potential, unlike some of the teams in the other divisions. Their contender - Jags is also very strong). 6 NFC West (Close between them and the AFC East. Gave them the edge mostly because their contender - Rams, is imo the best team in the league atm so above the Pats. As I have the Cards slightly better than the Bills and dont see much difference between a pairing of SF and Hawks vs Phins and Jets, I think Rams carry their division over the line ahead of the Pats here ). 7 AFC East ( Wanted to put them higher because their top team is so good, and they have a potential wildcard in the Dolphins, but then their worst team is sooo bad atm it brings the division right back down) 8 NFC East (this division fluctuates between being the best some years to being the worst in others. They don't have any really bad teams, and I consider the Eagles a contender. But Eagles don't look good enough atm to make up for the fact that I don't think Washington, Dallas or NY are going anywhere) Having thought about it a little, I do think the top 4 divisions are quite close, and the bottom 4 are quite close. AFC South has the potential to be a top 4 division since Colts, Texans and even maybe the Titans are teams i wouldnt be shocked to see picking number 1 or making the playoffs. NFC East doesn't seem like that bad a division to be ranked 8. Not as bad as the NFC South in 2014 or the AFC South for a 3 year stretch after Peyton left. Just that there are no absolute terrible divisions this year. Every division has at least one super bowl contender.
  6. They were ahead of the steelers in mid November at some point this decade?
  7. Will The NBA Overtake The NFL Within The Next 10-20 Years?

    As others have said, because of the 82 game season, no. But also for me, the fact that nba is only really open to a minute fraction of the population (with rare exceptions, those over 6 ft 4) also holds it back.
  8. NFL 2018 Week 2 Game Day Thread

    Brady with the intereception to go with his forced fumble and fumble recovery earlier. Another awessome comeback win.
  9. Based on my experience in a few other smaller sports, quite rife.
  10. In 2014 if he plays against the Cardinals (the 1 game he missed iirc) I think the Cowboys win and then they get the number 1 seed (They should have had the number 1 or 2 seed anyway, that they got the 3 seed despite same wins as seatle and GB was just bad luck) With number 1 seed they have a very good chance to beat Packers and Seahawks (or Lions if its them) in the divisional and championship rounds. Seattle they already beat at the Link and GB they barely lost too after an all time controversial call at Lambaugh. So they would have had a very good chance to go to the SB against the Pats. I think the Pats would have been favourites but we see year after year that the SB is a toss up game.
  11. Cycling Thread: Thomas wins The Tour

    So if sky is innocent why do they lie about everything from their zero tolerance policy to the multiple blatant lies Brailsford gave about the jiffy bag (total accident right) to the data they release etc. Some coincidence that a team that can't keep the truth straight on anything also happens to magically be able to turn any rider they sign into one of the world's best climbers and is about to turn a third nobody into a tdf winner. "guilty until proven innocent" is just a convenient slogan to sleep well at night. BTW if you doubt froomes results (like pretty much everyone outside of great Britain does anyway) he doesn't go to jail or anything. I agree with guilty until prooven innocent in that ppl shouldn't be legally punished for crimes they haven't been found guilty of. Froome can keep his results and even the disgraced wiggins can keep his joke tour from 2012 that sky probably want forgotten at this stage too. But that doesn't mean people aren't allowed to form opinions based on the facts out there (and also the facts they research themselves because I notice a lot of fans of athletes choose not to read anything about how doping works and demand that everyone else assumes a position of ignorance on the subject) Its perfectly reasonable to doubt the words of conmen even if a shoddy and demonstrably corrupt system hasn't found them guilty. This is the same organization and system where lance just gave a donation to the uci and was given free reigns for a decade. The same sport which anti doping experts like pound and ashenden say is still as dirty as ever and a 38 year old valverde who somehow passed every test he ever took (hint its probably not a good sign for the efficiency of the tests) is still dominating like in his golden years. In this context to believe that froome who couldn't come top 100 to save his life at easier races than the tour until he was 26 has just "trained hard" to become basically the greatest of all time with his 3gts in a row, is optimistic. To believe that they turned two other absolute non climbers who happen to be from the same country, into tdf champions is, well everyone has a right to their opinion. But judging by the boos as well as the massive decline in viewership I think its a less and less common opinion with every passing year that sky have 5 of the last ten riders on every mountain stage of the tour de France.
  12. I hoped that Griezman's dive and the imo wrongly awarded penalty, wouldn't matter as France scored two more goals. But today, reading people commenting on it, one wonders how the game would have gone if the ref hadn't been in the tank for France
  13. Belgium had a massive parade in Brussels yesterday to celebrate winning this loserbowl. Seems absolutely pathetic to me.
  14. Ah, it was for croatia right? Then it's modric
  15. Varane is practicing some black magic (or if he's really patriotic, benzema)