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  1. New England Patriots Spygate 2.0?

    Pats hater checking in here. I don't think Pats are cheating any more than other teams. I think all teams cheat. My take is that Pats have been the best mixed with a little luck at the right times hence 6 sbs and 9 appearances. I just want the luck to fall another way now and again. But reading this story I do remember the one time this year I watched the Pat Macafee show he had an interview with Kyle Van Noy. , At one point Van Noy was asked to say what's special about Bellichik. He told a story about an unidentified person on an unidentified opponent at some point in the past. And that Bellichick told them based on hand movements, he knew what play the opponent was gonna have. Very possibly it was a player and he caught it on regular film. I've heard other players talk about studying their opponents like this in the past. Or perhaps it was something from these alleged illegal films. Story is vague enough that it could be either. Just something that came to mind.
  2. NFL 100 team

    Charles woodson. JJ watt and Aaron Donald probably. Justin tucker for kickers. Troy and Lt as you mention
  3. NFL Week 13 GDT

    Feels like poor coaching from Buffalo. You know in that part of the field you cant punt, but FG is quite far. They didn't try, especially on 3rd down to move forward and were stuck in no mans land for 4th down
  4. How many? As far as i can see all of NE's SB wins have come with good defenses. And through his whole career Brady has only had a defense outside of the top 10 in points, twice. In Yards its weaker most years, but how many of Brady's 16 years did he actually have to put up points on every drive to win games because the defense was so bad? 1?
  5. Brady has acheived some incredible things, and im very impressed by how he's still playing considering his age. But the way this defense and special teams is carrying the Pats to potentially a 18-1 season, with a SB this time, highlights again just how insanely stupid it is to give QB's credit for wins. Maybe best thing for people like me who think that Football is a team sport, really is for the Pats to just go all 85 Bears this year and take the SB with one of the statistically best defenses of all time. Will the narrative still be - Brady carried the Pats to another SB, like it bizzarely was last year?
  6. NFL Week 11 GDT

    It exists to further punish teams that are screwed over by refs, to cost them a challenge and a time out on top of the screwjob. Imo challenges that end up "call stands" rather than "call confirmed" shouldn't have a TO penalty as the refs admit it was worth the challenge, so whats the point of punishing the team for that
  7. Who is the best WR in the NFL today?

    tyreek hill for me. Never seen anything like him as far as speed and acceleration goes. He can break away from any cb he wants at will and so is always open.
  8. Patriots acquire Mohammed Sanu for 2nd Round pick

    Ok, so you are talking about win %. I am talking about superbowls and playoffs. Its very telling that according to you, the second best team of the decade is a team with 0 superbowls, 0 number 1 seeds, 1 superbowl appearance and 2 Championship game appearances. How? They rack up lots of wins even in their down seasons when they are not realistic challenges. Its also telling that according to you the "worst division" is the NFC West. Which has been in the SB in half of the last 8 seasons. and 7 total superbowl appearnaces over your timespan. If what you are saying is that the Pats regular season win % would be similar with 1 better team in the division, sure you can have that. But if they were in the NFC West (according to you the worst division), then some years you get an even easier ride to 14-2. Still get the HFA, maybe a 1 seed instead of a 2. But other years you have 3 10 wins teams (2013, 2019 potentially), or have to face the best defense in the league for 4 consecutive seasons (Seahawks), or face the best offense in the league. And so those other years you might even have the same win % in the regular season but now have to go away for 3 playoff games cos another team in your division finished higher. You would take that? Even if it meant your 20 year regular season win % was the same?
  9. Patriots acquire Mohammed Sanu for 2nd Round pick

    Over what time span is that? I mean all it shows is that bad ACF East teams go 5-11 instead of 2-14. Because they certainly weren't going 12-4. No AFC East team has outside the Pats for two decades. two 11 win seasons in that time and one 10 win I think. Because at the end of the day what makes the AFC East weak, isn't whether or not they have the number 1 pick in the draft every year. Its about actually having a contender for the title, and god forbid actually having to play a playoff game away from home now and again ok, does that really prove anything? You are using very selective arguments. You beat NO twice in a decade, a very impressive win away and a last second TD at home, and this proves having NO in the division would be a cakewalk?
  10. Patriots acquire Mohammed Sanu for 2nd Round pick

    Of course if Pats had Steelers instead of Jets they would have had it tougher. 2 way tougher games a season. Another team to push for that 1st spot in the division. But its not even about having one tough (Steelers haven't been that great this decade anyway) opponent every few years. In other divisions, you have multiple teams that become great, even if they then fail. You at least get challenges some years. All of the NFC West has been in a championship game in the last 6 years. 3 of the NFC South has had the number 1 seed in 4 years. All of the AFC West has had 12 win seasons in the last 4 years. By comparison, no team outside NE has had a 12 win season in the AFC East since the turn of the century. IIRC AFC East is tied for least wildcard teams since 2010. How is it not an easy division?
  11. Patriots acquire Mohammed Sanu for 2nd Round pick

    they are obviously the best team over pretty much any multi year time span in recent history. Incredible But that doesnt aren't address what the others are saying. In individual seasons there are teams just as good as the pats. Who have a much harder time to get to the SB. I mean is this really disputable? When you say "Pats would be good in any division" do you mean good as in make the playoffs, be a team everyone is afraid to play, and win superbowls now and again (i agree) , or do you think they make the SB every year like now? Because for example last year Chargers had more wins than the Pats, despite being in a way tougher division and having a tougher schedule but Pats get the bye purely because of the way the schedule is set up. That's just dumb luck, the type of dumb luck that generally goes the Pats favor on top of having one of the best teams every year. In the NFC in particular there are some very strong teams, who seem just as good as the Pats but have to do so much more just to sniff the SB This year the NFC West has more top teams than the entire AFC.Maybe NFC North too. What about the Saints last 2 years? Extremely tough schedule last year, even harder in the playoffs, fight through all of it just to get taken out on an awful call. The year before - NO had to play through a division with 3 SB contenders. The last 2 NFC representatives, and the Saints all fighting it out for one number 3 seed. Put them in the AFC East I don't see how they Don't make the superbowl. Atlanta OR NO. Maybe CAR. GB 2014 also sticks in the mind. That year we had the great GB NE match which was very even and we thought we could get a Rodgers Brady SB. Problem is GB had many more obstacles to get there. The harder schedule, a division rival, a road trip to the hardest stadium in the league for the championship game, despite having the same number of wins as NE. And in the end Rodgers just didn't get the bounce of the ball go his way (onside kick, coin toss), whereas Brady got the ball bouncing his way (Butler interception) and you have your result. And thats just the NFC. How many times in the AFC do the North and the West have multiple strong teams that make playoffs or at least play the teams hard, and so the KC's or Denver's or Pittsburghs of this world (whoever is the other top AFC team) have to fight through a juggernaut to get to their 12 wins as Pats, especially in years like 2018 and 19 where they are contenders for easiest schedule in the whole league, don't really have to do much at all?
  12. Is the NFL rigged?

    Easily solved by having a video ref like in Rugby, who is in the ear of the Head Ref. On a lot of these controversies it takes AGES before we get to the next play anyway. Like Trey flowers play, we see the replay about 5 times before they even snap the next play. It would take about 2.3 seconds for the video ref to tell the head ref, what everyone can see and another 10 maybe for the ref to announce "there is no flag on the play for..." which he would have done anyway if he had better eyes. A lot of these examples are way worse. The TD the Texans scored someone linked when he was down. A video ref could have seen he was down before the RB even finished running to the end zone.
  13. Is the NFL rigged?

    Not rigged, but I do think a reason all sports fight so hard not to have good officiating (as in not use technology more and even when used, its a limited chalenge system where half the things aren't reviewable), is because Controversy creates Cash.
  14. What if the helmet catch never happened?

    As far as the butterfly effect goes, even something as small as the Pats picking 32nd instead of 31 would probably have totally changed the course of the league within a few years. I would venture to say that none of the current pro bowl players outside of qb in the league, would be playing at the teams we associate them with. If Tyree hadn't made the catch. Everything would have been totally different
  15. It's not just that they only have to beat kc or who ever the number two team is any given year. They usually have a way easier path to the top seeds in the first place than any other team in the afc. Go through any year this decade (pats have been one or two seed every year) and the teams around them always come from tough divisions and have to fight it out amongst themselves. Usually the afc west. Pretty much every year the second best team in the afc west is better than anything the rest of the afc east have produced since the rex Ryan jets. I personally believe that if the pats were in the afc North or West, they would not have had this much success. And that's not to take away from how good a team they are. By far the best ever by any metric regardless how wide a time span you choose, even if they had tougher divisions. Best team in all sports that use a draft and cap system. But aside from that, they've also been playing nfl on easy mode.