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  1. I hoped that Griezman's dive and the imo wrongly awarded penalty, wouldn't matter as France scored two more goals. But today, reading people commenting on it, one wonders how the game would have gone if the ref hadn't been in the tank for France
  2. Belgium had a massive parade in Brussels yesterday to celebrate winning this loserbowl. Seems absolutely pathetic to me.
  3. Ah, it was for croatia right? Then it's modric
  4. Varane is practicing some black magic (or if he's really patriotic, benzema)
  5. If I have it right France have now scored over half the wc final goals of the last thirty years
  6. Man. Texans were a lot of peoples superbowl pick in 2013 and ended up with the 1 seed. Iirc after winning their first two games. To think any team apart from maybe the pats, is guaranteed to make the playoffs is in my opinion delusional. The nfl is too fluid.
  7. WC Semi Final #2 - Croatia vs England

    I remember that and find it laughable how people think Germany was better than England that year because "they got to the final" when they both lost to the same team, England just earlier. Also 2006, England lost penalties to Portugal. Germany won penalties to Argentina as the host nation. Germany have been better since then and before the mid 90's but the - Germany is always just better, idea is also based on some luck falling their way when they weren't number 1 (also 2008 Euros)
  8. WC Semi Final #2 - Croatia vs England

    Its the world cup. Biggest sporting event in the world, maybe biggest event period. The players will do anything to make it and the team doctors at this level (many of whom have pretty dodgy histories as well), will have the go ahead to do "whatever it takes" to make sure the players can play the 120 minutes. I was not surprised at all that Modric and the others had so much energy. They will have a very difficult day today too but I expect come Sunday they'll have the energy needed for one more big push.
  9. WC Semi Final #2 - Croatia vs England

    Three days to get ready for Croatia, though they've played the equivalent of one game more in the last week. If they can get fit I give them a 35% change against France. World Cup finals tend to be decided by one moment. With their talent and freshness I give France a better chance of getting the chance but these are also close affairs so you can never rule it out.
  10. WC Semi Final #2 - Croatia vs England

    Crazy that a country as small as Croatia, built more for basketball, will be in the wc final, in the modern era.
  11. WC Semi Final #2 - Croatia vs England

    Wow who was that croatian who chose personal glory over passing it to an open perisic?
  12. I felt like everything had to fall just right for them to best brazil. Casemiro suspended, japan massively screwing up an offensive corner with twenty seconds left, lots of penalty area rickeshades falling just away from brazils strikers, very possible penalties denied, an awful own goal from Casemiros replacement and still they just held on. People gave them praise because brazil have this mysticism that they should win every game 2-0 but this is a weak brazil team and still they spent 90 minutes camped in Belgium half. If the names were reversed I think people would be taking about a very lucky Brazil and unlucky belgium Football is in many a ways a lottery but I felt like if you threw that dice ten times, that was the one or two out of ten that Belgium wins. Sure, before that they were the best team in the tournament but world cups are about not having a bad game and they scraped away twice against Japan and Brazil
  13. Belgium, who in my opinion are very lucky to be here, are tbf far out playing France atm.
  14. What about one cross conference rival for each team which they play once a year. Maybe georgaphical based for most (eg Giants vs Jets, Raiders and 49ers) but perhaps in some cases just biggest teams (Cowboys Pats or Steelers Packers)
  15. World Cup Knockout Round 7/3 - It's coming home

    Jeeez. I love Colombia, have so many friends from there, wrote my thesis on Colombian history. But this person needs to grow some thick skin. It's a joke. It's the Sun which a) has done way worse and b) almost no one takes seriously. And the way you deal with light mocking isn't to go crying to mummy. I wonder how this person became an ambassador with this kind of attitude.