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  1. Brady changed my mind a bit in how well he's played into his late thirties and forties. It's been incredible. But on the other hand we also did see that when they played 4 games without Brady in 2016 and still won 3 of them, despite the c qb starting two games. What's funny is that the Brady argument has for twenty years been almost entirely based on wins>>> everything and qb = whole team. Brady has been the favourite of all those that subscribe to the hero myth of one hero always being fully responsible for something happening. Hence all the focus on 200 wins and 5 sb wins, with very little credit ever given to the idea that some of the other 20 players also contributed to those wins and not just the qb. And now that (well especially last season) the defense has broken at times, all of a sudden the people that most strongly seem to believe that the qb deserves all of the credit for results, regardless of what anyone else does, are starting to realise that there are other players on a team as well.
  2. NFL Looking to Change up Punting

    Isn't that what most already think happens? Hence why the qb, especially in the above cases, gets all the credit for wins and season outcomes.
  3. Rams-Saints

    Indeed sounds like a very dumb comment. Perfectly in line with the incredibly flawed logic that somehow passes for "analysis" at the big sports companies in the US. Ive heard this particular argument a few times and I still struggle to believe a supposedly thinking person can fail basic maths and logic so greatly. But yet the people watch, so I guess Mr Smith and all those who get on that kind of show, can continue to do a bad job without consequence.
  4. The Russel that had lynch and the best defense in the nfl wasn't the same top nfl qb he has become in the last few years.
  5. Media obsession with putting Rodgers in the GOAT convo

    First of all how does a QB lead the defensive players into battle? Because that's 50% of the game right there. What seargeant or general only has control of 50% of their army and 0 control over the other 50%? In fact its more than 50% since they don't play special teams either. Or do you actually believe its AR's fault that the Packers didn't cover an onside kick when they had the NFC championship game won? Yeah maybe the coach is a better candidate for your leader position here. Secondly, your analogy doesn't work as well as you think. If it were true, history wouldn't have been so kind to those who fought at battles like the Alamo, or any other battler were they faced impossible odds, and it wouldn't worship martyrs.
  6. Media obsession with putting Rodgers in the GOAT convo

    What is an "earned" ring? Because as awful as Manning was in 2015, there were plenty of other seasons where he was better than whoever won the SB. Obviously the idea that a player is only as good as the number of rings they have is ridiculous, I still can't believe so much of American sporting discourse follows this idiotic logic that any 5 year old could disprove. However, the solution to this problem, isn't to set an arbitrary performance cut off point for SB winning qbs and disqualify those who fall underneath it. That still leaves you with the big problem on the other side of the scale - all the times a SB winning qb played well but wasn't the best qb in the league that year, which seems to be more or less every year this millenium. Its to not judge QB's entirely by their SB wins.
  7. Week 8 GDT

    i think he was down
  8. Worst head coaching matchups in the Super Bowl

    Re that sb 50 the panthers were massive favourites. For me it was an entertaining game because the team that was leading the whole game was the one which had a little bit less firepower. So up until the the rushing td put the game out of reach at the end, I always felt carolina were one play away from coming back. Just like how in the game before denver couldn't help but punt back to ne the whole fourth qtr and only survived by the skin of their teeth.
  9. Who's the 3rd Best Team in the NFC

    Errr Saints seem like a much better team at the moment than Denver and Seattle. I expected Rams to take those games easy. I think they are favourites against Saints too but it should be a much closer spread going in.
  10. Tom Brady gets his 200th regular season win

    Fair enough. I would punish him more some of those other years though than 2018 when the celtics were quite tough and his team was weak so he had to put in a great performance to get them out.
  11. Tom Brady gets his 200th regular season win

    Don't you see an obvious flaw in a metric that rewards ppl for losing and punishes them for winning (lebron would be far better in your metric if he had lost the last 2 ecfs)? Seems to me an obvious flaw and a major reason to not use something so myopic as the sole standard by which to judge players.
  12. Tom Brady gets his 200th regular season win

    I have nothing against ppl saying Brady is the greatest, especially considering how amazing he is in his 40's and the hits he has taken. I just don't like all the focus on team statistics. For him or any qb. They are only responsible for a fraction of the result. More than any other payer but still a fraction of the overall picture. 200 wins is to a very large extent a team thing. Though perhaps a better reflection of individual performance than something like sb titles. As evidenced by the fact that 2008 or 2017 tb won 0 sb titles but 2014 or 2001 tb each won one.
  13. MMA Thread

    Calling Khabib a terrorist was of course scumbag behaviour from Conor. Not defending him in the slightest. But I still don't like religion being lumped in with race. Religious leaders then politically use that to dismiss ANY criticsm of their faith as racism. Some of these same leaders will at the same time have no problem preaching that non believers will go to hell while hiding behind "racism" when anyone talks back. And this may not apply to you but I also notice that many of those most eager to lump race and religion together, have absolutely no problem mocking Mormons or Scientologists sometimes attacking Christianity, often attacking or mocking Atheists. It seems to be very selectively applied only to one or two particular religions.
  14. MMA Thread

    I know I'm two days late in responding to this (only was reading through today) but I just wanted to point out that race and religion are Not the same thing. Its a bit of a disingenuous sleight of hand to lump them together. Not that I would condone attacks on religion necessarily, but a set of opinions about how the world was created, and who gets to get tortured for eternity in hell, don't deserve this special protection under the guise of being a race, when they are not.
  15. RIVALRY GAME - Colts @ NE

    Seems like an awful game to put in an individual slot. The pats own the colts even at indy. To have them at home on a short week. Would have been the perfect game to have in the early slot on the Sunday.