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  1. Nfc south all making moves. But saints, falcons and panthers all sucking the next two years would be the most Brady thing ever.
  2. I hope you are right. But the immense death total in Italy (650 in just 24 hours yedterday and 3000 this week), largely concentrated in a small area, with overloaded to the point of being almost non functioning health service, is what is scaring me. The media in my country (the UK) is mostly ignoring the italy number and I assume it's the same in the US, which makes me think they are now doing the opposite of hyping it, so as to not cause panic. That said, I do read your post with optimism, and hope it is as you say.
  3. Wouldn't earl Thomas have won it over Sherman anyway if kuechly didn't?
  4. He's got the best passer rating for an SB loss. And fro what I can see all other top 10 SB passer ratings came from SB winning qbs
  5. No mention of Matt Ryan in the SB? Though Im sorry to those of you lucky enough to have forgeten about that cursed game, if I reminded you of it.
  6. I usually like the GB Packers but after they ruined another Championship game for us neutrals, the NFL should be aiming to stop them from getting this far, not aiding them. An investigation should be made into how an average GB squad got a second seed and therefore a bye over a much superior team, based on a very weak schedule, ref errors and finally a flawed tiebreak. I know the Saints messed up bad in their playoff game. But the advantage of being a 13-3 team (when GB were 12-4 if not for the refs) is that you get the bye and get to avoid that wildcard Round mistake. I think that the VIkings resting starters also helped there. If they had been in the wildcard round as the 2 seed and GB had to play as the 3 seed, I don't think we would have had GB playing yesterday. And though SF likely still would have won, we could have at least had some entertainment.
  7. 2015 Denver obviously had the best defense and won the SB with it. It doesn't show on your metric because the offense was so dire the d had to start from worse positions all the time
  8. If one happens the other likely doesn't. Tho yeah the fake punt was awful
  9. KC scored 28 points in the second quarter against Oakland. Texans should have gone for it on 4th and 1 when it was 21-0
  10. Seattle spoiled the NFC playoffs for us neutrals. Giving the 49ers the bye and home field like this.
  11. That proves my point. Brady was the best in 2007 yet that wasn't the year he won the superbowl. Superbowls as an argument for qbs is stupid.
  12. One of the reasons i think the Superbowls argument for QB is stupid is - what if the refs didn't screw New Orleans last year, Thats a decision that went against Brees that I do not remember going against Brady in any of his superbowl runs. And yet Drew has his best chance at a superbowl in a decade taken away from him through no fault of his own. Is it cos "Brady is so clutch" that that kind of thing happens to his opponents and not him. You then have a possible (though of course BB might have outcoached Pyeton anyway) situation that Brady has 1 less and Brees 1 more. Now its still 5-2 for Brady, and everyone would still have Brady above Brees, but its still a very different score than 6-1 and its all based on something that had absolutely nothing to do with Brady, Brees or even the teams in question. While Brady has outplayed Brees for most of his career IMO, last year Brees was clearly the better quarterback, yet if you just take the SB's argument it looks like Brady was the champion and Brees failed again. Similar situation with Rodgers and the onside kick in Seattle. Its not like Rodgers was the one who fumbled the onside kick when Packers had a 95% win. Its not like Brady was the one who caught it for Seattle, thereby eliminating what at that stage seemed like the superior NFC team for the superbowl. Yet if you just take the "QB's = Superbowls" route, it looks like again Rodgers failed again, only made one superbowl etc while "Brady was Jordan", in a year when Rodgers was the MVP and if that play went the other way Rodgers would possibly be QB of the decade instead of Brady.
  13. Wow, you totally killed that prediction. Teasing Miami - like their start to the season, and then settling for the Bengals. I'm impressed
  14. The dolphins trick play you mention is number 1 for me as well.
  15. The Hitch

    Week 17 GDT

    Are we assuming neutral refs or packer refs for a NO GB matchup?
  16. Or the blood of the Saints. Since Saints are the ones that now with Packers having an extra win, lose some weird tiebreaker to the Packers and likely have no bye, despite this year being clearly imo the better team.
  17. We've seen way crazier things happen in NFL history than this Titans team beating this Saints team. It will be Seahawks 9ers because that is the more hyped game (potentially for the number 1 seed and 2 superbowl contenders)
  18. Pats hater checking in here. I don't think Pats are cheating any more than other teams. I think all teams cheat. My take is that Pats have been the best mixed with a little luck at the right times hence 6 sbs and 9 appearances. I just want the luck to fall another way now and again. But reading this story I do remember the one time this year I watched the Pat Macafee show he had an interview with Kyle Van Noy. , At one point Van Noy was asked to say what's special about Bellichik. He told a story about an unidentified person on an unidentified opponent at some point in the past. And that Bellichick told them based on hand movements, he knew what play the opponent was gonna have. Very possibly it was a player and he caught it on regular film. I've heard other players talk about studying their opponents like this in the past. Or perhaps it was something from these alleged illegal films. Story is vague enough that it could be either. Just something that came to mind.
  19. Charles woodson. JJ watt and Aaron Donald probably. Justin tucker for kickers. Troy and Lt as you mention
  20. Feels like poor coaching from Buffalo. You know in that part of the field you cant punt, but FG is quite far. They didn't try, especially on 3rd down to move forward and were stuck in no mans land for 4th down
  21. How many? As far as i can see all of NE's SB wins have come with good defenses. And through his whole career Brady has only had a defense outside of the top 10 in points, twice. In Yards its weaker most years, but how many of Brady's 16 years did he actually have to put up points on every drive to win games because the defense was so bad? 1?
  22. Brady has acheived some incredible things, and im very impressed by how he's still playing considering his age. But the way this defense and special teams is carrying the Pats to potentially a 18-1 season, with a SB this time, highlights again just how insanely stupid it is to give QB's credit for wins. Maybe best thing for people like me who think that Football is a team sport, really is for the Pats to just go all 85 Bears this year and take the SB with one of the statistically best defenses of all time. Will the narrative still be - Brady carried the Pats to another SB, like it bizzarely was last year?
  23. It exists to further punish teams that are screwed over by refs, to cost them a challenge and a time out on top of the screwjob. Imo challenges that end up "call stands" rather than "call confirmed" shouldn't have a TO penalty as the refs admit it was worth the challenge, so whats the point of punishing the team for that
  24. tyreek hill for me. Never seen anything like him as far as speed and acceleration goes. He can break away from any cb he wants at will and so is always open.
  25. Ok, so you are talking about win %. I am talking about superbowls and playoffs. Its very telling that according to you, the second best team of the decade is a team with 0 superbowls, 0 number 1 seeds, 1 superbowl appearance and 2 Championship game appearances. How? They rack up lots of wins even in their down seasons when they are not realistic challenges. Its also telling that according to you the "worst division" is the NFC West. Which has been in the SB in half of the last 8 seasons. and 7 total superbowl appearnaces over your timespan. If what you are saying is that the Pats regular season win % would be similar with 1 better team in the division, sure you can have that. But if they were in the NFC West (according to you the worst division), then some years you get an even easier ride to 14-2. Still get the HFA, maybe a 1 seed instead of a 2. But other years you have 3 10 wins teams (2013, 2019 potentially), or have to face the best defense in the league for 4 consecutive seasons (Seahawks), or face the best offense in the league. And so those other years you might even have the same win % in the regular season but now have to go away for 3 playoff games cos another team in your division finished higher. You would take that? Even if it meant your 20 year regular season win % was the same?
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