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  1. Jimmy says no.

    Haslam is as bad as these campus snowflakes who melt if they have to hear an opposing viewpoint. Let him take all his toys and go home. In the cesspool of hot takes and blowhards ESPN has become, that piece was actually compelling journalism. Hopefully another sponsor fills the void (and if not, hopefully they fire Stephen A or Bayless due to budget cuts).
  2. Trading Down

    17 might be the spot a top 12 player falls down to, and if so I'd want to grab them or fleece someone if we're going to move off it (preferably someone only a few spots behind us that has also fallen in love with a guy they perceive as falling).
  3. Browns sign Kareem hunt

    Our offense is going to have some nightmare matchups coming out of out of the backfield this season.

    Hey, who the heck told you what my girlfriend calls me??
  5. Must read long read about haslams ownership

    He couldn't even do that properly without having his sales execs defraud truckers out of fuel rebates.
  6. Must read long read about haslams ownership

    Because in terms of NFL acumen, Jimmy is 100% sizzle and 0% steak. We just need to hope and pray he continues to back off and let Dorsey run things.
  7. Around the NFL and General discussion

    As long as it's not the Steelers or Ravens, I will root for anybody playing the Patriots, I don't care if they have R. Kelley at QB and John Wayne Gacy as HC, it'd still better than having to see Belichick's smug face.
  8. Must read long read about haslams ownership

    Give Wickersham a Pulitzer. That bit about projecting DP footage on the walls of HQ for 10 minutes and not knowing how to stop it is the single best metaphor I've ever heard for Truckstop Jimmy's bungling ownership tenure! What the author failed to follow up with is the fact that being a fan during his tenure has felt like being on the unwilling receiving end of that DP. I can only (probably futilely) hope he's learned his lesson and lets everything run through Dorsey now, but while that might last for a little while, Trigger Jimmy just isn't wired like that. Sigh. Go Baker and Freddy!
  9. Extension talks

    Oh heck no - those long piss troughs at the old Cleveland Municipal Stadium were the worst!
  10. The AFC is there for the taking The only way to beat Brady is to hit him in the mouth repeatedly, and you need a front 4 that can get to him without relying on too many blitzes Make sure you have a scheme that covers RBs out of the backfield (between J White and Kamara, teams got carved up this weekend) Get a good kicker with a big, accurate leg
  11. If we win the superbowl, I want to get banned for one of two reasons: the way I misbehave in the Steelers forum, or the way I misbehave in the Ravens forum.
  12. We Are Awesome! (2018 Thanks and Review Thread)

    Packers are ahead of us?? Ok, guys, we stole half their front office and poached players and assistant coaches, what can we do to convert their forum posters over to the good side, short of luring them into our vans with cheese curds and kidnapping them?
  13. Mort says it's Freddie

    He's still wondering why Manziel didn't "wreck this league"

    I'd say Wilks is at least even with Williams in terms of DC potential, and we got a clear upgrade in ST coaches (not like that would have been hard), so we won the day. Curious to see how the offensive staff fills out.
  15. Pre-FA/Draft Expectations

    9 wins seems like a realistic expectation. 10 if things break the right way.