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  1. Baker can be the QB we need him to be in Stefanski's offense. Those bad drops in the second half didn't help him out, and we still won the game against a top tier defense. What more do people want? Give him 2 consecutive years in a real offensive system and real coaching and I bet he's going to be better than anything we've seen from him thus far.
  2. Redwine and Harrison need to be our starting safeties for the rest of the year.
  3. Up: 1. K Hunt (don't say that fast) with two major catches; the one-handed grab and the TD. 2. Stefanski's play calling. It's a thing of beauty, and I think will only improve. 3. Myles with that insane strip sack and recovering the ball to boot. Pro Bowl play right there. 4. Defense creating turnovers 5. Winning the games you should win for 2 weeks in a row Down: 1. Linebackers had a better game this week but are still obviously the weak link 2. Getting pushed down the field when Washington went hurry-up 3. Run D 4. No crowds...so weird. The place would have been absolutely rocking if it was at capacity! 5. No cheerleaders (I had to borrow one from a few years ago since I don't have much to complain about)
  4. For the first time since Shanny was our OC, I look at what Stefanski is doing and think "this guy knows how to call a smart game".
  5. This has a Belichick signing written all over it. Difference is, in the past, it was at any position but QB. Whether he can have the same success with someone other than a GOAT-level (as much as it pains me to admit it) QB will be interesting. I don't want him on the Browns, we already have an ideal backup for Mayfield who knows Stefanski's system and really can't deal with a summer of stupid media speculation of a QB battle between Bake and Dalton
  6. Gotta love it when the BPA on the board is also at one of the biggest positions of need!
  7. I'm going to miss hearing Goodell get booed at the draft
  8. These are so much better - clean and classic! I'm going to do us all a favor and not buy one of these beautiful new jerseys, however, since if I do the player is guaranteed to no longer be on the team within 2 years if past is precedent.
  9. Hopefully because of the corona virus "stay in place" order, that means no homeless guy Herbert fans will be getting up in Jimmy's ear on draft day
  10. I don't like any of those options. Need all that plus a 2nd next year to consider moving, or stay put and take the left tackle of the future
  11. Good LB when healthy and an excellent locker room guy
  12. Nice - guy in the QB room who knows Stefanski's system and can step in capably in a pinch
  13. RT now locked down, if we get LT with our 1st in the draft, I'm pretty psyched with what our offense can be. I bet Nick has a Chubb thinking about this upcoming season.
  14. Good move to improve our offense and bolster Stefanski's scheme. With the cap going up, this contract won't look too bad down the road (if he plays to potential)...also gives us an out if Njoku continues to not live up to his potential
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