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  1. (Poll) Win-Loss Predictions

    11-5 baby!! Week 1 -- Titans W Week 2 -- at Jets W Week 3 -- Rams L Week 4 -- at Ravens L Week 5 -- at 49ers W Week 6 -- Seahawks L Week 7 -- Bye Week 8 -- at Patriots L Week 9 -- at Broncos W Week 10 -- Buffalo W Week 11 -- Steelers W Week 12 -- Dolphins W Week 13 -- at Steelers L Week 14 -- Bengals W Week 15 -- at Cardinals W Week 16 -- Ravens W Week 17 -- at Bengals W
  2. I was convinced Holmgren and Heckert were the front office combo that would turn the franchise around
  3. Browns sign OT Kendall Lamm

    This is your fault, man. You knew what you were getting yourself into, and still you neglected to bring a flask of whiskey??
  4. Browns sign OT Kendall Lamm

    Then if you like that, up your game to Trappist Rochefort 8 or 10
  5. Schedule prediction after OBJ trade

    We should get somewhere between 10-12 wins, so I'll say 11-5, and we take the division.
  6. K Hunt suspended 8 Games

    Good to have that clarity, especially in light of weighing trading Duke. Our offense is going to be getting a shot in the arm for the back stretch of the season!
  7. We have the remaining free agent pool, draft, and roster cuts still ahead of us. If we can emerge from those with a starting SS and LB as well as a CB that contends for Mitchell's # 2 spot and a depth o-lineman to push Corbett of sub flexibly along the line (like Corbett's role last year) I'll be ecstatic.
  8. What’s the realistic aim this year?

    Winning the division and at least one playoff win is certainly realistic. And if all the potential on paper actually comes together in real life, Super Bowl contention. I won't call that yet, though, it may take a year for all of this to gel.

    His boxing skills vs kicking nets and gatorade coolers could use some improvement.
  10. Post-OBJ Trade 2nd Round Pick Targets

    It'll be Dorsey's BPA, but factoring in needs, I'm sensing a pick in the secondary
  11. Browns sign former KC TE Demetrius Harris

    Nice depth addition. Playoffs or bust this year!

    Just as the Steelers lose their 2 superstars and their meathead QB is staring at his twilight years and the Ravens defense loses a bunch of players, Dorsey pushes his pile of chips into the middle of the table. Talk about sensing weakness in your opponents! Boss move.
  13. Browns to sign DT Sheldon Richardson

    Good move. Richardson + Olivier are a big shot in the arm for our D-line so far, and I expect it will probably continue into the draft. Our defense will be much stronger this season.
  14. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    In the immortal words of Trigger Truckstop Haslam after covering his tracks from the FBI and careful deliberations with a homeless guy on Lou Groza Blvd: "Let's go git 'im!"
  15. Some stuff bout to go down?

    Judging by all the activity last year, no way. We've only fired the shot across the bow so far.