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  1. Corey Coleman traded to the bills

    My thoughts exactly...that's the only way I can even begin to justify unloading him for so little.
  2. Wow, and he's the guy that was supposed to step up after we shipped of Coleman. Way to go, dude. Even if he didn't know about the weed (unlikely, but the piss test will tell), being out at 3am in the middle of training camp sounds like some Manziel-level prioritization.
  3. Denzel Ward signs deal, everyone is signed

    Nice to have all of that officially behind us!
  4. This would be the best case scenario...but being the cynical Browns fan that I am, I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop.
  5. TE preview

    I thought using the modifier " to mostly no avail" rather than plain old "to no avail" was giving Lerner and Haslam about all the credit they deserved. Seriously, though, I think this season should be entertaining - feels like we've turned a corner.
  6. TE preview

    Don't forget about 2002 when "they fought their guts out"
  7. TE preview

    I've been saying that to the Lerner and Haslam families for almost 20 years to mostly no avail
  8. D line preview

    Or New England
  9. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Tank

    Cavs are my first team and whoever is playing Golden State on any given night are my second team.
  10. Runningbacks

    I'd like to see an actual commitment to the running game with the horses we have at RB, so I'd like to see Vitale at FB to plow the way when we're in traditional formations
  11. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Tank

    Anyone who wouldn't clearly doesn't watch basketball.
  12. The 53, Needs, & Tough Roster Decisions Ahead

    The only experience Higgins has is not being able to get much playing time in an awful WR corps - I can't imagine him making the final 53
  13. No, not optimism in terms of having an 11 win season. Dorsey is about the only similarity between the two teams and situations. The previous KC GM focused on building up their roster, which was legitimately better than a 2-14 roster when Dorsey took over and made some additional moves. They also had a proven winner HC. Our previous GM focused on an extreme youth movement and salary cap space, and we have a HC who has one 9 games in 3 seasons at the helm. In the Sashi rebuild plan (which we are still on, even though Dorsey may have accelerated it a bit) the 2019-20 season is realistically the one we can look at for playoff contention/an 11 win season. I believe if all the breaks go our way, 8-8 is still about as optimistic as one should allow themselves to get this year. I think we're looking at 5-11 or 6-10.
  14. Former Browns TE KWII arrested

    Not really - in America you have a better chance of getting locked up forever for a couple of drug crimes than you do for a sex crime.
  15. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Tank

    Yep - insane how biased the calls have been in Golden State's favor over the first 2 games. We better get the same home-court advantage