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  1. R.I.P. Swagger šŸ˜¢

    What a good, faithful boy. RIP
  2. 42 years ago today.........

    Nice!! Ours was a 1972
  3. Browns hire Alex Van Pelt as OC

    As long as he meshes with Stefanski's offense and can get the best out of Baker, I'm good with this hire.
  4. Stefanskiā€™s staff

    I'm getting hyped about the Joe Woods hire. I hope he brings a couple quality guys with him from SF
  5. Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    I'm sure Truckstop Jimmy (and perhaps a homeless guy found sleeping in the Ashtabula Flying J Men's room) need to sign off.
  6. Browns sign FB Johnny Stanton

    Designated driver for Kareem Hunt?
  7. Andrew Berry Named GM

    Fine, we've tried everything else to get a winning team to no avail, so why not superstitious groupthink?
  8. 42 years ago today.........

    Another good memory from that era was Eric Turner roaming the defensive backfield and absolutely leveling people
  9. 42 years ago today.........

    If I wasn't as old as I am and have fond memories of us actually being a respectable, winning franchise in the Sipe and Kosar days, I'd get a lot more done during my Sundays in the fall and winter (and have a lot lower blood pressure). My hats off to the young'uns who chose this masochistic route.
  10. 42 years ago today.........

    I was 6, and remember me and my friends built an epic snow fort system (which really all we had to do was dig tunnels since it was so deep)
  11. Kareem Hunt part 2.... the video

    The officer was actually trying to be cool with him, I hope Commissioner Goebbels, erm, I mean Goddell does the same.
  12. Andrew Berry Named GM

    Congratulations to Andrew Berry: you are now on the 2 year clock
  13. The Search for a GM

    Agree. Paton was my first choice, but at this point, if Berry is the guy we need a full court press to get him in the building. It probably works against us that he's been in the building and knows how much BS Haslam spews about continuity and getting it right, only to pull his twitchy trigger finger ten minutes later
  14. UPDATE ON BOOTYGATE: Charges Dropped vs OBJ

    Those two made way too much $. Spergon Wynn - now there's a team friendly contract!
  15. The Search for a GM

    "Learning" is a very generous interpretation in this case, and throwing money at a problem is not usually the best way to fix a problem. the best way is to remove the root of the problem, but in this case Truck Stop Jimmy isn't going to remove himself.