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    Yeah, the league are more about appearances than substance with a lot of these rules. Apparently the domestic violence rule us you can do it as long as there's no videotape, and the Rooney rule is that you need to bring in a token candidate no matter what. Good intentions, but idiotic implementation. The only 2 things Haslam has been good at in his tenure here are hiring minorities and hiring John Dorsey, and to even suggest otherwise was ludicrous.
  2. Williams has done a great job, but he hasn't earned the title of 2019 HC of the Browns yet. We need to see what he and the team do these last 2 games, then talk to him and the other HC candidates about their visions/plans for the team and then hire who Dorsey likes best. If that's Gregg, I'm ok with it, and if not I'm ok with it too.
  3. Rosie Jones Thread

    How do you know he's not a super bowl coach? If you say because of his past HC record, then by that logic, the Patriots shouldn't have hired Bill Belichick, because at his previous HC gig, he was an 8-8 to 10-6 coach. You also don't know if Lincoln Riley, Dave Toub etc are super bowl coaches.
  4. Greg's 4th and 1

    I wanted to kick the field goal, but I like the aggressive mindset. We are conditioned by so many years of losing that if we didn't convert, the other team would turn around, score, and another W would slip through our fingers. That's not this team, not since Hue got ousted. It's difficult to try to watch them with that new mindset, but the past couple games, I've had a confidence in them that the me of last year would have found insane.

    Just throwing it out there - I don't really know the answer myself, but you hear all the talk about how every team looking for a HC is searching for the next bright offensive mind a la McVay. Could it be that we already have the guy in house in Kitchens? Is he worth looking at as HC (rather than the most common scenario being discussed to keep him on as OC no matter who is the HC next year)?
  6. Knocking on the door

    Another offseason with Dorsey and co making moves will get us in contention, and in 2 years we should be built to really go toe to toe with the best.
  7. Rosie Jones Thread

    This game is really a coin flip, but the Browns have a kind of energy lately that I haven't seen since the 80's, a kind of "we're the better team and we're going to prove it" mentality that I think provides the deciding edge. Brownies get out front early, silence the crowd, and bring it home to the tune of 27-20.
  8. Jarvis Landry - Revisited

    He's been a valuable presence on the field and in the locker room. Our WR room has needed that kind of high caliber veteran leadership for years, so to me he's been worth every penny.
  9. Official GDT, Week 14: Browns vs. Panthers

    That N.O. game was early in the season, I'm more worried about how we've defended RBs lately.
  10. Official GDT, Week 14: Browns vs. Panthers

    I'm worried about our defense containing McCaffery and Newton out of the backfield, but think it will be a competitive game.
  11. Would You Trade Pick 15 + For OBJ?

    Yes, WR is a need, but with the needs we still have on Defense, and this FO's skill at drafting, I'd rather grab a few players with those picks rather than one guy who is a superstar but who I question whether his attitude/personality would be a good fit in our locker room.

    I'm on the "hoping McDaniels doesn't get an interview" wagon as well. The only things he's done so far as a head coach is wreck the Broncos with his ego and quit after 20 minutes on the job in Indy. No thanks. I'd like to look at Riley, McCarthy and Arians.
  13. Your Weekly 5 up, 5 Down thread

    Up: 1. Mayfield - Battled through adversity and never gave up. He's the right leader for our team. 2. Callaway - I've been kind of critical of him, but he's developing as a raw rookie and could turn into a real player for us next year. 3. The downfield passing game - We've been doing lots of quick release stuff the past few weeks, but showed we can get vertical. 4. Pass rush - we harassed the QB a decent amount 5. The bulge in Dorsey's pants when McCarthy was fired. I'm not saying it's a good or bad thing, but that tent was definitely going up. Down: 1. Run D - so many guys pushed off the ball or out of position I thought these were the expansion Browns for a second 2. William's chances as HC - if your calling card is defense and we play like that...no. 3. Mistakes/penalties - I almost expected to see Hue Jackson on the sidelines 4. Playoff Hopes - not that we had any to begin with, but now can the fantasy land optimists put a cork in it? 5. Jimmy Hallam - just because
  14. Good game guys, you have a tough, talented team, and a classy fan base. Good luck the rest of the way.