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  1. No, not optimism in terms of having an 11 win season. Dorsey is about the only similarity between the two teams and situations. The previous KC GM focused on building up their roster, which was legitimately better than a 2-14 roster when Dorsey took over and made some additional moves. They also had a proven winner HC. Our previous GM focused on an extreme youth movement and salary cap space, and we have a HC who has one 9 games in 3 seasons at the helm. In the Sashi rebuild plan (which we are still on, even though Dorsey may have accelerated it a bit) the 2019-20 season is realistically the one we can look at for playoff contention/an 11 win season. I believe if all the breaks go our way, 8-8 is still about as optimistic as one should allow themselves to get this year. I think we're looking at 5-11 or 6-10.
  2. Former Browns TE KWII arrested

    Not really - in America you have a better chance of getting locked up forever for a couple of drug crimes than you do for a sex crime.
  3. Cavaliers Thread: Apocalypse Preppers Edition

    Yep - insane how biased the calls have been in Golden State's favor over the first 2 games. We better get the same home-court advantage
  4. Baker Mayfield; No.1 Overall pick 2018.

    I still give the edge to Jack Del Rio's "keep chopping wood" gimmick that ended up with the punter planting an axe in his leg
  5. Cavaliers Thread: Apocalypse Preppers Edition

    If that's how we defend the 3 point line against Boston, I almost don't want to see us advance and get absolutely embarrassed by Golden State.
  6. Cavaliers Thread: Apocalypse Preppers Edition

    He gets high on one thing in life: basketball
  7. He'll probably cross paths with Hue at some point several hundred yards off the coast when Hue jumps in the lake
  8. Cavaliers Thread: Apocalypse Preppers Edition

    That's not on James - we'd be right back in the Finals if Kyrie didn't pull his diva act this offseason (and stayed healthy)
  9. Cavaliers Thread: Apocalypse Preppers Edition

    Yes! And for beating the best team of this era to get that title. Cleveland spots fans needed that more than anything.

    If he set up a dunking booth over the lake, opened it to the public, and manned it for even 1/2 hour, he'd raise more money than Bill Gates for charity

    Wow, what a bold move jumping in the lake June 1st...or what most people call "going swimming"
  12. Why are you here? (10,000th post)

    I'm here because misery loves company - constantly thinking about the Browns is a sickness in me that many people here share. I think I found this place when I was looking for mock drafts, and over the years there have always been quite a few knowledgable, cool, entertaining people, whether I agree with their opinions or not.
  13. Where you stood on April 26, 2018

    I had Mayfield and Darnold as almost a toss up but leaned slightly to Darnold. My preference at 4 was to slide down just a couple spots and grab a Ward or Minkah, or take Chubb at 4. Seems like there was no action to move down slightly and they really wanted Ward, so I'm fine with what we did on both fronts.
  14. Are the playoffs really out of the question?

    Tyrod took that Bills team last year to the playoffs, so it's marginally possible, but I think 6 or 7 wins is our ceiling this year, given our schedule. I predict 5 wins, with a better shot at contention the following season. The biggest indictment of the Hue/Sashi era is that we were all miserable in the 4-5 average win purgatory we were stuck in between 2001-2015, but after these last couple seasons, 5 wins actually doesn't sound that bad!
  15. Where you stood on April 26, 2018

    Knowing what we know now, yes. JT didn't do us any good during our 1-31 run over the last couple years (through no fault of his own), and as much as I would have hated to see him go it would have been nice for him to win a few games for his sake at the end of his career, and you never know, we could have gotten a decent player out of that pick.