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  1. So many good memories of watching Marty's teams in the 80s. RIP, coach.
  2. Well all right! I hope Roofiesburger plays a couple more years.
  3. Yep. As much as LB needs attention and the secondary needs depth, I think we need to keep pouring resources into the D-line. A front 4 who can consistently pressure and get to the QB without having to blitz much (like the G-men when they went on their run) would be ideal.
  4. I admire his greatness too, just sick of seeing him win championships. It was like seeing Dallas in the SB year after year in the early 90s. If it's not the Brownies, I'd rather see fresh blood in there.
  5. I'm so torn. On the one hand, I want KC to lose...not that I have anything against them, they're a fun team and I like Reid and Mahomes, but they beat us so f them. On the other hand, I;d rather gouge my eyes out with a grapefruit spoon than watch Brady (or Belichick for that matter) win another SB. This is going to be like watching Baltimore play Pittsburgh.
  6. Good hire for the Lions as long as the office politics are kept in check
  7. UP: 1. Coaching Staff and Front office are in place to build a stable, winning organization 2. 11-5, plus a playoff win = excitement! 3. Baker's development into a franchise QB 4. Offensive line rounding into an elite unit 5. Beating Pittsburgh twice and knocking them out of the playoffs DOWN: 1. 3rd/4th down defense 2. Injuries (particularly in the secondary) 3. Losing the Jets game due to Covid 4. Having a shot to knock off the SB champs in the playoffs, but coming up short 5. We've gotta wait many more months for Browns Football!
  8. Bottom line is it was a team loss, but to me more blame falls on the D. If you can't get a stop with the game on the line on 3rd and 14 (or whatever it was), and the backup QB in...time for some soul searching. It's not surprising, however, given how they played all year long (especially on critical downs). This was not a 1 year rebuilding project. We've got the offense up to par, it's the D's turn this off-season.
  9. And our HC, and our GM. Needle is pointing up.
  10. Take BPA and pray that BPA is a defensive guy with speed
  11. No Brownies, it's not all good! Whatever you do, don't sit on the couch next to the Stillers. Their QB has roofies and he aint afraid to use them!!
  12. My gut tells me Njoku has too many drops to pay him much more than as a depth option, but then again Hooper seemed to have some big drops as well this year.
  13. With this team this season, it's not "OL Woes", it's "OL Woahs"
  14. I have only 2 words for the Baker haters
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