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  1. The 53: Player, Roster, & Acquisitions Talk

    Yeah, he's been hot garbage. I hope he eventually builds a good career, but expecting him to step in to a starter role from the get go when he's obviously incredibly raw was a big mistake.
  2. Week 6 GDT: Browns vs. Team Formerly Known as San Diego

    Mayfield has let the team to comebacks from deficits before - the difference is that at those times there was fight in the dogs, this time there simply wasn't. If we let a bad call by refs deflate us of all fight, we're not going to win another game this season.
  3. Week 6 GDT: Browns vs. Team Formerly Known as San Diego

    I won't argue we've gotten screwed badly by the refs in almost every game, but take that touchdown off the board and we still got absolutely destroyed. Unlike the Oakland game, that call hardly made a difference in the end.
  4. Haslam and Co. might save the Crew

    I hope Columbus soccer fans enjoy changing Front office execs and coaches every year.
  5. Week 6 GDT: Browns vs. Team Formerly Known as San Diego

    Great - he'll fit right in with our current pass catching corps!!
  6. Todd Haley, very disappointing so far.

    We have a rookie QB, Green OTs, and a paper-thin WR corps. Haley is fine - he's made some great calls, some good ones, some questionable ones, and some bad ones, just like ever other competent OC in the league. If we add some more pieces next year, his offense will look better (if we don't clean house on the coaches).
  7. Week 6 GDT: Browns vs. Team Formerly Known as San Diego

    Agree - I've always looked at this season as the one to establish our footing, but next season after another draft and round of FA as the one to take the big step forward towards contention. Adding to the WR, D-Line, and OT positions will be key. We're going to have more games like the Chargers one this season, and will also have some more close losses and a few more close wins. I don't think we'll have any blowout wins, but this is a freshly rebuilt roster coming of a 1-31 streak, and you can't do it all in one year.
  8. Denzel Ward

    He's talking about a traitor who traded teams, so technically a traitor trader.
  9. Higgins Injury

    So relieved it's only a sprain, but I still hope we sign Matthews.
  10. Week 5 GDT: Browns vs. Get Your Own Team

    Come back soon, and bring us another win!!
  11. Will Hue Jackson be our coach in 2019?

    Coming off a "tear down to the studs", 1-31, starting a rookie QB, and a tough schedule I think 8-9 wins, while possible, would be unrealistic and 6 more reasonable. 9 wins + contention should be realistic next year for sure.
  12. Week 5 GDT: Browns vs. Get Your Own Team

    Agreed, it's straight up uncivil and not cool. I've gotten bad service at restaurants, but I'm not going to hound the server in front of their family for it. People are losing the distinction between being a-holes on the internet/TV and being decent, respectful people capable of civil discourse in real life. Partly thanks to talking heads on 24 hour sports and news shows being straight up opinionated blowhards all the time, I think. We should be better than this, frustration with our team or no.
  13. Will Hue Jackson be our coach in 2019?

    I think Hue needs 6 wins to save his job this season. I'm not a big fan of his (but not the biggest hater either), so I'm ok with him winning 6 and getting another year (mainly because I like Haley and Williams) or with it not happening and us re-setting with Dorsey guys. Either way, Amos Jones needs to jump in the lake with a manhole cover chained to his ankles.
  14. Dorsey a genius????

    That seems like a pretty good comparison (thus far) as a receiver, but not as a return man. Of course, god knows how much of that is due to our pathetic blocking schemes.
  15. ST coordinator sucks; Amos Jones.

    He has been a pretty good bowler, though...if you consider your own blockers bowling pins he's pushing a 250 average.