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  1. Could be more than 2. Possibly doubled from 2 to 4. Bolded still applies.
  2. Actually....based on untouch's question.....These players should take up Mwil's offer to boost their powers. You'll essentially have to out your role and be under the microscope but I think there are enough civ powers out there to handle the claims.
  3. Fear? Good roles would be outed and targeted. Without looking at the roles list again Jordan and the roles that were 100% ???? are probably the only ones who could safely claim that but it would garner some heat.
  4. With your claim to remain ambiguous I figured asking more direct questions about the issue wouldn't be answered.
  5. In general your statements are correct. the 7:59/8pm post limits the "movement" that you're attempting to generate though and is a very targeted move with limited or unlikely response. Aka it was a low percentage play and not a tell either way right now.
  6. This post confuses me as I don't understand why a town aligned person would openly ask for a lynch as that would generally be detrimental to the town. I'm gonna let it simmer for a bit.
  7. Maybe the Gif was misrepresented.... I didn't really have a response if that was indeed your theory. Its not as if mafia would protect an "other" so it's not really a scum tell despite the fact that the town move in general is to not have ties.
  8. I hate to say it....Day 1 went fine for town sans the "we didn't get mafia" part. No "specials" were lost and I'm not sure what this "shot" power is but it doesn't seem like major powers were lost.
  9. I'm going back to read through this forge stuff to make sure I don't miss anything
  10. if you hover over the "16 hours" it gives you a timestamp but that only does minutes, not seconds. Both posts happened at 8:00pm.
  11. eh....your vote change actually hit at 8pm that would be a very desperate/rookie mafia move to try and counter that.
  12. I actually have a really bad feeling/Theory that Orca is mafia. The problem is that if I'm right, and there's no moves to counteract what has been done, mafia now has a player that can survive two lynches/hits.....Which means the game might already be over so I have to work under the assumption that Orca is civ.
  13. Funny that we got to the same result a completely different way. Untouch didn't force the 3 way tie, Orca did who has since successfully claimed Michael Jordan (not a civ claim btw) but he didn't break it either.
  14. yea that doesn't fly when you're attempting to drop the vote a 7:59. untouch