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  1. Home Improvement/Remodel Thread

    Sounds interesting. Lets hear it
  2. Home Improvement/Remodel Thread

    Thanks. I did it with the upper and lower because I was able to create storage below for all my liquor bottles and a service bar level for creating drinks. (I also avoided an obscenely large bar top) Believe me my OCD was killing me in this project. The one thing I did on the lower service bar top along the edge you can see the uneven edges of the wood. I have since covered that with a piece of goalie stick to give it a decent finished look. What other "gaps" were you referring to?
  3. ,000 2018 has been a good year.
  4. Yea but you got multiple draft picks for what was essentially a Free Agent. Price of doing business my man.
  5. I was just thinking that too. Is Nelson Agholor the Brandon Graham of the offense? I hope so. B-Rex' issues were an ACL tear combined with switching scheme under Chip. He lead the league in hurries in 2016 and finally translated some of those hurries to sacks this past year.
  6. C'mon now.....WRs taking the next step in year 3 is a real thing.
  7. EF Fantasy Baseball (Year 11)

    @Eagles27 Please keep Schoop over Miggy por favor. Thanks. I'm good for the new draft time.
  8. Yea I'm not concerned. With Kendricks still on the team, Bennett a $7mil savings if cut, Kelce with 0 guaranteed money left, Peters saving 8 mil if cut. There's a ton of money out there not including the cap going up and any rollover we have this season. I know this is going to sound cliché but I do think this draft is going to be very important in shaping the team moving forward.
  9. ....and I realized I just proposed exactly what PR proposed in the next post.
  10. In Taylor and PR's defense slightly.... I do feel like the owners meeting was more voting than discussing. Most of the time a majority was reached before anyone had the ability to bring up any information or have an intelligent discussion (point in case, the yearly cap raise was already passed before Pheltz was able to bring up his issues with it). I think that if the Owners meeting had the same date each year similar to the FA dates and the draft date and all the items to be discussed and voted on were posted a week prior it would give everyone ample time to review and discuss each point before voting actually happened.
  11. Whens this start BTW?
  12. Eagles TCMD War Room- Draft Complete!

    @nlesthought I used to think that way, then I got old. I'm not going to knitpick backup QBs and OL for a guy who put hours in by himself making all these moves and picking the players. Maybe A+ was blowing smoke up his donkey but I really don't see anything in the mock that was that offputting and he returned a Superbowl winning roster.
  13. Don't get me wrong, I understand what my trade was. I'm just pointing out inconsistencies with trade approvals.