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  1. ::Philadelphia Flyers Thread:: Carter Hart <3

    Lines last night: G - Frost - TK Lindblom - Coots - Farabee JvR - Hayes - Voracek Andreoff - Raffl - Pitlick Love to see the kids getting top 6 time. Hate to see the cost of the third line and Raffl in the center again. Laughton will be a big help to that line.
  2. ::Philadelphia Flyers Thread:: Carter Hart <3

    Missed the game last night but caught the Frost highlight. Pretty goal. I'm not surprised that the Frost line did well (with G and TK) I am surprised that Frost is on the top line though.
  3. Pre-warning to everyone.....I'm playing this one hot and fast because I'm not playing through thanksgiving weekend.
  4. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Nah, Maclin's got that by a mile. Avant might have some bulk stats but he was largely a 3/4 WR for his career. Remember the ol' DeSean/Maclin vs Fitz/Bolden threads? Those were the days.
  5. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    How about starting with NFL WRs coach first...but I like where your head's at.
  6. Howie SZN

    I can agree with this. It's partially a frustration post but playing through injuries is more a depth (aka howie) issue than a coaching (aka doug) issue IMO. That said I don't think Doug and the coaching staff are 100% blameless either. I get the money saving/long term play but those never feel great during short term struggles.
  7. Howie SZN

    $28 million in cap space.
  8. The Original Pokemon Mafia - Day 6

    Remaining Players.
  9. The Original Pokemon Mafia - Day 6

    With 5 remaining. 3 Votes is the Hammer.
  10. The Original Pokemon Mafia - Day 6

    Slappy has been penalized for posting during nighttime.
  11. The Original Pokemon Mafia - Day 6

    Good Evening Again Trainers!! You guys are moving fast…..almost too fast. After last night’s success kicking team rocket to the curb you decided that Gopher was the next one to go. You circled around the helpless little pigeon and kicked the feathers off of him. Gopher’s pokemon was Pidgey. A Wild Pokemon. Team Rocket had a bad night earlier today, but they wouldn’t make the same mistakes twice in one day. They threw their pokeballs at Naz. He struggled but after unleashing his devastating thunderbolt he could not escape Team Rocket. Naz was Pikachu. A Wild Pokemon. Next the mafia unleashed fury with a couple stolen thunderbolts of their own!! Pickle and Nacho were the targets of the mafia who rained lightning from the sky. Luckily Misty stepped in, saving Pickle from their wrath. Nacho was not so lucky, a million volts of energy ran through him and he fainted. Nacho’s pokemon was Tangela. A Wild Pokemon. In unfortunate news, it appears Professor Oak was unable to contribute any longer to the wild pokemon cause. He has been forcibly retired for not voting to eliminate Team Rocket in two day phases. BCB was Professor Oak. Wild Pokemon Aligned. Day 6 begins now.
  12. The Original Pokemon Mafia - Day 6

    Official VC Gopher - 5 - Slappy, Counselor, Pickle, Forge, Nacho Naz – 1 – Naz No Vote: Rags, Gopher DTD: BCB Write-up coming soon. Continue not talking.
  13. The Original Pokemon Mafia - Day 6

    No talking from here on.
  14. The Original Pokemon Mafia - Day 6

    Hate to do this guys but you're about to have a long night phase. Gopher will be the lynch. You have the rest of the night to put your moves in. Writeup will be up in the AM.