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  1. Nobody disrespected you. The dude was trying to hype Deebo Samuel as a RB as a joke and for some reason you took it seriously and made it your personal vendetta to prove that Samuel wasn't a good RB. This confuses me because Lukic has a roster that includes Gordon, Mixon, Johnson, and Singletary as his RB depth. Yes, you were technically correct (which is the best kind of correct) about his rushing yards stat line but Lukic and Pheltz were talking about not just traditional running but YAC and swing passes in which Samuel looked very good yesterday and you needed to reply with a couple of muted F bombs and yelling about fitting a narrative.
  2. You should ask them how they feel about Russell Wilson πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Hi guys, been a bit
  3. @theuntouchable is an all of nothing sort of guy, i'd wager he declines your dedication.
  4. It was an educated guess that a bounty hunter would have a kill at some point in the game and up to that point we didn't have any Boba flavored kills.
  5. I felt like the most effective special that literally did nothing this game. N2: Redirect Counselor (Obi-Wan) to Glen (Greedo) N3: Redirect Matts/KSJ 2.0 (Mas Amedda) to Counselor (Obi-Wan) N4: Redirect Orca (Boba) to Tk3 (Chewy) - Was "Jedi'd" away
  6. Also @TheKillerNacho why Mas Amedda? He wasn't really in the original trilogy.
  7. "5 of 6"...Motti wasn't in the game so really 5 of 5 πŸ˜‚
  8. Great game @TheKillerNacho. Good thing there's enough Star Wars content for like 4 more of these things
  9. I thought there was was something incriminating on KSJ 2.0, formerly known as Matts?
  10. Counselor was β€œaround” for the N1 killings and I was redirected away from him N2. He would be #3 on my list after TK3 and Orca
  11. Mwil can you repost that chart you and blue made of the remaining players and their probable alignments
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