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  1. Also this probably needs to be said, if we have an angel or bodyguard I would highly recommend protecting amac
  2. Got to page 25 on malf posts. I'll switch to no vote for now since xmad was civ.
  3. potential noteworthy similarities in these posts come on! Malf responded to it. there might be something there. untouch and xmad get a -1
  4. potential noteworthy similarities in these posts Squire points out an passing connection that untouch and xmad have with malf, could be something could be nothing.
  5. Couple of immediate responses to this theory
  6. Survivor III: Winners Versus Losers

    Uh huh...i still got tagged
  7. I posted like twice yesterday before I left work, I was hoping to come back today and be able to get some reads and vote but it looks like I missed that opportunity.
  8. Can we not threaten modkills I think it's more stupid than threatening to quit the BDL...and that's saying something.
  9. Time to go back and read into malfs post to see if he said anything good. Only thing I remember is him wanting to lynch ns922 who's claimed Jesus.
  10. ....guess I missed day 1. Who does afternoon nighttimes!?