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  1. I'll play if @theuntouchable plays. Note: probably won't be very active on the weekend if this has a quick start up.
  2. WR3 Help Jakobi Meyers v Miami Darnell Mooney @LAR Marquez Valdez-Scantling @NO Russell Gage v Phi Not sure if this is a factor at all but my opponent just had Cooper last night so i'm likely looking for highest ceiling.
  3. And he did it as a rookie lol. Didn't even with the Calder either. Some guy named Teemu won it. The man peaked as a rookie lmao. Guess that's what happens when you're on a line with two Hall of Famers in Adam Oates and Cam Neely.
  4. Chandler Jones was traded in March, before the draft and before FA, not in August right before the season.
  5. Someone gets it. If we were a non-competitive team in a rebuild I could see moving important roster players for picks but just a couple weeks away from the season I don't see how this team is better in 2021 trading away Barnett.
  6. Man....the only great thing i've heard from camp on him is that he's dropping dimes deep and you're out here complaining about his arm strength....
  7. With KJ Wright still available why trade for a LB?
  8. Not Arizona proof though...in fact quite Arizona friendly in 5 years
  9. Is he catching that over Jalen Hurts?
  10. I'm not saying solid swing tackle is his ceiling. I'm saying that if he gets beat out by Mailiata, which looks to be the case, that will be his position. His growth with Stout and no pressure of being the starter will determine where he ends up in a couple years when his contract ends.
  11. So, its not helping us and doesn't deserve any praise. His voidable years and bad contracts got us into this cap predicament. I'm with JRoc on this one. We only had cap issues because of Covid stopping the cap from going up and us trading a $33+mil dead money contract. The money he pushed out in to future years just gives us flexibility, If we don't use the money we can roll the money into next years cap.
  12. I'l preface this post with saying I know i'm responding to Jeezla but... Its amazing how quickly you guys forget Brandon Graham's start to his career. Dude was a "bust" due to injuries and being "soft". He was an expendable guy when his entry level deal was completed then Howie extended him and he grew into his current role. Authors note: Yes, the 4-3/3-4 switch played a role, and DE is a much easier position to get snaps to "grow" than LT but my point is that Dillard can still learn and grow with Stouland to become a serviceable swing tackle and maybe eventual starter just li
  13. 10000%. The first Superbowl in my lifetime and since 1960 is worth the likely few years of disarray that we may have from transitioning him.
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