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  1. Been a bit. PFN Mock: 7) Ja'Marr Chase, WR, LSU 37) Asante Samuel Jr., CB, FSU 72) Jevon Holland, S, Oregon 73) Jabril Cox, LB, LSU 118) Kyle Trask, QB, Florida Have two extra 5ths and an extra 2022 6th as well as I only went 4 rounds. #QBfactory
  2. You're correct but as mentioned above the coaching staff or the systems from those schools could play a small role.
  3. Eh. Its obviously not the end all be all but certain conferences and certain schools are known for things good or bad like Miami TEs, FSU DBs, Penn State LBs, LSU WRs, USC WRs, ND QBs. As long as its not the ONLY thing you're judging a player on I don't see the harm in pointing out their history of production at those positions.
  4. dylan moses at 39 is probably leaning towards a reach Oh I doubt any of this happens. Moses is a reach and Samuel Jr in the third is a reach as well. Just made me excited about losing out and getting a top 10 pick though.
  5. Welp....I did a PFN Mock draft and it gave me a hard enough chubb to want to come here and share. 1 (7) - JaMarr Chase, WR, LSU 2 (39) - Dylan Moses, LB, Alabama 3 (71) - Asante Samuel Jr., CB, FSU For the sake of my health I only ran a three round mock but after 4 hours I did have to seek medical attention.
  6. I get that, doesn't mean they weren't both trying to cause chaos. I think the end result is that Counselor is the Trex with the survive-a-hit ability, Nedry is the JOAT of the mafia which gives them 4. An 11-4-1 ratio makes sense. TKN is my only outlier but he's a distant third currently.
  7. We're basing all of our assumptions that Humans and Dinos can't be in the same group, why couldn't Nedry be in Chaos and the Lawyer for the park (Gennaro) be the only Indy?
  8. So...I have an issue with TKN not only breaking his rawr campaign on D4 but breaking it to roleclaim a role that already exists. That aside I would like to share a small excerpt from jurassicpark.fandom.com wiki regarding the Parasaurolophus: Isla Nublar Incident (1993) (aka the site and date of the first Jurassic Park Movie) "The endorsement team saw a heard of Parasaurolophus at the watering hole of the Brachiosaurus enclosure once they arrived on Isla Nublar. When Dennis Nedry disabled Jurassic Park's security systems, the Parasaurolophus in the Brachiosaurus Enclosure were able t
  9. Its funny as soon as I read the post about needing a bomb claim I knew I was about to give you the biggest disappointment ever 🤣
  10. Yea, I'm aware of that. Unfortunately while it fits the narrative I didn't have a move N3 so all of the jails/trackers/watches wouldn't have mattered.
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