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  1. So as someone who has seen all of the Saw movies and has hosted a couple Saw themed mafias this is par for the course. Jigsaw's character is a guy who had terminal cancer and made it his mission to make people "appreciate life" the way that he did as someone who was given a death sentence. In the movies he takes people (who are all in someway connected even though they generally don't know it) and put them in traps or puzzles that they could get out of by either cutting off limbs or pulling out their own eyeball or other gruesome things.
  2. So lets break down the N1 events since the storylines are very relevant so far. There was an attempted hit on Mookie N1. The description of the attacker is a "not quiet" "gruesome" man with a "world famous face". He was saved by a "group of people" that are ready to go out for the night. My thoughts: It appears a civ/evil aligned player attempted to hit Mookie. Someone earlier guessed Freddie, Michael Myers, or Jason Voorhees, all of which could work. There were no descriptors for Mookie's character so we can't determine good or bad. I'm not sure how to interpret the group of people as they're not distinct character traits that would indicate a specific player blocking a hit. There was an attempted hit on Bucs N1. The description of his attacker is a "smoking hot chick" who "resembles a video game character" and stabs him with a sword pulled from behind her. He is lying on his doorstep "trying to solve the puzzle" and he was "targeted". He was saved by a man "hobbling down the street". My Thoughts: Obviously hindsight helps a lot with this one as we know Bucs was Jigsaw and the "puzzled" terminology gives us that hint to his character. The two other people did have descriptors. I tried to do some research into female video game characters with swords. Some guesses include Katsumi from the "Dead or Alive" series which was also turned into a movie but that was more of a comedy than a horror. Another could be Rayne from the movie/viedo game BloodRayne who is a vampire type character that fights Nazis and uses twin blades as a weapon. I stopped researching because I realized the character didn't much matter but rather the overwhelming idea is that a female character with a blade were overwhelmingly not "evil aligned" so this was a mafia hit. I didn't think to hard on the "hobbled man" because that description could fit any plethora of people but the mafia hit bucs and someone saved him somehow. My Thoughts: The only descriptor is that he was pulled into a TV. This could reference The ring where the little girl comes out of a TV (would be evil aligned IMO) I also read up about a movie called "Stay Tuned" with John Ritter but that was a comedy and doesn't exactly work here. In the end I could not figure an alignment for this one. My thoughts: The Italicized font at the bottom definitely reads like Jigsaw describing his reasoning of why he chose them and put them into a puzzle. He also blatantly called Touch a murder which is why I haven't voted for him at this point. The descriptors for Untouch's role are "diminutive stature" that "usually has a knife with him" I'm unfamiliar with the Cats Eye movie someone posted earlier but the troll character could fit. Either way the "murderer" descriptor puts Untouch on the civ/evil aligned side for me.
  3. definitely clicked on the wrong part of that link. My bad, keep up the good hosting work!
  4. cwoods activity has been sparse to begin with. That said I don't 100% believe that the person who pointed out a possible conversion is definitely part of it because Bucs interacted with his post.
  5. I didn't' say it was sketchy, I said I was concerned how we got the information that said in hindsight we shouldn't still be ddebating over how a (now fully) claimed person delivered information that lead to an anti-town lynch.
  6. It was when he said he had never played mafia before and I said I didn't believe it because he came from a different forum with Bcb, ragnorak, and OleXmad
  8. Saving for later. Its officially later......why is Whicker mafia @EliteTexan80?
  9. Thats why I was so blown away at the N1 moves, its not often you see someone get saved after a hit but to see it twice in one write-up was crazy. That said Its VERY hard to interpret some of these events without defined roles.
  10. I considered this as well.... I thought that but the video game female is definitely a character. The reason I think this is because he said that Bucs was "puzzled". I'm also curious if the hobbled man is a separate character who saved him and the female character was a hit or if that scene was describing Bucs getting converted.
  11. Reading into it is sounds like he was converted but i'm unsure of the whole video game female with a sword that would cause a conversion.
  12. "im paranoid"....seems meh to me.
  13. For the record dome never lied, he attempted to give info/soft claim and you were writing paragraphs on why he was wrong and shouldn't be followed lol
  14. @bcb1213 can I request that you add the either the links to the lynches/nightly evens or the page numbers or something? Looking back to fine events when there's not a definitive schedule is super cumbersome.