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  1. oh @TedLavie don't be salty. Everyone knows its 3 strikes and you're out. (apparently my comments hit a nerve with you)
  2. BDL Discussion Thread 2018

    Same. It was a tough one for me but I'll adjust for the playoffs!
  3. BDL Discussion Thread 2018

    Sent mine in on Tuesday to make sure I didn't miss it! Thanks for the tag though.
  4. USMC's "Dirty Dozen" Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    I accept and embrace these accusations...come take my players!!
  5. I read the whole thing, sorry to only highlights the titles. 1) Peters "addressed" I generally don't read the comments outside of injuries because I don't think other people's should impact my review but the below hardly seems to "address" the fact that you wrote 569 words about two players that didn't make his line-up and 413 for the rest of your offensive gameplan. 2) How dingo covered for 2TE sets: Sounds pretty covered to me? Jones on Kelce, Jack/David on Everett (who isn't much of a threat to begin with) 3) Sell out vs the pass Maybe I could have explained my thoughts better here but as I was giving the quick hitting comments I didn't. Your defensive gameplan largely ignored David Johnson and dismissed what he can do on the football field based on what Arizona has done this season. In Dingo's gameplan he gave him 25-30+ touches, that's a pretty heavy involvement if you ask me and with a goal of attaching your edges which could be susceptible to the run, especially at that volume. TL;DR - I may have only highlighted the titles but I did read the content. It was a VERY close match-up thus the reason why I read it once, digested it, and came back to the match-up before voting and posting. At the end of the day I liked Dingo's write-up better than what you had to offer, I could have gone a lazier route and said "Dingo's steal this one at home" but that wouldn't help you either.
  6. Three strikes you're out....right? It was close for my but I think the Seoul missed a little too much in their gameplan to take the win.
  7. I just voted for Nick Mullens in a defensive battle.....ew. I think Kareem Hunt and James Conner give the ball control edge to Sing.
  8. I thought OKC was going to take this one outright but IC had a great gameplan and the added homefield edge lets them steal this one.
  9. This one looks like the makings of a shootout. I'll take Rome in a close one at home.
  10. With Wichita starting 3 WRs, I think the edge goes Wichita.
  11. Gotham here, I don't think Portland can accomplish it's main goal of winning in the trenches with two injuries and no extra help. Mahomes can't do it all without a line and a running game.
  12. He broke it in last week's game though, bye or not he's still injured despite the new week.
  13. My lineup list them both as a tackle....just stop. For the future....the guy listed first at a position goes in first according to BDL unwritten rules. I learned this the hard way in previous year match-ups.