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  1. BB will probably be a 2nd round pick, similarly regarded to Werner. Maybe a bit more inconsistent now but with great physical upside and prototype size. Not sure he belongs in this thread.
  2. Nick Niemann: solid 4th or 5th Rd sleeper option? Led the Hawkeyes in tackles and probably the most productive P5 lber tha doesn't get talked up. 6'3, 234lb, 1.48 10 yard split is crazy along with a 6.67 3 cone. Elite short area quickness guy. Maybe needs to add some strength but has a chance at a 3 down role.
  3. Ran a 4.58 40 with a 39.5 vert. I predicted 4.55 to 4.65. Also >33" arms at almost 6'3, 240. Werner is a freak athlete, just behind Baron Browning who is unanimously known to be one of the biggest freaks this year. Werner should be a top 50 pick and doesnt qualify for this thread.
  4. Ozzy your point is contradictory: - Brown was unfairly dropped due to testing; then - Leather wood should be upgraded due to testing. Its one or the other. Yeah Orlando had a better resume but if I were paid to make a call on this no way I'm touching such a poor athlete before r4. Are there outliers? Yes but they're not the rule. I think if someone tests well you look back and maybe factor more upside or squash any perception of lack athleticism but it probably shouldn't make an average looking player a 1st rounder unless you're sure it can be coached or wasn't used properl
  5. Won't be in the first 5 OL drafted. Plenty of true tackles with better measurable. There's talk of Slater not being long enough, he's one of those guys on the cusp but he is longer than AVT and no way he gets drafted after him. Arm length is a bit overblown but he legit looks like he has sub 32 arms in images
  6. Is AVT a guard at next level 32" arms, even guys around 33 been slotted there
  7. Looks about 240 if hes 6'2-6'3 based on similar body type to me (long arms, longish legs).
  8. Spencer Brown - Kolton Miller
  9. So many athletic tackles this year, probably drop harder than most years.
  10. 6'2-6'3, 240+ is one of the bigger lbs and covers wrs dont really think any of these apply to a 2nd round pick with pretty good traits
  11. Spencer Brown a bit like Kolton Miller? Pretty good after coming back from injury for the Raiders
  12. You're really missing the point. There was a lack of awareness around the high end athleticism. The hype is due to the fact he finally filled his frame, exceeds 50% of snaps and breaks out. Prev year only played about 1/3 of snaps due to a very good veteran and a guy that 2 first round picks were spent on were in front of him. The organisation had a vested interest in not making the latter guy look like a bust
  13. Hendrickson has a bit more upside. Lawson was more maxed out despite being younger. Both players put together some high qual sacks, but it's also down to the D Scheme. Hendrickson has some elite traits like his initial getoff: Height Weight Arm length Hand size 40-yard dash 10 yard split 20 yard split 20-yard shuttle Three-cone drill Vertical jump Broad jump Bench press Est Sparq 6 ft 1 3⁄4 in 261 lb 31 1⁄2 i
  14. Also even the bench was a concern for me. He can only do a couple more reps than me and I have like a 78” wingspan at <6ft and <200lb. I know the carryover to power is minimal but that’s concerning for a big power dude
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