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  1. Seahawks sue Malik McDowell

    Their own fault for drafting a guy with known issues. High character is underrated.
  2. 2019 Draft - Edge Rushers

    Not sure about Sutton as it takes into account weight. Bosa had a 3 cone around 6.8 at 270lbs which is insane, similarly his short shuttle was also elite. Those quicks and agility plus his hand use make him elite. players have to be really explosive for explosion to rate them. Waldo formula also loved miles Garrett who is a sparq freak, so those guys do show up but only the real freaks.
  3. 2019 Draft - Edge Rushers

    Waldo formula really emphasises agility. Doesn’t like stiff athletes so someone like Jaylon Ferguson would be at the bottom of the pile according to it. it showed Joey Bosa to have off the charts agility and rated him as one of the lowest risk prospects. I remember sackseer wasn’t super high on him but run the Waldo numbers and he’s off the charts.
  4. Giants sign RT Mike Remmers

    They’ve actually got a good line now. For a few years they featured a few overdrafted guys that just weren’t good
  5. Draft Comparisons

    Ben Banogu - rich mans Samson Ebukam
  6. Jalen Hurts will make it to the NFL. But not as a QB

    Taysom Hull is different, he’s like 6’2 230, looks like a lb with a 4.4 40. Too tall/high cut to be a #1 rb but more athletic than 95% of pure rbs
  7. Biggest head scratching picks

    THanks for the summary, that sounds more positive but I’m still not sold on taking a poor mans Kyle van noy in the 2nd
  8. Biggest head scratching picks

    Which picks did you find to be the biggest head scratchers? For me it was Jahlani Tavai as the 3rd LB off the board. I might’ve missed something but there should’ve been at least 10 guys after him I would’ve picked before him as a no brainer. 6’2, 246lbs and didn’t run a 3cone. 4.86 40 was glacial compared to the others in the class. Just over 9’ broad, a below avg athlete. not hating the guy but that profiles more like a 5th 6th rounder if drafted in the modern game
  9. Non-Rush Linebacker Statistical Projections

    Curious why Barton is so low? Tested a lot better than some of the guys above him. I like a combination of RAS and sparq when considering athleticism and generally look at: -quickness -speed -explosion; and -bench is just a checkbox doesn’t matter as much above a certain point. More guys that I’ve done more than might draw flags
  10. Best remaining prospects heading in to day 3

    Anthony Nelson has to be bpa
  11. Who do you want/not want your team to draft?

    The Gary hate is excessive. He’s not a first rounder but after that he’s probably alright

    BBK is the same size as Shaq Thompson but a bit faster/quicker. 6’ 230 is fine at LB for many schemes. The size concern is overblown particularly as he’s also the same size as Devin Bush. if he’s there late rd3 I think it’s value for a guy who’s likely a solid starter
  13. Underrated: Anthony nelson great length, agility, explosion and production. Played a disciplined scheme probably a top 40-50 guy overrated: LJ Collier. Terrible agility below average speed and avg at best explosion no real dominant traits but considered a borderline day 1 guy is insane. avoid: Kyler Murray. I just wouldn’t take the risk for where he’s projected.
  14. 2019 Draft - Edge Rushers

    Anthony Nelson over Cominsky. Very underrated and is actually a good athlete. A rich mans Sam Hubbard, who is a decent starter level talent
  15. Draft Comparisons

    Maxx Crosby - TJ Watt Noah Fant - Bigger Evan ingram