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  1. The most athletic tackle in the NFL I’d be happy if I were Wentz
  2. Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely

    Based on body type ie he’s leaner than most players 30lbs lighter with overprominant delts (anyone who’s trained knows what I mean) he looks a bit suss but who knows
  3. Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely

    Does Garrett need drug testing? Is it a symptom of Roid rage?
  4. Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely

    Serious question is Max Kellerman retarded?
  5. The Myles Garrett incident

    Roid rage? Pouncey deserves a bonus not a fine. That’s what teammates should do.
  6. What to do about Myles Garrett

    mGarrett is one of tbe most powerful players in the league. Sure he could be agrieved but his reaction was beyond excessive. Ripping someone’s helmet off and hitting them with it? Cleveland Clowns alright
  7. What to do about Myles Garrett

    Browns organisation is trash with no discipline. They need to overhaul the front office.
  8. 2020 Senior Bowl Invite Thread

    Ozzy would be far better covering the draft than the Matt Millers of the world
  9. What's the Most Valuable Defensive Position?

    Edge and it’s not close. Look how many edge guys go in the top 5
  10. Mariota and Winston are looking pretty bad and there’s a lot of first rounders that have bounced around a lot of teams. Kevin White, Ereck Flowers were top 10 picks. thoughts on best/worst of the last decade?
  11. Official 2020 Non-Rush LB Thread

    Ah makes sense, I’ll look for your opinion on Buckeyes rather than Spartans in future. i think Bachie will be a plus athlete but not freakish.
  12. Official 2020 Non-Rush LB Thread

    How do you rate Bachie, MSURacer? Assuming you’re a Spartans fan
  13. CMC or Barkley. Kamara is great though
  14. Official 2020 Non-Rush LB Thread

    Weaver looks like a pretty big guy, bigger than Luke but perhaps it’s just the optics of college vs NFL size players. how does he compare to Woodward, the other mass tackling guy putting up big #s?
  15. Browns place LB Christian Kirksey on IR

    Are Mack and Sione any good? No guarantee they’re any better than backup quality. Will browns be extending joe show?