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  1. Also even the bench was a concern for me. He can only do a couple more reps than me and I have like a 78” wingspan at <6ft and <200lb. I know the carryover to power is minimal but that’s concerning for a big power dude
  2. I’m not saying Young isn’t good I’m saying I’m not convinced he’s a great athlete. Also Epenesa might be good but he’s a below avg athlete at a position athleticism is at a premium. I don’t think he will be bad but I wouldn’t spend a first on a guy like that. Maybe somewhere in the 40s I’d be ok with.
  3. lark25

    MLB Logan Wilson

    Don’t know if his pass defense will ever get to the same level as Wilson
  4. lark25

    MLB Logan Wilson

    Well what do you think and why? There seems to be a fair bit of similarity with those guys
  5. lark25

    MLB Logan Wilson

    Harrison is prob the closest to him in terms of size, athleticism traditional LB looking dudes
  6. You’re not serious that Dupree is better than Watt? If so then wow
  7. Watching Wilson he looks faster and stronger than everyone else but it’s the MWC. Looks like he’ll be good, would t surprise me if he is one of the top LBs of the class. MWC actually produces good LBs
  8. Dupree? He is mediocre dude. TJ has a 20% double team win rate, Dupree is a below avg pass rusher he’s the definition of a straight line athlete. dupree needs to give Watt some his money, without him he’s probably not getting half that contract money
  9. TJ Watt a freak athlete. A top 10 edge athlete in the league or close to. Garrett is even freakier putting up similar numbers or slightly better with an extra 20lb. He might be the most physically talented edge guy in the league. i think TJ might have better agility and has a mindset that guarantees success. i think TJ is slightly better but Garrett is way more physically talented (and TJ is a freak too).
  10. Chase Young is great but I don’t know he will be as good a pro as the Bosa bros. He’s not a Myles Garrett prospect in terms of being an absolute freak. Epenesa never really out produced Anthony Nelson who was more athletic and went in the 4th. I think in a weak class he goes early 2nd or maybe someone reaches but last year Epenesa should’ve been no better than a 3rd
  11. People actually asked if this years crop could be better than last years. 2019 was one of the best and deepest EDGE classes I mean Maxx Crosby in the 4th? Not to mention the obvious dudes in R1!
  12. Martinez is actually not bad in coverage. Not a top 10 LB but definitely a top 20-30 one and better than the avg starter
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