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  1. 2020 NFL Draft 7 round Mock ranking

    There’s so much subjectivity, so seeing your opinion is interesting and impressive that you can list out 7 rounds of draftable players roughly in order of talent and projection from what you’ve seen. i don’t see any point in hating it, except maybe some guys that are upset about not enough guys from their school or something.
  2. 2019 Senior Bowl Thread

    Bigger issue for the X receivers and contested catching?
  3. 2019 Senior Bowl Thread

    Interesting link, thanks. Interesting to see almost all of the top tallest LBs have come out the last few years guys like Edmunds, Watt and LVE - the new breed of lb, probably in response to the evolution of the TE position
  4. What rounds hold the most value in '19?

    2nd round, lot of dudes that could be 1sts in lesser drafts. Last years QBs were much better but anyone feel that otherwise this is a strong draft? I think there’s something like 20 EDGE players that could/should go top 3 rounds
  5. 2019 Senior Bowl Thread

    Are 7 3/4” hands too small for the nfl? I remember Tajaé sharpe had that same size hands as Renfrow.
  6. More sacks in 2019-2020 Watts or Bosas

    Maybe for INTs or PBU but I feel pretty safe in the assumption they won’t be competing for sacks, at least not this year...
  7. The Watts have 2 pro bowlers and the Bosas likely have 2 pro bowl caliber players. Which set of brothers gets more sacks next season?
  8. Wisconsin LBs didn’t go?
  9. What’s the agenda in not issuing the measurements?
  10. No weigh in details?
  11. 2019 NFL Draft Early Declaration Thread

    Serious supplement regime at Ole Miss?
  12. Kyler Murray QB OU

    Once he takes a lot of hits and minor injuries take over he’s a risk. Russel Wilson is small but sill bigger than this guy. He was also a better passer and a 3rd rounder. how is he better than Wilson?
  13. Trevor Lawrence

    Wentz is a pretty big dude too
  14. 2019 Draft - Edge Rushers

    No Zach Allen?
  15. G.Kittle: Top 2 TE?

    A 6’4, 250lbs TE that runs with a 4.5 40 with freak explosive numbers, great blocking and work ethic. How did this guy last to the 5th? Even in the run first system it’s beyond bizarre. Redraft and he’s TE1 of that class, absolute steal