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  1. 2019 Draft - Edge Rushers

    Anthony Nelson over Cominsky. Very underrated and is actually a good athlete. A rich mans Sam Hubbard, who is a decent starter level talent
  2. Draft Comparisons

    Maxx Crosby - TJ Watt Noah Fant - Bigger Evan ingram
  3. 2019 Draft - Edge Rushers

    I made the comp of Kerrigan with more upside a while ago
  4. Who gets drafted higher/lower than expected?

    Good list, can’t disagree with those picks
  5. Pro Day Results

    I think you can argue Sills is a better red zone target, he also jumped 37.5 inches at the combine.
  6. Pro Day Results

    I think Metcalf is more athletic than Bryant plus a lot stronger so I’m not sure about that comp
  7. Draft Comparisons

    Well Kerrigan has 4 double digit sack seasons and the others came close, he’s pretty badly underrated I’d say he’s easily worth a too 10 in hindsight borderline top5. bosa might be a bit more fluid and not as maxed out so a slightly more fluid, higher upside Kerrigan should be a top 5. Wouldn’t have an issue with top2 but it’s not a certainty in those terms.

    Perhaps but he is the best edge athlete in the class, could be worth a shot
  9. Draft Comparisons

    Nick Bosa - Ryan Kerrigan

    Fair comments but the athletic profile points to a low ceiling and he was playing in the big12 where most offenses aren’t used to playing teams that play D

    L.J. Collier or Ben Banogu? Banogu had a great combine showing whereas Collier just showed us a 4.9 40 and a 7.7 plus 3 cone. Too small for DT and bottom 10% of athletes at DE. Day 3 numbers, I’d mhch rather get Banogu in the 30s or 40s
  12. It has to be Jonah that o-line is garbage
  13. Pro Day Results

    Pretty ugly but he’s a straight line athlete. He’ll catch some deep balls but that could limit his ability in the short intermediate game where quicks are way more important. He looks like a tight end
  14. 2019 Day 3 Gems

    Porter Gustin is value in 4 or 5
  15. Pro Day Results

    I don’t know that somebody I could beat at a 40yd dash is an nfl RB