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  1. lark25

    EDGE rushers

    Big call. I think the Bosas are both top 5 edge rushers in the NFL. Being better than that is like top 5 or 10 all time level. I think he could be comparable perhaps. I remember seeing J Bosa just absolutely wreck college linemen like nothing and see that from Hutchinson too. I do agree motor is underrated. Plenty of dudes with physical tools that just will never want it enough!
  2. lark25

    EDGE rushers

    Overreaction: Hutchinson looks like Joey Bosa out there. Man Ojabo is good but Hutchinson just pops out on screen knifing through linemen. He has that rare bend and agility like Bosa plus that timing and hand placement. Looks a bit quicker, not sure if he's as strong as Bosa
  3. Similar running style there. Didn't CMac set a few cfb records? Arguably most 1st rounders aren't that calibre. This guy looks like he could be a solid nfl player but would be very surprised if he was a generational talent like cmac. Looking at the dudes mugshot they almost look like brothers?
  4. Is Christian Mccaffrey suiting up for WSU? Uniform almost looks like Stanford and looks just like him:
  5. @Ozzymy rant was directed at the other guy that posted the image, not you. I respect your knowledge of prospects. Re Wisconsin players: Baun could pan out, TJE is decent considering he is 230/6' and a below avg athlete, AVG has done ok and is a good pass rusher, Biegel was the best player on Miami d the other year but has had bad injuries, Borland was great but retired due to concussion concerns. A few of the other guys like Cichy have shown promise but get too many injuries.
  6. Understand the jokes re Chenal, but I find American instant stereotyping of white dudes as less athletic a bit odd tbh. I can't think of many at the LB position that are any worse than nfl avg? I actually reckon asian dudes would make up a decent % of corners if given the same opportunity and weren't pushed out of sports by their families. A lot of these guys have great lateral agility and pretty good explosion like pound for pound sick athletes but just rarely above 210lbs. Not many have the length but some do, so it'd be interesting at least
  7. Was recruited as an athlete. Good athlete for college probably ok for nfl
  8. Leo Chenal. Better than most of the LBs you've listed
  9. Rodgers CMC Adams, Jefferson Kittle, Kelce 2 TE set!
  10. I feel like AB had a higher ceiling but Fitz more consistently good. Who would I want on my team? No question the solid dude rather than the locker room cancer.
  11. Helmet swinger is probably the 2nd best edge in the league though. Its wild hes still allowed to play after almost killing someone then accusing them of the worst slur possible but he is good, just not as good as TJW. For me I'd pick Watt, Garrett then J Bosa. Hunter is also not far behind if he wasn't so injury prone. For the former 2 its also impressive very twitchy dudes have stayed injury free. You know that too much twitch is a detriment to staying injury free.
  12. Aside from 1.6 sacks per game vs 1.3 he does more, dropping back in coverage and making more plays. Why do people say the helmet swinger is better?
  13. Aidan hutchinson pro comp? How about Maxx Crosby with an extra 15lbs and 25% stronger?
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