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  1. Trey Flowers to sign with Lions

    Honestly, QB pressures>>>>sacks when evaluating defensive linemen. Flowers consistently near top of the league in that regard. Does a lot that doesn't show up on stat sheet.
  2. Not even about to debate who's better, but this is so blatantly false. I can see why someone would come to this opinion by just watching highlights on YouTube instead of watching actual games on a consistent basis, so an understandable error on your part.
  3. Top 10 CB

    Marvin Jones would disagree with this. I love Rhodes though, I'd put him in my top 3.
  4. Preseason GT #1: Lions vs Colts

    It'll be interesting to see what Quinn does to address our issues at defensive end. Just got to hope Ziggy can stay healthy this year. Liked what I saw from Ashawn today.
  5. Preseason GT #1: Lions vs Colts

    Didn't face a very strong defensive line, but I was encouraged with Greg Robinson's play today. Only allowed 1 pressure on 25 dropbacks(PFF). If he can keep trending upward while Decker gets healthy, I think we have a shot in what I think is a weak division.