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  1. I think a huge reason why Dallas has such huge rivalries with the other NFC East teams is because of the vast cultural differences between Texas and the Northeast megaopolis.
  2. Plus under my format, there would be no dumb play-in games. If you finish in the top four of your division in this format, you should be in the playoffs without any question. No 4/5 play-in games.
  3. Alright, I've now tweaked my original post to remove the travel element entirely from the games that determine the NBA Semifinal pairings.
  4. ...occasionally, the Saints could play a game at Tiger Stadium on the LSU campus. The Saints would probably do so under these conditions: 1. The Saints being the designated home team 2. The game is played in September where it can get really hot in Baton Rouge, thus the Saints, as the home team, would choose to wear white jerseys and pants, forcing the visitors (in 2021, would be the Titans most likely) to wear colored jerseys and wilt in the heat (though the Titans can mitigate this some by wearing their Titans blue alternates, a lighter shade of blue than navy).
  5. Proposed television arrangements for the playoffs under my proposals. NBC would not be forced to televise any playoff games on a Saturday night, in order to protect Saturday Night Live, in case of new episodes. In the rare event NBC airs SNF package games on December 23 and 30 when they fall on Saturday nights, typically during these weeks SNL is not planning any new episodes. Reverse mirror would be applicable upon future expansion of playoffs to 16 teams (CBS games on Paramount Movie Network, Fox games on Fox Sports 1). Even and odd correspond to the calendar years in which the regu
  6. I would say Mother Nature is ultimately to blame for fans not being able to see games in SoFi Stadium's first year. Had it not rained so much a few years ago, the stadium would have opened in 2019, at a time where fans could safely attend. Also note the irony of rain delaying the opening of an indoor stadium.
  7. Time to permanently ban him. He is never going to learn his lesson.
  8. I would further adjust this by moving Baltimore to the AFC South, Houston to the AFC West, and Pittsburgh to the AFC East. *The AFC West, like the NFC West, would thus consist of the conference's four westernmost teams (Houston is further west than Kansas City, hence the Royals being in the AL Central and the Astros in the AL West) *The AFC North, like the NFC North, would thus contain all of the conference's Midwestern teams *The AFC East would have a team in Pennsylvania, like the NFC East. Given how good Buffalo and Pittsburgh are now, as well as their proximity to each other, could
  9. OK, I'm hoping that next year we can be the only team in our division to make the playoffs. The NFC North is being paired with the AFC North and NFC West next year - five playoff teams between the divisions, and a 6th that came close to the playoffs, but couldn't beat the Rams in week 17.
  10. I think next year if Notre Dame fails again to win a national title NBC will give teams undergoing a coaching change for 2022 incentive to hire Brian Kelly - by promising the team that hires him will host the first SNF game of 2022. This would open the door for Jim Tressel's redemption at ND.
  11. At least a wild card game next year, depends on if the partnership is expanded
  12. Regional semifinals would be hosted by the #1 and #2 seeds in each bracket. They can only be held at the normal home stadium of the home team if the stadium has at least 65K seats. Only a small portion of P5 schools have home stadiums that meet the capacity requirement. Other teams would play at the closest stadium which does meet the capacity requirement, with everything done to ensure a "home game" environment for these teams.
  13. Note that due to television concerns, the regional semifinals, if all going to be on the same network (preferably ABC), would not be able to all be played on the same day.
  14. Preferably, as I have said before, an 8-team format putting the best four non-Southern teams in the Osborne bracket (named for Tom Osborne of Nebraska) and the four best Southern teams in the Bowden bracket (named for Bobby Bowden of West Virginia and Florida State) would be the best way to go for an expansion of the playoff to 8 teams. I liked that the best from the South played the best from outside the South this year, though it could have been jeopardized by having one of the games go a different way.
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