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  1. As part of the transition of the ASUN to an FBS conference, the remaining schools who don't play football in the conference would all leave for new homes. Bellarmine and Lipscomb would join a new conference that would include the private schools that will be in the MVC in 2022-23, plus Oral Roberts and St. Thomas of the Summit League. Jacksonville, North Florida, and Stetson would all move to the Big South. The latter has a non-scholarship FCS program in the Pioneer League. To even out at 12 when all is said and done, the ASUN would invite Florida A&M, which ultimately would make
  2. As part of the C-USA becoming football-only, it would be administered by the staff of the ASUN, as for several years the ASUN would essentially have two football leagues under their wing, one in FBS and one in FCS.
  3. Liberty could also be part of the football-only C-USA
  4. This alliance could carry on the C-USA name, similar to how the Yankee Conference went from all sports to football-only in the 1970s (they are now the football side of the CAA).
  5. If anything, Air Force should join the Patriot League for their Olympic sports, bringing their football program into the ranks of the FBS independents. Air Force would join the Patriot League despite being far removed from its Northeastern base because Army and Navy are also in the conference (except for football). The federal government, which funds the three service academies, would help the fully private schools in the PL with their travel costs to and from Colorado Springs in return for the PL letting Air Force in.
  6. As for where the remaining C-USA schools could go, the ASUN is starting FCS football next year, but they have eyes on FBS. Same with the WAC. UTEP could rejoin the WAC, in preparation for the elevation of the WAC's second football league to FBS (in which case New Mexico State, currently an FBS indie, would also join). FIU, Louisiana Tech, Middle Tennessee, and Western Kentucky could land in the ASUN, and join that football league when it moves up to FBS. It would be a return for FIU, who left what was then called the Trans America Athletic Conference in 1998. In the mean time, the C-U
  7. Two non-football schools should also be added to make an 18-team league, which can divide into three divisions for basketball: Northeast: Appalachian State Coastal Carolina James Madison Marshall Old Dominion UNC Asheville* (from Big South) Southeast: Florida Gulf Coast* (from ASUN) Georgia Southern Georgia State South Alabama Southern Miss Troy West: Arkansas State Little Rock* Louisiana Louisiana-Monroe Texas State UT Arlington* The basketball conference schedule format would entail each team playing a home-and-home against all members
  8. The 9OT game Illinois and PSU played today is a reminder why college OT is much better than NFL OT. Time for the NFL to adopt the college OT rules as they exist now.
  9. I think it is stupid that the NFL is still treating the 49ers and Raiders as if they were still sharing the Bay Area. This week because the Raiders are on Fox, the 49ers are on NBC. In contrast, most Rams games aren't on TV in STL anymore outside of national TV games. Fox in STL this week is airing Washington-Green Bay. Time to face the facts NFL. The Raiders abandoned Oakland. Twice.
  10. https://sportsbusinessjournal.com/Daily/Closing-Bell/2021/10/21/NFL-Ticket.aspx Letting streaming services in on it is good. But let's also let other cable and satellite providers in on it too. Especially Xfinity, a service of Comcast, whose NBC subsidiary airs Sunday Night Football.
  11. Back in the day, ABC would sometimes air CFB games that kicked off at 12 PM ET/11 AM CT only in those time zones, while the West got a game at 4 PT/5 MT
  12. so under the time zone-based definition, Wichita would be just as much an Eastern city as Savannah
  13. I didn't say anything about realignment here. I just wanted to point out the fact that the majority of Anglo-America's population is in the Central Time Zone or the time zones to the east of CTZ, and how it affects the major sports leagues and the television industry.
  14. There are a number of ways to define what is the East and what is the West in the US. The most basic way to me is a time zone-based definition. Here, the East consists of the the portion of the country in the Eastern, Central, and Atlantic Time Zones (though no union members are in the latter), while the West has the Mountain and Pacific Time Zones, the states of Alaska and Hawaii, and the territories in the Pacific Ocean. This divides the four westernmost Midwest states and Texas - which are split between Central and Mountain - between the East and West. This definition is notably us
  15. I think that if the Chiefs changed their name to the Wolves (reflecting the KC Wolf mascot), it could lead to some interesting headlines: "Wolves Devour Broncos" "Wolves Feast on Cardinals" "Wolves Chow Down on Dolphins" "Wolves Eat Up Rams" "Wolves Swallow Ravens"
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