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  1. 2019 Coaching Carousel Thread

    What's taking ND so long to part with Brian Kelly? They know very well they can't win a title with him at the helm.
  2. Hopefully it won't be long until the NFL's tight control over its TV rights is struck down in court
  3. 2020 National Championship | #3 Clemson vs #1 LSU

    I remember having vegan Jambalaya for the LSU-Bama title game in Nawlins because that night I wanted something for dinner that was a cultural hallmark of the city while watching the game
  4. And more games are available nationally. Though I forsee NFL on TV becoming more like college football on TV if the way the NFL does things is eventually declared as illegal (and these days it's very likely it will be).
  5. Duquesne is the only school that makes sense for the Summit as #14 in football. Several scholarship FCS football programs (not just in the MVFC) hold associate membership in a conference for football. But of those schools, Duquesne is the only one that makes geographic sense. And they are one of the better football teams in the NEC. They were successful as a non-scholarship program, and after a slow start they are doing well as a limited-scholarship program. Duquesne is also in Pittsburgh, an area geographically, economically. and culturally tied to the Midwest.
  6. The only non-Dakota school from the NCC in the MVFC is Northern Iowa. The only other ex-NCC school aligned with the Dakota schools in any sport is Omaha, who dropped football as they moved up to D1 (had they kept football the Summit League might be sponsoring the sport next year they might soon add football if Augustana and St. Thomas are approved for D1 membership and the Summit League could absorb the MVFC plus add Duquesne as the 14th football school).
  7. 2020 National Championship | #3 Clemson vs #1 LSU

    Most of the ACC was so bad this year that UConn, a team rejected by the conference on several occasions, can beat them fairly easily. That's how weak Clemson's schedule was this year.
  8. If NDSU moves up they probably want to be as part of a package deal with the other big Dakota schools.
  9. There were a lot of hard feelings when NDSU and SDSU moved up without UND and USD. None of them want to go through that again.
  10. They won't. NDSU wants to stay with the other Dakota schools now that the Fighting Hawks are joining the MVFC.
  11. I think the CFP committee wanted an ACC-SEC title game all along. So, we were really the number 1 team all along, but the committee demoted us to 2 knowing our history with Clemson. If this is in fact true, boy is there gonna be hell to pay.
  12. With the Saints losing in OT in the postseason again, a major flaw about how the league's OT rules work showed itself again. Ties aren't the only bad thing that can happen under the current rules, a team can lose in OT without ever possessing the ball in the extra period. I feel that college OT rules are the way to go. College OT games are more thrilling than those in the NFL. Plus those rules were tweaked before this season. Beginning with the 5th OT games become 2 point conversion shootouts, in an effort to shorten OT games. Many of the greatest college football games since 1996 have been OT thrillers. As an OSU fan I can testify to this.
  13. What I'd like is for a legion of OSU fans to attend the national title game, and chant "the ACC is trash" throughout the game, along with sprinkles of "Clemson is overrated"
  14. Bowl Season Game Day Thread

    At least one Ohio team beat an ACC opponent this bowl season
  15. https://forums.footballsfuture.com/topic/13002-only-five-players-remain-in-the-nfl-from-the-6-division-era/ When I posted the above last year, there were five players left from the 2001 season. Now only three remain - Brees, Brady and Vinatieri.