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  1. The Super Bowl 55 matchup between the Chiefs and Buccaneers also set a record for most times a previous or future Super Bowl matchup was scheduled for a season because both teams had finished fifth between 1977-93 and played successfully, with four such meetings: 1978, 1979, 1984, 1986. Tampa Bay won the first two of these matchups, Kansas City the last two (of which all but 1979 were in KC). Other instances a one-time Super Bowl matchup was a fifth place game: December 5, 1982: New England at Chicago - Chicago won 26-13, teams later matched up in Super Bowl 20 December 19, 1982: New E
  2. 2021 will mark the first time that: *The Chargers have played the Eagles and Vikings in the same season since 1985 *The Chiefs have played the Cowboys and Packers in the same season since 1989 *The Colts have played the Buccaneers and Cardinals in the same season since 1992 (it also was planned for 1987, but the Colts at Cardinals game that year was canceled due to the strike) All of these previous instances were because the teams in question finished 5th place the year before while the NFL had 28 teams. During those years, 5th place teams played a special schedule that excluded th
  3. So, the current CBA ends after the 2030 season. If it occurs that the playoffs expand to 16 teams under the CBA that begins in 2031, I expect a bridge three-year agreement where during the first round, CBS and Fox each air two playoff games simultaneously in the 1 PM slot on either Saturday or Sunday (the networks would alternate the days where they do this every year), with the games not airing on the local CBS or Fox affiliate being distributed through Paramount Movie Network for CBS games (in more homes than CBS Sports Network, though MTV, in even more homes than PMN, could be utilized too;
  4. If the Chargers want a stadium they have control over, what I could see happening is in the future, Anaheim builds a new ballpark for the Angels, and next door would be a brand new stadium for the Chargers, marking the return of the NFL to Anaheim (but they would still be called the Los Angeles Chargers, since Anaheim is not well-known in the sports world, it is more famous for being the site of Disneyland).
  5. San Diego, because it is so close to LA, is still the territory of the Chargers, and now also the Rams. Both teams are on TV in San Diego frequently, because San Diego is a secondary market for both teams.
  6. Brady and Brees were the only players who played long enough to the extent where they played in both the final season with 6 divisions, 2001, and the final season with 16 games, 2020. Brady will be the only one of the two to play in 2021.
  7. Cardinals play at Pittsburgh to mark the 15th anniversary of Super Bowl 43. It would be funny if the Steelers commemorated SB43 at the Cardinals game, and then wind up losing the rematch - a perfect revenge, to spoil an anniversary of a Super Bowl championship that the team winning this game was on the losing end before.
  8. Super Bowls 1, 16, 21, 26, and 51 will commemorate their 55th, 40th, 35th, 30th, and 5th anniversaries, respectively, with rematches this year. Of those five games, only the Super Bowl 21 rematch is being played at the home stadium of the team that won the original game, the Giants. No doubt the Giants will use their game against the Broncos to commemorate 35 years since their first Super Bowl championship (which was their fifth NFL title overall at the time). They should wear 1986 throwbacks for the game.
  9. Of course if the Bills-WFT game was in Landover, WFT could commemorate their Super Bowl 26 championship for its 30th anniversary at the game. The 2031 game will be hosted by Washington, so that game could commemorate the 40th anniversary of Super Bowl 26.
  10. The 2021 schedule rotation assignments for both intra- and inter-conference games would correspond to year 8 of my positional interconference rotation. Here is what the games would be in this format: Arizona VS. LA Chargers Arizona VS. New England* Atlanta VS. Cincinnati Atlanta VS. Jacksonville Baltimore VS. NY Giants* Baltimore VS. Tampa Bay Buffalo VS. Seattle* Buffalo VS. Washington Carolina VS. Cleveland Carolina VS. Houston Chicago VS. Indianapolis* Chicago VS. Las Vegas Cincinnati VS. Philadelphia* Cleveland VS. Dallas* Dallas VS. New England Denver VS
  11. Just how easy will it be for an 11-win team (the new minimum amount of wins required for a .600 season) to miss the playoffs now?
  12. The Colts could take their 9th home game to ND in odd numbered years as a unique experience.
  13. Still, having college OT rules is far more enjoyable than a timed 10 minute OT in which if no one scores the game ends in a tie, and you could possibly lose without possessing the ball in OT if you allow a TD on the opening drive. In contrast, NFL games that are played under college OT rules can possibly rewrite record books, something we should be rooting for (I in particular want a game to break the most combined points record set in 1966 by the Giants and Washington). In college, both teams a guaranteed a possession. And it isn't asking that much to guarantee that every NFL game in a g
  14. I feel that being able to purchase games and teams a la carte would bring in even more money than just making people buy the whole package.
  15. It would work best if people could purchase teams and games a la carte in addition to the league-wide plan. I mean this would make it very affordable for Packers fans in Duluth-Superior to be able to see that team's games that are in conflict with Vikings games.
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