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  1. They should expand the playoffs instead. A 16-team playoff should work, and has worked before (1982). The main thing is to eliminate the advantage top-2 seeds have had in recent years by forcing them to play on the opening week with the other playoff teams. The next TV contract should incorporate reverse mirrors on CBS/CBSSN and Fox/FS1 which would also be used in the opening round of a 16-team playoff to keep the playoffs on Saturdays and Sundays only.
  2. OSU has never beaten Clemson because in all meetings the weather has been favorable to the Tigers. The same reason ND has never beaten them. But Clemson will be playing at ND in November in 2020. The weather should favor the Irish then. This gets me to thinking. Both Clemson and OSU have a non-conference opening in 2026. Ohio State should schedule a home game with the Tigers...on November 21, and hope that it gets played at night. OSU can say that it is the only day they will agree to playing Clemson at home that season. The idea is to give OSU the advantage weather-wise. In fact, more Northern teams should schedule home OOC games against Southern teams with the stipulation the games are played in November (but not on Thanksgiving weekend, which is reserved for rivalries). This will surely get the Southern teams up north late in the season.
  3. So now with the 2018 season in the books, I present to you my national TV wishlist for 2019: Week 1 Kansas City at New England - Kickoff New Orleans at LA Rams - Week 1 SNF Green Bay at Chicago, Denver VS. LA Chargers - Week 1 MNF DH Thanksgiving Weekend: Kansas City at Detroit - early Thursday Buffalo at Dallas - late Thursday LA Rams at Cleveland - Thursday night New Orleans at Seattle - SNF NY Giants at NY Jets - MNF (a number of long Thanksgiving droughts would be ended with this schedule) Others: Baltimore VS. Pittsburgh Houston VS. Indianapolis Kansas City VS. LA Chargers Dallas VS. Philadelphia Chicago VS. Minnesota LA Rams VS. Seattle Dallas at New England New England at Philadelphia Baltimore at LA Rams LA Rams at Pittsburgh (SB 14 40th anniversary) Seattle at Pittsburgh Houston at New Orleans Indianapolis at New Orleans New Orleans at Tennessee Kansas City at Chicago LA Chargers at Chicago Minnesota at Kansas City (SB 4 50th anniversary) New England at Houston Pittsburgh at LA Chargers Houston at Baltimore Dallas at New Orleans New Orleans at Chicago LA Rams at Dallas Seattle at Philadelphia New England at Baltimore Pittsburgh at New England Houston at Kansas City Houston at LA Chargers Indianapolis at Kansas City Indianapolis at LA Chargers LA Chargers at Tennessee Chicago at Philadelphia Dallas at Chicago Minnesota at Dallas Philadelphia at Minnesota What games do you want on national TV next season?
  4. It's late but I'm once again doing the Mid-Major Awards, which cover the best of the best in 2018-19 from: American C-USA MAC MWC Sun Belt Army BYU UMass Randy Moss Award (for best offensive player) Darrell Henderson (RB), Memphis Despite sitting out his team's bowl game, he still had more rushing yards than any non-Power RB Joe Steffy Award (for best defensive player) Jaylon Ferguson (DE), Louisiana Tech He led the nation in sacks, in fact four of the top 5 in sacks came from the G5 Jason Elam Award (for best special teams player) Dominik Eberle (PK), Utah State He had more points than any other kicker in the non-Power 5 Ben Roethlisberger Award (Player of the Year) Cole McDonald (QB), Hawaii He was the top passer in the G5. LaVell Edwards Award (Coach of the Year) Luke Fickell, Cincinnati He led the Bearcats to a huge turnaround from last season, including a Military Bowl win and a top 25 finish. Ault-DeBerry Award (Mid-Major National Championship) UCF Knights (12-1) Though they lost their bowl game, they had enough of a cushion on other G5 teams in the polls to keep their status as the highest-ranked. Still, the fact they were able to repeat (the first repeating mid-major champ since Boise State in 2011-12) was an accomplishment in itself.
  5. NFL announces 5 international games for 2019

    To get the most out of the London games the NFL really should set them all at 9:30 AM and sell them as a separate TV package, with ABC my preference (even if it has to wait until the next contract, at which point ABC could add half of the TNF package (simulcast with NFLN, having all TNF games simulcast over the air will require negotiating with the NFL Network's carriers to do so since currently some games have to be just on NFLN), a Divisional Playoff game, and entering the Super Bowl rotation as well, with none of ABC's playoff games simulcast on ESPN in the new contract). Also I feel there should be 2 games in Mexico City this coming season to make up for last year (it's called compensation).
  6. Chargers Regular/Pre Season thread

    my view is that the Chargers were screwed by how the NFL does seeding division winners don't always deserve seeding priority, the NBA got it right a few years ago in changing their seeding system that way and not only should all teams be seeded by record, the playoffs should be expanded to 16 teams to eliminate the unfair advantage the top 2 seeds in each conference have had for years
  7. Eagles vs. Saints: Divisional Round

    What your said was worse. YOU are the one that should feel bad.
  8. Eagles vs. Saints: Divisional Round

    Giving the top 2 teams in each conference a first-round bye is starting to become an unfair rest advantage for these teams. This can only be remedied by expanding the playoffs to 16 teams and eliminating the bye completely (this would be done by having reverse mirrors between CBS/CBSSN and Fox/FS1 for the 1 PM slot each day of the first round, one reverse mirror per day).
  9. You can't stop it, ohhhhh you can't stop the Clemson offense!
  10. the only games with worse defense this year have been Big 12 games
  11. Alright if Bama gets a stop I still think they should go for 2 after their next TD
  12. Cody Parkey has nothing on Bama's kicker
  13. You know AT&T is now technically one of Disney's competitors due to its purchase of Time Warner (Disney owns ESPN) I just hope Bama and Clemson have the guts to schedule a regular season meeting in the future.