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  1. Official Notre Dame Thread

    No matter what the rules say, I will always consider ND to be the second-best ACC football team of 2019, even if we're not technically in the ACC for football which means the third-best team in the league got into the Orange Bowl. And we've got a shot at revenge on Clemson in 2020. The game is being played in November too so Clemson will really have to worry about the weather then.
  2. I wonder how the seniors feel about being paired with Clemson. I'm suspecting some of them actually played in that Fiesta Bowl 3 years ago and are hungry for revenge.
  3. Selection Sunday Thread

    Maybe you should read this post before responding to me again. I've been wanting another shot at Clemson for a while now. It's time OSU get revenge.
  4. Selection Sunday Thread

    Oh Cal is playing a Big Ten team in a bowl. I want Cal and Stanford to move their field hockey teams into the Big Ten. The America East is below their dignity. At least in the Big Ten they'd be in a conference of their peers (both the Big Ten and Pac-12 and many of their members are highly-regarded academically, and most schools in these conferences are members of the AAU, like Cal and Stanford). I also want Florida and Vanderbilt, likewise AAU schools, to move their lacrosse teams into the Big Ten. In the next realignment a number of P5 schools are gonna shift towards associate membership in other P5 leagues for certain sports their primary conference does not sponsor, or otherwise form single-sport alliances.
  5. https://forums.footballsfuture.com/profile/1558-pf9/content/ is your friend And I'm serious about wanting Clemson in our house the week before Thanksgiving. We'd have the advantage weatherwise too. OSU is used to playing in chilly weather. Clemson is not.
  6. Please read this post: https://forums.footballsfuture.com/topic/23627-selection-sunday-thread/?do=findComment&comment=2383682 You might want to think about how you respond to me after doing so.
  7. Selection Sunday Thread

    As part of my realignment projections I have Temple joining the Big 12, but they'd need to find a different conference to compete in for field hockey and women's lacrosse since they'd be the only Big 12 school with either sport. That's where the ACC comes in, admitting Temple as their first ever associate member. UNC just happens to sponsor both sports.
  8. Selection Sunday Thread

    That was UNC basketball. UNC football is not as popular.
  9. Selection Sunday Thread

    It's been five years since an eligible 7-win team was left out of a bowl. That team, Texas State, has not recovered from this slighting, which was made even worse by the fact that a 6-6 team in their conference was selected, despite the fact that Texas State was playing football well before the university in question, South Alabama, was created. At the time the Sun Belt unlike other G5 conferences did not prioritize 7-win teams in getting bowl bids. This situation led to the Sun Belt doing exactly that in subsequent years. What puzzles me the most about this is that the American advocated for an ACC opponent in the bowl game Texas State wanted in, when the American should be blaming the ACC for the loss of its power conference status in football (where it was formerly called the Big East), this loss hurt then-American member UConn the most, because they had been the only BCS AQ team in their state, and among public schools in New England, and also, the Huskies had set the record for fastest transition out of FCS by joining the Big East (then AQ) in only their third year as a full FBS member. Many Huskies fans are also bitter over the ACC not inviting them on several occasions in order to re-establish old rivalries (that invite might come if they significantly turn things around in football and men's basketball). Texas State meanwhile has changed coaches twice Their first season under their current coach did not go well. While two teams with winning records (2017 UTSA and 2018 Southern Miss) were subsequently left out, they had 6-5 records due to cancellations from weather and were likely treated as if they had gone 6-6. Both of these teams are in Conference USA, a conference many Texas State fans want the Bobcats to be in (they came close when UAB dropped football, but the Blazers later brought it back). They'll probably get into C-USA in the next major realignment because UTSA likely desires that their rivalry with TXST be a conference one again.
  10. Selection Sunday Thread

    I forgot to mention LSU-Oklahoma In my realignment projections I have OU along with Oklahoma State going to the SEC. Both schools would be placed in the West, sending Alabama and Auburn to the East and Missouri to the West. And LSU-Oklahoma would be played on an annual basis.
  11. Tulane is playing Southern Miss in the Armed Forces Bowl. In my revamped American conference membership, as mentioned earlier in this thread, I have both teams as West Division rivals and having each other as their season finale. While UConn is indeed leaving, the real realignment is still a few years away. Let's hope that Southern Miss gets in to the American.
  12. Selection Sunday Thread

    Also, Cal, Eastern Michigan, Florida Atlantic. Hawaii, Louisiana Tech, Louisville, Texas, Texas A&M. UCF, and USC are all playing close to their home stadiums or in FAU and Hawaii's cases, their actual homes. Games that have former conference rivalries include Camellia, Gasparilla, Hawaii, Texas and Armed Forces. There is also an abundance of bowl rematches too.
  13. Selection Sunday Thread

    Add Southern Miss-Tulane (Armed Forces Bowl, American) to conference matchup previews. This was actually a big rivalry for both teams years prior to their membership in C-USA, and was played every year from 1979-2006, it had interruptions in the later C-USA years because of divisional play. My proposed American realignment puts both teams in the West and has them play on Thanksgiving weekend, potentially on ABC (the American is the only G5 conference regularly on network TV).
  14. Selection Sunday Thread

    As for the bowls that have been set, some include matchups I'd like to see become conference games in the future, including Georgia Southern-Liberty (Cure Bowl, Sun Belt), Oklahoma State-Texas A&M (Texas Bowl, SEC) and Boston College-Cincinnati (Birmingham Bowl, ACC).
  15. Selection Sunday Thread

    Just letting you know. Just because I have Aspergers does not mean I came here to be disrespected. I'm sure ND will be fine they have a garbage opponent, but what hurts most is that their major bowl win drought is going to extend to 26 seasons, before bowls are even played.