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  1. Offseason Thread

    McCoy would fill the last big need on this team going into the season but I’m curious to see how hard the Titans push for him. I just can’t get excited for Jones and Johnson again. I know Urban is here too but if the Titans can some how get McCoy to sign for a year that would be a great get for this year
  2. Ranking The Roster - #5

    Went with Jayon Brown the guy was simply amazing last year and continues to get better and better. Going forward the Titans seemed to have hit on both future MLBers in Brown and Evans
  3. Offseason Thread

    The asking price could be high by the Bucs For what it’s worth either today tomorrow or sometime soon I forget what day it is but we could have the next waive of players start to sign soon because of those players and something to do with compensation so guys like Suh and Wilkerson could be in play for the Titans
  4. First round talk. (No pick tipping!)

    He’s my favorite comedian I got to see him live a few times he’s the best
  5. Day 2 Draft Talk

    I say go DK. He and Davis on the outside with Humphries in the slot would be fun to think about. Hes that big body WR we need and he’s capable of stretching the field I say take a chance if he’s there
  6. They didn’t show a single highlight of Simmons all they did was go right to the video from when he was in high school and was on time trying to defend his sister and was seen fighting with a girl. You almost forgot he was recovering from a knee injury because they just all talked about the incident
  7. Also im going to trust Vrabel Last year I chocked up a lot of wins to coaching I’m not usually a believer in what ever the team does just because it’s the right thing to do and kiss but I will say I’m a believer in JRob and Vrabel JRob hasn’t been scared to cut ties with mistakes Vrabel is so hands on and I don’t think it’s an act or for cameras the guy loves what he does and I believe he see’s something in the kid and I’ll back him even if I’m just a dumb fan sitting on my couch in Revere Massachusetts
  8. For now that’s what I’ll turn my hopes too just get one of the two to help this year
  9. Ya next pick needs to hit on OLB or DE
  10. ESPN better talk about how Hill is a despicable human being the whole time KC is OTC
  11. I tried deleting the other thread but don’t know how ESPN is a bunch of A holes to ruin this kids night Im fine with the gamble Titans still have to fill the need though hopefully McCoy from TB gets released or they convince Suh to sign for a year
  12. I like it fills a need great player but he can recover from the injury
  13. NFL Draft Event Talk

    Nashville looks lit Does the pineapple guy have a Twitter lol?
  14. NFL Draft Event Talk

    My opinion on the Drew Lock situation is I not believe for a second that the rumors are true about taking him at 19 If for some reasons he fell to the 3rd maybe But my opinion is Robinson or who ever want it out there so that if the player they want doesn’t fall to them a QB needy team might get spooked by the rumor and trade with the Titans so the Titans fan move back and collect picks
  15. From "The Guy of the Guy"

    I wish we’d go D-Line right now it’s still the biggest weakness even if we signed both Urban and the guy they worked out from the Chargers the other day