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  1. Training Camp Thread

    What’s really bad about the Dodd pick is the guys that went in the 2nd round that we could have targeted instead 34 Jaylon Smith 35 Hunter Henry 36 Myles Jack 38 Xavien Howard 40 Sterling Sheppard 47 Michael Thomas 54 Mackenzie Alexander Just a few of the good ones
  2. Training Camp Thread

    His football careers done I’m not worried about him catching on with another team I just want to add a guy to replace him
  3. Training Camp Thread

    Dodds football career is about to be over. I think they had plans for him on the D-Line. We are thin at that position in my opinion anyway but would Connor Barwin or Jonathan Hankins be a fit to come in and help? I’m guessing Hankins is waiting for an opportunity to start some where if an injury opens a spot up for him on a team he could do that. Barwin could probably be had on the cheap should the Titans take a look?
  4. Training Camp Thread

  5. Training Camp Thread

    Just cut the guy already
  6. Training Camp Thread

    The offseason is officially over. The rookies reported today but I havnt heard of anything that went on today. Just hoping we don’t get bit to bad by the injury bug this offseason
  7. The Offseason Thread

    I won’t comment on it I don’t want to ruffle any feathers but like Legend said I watch football not for the political views. Anyway is anyone else a little concerned over the Lewan contract situation? We haven’t heard any rumblings that the 2 sides are even talking with camp coming next week
  8. Titans Madden ratings unveiled

    Antonio Brown will be on the Madden Cover
  9. Igniting The Fire

    Am I the only one watching this series still? Tonights episode was the LB core. To me Vrabel was the guy that stole the show. Rak was saying he has never seen a HC as involved as Vrabel. They show a few videos of him going over some stuff with some guys. I was over the moon about naming Vrabel the HC and I was upset either it’s just an unknown so I didn’t know how to react when it first happened. The more I see the more I listen to the man the Titans may have found something with him. I’m definitely starting to get confident that we may have made the right choice. Still a long way to go for sure but footballs right around the corner I can’t wait to see how we start to shape up
  10. Titans Madden ratings unveiled

    Fans got Mariotas ratings changed 😂
  11. Titans Madden ratings unveiled

    I don’t think Dion Lewis is too high the guy does it all he blocks he can run he can catch he can return.
  12. DeMarco Murray Retiring

    Surprised no one posted this. Sucks he couldn’t latch on to a new team but I’m thankful for everything he gave us in the short time he was here. He resembled the old Titans with his toughness. He definitely was part of the turnaround in Nashville.
  13. Titans Madden ratings unveiled

    They were in the top 10 I believe
  14. Titans Madden ratings unveiled

    I didn’t even click on the link before posting my first post. Maybe I should overreact to some of these ratings holy cow 😂 Supernaw King Reed DODD Cruikshank Stocker Kendrick Lewis Austin Johnson Sharpe Taywan Taylor those are some of the guys above Jayon Brown yikes
  15. The Offseason Thread

    Ya it won’t be as easy to start out for sure. I’m glad we have them early on the schedule because if he is healthy in November that Monday Night game won’t be easy. Analyst overreact to such a small sample size but who knows how he does. History suggests he will struggle. Not saying they will be a bad team just won’t look so easy and video game like