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  1. I don’t like taking the easy way out but after how tough it was to play Ari and Sea, I wouldn’t mind having a chance to beat up on Eason and Wilson in back to back weeks lol Can’t believe we still have to play Buffalo and KC back to back Titans need to take care of business these next 3 games Would be nice to be 4-1 then hopefully getting a split with Buffalo and KC
  2. Henry made a few contest catches which was very nice to see Henry and McNichols were taking advantage of the soft coverages late I also seen Henry picking up a few blitzers as well He had a really good game all around
  3. Titans should win against Indy but we’ve said that many times and it never worked out that way in the past lol Interested to see what the injuries are for Wentz and Lewan
  4. So is the Super Bowl back on? 😂 FWIW I had the Titans 1-1 after 2 games Next week is a huge game Indy is fighting for their lives Titans have a chance to put them down to 0-3 Texans play Thursday so we could be playing for first place Sunday
  5. Disappointing to settle for 3 play calling penalties and O-Line were a disaster to kill that red zone drive
  6. The whole AFC South all about to take L’s lol Maybe the Titans treat today like a preseason game and rest up for the real start of the season next week lol
  7. Ya it’s just really disappointing that the Titans have to continue to shuffle things up Lewan is a great player who’s just been unreliable due to health
  8. I said earlier in the week, Titans are probably going to have to consider LT in the draft
  9. No pressure Randy, kicker number 54 already has a try out scheduled for Tuesday
  10. Ok who’s starting up the new GDT Ill play by the imaginary rules, I lost so it’s someone else’s turn Someone go on a run here
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