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  1. I just can’t see Downing going for it If that scenario were to happen I bet he asks for his release
  2. I’m still not over this loss lol The defense had an all time performance and 2 plays on their side killed us but dominated the rest of that game I am still so mad at Downing and it makes me feel stupid for actually thinking he had more to deliver in this offense I think it was the Jags game I was praising him because we were up big and I said good for him for not wasting our playbook on a bum team in a blowout Then going into the playoffs I’m thinking now we have a full team which we haven’t had most of the year so there has to be more plays in the playbook that we can
  3. I always feel that coaching can only get you so far But players have to elevate you to where you want to go Ofcourse Jimmy G is still playing so we'll see how my theory holds up lol
  4. Is Brady a free agent? He only signed a 2 year deal with TB right? 🤔 i dont know how it gets done but if they can find Tannehill a trade partner they should go for Brady this 1 last time
  5. Lots of people saying Bowens playcalling was so bad Saturday Blaine Bishop broke down the first play of the game last Saturday after the game and he crushed Bowen Bowen and Tannehill really go hand and hand on why we lost on Saturday Playcalling was pedestrian Tannehill tentative and late on some throws Just not a good day for either guy
  6. Thanks bud Hope to meet some of you all too Ive tried in years past but gets crazy on game days to find guys in a giant parking lot full of people wearing the same jersey lol
  7. The world sucks so bad right now because of covid and masks there just isnt much to do My son is 6, its his first year of school and it breaks my heart everyday seeing these kids who are wearing masks everyday and cant even see eachothers faces and have normal conversations and play like normal kids Most of my days consist of dropping my son off to school going to work and going home to play video games and talking Titans most of my day I dont like taking my kid to arcades and things like that because of all the restrictions and having to worry about catching something and getti
  8. First thing i said after the game was "Im done i cant take it anymore" Im full of ish Im going to be talking to Titans fans every where Im going to follow all the accounts of Titans fans who break down film and cap situations all that good stuff I wish i could just be a casual fan and just play fantasy football and not care but i will never stop caring which is on me But like you say its just in my DNA and its so true
  9. Not that it is the reason to fire a guy because he didnt get HC requests But isnt it telling how the rest of the league really thinks of Downing? Titans get to the playoffs get the 1 seed with playing 92 players this season and no one even wanted to talk to Downing I just dont think Downing did anything to help put his spin on this Titans offense and help it grow an expand after Arthur Smith left If we cant get away from Tannehill at least get a new guy to call plays to see if that can help change things up a bit
  10. I can honestly say my love and passion for the Tennessee Titans is not healthy Im just some loser from Boston who works a warehouse job and has a family who loves his football team way too much Ive been spoiled with getting to see the Sox win multiple titles, C's and B's win titles But ive grown to really love the city of Nashville and most of the Titans fans i have gotten to meet Up here fans and just people in general suck New Englander's are just spoiled and are a-holes if you dont root for their teams I cant describe it in perfect words to describe how much i
  11. 08 hurt dont get me wrong but this team was more talented Our WR group was not great in 08 Gage stepped the heck up for us but Gage Jones and McCariens arent AJ Julio and even NWI even though he wasnt a factor Saturday Were this gets tough is we brought back a lot of the same guys in 09 that we had in the playoff loss We did draft Britt and sign Nate Washington We didnt have a replacement for Haynesworth Titans went 0-6 and loss 59-0 to start 09 after the way 08 ended, i really hope the Titans make a few tweaks so that some how this group can put this loss behind
  12. Honestly not even making a joke The way I feel, is the equivalence to loosing a family member, pet, getting dumped as a teenager I feel just horrible I cant go to bed easily Went to bed late Saturday and woke up out of a dead sleep at 4am because I was dreaming hat we actually won the damn game I was up from 4-6 just staring at the ceiling Just cant believe it ended this way I feel horrible for so many guys AJ balled out again in consecutive playoff games D-Line was so damn good Seeing the tweets from AJ and Saffold with the broken heart emoj
  13. Last season Stafford for Goff happened There has to be a path to a Tannehill for Wilson trade If Seattle doesn’t want Tannehill there has to be a way to get something for Tannehill and then either sign Rodgers or get Wilson different way Denver Carolina Pittsburgh WFT all really need a QB There are teams who could move on from their QB who could eventually need a QB like ATL and Min JRob and Vrabel have to really look into trading him He clearly has plateaued He has had all the weapons, the defense and a good special teams to win and he still can’t win
  14. I feel so bad for so many people Yes us the fans I feel terrible for Honestly they make more money than us, I’ll know own what they own but I feel crappy for some of the guys that cover this team Rhett Bryan has been a guy who has covered the Titans from their first days in Nashville so I feel bad for him Jim Wyatt is nothing other than a class act I feel bad for him Blaine a former player gives his heart and sole into his Titans coverage and roots his butt off along with Dyson Bulluck and many others I really never thought our season would end tonight
  15. I just want to give up as a fan I’m so deflated I love the fans Ive never met a single one of you but I love you all I Chili Pepper, Sal from New Jersey, Caden from Florida, Ana from Florida, an so much more But man this sucks I just want to be young enough to enjoy a SB win but it’s just never going to happen We chose Tannehill over the Goat Its so hard to win a SB Everytime we play a home game as the 1 seed it’s the same song and dance with the turnovers Every week fans complain on Twitter to the networks “Why don’t you show the Titans respec
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