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  1. Preseason Week 2 GDT: Panthers (1-0) at Titans (0-1)

    I don't know if it's maturity or being a dad or what it is but I don't overreact like I use too a few years ago about the preseason. I'm excited for football I personally enjoy the preseason because I get to see more live preseason games on my TV than I do Regular season games sometimes. I know you can take certain things away from preseason games and we dissect every player as much as we can but teams like NE Pitt and a few others really make the preseason look like a joke even more than it really is. Gronk hasn't played a preseason game since 12 Brady probably won't play that much in the preseason because the Pats every year do joint practices and Brady gets most of his work done in those. The point of my post isn't a bashing of preseason I'm just trying to point out try not to overreact and what we see during the preseason truely doesn't dictate how our season will go. Last year we beat SD pretty good went into Oakland ran all over them then the regular season was we lost to both teams and didn't run well on either team. When opening day hits I think the O-Line will be fine. Granted there are things you can still takeaway from the preseason you may not like and could transition over to the regular season but the preseason is really hard to tell how someone's season will play out. John McCain I think his name is the Houston beat guy was on the Titans Radio last night and mentioned the year of the Lions 0-16 season they went 4-0 in the preseason. i will say the things I can takeaway from the preseason that does scare me is Lebeaus defense with the secondary. I really hope during the regular season we see more man to man and matchup based games with the CBs not just stay on a particular side of the field. The thing that scares me with the secondary still struggling in the regular season is Casey had an interview on NFL Satellite Radio and he said what you see in the preseason is what you get in the regular season. The thing with that is I actually believe him and it makes me wonder why so many crappy QBs have good games against us and the same with our own division beating us every year all you have to do is watch film from 2 years ago until now and you will probably see Lebeau do the same things over and over. I hope with the additions of Ryan and Jackson we don't play 10 yards off the ball a majority of the time and we see some jamming at the LOS so our pass rush has a chance to get to the QB instead of crappy QBs quick outing us to death and giving up big yards As far as Sat goes I hope we see Adoree Jackson on Benjamin. I really want to see how he matches up with a big time WR like him. I know Cam won't be the QB but Anderson still found a way to get the ball to him last week vs Houston so I'd like to see this matchup on Sat. This whole preseason the secondary is the one thing I will be watching real closely
  2. Titans Training Camp - Week 3

    Ya that's what I'm worried about and it's not that they usually show an AFC North game. I have the Direct TV App but I'd rather watch it without the worry of freezing up and glitchy for a few secs here and there. I get they like showing the division games from what ever city you're in but Raiders Titans are more threats to NE than Jets Bills don't make NE sit threw a crappy Jets game
  3. Titans Training Camp - Week 3

    I work so I won't see their game anyway
  4. Titans Training Camp - Week 3

    Hope they end up on TV in my area Pats are off that Sun since they will have played Thur
  5. Titans jersey changes finalized, coming in 2018

    I seen something that the NFL.com was selling alternate helmets for every team wasn't anything that a team has worn before just merchandise they are trying to sell
  6. Everything Kevin Byard

    Kids going to be a stud he can really elevate out defense if he can add 5-7 takeaways to his resume this year. Someone in that secondary has to cause some turn overs I don't see why it can't be him. He does a lot of things well though can blitz he's a good tackler isn't scared to stick his nose into a play and is always around the ball
  7. Well let's hope the Titans have a better showing on offense this week than last. Also this game will be shown live on the NFLN. Outside of the opening drive the defense was good on all phases of the depth chart. Granted Cams probably not playing but Benjamin and Olson are a good test for this defense On the flip side Panthers D is a good test for our O-Line who struggled last game. As far as individual players I'm looking at this week I'd like to see Decker get involved on offense a little with Mariota. On defense I'm still looking at the CB battle. Ryan didn't have a good game last week I would like to see Jackson or Sims lined up on Benjamin just to see if anyone starts to step up in this CB battle instead of Ryan always getting the number 1 guy. I guess the argument to shuffling the CBs is maybe you don't want to show Teams they will be playing game to game matchups opposed to just have a CB play a particular side of the field but I'd like the other CBs to get a shot at a top WR. There are a lot of players that are working hard trying to make plays that you can watch on first second or third string that are guys to watch out for like Taywan Taylor, Jonnu Smith, Abdesmad, Woods, Jayon Brown, Wallace and many more. It is fun watching the position battles happen hopefully the Titans show up Sat especially at home and have a good showing and start to get this train rolling and gelling together
  8. Preseason Week 1: Post-game talk - Well that was fun

    Just started watching some of this game Byard is soooo gooood I really hope he becomes a big time Safety in this league he has all the potential in the world. im not letting Ryan off the hook but the only reason the Jets scored that drive is because the Refs called that dumb penalty on Casey I didn't agree with the call I don't think he jumped at the QB I think he just pulled him down. McCain didn't look good on the TD looked lost as usual Mariota showed good speed on the first play of the game rolling out keeping the play alive to find Matthews
  9. Preseason Week 1: Post-game talk - Well that was fun

    Ya I didn't see those just seen the throws at the end that weren't all that good. Since I posted that post I looked at the highlights and seemed like the O-Line struggled. Logan Ryan who I was very weary of signing didn't look good. I didn't see enough of the game yet to judge other stuff but read Tanney left and came back so maybe he wasn't all there
  10. Preseason Week 1: Post-game talk - Well that was fun

    I didn't see the game I only seen the last quarter so I can't comment on the rest of it but I thought Tanney played bad. This was his chance to push Cassel for the back up job but I don't think he helped himself at all last night. I have the game recorded I'm going to go back and attempt to watch it and see things for myself but it's one game we didn't have some of our starters on offense and this is why they play preseason games to learn and get better.
  11. Preseason Week 1 GDT:Titans(0-0) at Jets(0-0)

    I'll be in NY for Sox Yanks but knowing how long their games take Mariota will be out of the game before I leave the stadium
  12. 2017 Training Camp - Week 2

    I can see Sharpe on PUP. Douglas should just be gone because of the surplus at WR. Krause has had a good camp it sounds but sounds like he's playing for a shot to play for another team. I just have always liked what McBride has brought to Special Teams but doesn't get enough of a look at WR to make a statement to standout
  13. 2017 Training Camp - Week 2

    Tre McBride... is there anyway this kid makes the team? I never have him making the team because he gets lost behind the pleather of WRs on the team and this year the pleather of ST'ers but the kid seems to make plays on ST's all the time. Last year he really had the play of the game vs Den before Williamson ultimately ripped the ball away from Derby McBride was the one who made a nice play and got the ball to pin them deep in there own territory. I think they keep Weems but even as just a ST'er I wish there was a way this kid makes the team.
  14. Preseason Week 1 GDT:Titans(0-0) at Jets(0-0)

    If anyone is intersted in the rest of the Division the Texans play the Panthers tonight. They have a QB battle going on so it is a good chance to see Watson they are on the NFLN tonight
  15. Preseason Week 1 GDT:Titans(0-0) at Jets(0-0)

    Ya I agree I'd hold him out until Chicago anyway get him playing time then get out and get him ready for Oakland.