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  1. Offseason Thread

    Any one know if Jordy Nelson is actually going to meet with the Titans? Only interview I heard of him taking was Seattle Its crazy how fast NFL frenzy just dies down now we have to wait and see who players actually schedule visits with
  2. Offseason Thread

    Was still hoping the Titans would change their mind and reach out to him but guess it’s not meant to be On the bright side Texans Colts Jags are not on the list
  3. Titans trade for Tannehill

    As bad as week 17 was in my head we were literally in the game until Gabbert threw that pick in the 4th. It goes beyond that pick though why Gabbert needed to be replaced. The guy was nervous from drive number 1. Titans had some momentum from the trick play that Cruikshank returned to midfield but if I remember correctly didn’t Gabbert immediately over throw a guy or skip a ball to someone? I remember it was right there in then in here we were all like “oh boy gonna be one of those nights” Gabbret was great managing the game against Houston because we literally took the air out of the ball and our Special Teams and Defense were able to get us a lead and Taylor scored his 1 TD on a screen for us. When it comes to having throw to win games Gabbert just isnt capable of it. He wasn’t great against Miami, he got decapitated vs the Jags, he was only able to put together 2 good drives in the last 2 games of the season but we need more than that to win when Mariota goes down
  4. Offseason Thread

    I’m all for what ever pushes Taylor down the depth chart so maybe it lights a fire under his butt. Maybe Taylor will be more productive with less opportunities if the Titans go out and add a legitimate WR at some point before camp in July
  5. Titans release Josh Kline

    Just not a believer in the coaches to get someone ready to play. Levins been in the league a few years now he’s not ready Stinny isn’t the answer Conklin regressed could be due to injury well see though Ben Jones regressed the last 2 years
  6. Titans release Josh Kline

    I still think the first 2 picks should be used on defense and if that is true I don’t feel great about a 3rd round pick starting
  7. Titans release Josh Kline

    Just sign a Veteran we have a good thing going right now we don’t need a rookie to come in struggle along with Jones and get Mariota killed early
  8. Titans Release Blaine Gabbert

    Oh well thanks for the one win and getting knocked out in Jacksonville
  9. Titans sign Cameron Wake

  10. 2019 Opponents

    Anything can happen but Newton’s arm isn’t the same and their team is a middle of the pack team now. Mariota has a knack of knocking of big names QBs in the regular season so wouldn’t surprise me if we beat KC or NO especially with us being at home. No season is going to be easy though 19 definitely tougher than 18 but playing good teams isn’t the worst thing in the world if you are able to win more than you lose obviously
  11. Titans trade for Tannehill

    Not a bad trade at all and we have a QB who won’t wiz down his leg like Gabbert
  12. Titans trade for Tannehill

    Damn I’m good
  13. Offseason Thread

    Hooefully we get the Browns early this year
  14. Offseason Thread

    You have 2 guys on the team already that can hit it deep on the outside You have Taylor who typically drops them all or runs into a ref And you have Corey Davis who’s suppose to be able to do everything AB an OBJ can so it’s time for Davis to step up and time for Arthur Smith to allow Davis to hit it deep Last year it felt like it was the Phi NE and the 1 play in Houston that we seen Davis thrown to down field. We need him targeted more down field plain and simple time to take the training wheels off
  15. Offseason Thread

    Ya I’m not on the Nelson trade when Conley and Crabtree are still available