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  1. The longer we wait I feel like we are waiting to see what happens with Kellys brother from Houston
  2. Ya it’s scary The goal use to be to beat the Pats We did that and now KC is a whole different mountain all together
  3. Man the part that is disheartening is even know I think if we beat the Ravens and then the Bills, we would also be getting rocked by KC Titans goal needs to be building a defense that can hang with these guys Defense Defense Defense in the draft
  4. Those INTs were essentially punts Bradys on the verge of potentially going through Brees Rodgers and Mahomes as a 5 seed 👀
  5. Football is the one sport that free agency begins before the draft in comparison to NBA and NHL I always find that fascinating in the sense of say tour the Titans and you want to bring in Kerrigan let’s say as the veteran guy and draft a OLB in the draft some where You may not get the guy or guys you are targeting so it could screw things up a tad I hate that NFL turns everything into a spectacle I hate that it takes over a month for free agency to start Mike Keith said it use to start sooner, he said 2 weeks after the SB one year they were already having to sign guy
  6. Edelman is done He’s injured way too much and lead the league in drops last year Titans have an Edelman on the team as far as play style and injuries but he may be released in Humphries What do you think about Lazard if Humphries is released? He may stay in GB or get over paid a little if he has a couple of big games the rest of the way but he would fit the mold of a Humphries type if we move on
  7. Ya I really don’t want to let Hump go but the dudes always injured A lot of it really isn’t his fault Tannehill has gotten him killed on some throws But he’s just never there when we need him Releasing him and either resigning Davis or making a run at Robinson and adding another guy through the draft or cheap FA have to be the ways to go
  8. Titans got hot down the stretch so that’s what people remember Only way those numbers can go up is if they get a pass rush plain and simple Titans need a guy in the middle and opposite of Landry
  9. I think the not being major players in free agency thing could also mean we are going to try and resign a lot of our own guys They will sign a few guys in Free Agency which is all we should need if we do in fact resign a lot of our own guys
  10. Ya I’m not a fan of in house hires on either coordinator position we have, I’d rather look outside the organization this time time around
  11. Vrabel will never come out and tell us but I’m just dying to know what path he’s going to take when it comes to OC If he hires within or hires a college guy or Pederson and it goes well, that person will be a HC in 1 2 or 3 years If he goes the Hugh Jackson route or Jay Gruden then there’s a chance they are here for a while because it just doesnt seem like teams are really interested in hiring them as HC’s anytime soon
  12. I think we win Not saying Brady throws a TD and Tannehill threw the INT would be different Just knowing what I know and have seen over the years with Brady, the running into 9 man fronts with Henry would have been aborted fairly quick I said it then that the Titans needed to spread the Ravens out and keep spreading them out to eventually force the 9 man fronts away then try and get Henry going I’m confident Brady would have been very vocal about spreading the Ravens out and feeding the playmakers Also I keep saying if we got Brady we would have gotten Gronk too
  13. Diana Russini was all over the Tannehill thing for weeks no matter how much I didn’t want to believe her Like Doug Peterson for instance, he’s willing to sit out a year, why not try and reach out to the Titans where there’s a great foundation of offensive pieces, have a solid year at OC then someone will want him in 22 The trend now is to hire Offensive Coaches so if I were any OC or guy trying to get into an OC gig to then try and make the jump to HC, the Titans are the perfect team since Vrabels a defensive guy
  14. Titans keep a lot of things hidden Are you kind of shocked that we don’t hear more names interested in the Titans OC job? A top offense in the league Tannehill Henry and Lewan all locked up AJ Brown a top receiver in the whole NFL Nate Davis young stud Guard Saffold a great veteran Are you guys shocked we don’t have more guys interested in the OC gig here? Im sure there are guys interested but just shocked we aren’t hearing rumors through the grape vines of guys interested
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