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  1. Titans OC Search

    PK tweeted they aren’t in on Jim Bob Cooter either
  2. Titans OC Search

    maybe not
  3. Titans OC Search

    I hope the Titans schedule an interview
  4. Titans OC Search

    If Kubiak still wants to be an OC he has to be the number 1 choice for Vrabel. Hopefully Vrabel is making calls
  5. Titans OC Search

    I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the Titans hired from within. JRob and Vrabel are always compared to the Patriot way and that’s how they typically do things up here when one coordinator leaves they just move up a position coach it seems
  6. Titans OC Search

    I’m just throwing names out there what about Jim Bob Cooter? He’s been a hot commodity the last few years plus how fun would it be to say that name all year?
  7. Titans OC Search

    @KingTitan so how long before you reach out to the guy that knows a guy
  8. Titans OC Search

    I swear I immediately thought of this too it’s a good question especially with our Guard situation
  9. Matt LaFleur To Be Named GB Head Coach

    There’s hope that the offense will be better I guess
  10. Titans OC Search

    Might as well start this thread since yet again the Titans are OC searching
  11. Matt LaFleur To Be Named GB Head Coach

  12. Wow never thought this would happen
  13. Around the NFL

    wouldnt mind it at all the guy can still play
  14. Around the NFL

    Still hope the Titans look into Tate
  15. Offseason Thread

    My wish is the offensive line would be taken care of with Veterans. I don’t know if the Titans are bring back Kline or Spain or none at all but would rather sign a few veterans and draft someone in the middle rounds