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  1. How does the loss of Bush impact your defense Also if Hilton isn’t able to play how bad does this complicate things?
  2. NFL needs to change a rule about the protected game thing I’m sure CBS blocked the move but in a year of Covid and crazy times and trying to find the best ratings possible they should have found a way to move Steelers Titans to SNF If the Titans win Sunday there’s a real chance the Titans can go 8 or 9-0 and they won’t have a single SNF game until week 16 and by then who knows where the Titans are with seeding and who knows if they turn week 16 into a rest week
  3. I know you would of said something but just curious when was the last time you checked in with the guy who knows a guy? I didn’t want to bump that thread because I did one time before so it didn’t get lost an people weren’t happy lol We have a great team if the Titans are able to add I would like to see it Just a name that’s been floated around up here in NE who is on the trading block is Gilmore Pats arnt going to pay him but I don’t see the Titans paying the price to get a guy like Gilmore plus not sure if they want to cut Fultons playing time and Joseph’s Bears are the rumored team to Gilmore from people up here and that becomes relevant only because they are on the schedule in a few weeks so just thought I’d share
  4. Good news about Jonnu If Adoree finishes the week practicing I think he plays
  5. Any time I see this it’s never not funny 🤣
  6. @Steeler Hitman I havnt seen many Steelers games this year I seen the Giants opening week So what if anything have the Steelers struggled at so far this season? From highlights they look good at everything Sanders had the one big run in the Eagles game so was that just one bad play from the Steelers end or have teams been able to run on them but fall behind so have to go away from that? Ben looked meh at the beginning of the Giants game but I think that was more due to rust than anything then turned it on and hasn’t looked back it seems So just curious what the Steelers could be better at
  7. But he still has a chance to play this week which is good Just seen a Vrabel quote that said they want to see how he responds so he has a chance
  8. I believe someone said they should use this combo yesterday ☺️
  9. Especially those fans Out of the 4 major sports in Boston the Pats fans are the worst because they’ve been the most spoiled
  10. For me whats mind blowing is how people up here in NE are bashing Belichick saying he looks checked out that he looks similar to his last year in Cleveland Then they are praising Vrabel like crazy i couldn’t believe last Wed my Boston drive time radio did a whole 4 hours talking about Vrabel Tannehill and AJ Brown The best was one caller yesterday had the balls to call and say give the Pats a break that they had no practice and no other coach in the league could handle what the Pats had to go through last week and immediately they hung up on the guy and all 3 radio guys yelled “Mike Vrabel”
  11. Cmon Adoree please get healthy this week it would be nice to have a relatively healthy team minus Lewan
  12. The last 2 times we beat Pit in Nashville I believe we wore the Lights over Navy I wouldn’t hate wearing that this week for a little bit of superstition mojo
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