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  1. Bye Week Thread

  2. Bye Week Thread

    Good start to the week, Steelers lost the game and a few players in the process
  3. Bye Week Thread

    I know we have an other games thread but this thread will be for the games that directly impact the Titans Thursday Night is the first game of the week and it has playoff implications for the Titans The current 6 seed Steelers travel to Cleveland On Sunday during the early game slot Returning Nick Foles and the Jags in Indy Division leader Texans in Baltimore 5 seed Bills playing red hot Miami 😂 Then in the 4:25 time slot the winless Bengals in Oakland I don’t expect the Bengals to pull an upset but I don’t see a reason why Miami Baltimore Jags and Cleveland can’t help us out, not saying all will win but a few of them definitely should
  4. GDT: Chiefs -3.5 (6-3) @ Titans (4-5)

    I’m surprised Evans didn’t make the cut he was moving 💨
  5. GDT: Chiefs -3.5 (6-3) @ Titans (4-5)

    Adoree is the worst CB we have he’s flat out bad He can’t catch and can’t tackle
  6. GDT: Chiefs -3.5 (6-3) @ Titans (4-5)

    I would give anything to wake up and see that Arthur Smith has been fired Run run pass hits big play to Sharpe let’s go back to run run pass
  7. Titans Pick'Em Competition - Week 10

    Wanted to pick the Titans I thought we were getting healthy but guess not Chiefs 27 Titans 17
  8. Jon Robinson

    I don’t think I’m ready to fire Robinson I get he’s in charge of everything and can’t just hit on players and not coaches All GMs have good and bad moves Overall I think the talent that Robinson has brought in has been very good I won’t go over every move we all know them but the corner stone pieces on this team are all his guys and all found in different rounds of the draft I just think Vrabels having a bad year and he can really do himself a huge favor by just finding a guy that is capable of running the offense The issue with the offense is it’s not just and OC he needs to replace. He also needs to replace the OL coach and most likely the QB coach as well We all need to remember Robinson and Vrabel we’re both forced to take Mariota and all his flaws from injuries to bad footwork and accuracy issues Im not ready to move on from Robinson and I’m willing to give Vrabel another year to turn it around but Vrabel can’t go the Munchak route and go to bat for bad OC and OL coaches, Vrabel needs to go out and find someone with a clue to develop and offense
  9. You Get a New OC. Who are you getting?

    I want someone available who can develop the next future QB of this team This seasons a loss and we need to find someone who will be here for more than 1 season to help develop the next draft pick Hue Jackson might fit that mold I don’t see him getting an HC job anytime soon Jackson feels like the only guy that made Dalton look like an actual NFL QB Jackson even helped AJ McCaron get some money in free agency I don’t know if the Titans will ever get interested in Hue but if I could pick an OC going forward he would be my guy right now
  10. Arthur Smith

    I’m still shocked that Jay Gruden or just anyone out there with OC experience hasn’t been brought in already as a consultant like they did with Greg Williams and the guy from the Colts that was brought in at the end of one of the Locker seasons to help out
  11. Mike Vrabel

    I don’t put a lot of today’s game on Vrabel Titans had 1 player to stop and they failed miserably I know Butler got hurt but the defense was pathetic on 3rd down today We all wanted Succop back but he just had an awful day Arthur Smith is running the offense and isn’t doing a great job The issue with Vrabel is he needs to make changes to the O-Line Coach and OC but decisions like that are really hard to make when no one is in waiting The byes coming up in 2 weeks but I don’t think we see changes I had a lot of faith in Vrabel after last year but this franchise is a mess I really don’t want to blow it up because we should have great corner stone pieces in place with Lewan Conklin Smith AJ Davis Simmons Evans Brown and Byard but we are missing the great coaching and missing the franchise QB
  12. Arthur Smith

    I didn’t see a lot of the game but listened to a lot of it but man I just can’t take this guy for much longer and the worst part is we are stuck with this boob for the rest of the year You guys will have a lot of other things to say he did well and didn’t do well but my god he has a bad sense of urgency I caught the game when it was 24-7 and it’s late 3rd and he’s still run run pass when we need yards points and to save as much time as possible Coach Mac is like “here comes Carolina on a run blitz” Mike Keith “Henry with the hand off for no gain” Cmon Arthur stop forcing the run when it’s not there Then last in the game 3rd and 1 let me toss right to Dion Lewis for a loss of 3 to kill more clock and lose yards The usage of Corey Davis is unacceptable he had a few garbage time grabs but it’s an absolute joke that we can’t go into games with the mind set of “hey we want to pound it with Henry but we have all these nice receivers that can really help the run game by spreading the ball around through the air to all our talented pass catchers” I still have hope for this year, today was not all on Arthur Smith, Succop killed us and the defense was atrocious for most of the day especially on 3rd downs but this offense isn’t going any where with Arthur Smith calling plays and we are never developing a QB from the draft with that offensive staff Last piece of advice to Arthur Smith, he probably needs a change of scenery and what I mean is he could probably benefit from calling a game up stairs like Peas
  13. Week 9 GDT: Titans(4-4) @ Panthers(4-3)

    Guess Vegas had inside info on Casey missing the game Not ideal when your trying to stop McCaffrey
  14. Week 9 GDT: Titans(4-4) @ Panthers(4-3)

    Anyone surprised the Titans are the underdogs this game? I know around these parts the Titans blow and nothing’s changed and we went from good to worse but... Tannehill has done terrific since taking over Titans Defense is legit and should give that rookie QB a tough time Only 2 things I can see going against the Titans is one being on the road but the Titans have won on the road twice this season so it’s not big of an issue and the other is a lot of times teams who get waxed 1 week typically bounce back and do better but i feel like -4 is a little too large for even the Titans this week I’m not a homer don’t really pay attention to spreads but just thought it was interesting we are the underdogs after 2 straight wins
  15. Week 9 GDT: Titans(4-4) @ Panthers(4-3)

    Run left all day lol I know no one moved but I really wish the Titans looked into a bad team and tried to get a RG because Nate Davis is such a project it’s scary when he plays I know the Titans will lean on Henry but Art needs to trust AB and CD to make plays. Humphries and Jonnu both have looked great with Tannehill at QB they shouldn’t be scared to throw the ball around