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  1. I had the 👑 on my team last year so worked out well for me
  2. Some think this Definitely takes them out of the Clowney race I never thought they were really in it anyway but who knows
  3. Ok good just wanted to stay within the subject well the Titans pro shop has me sick lol Ill uproot my family to Nashville if they give me the head job of the pro shop
  4. Are the Titans gonna sign the last 3 picks today or what
  5. Was the point of this thread just for Dak or can I post things I can’t believe? I can’t believe it’s my bday and I’m not able to order an AJ Brown limited jersey 😂 Got nothing for Father’s Day and my wife had to get me little things like Titans Masks, Titans Lunch Box and a Titans Fold Up Chair for my bday lol I know the pandemic is going on but cmon no one can make and sell the jerseys already?
  6. I think they should sign him I don’t know what the real number is that they should sign him for or the real number of what he is worth but they should find a way to sign him This league is in a funky turnover of sorts but he’s in the top echelon of guys in the league
  7. So 3 draft picks to sign, Clowney to sign and potentially a veteran QB, we in good shape
  8. I know he’ll move but what I posted. Is that something we’ll see regularly like on 3rd downs or passing situations?
  9. So if Clowney signs is this the defense we see? Clowney Jones Simmons Landry Evans Brown Beasley Is that how the front 7 would shake out?
  10. Now let’s add the cherry on top and end the Clowney stuff and get the deal done
  11. Glad this got done, kudos to everyone involved
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