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  1. Week 7: Tennessee Titans (3-3) @ Cleveland Browns (0-6)

    Thank god they won but man that sucked. Robiskie should be canned Im over Decker starting I hope Davis stays healthy the rest of the way the Offense will flow so much better with Davis Matthews and Taylor (made some good catches today want more Taylor)
  2. Week 7: Tennessee Titans (3-3) @ Cleveland Browns (0-6)

    For the love of god Succop kick a touchback
  3. Week 7: Tennessee Titans (3-3) @ Cleveland Browns (0-6)

    Robiskie stop calling th f’n shovel pass you @ss clown
  4. Week 7: Tennessee Titans (3-3) @ Cleveland Browns (0-6)

    I was not confident in Succop one bit on that one
  5. Week 7: Tennessee Titans (3-3) @ Cleveland Browns (0-6)

    This offense is sad really really sad
  6. Week 7: Tennessee Titans (3-3) @ Cleveland Browns (0-6)

    Not giving Mariota a pass but man where is Henry
  7. Week 7: Tennessee Titans (3-3) @ Cleveland Browns (0-6)

    Sims has been a disappointment this year really thought he was going take off
  8. Week 7: Tennessee Titans (3-3) @ Cleveland Browns (0-6)

    For the pick em thing I’ll say Titans 27 Browns 10
  9. Around the League Talk

    This years a weird year the whole league is wide open right now
  10. Titania Keeper League - DRAFT TONIGHT!

    If I lose this week I’m gonna retire 66 points from Cooper tonight
  11. AFC South Discussion Thread

    I said weeks ago the Colts would be smart to almost tank or just play it out and hope for a top 3 or 4 pick and try to really have a chance of a rebuild or rebuild on the fly
  12. Upcoming Schedule

    The Steelers are the only game I don’t see us winning for sure. I hate being the road team on a Thur but the only glimmer of hope is the road teams are like 5-1 this year on TNF. We probably lose to Houston but that needs to be a game we win to have a legit chance of winning the division Cards and Rams will be tough games but starting to feel better about playing Ari more than LAR
  13. Week 7: Tennessee Titans (3-3) @ Cleveland Browns (0-6)

    Yes it’s probably after the first 2 drives we want the coaches fired As for Mariota he needs to play. I don’t think this game will be easy but who knows maybe this is the game we actually get a few INTs but right now we arnt getting many sacks so I wonder if Kizer has a similar start to Brissett. Titans should win this game though they need to go out take care of business and get to the bye and take care of business the 2nd half of the season when we should be close to fully healthy
  14. Titans Pick'Em Competition - Week 6

    I had the Titans by 14 that’s 2 weeks in a row I’ve nailed the spread
  15. Week 6 GDT: Tennessee Titans (2-3) vs Indianapolis Colts (2-3)

    I will say my favorite 2 plays last night where the 2 that embarrassed Gruden. 4th and 1 he’s beating his chest Mariota won’t be the one trying to get the first down and then he takes a QB sneak to pick it up. The other play was Taywan Taylor’s TD all night just calling him a gadget player and then the Titans finally send him deep and Mariota threw a perfect ball