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  1. Just asking the question It’s not a player I’m necessarily clambering to get It may depend on how the draft shakes out Day 3 of the draft comes and if the Titans don’t get the TE they love, do you think they try and trade a day 3 pick for Ertz?
  2. Right now I would still consider a pass rusher at 22
  3. Jeffrey Simmons was hoping to see more 1 on 1’s too but someone came in out of shape last year and got hurt, won’t mention any names 🤡
  4. A) I don’t care about Clowney since he completely F’d us for showing up out of shape B) What he said in the clip was a joke who really cares 🤷🏻‍♂️ C) Good luck to him hope he shows up in shape this time, cuz if he shows up in shape that’s better shape than he did for the last team he played on
  5. For me OLB is still in play at 22 Landry and Dupree are more than fine But it’s time to add depth to that position If we added Phillips to that group I would be happy I would still add a veteran as well We need more than 3 guys active on gameday and need a legit rotation of guys
  6. I was upset last year that we took a RT Ill really be upset this year if we do it again WR TE D-Line OLB CB All things I would want before a RT
  7. I was a Barmore guy for most of the offseason but because the way things played out via free agency and releases, Barmore really can’t be the pick anymore I wouldn’t mind “Snacks” as a depth piece on the line at all
  8. That account doesn’t know ish about anything
  9. I don’t think the Titans get in on Gilmore or JC Jackson If I want the draft to work out the way I’m hoping, I would feel better if the Titans sign Nelson the CB released from Pittsburgh
  10. Oh ok thank you for clearing that up I really want a CB like Horn if he is there But if Phillips falls the Titans may have to take him We lack depth still at OLB Im starting to talk myself into hoping for Phillips and Moore as our first 2 picks this year if it falls that way Still a month to go I’m sure I’ll change my wants by then but as of today 3/30 that’s what I am starting to wish for
  11. Question... How does the restricted free agent hung work? Meaning if the Titans were to sign JC Jackson before the draft would they lose a 2nd pick this year or next? If it is this year, would the Titans be smart to sign him after the draft so they lose a 2nd rounder next year, Say the Titans really like Jalen Phillips and they take him in the first, Then they take Moore in the 2nd round Would it then be smart to sign JC after the draft? Just curious if something like that could work
  12. We might as well sign Stills We signed Jenkins who we could of had 2 seasons ago when we lost to KC who would have helped us Let’s sign Stills to keep the trend doing of players we should of had lol I’m actually looking forward to preseason this year Im alone on this one probably but I’m holding out hope that Kinsey develops into something Want to see Batson play more than he has
  13. Titans should have done this last season Let’s see if the Titans actually pull the trigger this time around
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