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  1. Suh Watch

    Ya nothing I guess that guy was just trying to get Titan fans hopes up. So far Logan Ryan has been the only Titan I seen trying to recruit him. I didn’t even see a single Titan of all the people he is following though hopefully Logan can get through to him
  2. Suh Watch

    I can’t believe “The Guy” hasn’t gotten any info at all in regards to Suh
  3. Suh Watch

    Following Jim Wyatt is a funny one
  4. Suh Watch

  5. Suh Watch

    Suh just started following Derrick Morgan and a bunch of Vegan accounts according to Big Mo Titans of South West
  6. Suh Watch

    Good good so your saying we have a chance 😁
  7. Suh Watch

    What are the taxes like in California
  8. Suh Watch

    He knew the Raiders had no money. I think he goes to the Rams but I believe the Titans are in the fight ofcourse I’m sure the Titans are in a serious thought for him but LA is closer to Portland than Nashville or NO and it’s just my opinion that’s a factor for him. It also doesn’t help the Rams D is no joke as is and could be even better with him
  9. Suh Watch

    Well here we go guys Suhs meeting with the Raiders won’t happen he is now home deciding between Rams Titans and Saints. Rams seem to be the favorite
  10. The Offseason Thread

    I hope the Titans are still active in Free Agency. It doesn’t sound like it if Vrabel and JRob are in California (Suh) is out that way so I guess there’s a chance we start negotiating but I would really like the Titans to find a few more Free Agents. Bowman is a guy who can come in and help out for a year. No ones talking to Reid right now Titans should offer him a years deal to add to the Safety mix.
  11. Suh Watch

    I’m over the Suh stuff now I don’t think he’s coming here just hope the Titans find some NTs some where because we are thin at the moment
  12. The Offseason Thread

    He will sign with a team on the West Coast that’s been my stance since I found out he lived in Portland. Rams have been stacking up and these few Rams tweets are the most he’s flaunted over any team he’s visited
  13. The Offseason Thread

    Suhs going to be a Ram if you here how Schultz is talking about it right now on Twitter. Titans should call Hankins in for a visit
  14. The Offseason Thread

    Titans should be able to sign him
  15. The Everything Else Thread v. 8.0

    We use to do Fantasy Baseball but no one does it anymore in here. Anyone in a league that needs a body? Or does anyone want to start one in here?