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  1. AaT - Draft Thread - VY-FTW is On The Clock

    What time does @renndawg37 go OTC?
  2. Madden Ratings

  3. Madden Ratings

    poor Kern no respect
  4. Madden Ratings

  5. Madden Ratings

    Lewis over Henry?
  6. AaT - Draft Thread - VY-FTW is On The Clock

    Probably not the best thread to talk about the white on whites but I do agree and I was someone who hated the old white on white
  7. Derrick Morgan Retires

  8. Derrick Morgan Retires

    Only 30 years old but Morgan is retiring. Gave us all he had he was a great guy good teammate I wish him well on what ever he decides to do now. I thought he would have signed some where else but hats off to a good career
  9. Team Needs

    We have guys to fill our positions but for things that could be issues here’s what I think DT- yes we drafted Simmons but we don’t know when we will see him OLB- No Rak No Morgan and Wakes in a new defense so we have no idea how it will look. 2nd year for Landry who has to come up with more than 1 move. Question becomes do we have enough to get to the QB Guard- Pamphile will get the first crack but he is coming off and injury. If he becomes injury prone we are depending on Leavin and a rookie in Nate Davis. TE- Blocking TE seems to be the need. We have a lot of TEs on the roster but the Titans are searching for the Stocker role. Firkser Pruitt and a few others will all be fighting for 1 or 2 spots at that position but if all them fail we will be looking for that type of TE
  10. AaT - Draft Thread - VY-FTW is On The Clock

    With the 3rd pick I select... Derrick Henry @TitanTuff is OTC
  11. AaT - Draft Thread - VY-FTW is On The Clock

    You can discuss the picks, I usually do every year
  12. Offseason Thread

    McNair 5 Murray 2 Humphries 2 Matthews 1 Walker 5
  13. Minicamp/OTA/TC Thread

    Anyone ever just think about the previous season and say “how the hell did we expect to make the playoffs with this team?” I was going to play Madden yesterday but then I was trying to figure out who the WRs were from last year. Taylor was really our number 2? All I have to say is how the hell did they expect Mariota to succeed with 1 TD a year Taywan Taylor and Sharpe Batson and Jennings? Thank god Humphries was signed and Brown was drafted to give some legit weapons to go along with Davis. Mariota needs to make it count this year with these weapons no excuses now
  14. Minicamp/OTA/TC Thread

    One month from today we will actually have a game to talk about an review and all that good stuff
  15. Minicamp/OTA/TC Thread

    I forgot we resigned Pamphile. I believe that signing happened sometime before the draft so for a while the Titans never added a 2nd Guard in the beginning of Free Agency so there was talk of it having to be Leavin at that time so that’s why his name stuck in my head