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  1. Referee Gene Steratore retires

    https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/06/22/referee-gene-steratore-retires/ He seemed like one of the better refs in the league. Him, McAulay, and Hochuli in just one offseason could be a big blow for the NFL referees. Losing Triplette will be a positive for the league though - he was pretty bad. Should be interesting to see the quality of reffing next season. We're getting at least 4 new ones.
  2. The Travel Help Thread

    9 days
  3. Relationship Advice Thread

    So i've noticed something with a few girls that are friends, or friends of friends lately - we'll be talking about something (a good restaurant to visit, last place we visited, movies to watch, etc) and they'll bring up their ex. And when i say bring up their ex, i mean phrasing like - ""oh thats a good movie, i saw it with my ex"" or "thats a good restaurant, i used to go there with my ex"" or "thats a good place to visit, last time i went i was there with my ex". You get the idea. The first time i'd hear something like that, i just kinda brushed it off. But then i began to wonder - is that a suble hint they're dropping that they're single? You can say you like that restaurant or movie without bringing up the ex, which just seems unnecessary (they never bring up the ex again except that 1 time). I've had several girls drop that line on me, and one of them i did end up dating for a short while. The others are kind of in limbo right now, or i'm not that into them, etc. What's all your guys take? Subtle hint maybe? Or no?
  4. The Travel Help Thread

    I'm going to Peru in August, very excited for the trip. Any recommendations on thing i should see/do besides Machu Pichu?
  5. Trent brown traded to Patriots

    Why do our coaches hate brown? I must be out of the loop. He's not great or anything but you'd think we have bigger priorities.
  6. Relationship Advice Thread

    She’s always been sober when we talk.
  7. Relationship Advice Thread

    So there's this woman i've known for a couple of years, we're not super close but part of the same social circle and see each other every now and then. I've always thought she was hot but in the beginning i didn't get that vibe from her so we've just been friendly, and i've dated other girls. I even went out with one of her friends (only for a single date) which i think she knew about but other than that i never discussed dating life with her. In the last couple of months when our circle meet for dinner/house parties etc, on and off she will be flirting with me. Like one time will be friendly/polite, next time she'll be flirty, next time she'll just be friendly, etc. Last time started friendly but i offhandedly made a comment about my ex (i just broke up with her a few weeks ago). Nothing bad or anything, just a small thing and then back to our conversation. After that she went really flirty, talking about how she knows i like her. When i was leaving she asked me if i was coming back, so i asked her if she will miss me to which she says yep. And when i left she said i was the best. I didn't feel comfortable making a move cuz i low-key have anxiety and i like to be as sure as possible before making a move. Anyways i texted her yesterday and the vibe i was getting was "polite" again, not flirty. Basically i'm not sure if this woman just has this on/off personality, or if there's actual interest there? I am single and not talking to anyone else so i wonder if i should just rip the bandaid off and give it a shot, and if i should wait for our next meeting or just do it via text. Or should i just move on.
  8. Relationship Advice Thread

    I would like to see it progress, yes. She has a sweet tooth and likes wine....i guess some dessert/pastry with a bottle of wine? Not too grand but shows i care/know what she likes? Thats what im leaning towards. Thanks for your replies.
  9. Relationship Advice Thread

    Been dating a girl for a month. We're not serious yet though. Should i still get her something for Valentines Day, even something like a single rose? We're planning to meet Tuesday, not Wednesday (she works at a hospital and we have different work schedules).
  10. GWT: Week 19 Jags @ Steelers

    Two 4th and inches, neither is a QB sneak...sometimes you just overthink things.
  11. Around the NFL

    I can't believe we put up 44 on them.
  12. GWT: Week 19 Jags @ Steelers

    An outside pitch on 4th and inches? Why not just do a QB sneak with Ben?
  13. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    So i started a job about a year and a half ago. Last year at my performance review i got a 10% raise,even though i was the most junior member in my 5 person department. Fast forward a year and at 4 separate occasions in the year (March, July, September, and December) i got an increase in work for my portfolio. And due to a retirement, resignation, and someone being let go, i became the 2nd most tenured person in the department. So i figured due to my seniority and huge increase in work/responsibility, i would get a big raise? But i only got 6%. I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but with a huge increase in work, i expected my raise to at least match last years raise. My question is, should i bring this up with my boss and see if theres any room for negotiation? I really hate doing something like this, but for the amount of work i do, and the huge increase in my responsibilities, i feel i'm undervalued. I take on all extra work, keep all my original tasks, and hit all my deadlines while never complaining.
  14. Now that QB position is settled, we should focus on our OL and RB to get a more well-rounded offense. WR is looking surprisingly good with Garopollo, and he's doing it without Garcon too. FB is good. I like Celek and Kittle but we could also use a redzone matchup at TE.
  15. I think we need (in no order) help at OL, DE (Pass Rusher), CB, RB, WR, and TE. But with offense, as you're seeing, a quality QB helps hide those deficiencies. I'm not against bringing back Hyde, but i don't see anything special. Lets see what kind of contract offer he receives.