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  1. https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/49ers/nfl-rumors-49ers-jimmy-garoppolo-patriots-plan-quarterback
  2. https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/49ers/nfl-rumors-49ers-jimmy-garoppolo-patriots-plan-quarterback Don't really see the Niners moving on from Jimmy this year. Veteran wise, Watson will be too expensive, Wilson won't be traded to the Niners, Prescott likely stays with the Cowboys, & even though Shanny loves Cousins he isn't available. Rookie wise, Lawrence & Wilson are going 1-2 and i'm not sure if Shanny would be high on any of the other rookie QB's. I see the Niners keeping Jimmy & either adding depth via either a proven backup QB like Dalton or a reclamat
  3. I don't usually follow pre-draft rankings all that much. I'm wondering if moving players up/down the draft board at this stage is related to inside info that teams maybe aren't high on those guys? Simms also had Fields & Lance low on his rankings. It could be that everyone had the same idea, or it could be that these guys are leaning into their sources in the NFL and the consensus is teams aren't high on those guys?
  4. If we did this, i wonder if we'd start Slater at RG, or if we'd move him immediately to RT & trade McGlinchey McGlinchey is an elite run blocker but his pass protection was a huge liability last season. I don't see us signing him to a 2nd contract and outside of QB, prioritizing the OL & DL would be my top priority for the Niners.
  5. https://art19.com/shows/49ers-talk In Maiocco's podcast (link above), he says when Chris Simms talks about QB's that Maiocco's "eyes light up & ears perk up" because he knows Shanny, the long hours they spend together discussing stuff, etc. Notes that Simms believes that there's one available veteran QB out there that could make the niners change their plan. That veteran QB? Sam Darnold
  6. https://www.49erswebzone.com/articles/145044-chris-simms-sees-these-rookie-fits-shanahans-49ers/ If Shanny can't get Kirk Cousins, he'll get the next best thing! Well, maybe
  7. In 2018, there were discussions of trading Wilson to Cleveland for the #1 pick. So this may have been brewing for a whle. I think its a matter of when, not if, Wilson is traded. I was guessing next year, but if the Seahawks are making calls.. Pretty crazy we could see two top 5 QB's moved (Wilson & Watson) in the same offseason. Unheard of
  8. Yeah i'm waiting for that too. Would you do speed dating? I'm considering it.. It went well for me upto a couple of years ago but maybe my game got weaker, the app algorithm changed, etc lol. Now it seems like i get max 10 matches my first week and the odd match after. I use Hinge Bumble or Tinder.
  9. And our new DB coach was Detroit's defensive coordinator last year, so there's a connection as well
  10. I don't hate the rankings. Very rarely do pre & post draft QB rankings match anyway. And its good to see something different. I am very curious as to how our teams QB rankings match with his. Its very likely that the Jets will take Wilson at #2. Seeing as how they have a huge niner influence, i have to wonder if we like him too. Feels like i change my stances daily on the QB class lol Also found this. Was this Shanny? LOL https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/03/03/zach-wilson-over-trevor-lawrence-chris-simms-says-yes/
  11. Chris Simms released his QB rankings. Thoughts? 1. Zach Wilson 2. Trevor Lawrence 3. Mac Jones 4. Kellen Mond 5. Justin Fields 6. Trey Lance It is a little out there, but very rarely do pre & post draft QB rankings sync up anyway. Its also nice to see something different I think Lawrence & Wilson will be the top 2 picks. Interested to see where the rest land. Do they fall?
  12. I went from a PS2/Madden 05 to Xbox S/Madden 20, then Madden 21 I got my Xbox S in late Jan. Got Madden 20 on gamepass ultimate at that time, and swapped it for Madden 21 on gamepass ultimate today. A 15 year jump is huge and i really love the graphics. The presentation almost feels like an actual televised NFL game. Its also nice to actually play with current players & teams. Playbooks/plays are more current (obviously), you could actually run a jet sweep for example. And maybe it was me, but i could never hit a 50+ yard FG in Madden 05, kickers never had the strength, but thats
  13. Its getting real tough to meet anyone right now. Dating apps worked for a while, but the last couple of years they haven't, not sure why as i never changed the pics. I delete & reinstall them periodically but its always a waste. There aren't a lot of single girls in my social circle and with the pandemic we've obviously stopped bigger hangouts so haven't met any friends of friends. Haven't been to bars weddings or events in about a year. I did have a couple of girls i liked from work but we've been doing remote work for a while, i come to the office once or twice a week and our s
  14. I'd prefer Minshew as well. But i haven't heard anything about that. Jags may want to hold onto him as a backup as well
  15. This was brought up in the JJ Watt thread in NFL News...thought i'd ask it here for discussion. Should the Cardinals offer Kyler Murray + picks and/or players to the Texans for Watson? Could Houston get a better deal? Arizona goes all in on Houston west....Murray goes home to Texas. Murray is probably a better prospect than all non-Lawrence QB's in the '21 draft
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