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  1. Any possibility its a MCL sprain, or hyperextended knee or something that isn't season ending?
  2. We lose on a bunch of dumb mistakes, stupid penalties (including these phantom OPI & DPI to end the game) and our QB is probably out for the season. Screw today and screw these refs
  3. What is wrong with the defense? 3-4 offsides in just over 2 quarters.
  4. Touchdown Juice! I can't believe we overcame a 2nd and 26 to score the TD. Huge set of plays there.
  5. Yeah this game is over. If we don't make adjustments soon, this season will be over too.
  6. lol, even on a decent defensive play, we make a penalty that makes a automatic first down. If we don't hold them to 3 and score 7 on our next drive, this game is over.
  7. Seems like Sherman is the only one on defense who can play. Making PD's, the only one who can actually tackle. etc.
  8. Jesus Christ, these missed tackles, these drops. I can't handle this.
  9. We always get blown out in KC it feels like.
  10. Breida has made such a jump from year 1 to 2. Really impressed with him.
  11. The amount of times he's said a player is "wide open" and they barely have any separation is pretty frustrating too.
  12. Big TD run following our 1st round pick McGlinchey. And GREAT job by Garcon blocking downfield too.
  13. Is Detroit's coverage really that good? I think thats the 4th coverage sack in this half alone.
  14. I swear it seems like we never get the offensive players down on the first tackle attempt.
  15. The MLB, NHL, & NBA don't allow ties in the regular season anymore. The NFL shouldn't either. Obviously, the NFL is more physical and you don't want these guys playing forever. But they could introduce steps to induce a resolution quicker. Make OT more like CFB style, or maybe have the offense start in the redzone and give them 4 downs (if the game is still tied after an OT period), etc. I don't have all the answers, i'm sure there's someone smarter than me that could come up with a better fix. It just seems unacceptable to me that such a major sports league can have an outcome where no team wins. 2 ties in 2 weeks is unacceptable to me.