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  1. I feel like the SB win should buy everyone at least one more year. And Wentz's cap hit makes it impossible for the Eagles to move on until 2022 offseason, right? Might as well give everyone one more year to turn things around. And if it doesn't....clean sweep in 2022. I also am not usually a fan of letting the HC go but keeping the GM, or vice-versa...and then add in a highly paid QB on top of that. Future candidates know they're tied to whoever is left and that can shrink the pool of available candidates
  2. I'm very pleased with our interior DL yesterday. Kinlaw, Armstead, Givens, Street, Daniels, i think they all made plays. Looks like we're set there for the forseeable future. Guessing we wont bring back DJ Jones
  3. We're definitely out of range for Lawrence, probably out of range for Fields/Wilson barring a massive trade-up. I guess Trey Lance is the most realistic option, but even then we'd likely have to trade up. It might be more manageable though, something like a 1st/2nd and a future 1st (which is acceptable if you believe he's the QBOTF) Of course, this is all spitballing here. Lots of things could happen. Maybe we get the 7 seed, maybe we lose every game here on out, etc.
  4. I thought McKinnon was our 3rd and 25+ run specialist lol
  5. I think he kind of gets overlooked by the media compared to Kittle & Aiyuk...maybe even Mostert, but he's a solid weapon. He just hasn't been healthy
  6. I'd rather see Josh Johnson tbh. I'm done with CJ. He's unwatchable
  7. lol McGlinchey just got bossed by Donald on 2 straight plays
  8. smh, can't be doing that Mostert About the worst outcome you can expect for
  9. Wasn't the latest prognosis for Jimmy G 4-6 weeks? Its been 4 weeks now, right? He's clearly the best QB on our roster it would be nice to get him back when he's healthy.
  10. Pretty wild that our 1st and 2nd rounders in 2017-2018 were Thomas, Foster, McGlinchey, & Pettis. That's 3 busts and 1 average player It helps when you get players like Kittle, Warner, Moore, etc in the later rounds of those drafts. And to a lesser extent, Bourne, Moseley, DJ Jones, James. Kentavius Street has also been playing better lately. 2019 & 2020 drafts have been way better in talent acquisition.Also made some good bargain bin FA's (Verrett, Hyder, etc)
  11. Yep, which ever team hires this trio is gona set themselves up well for the future Eric Bienemy & Joe Brady will also get HC jobs this offseason i'm sure I've always had a soft spot for the Jags...loved their late 90's/early 2000's uniforms, Brunell was one of my favourite QB's back in the day cuz like me, he's a lefty, and i liked McCardell, Jimmy Smith, Fred Taylor, Marcus Stroud, John Henderson, etc. They've been bad too long. Hope they turn it around.
  12. Was that Givens who got pressure up the middle? Kinlaw with the beastly return!!!!
  13. I don't remember so many GM's getting fired in one season. Feels like its always the HC's who get the axe. Some of these are long overdue, and more to come; could see Ryan Pace let go as well Shanny is the key for our coaching staff, on the defensive side i'd hope we keep Kocurek. FO wise, is it more Lynch or Peters whos the key? I mean, Lynch has no FO experience, which means the 2nd most important person in our FO would be....Martin Mayhew I really wish we could make Lynch team president & Peters gm
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