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  1. I don't think i've ever seen a DPI flag put back because the ball is uncatchable. Might as well not be a rule anymore.
  2. Rough day for the rookie QB's. Wilson 4 INT's, Fields was sub 50% with a INT, Lawrence also sub 50% with 2 INT. Jones threw 30 passes but only 186 yards. Not sure if that was by design or hes checking down. However, i did see one really pretty throw from him. He looks to be about what i expected, will be a very solid QB i think Even with a rookie class with 5 good prospects, they'll still take their lumps.
  3. Defense did great the first 55 minutes. Huge goal line stop and Lenoir was smart using the sidelines to subtly force Reagor out of bounds so his TD wouldn't count. Bosa, Warner & Ward are cornerstones at each level of defense. Speaking of Lenoir, the Eagles continually tested him all game long and he did great considering how often he was targeted. That 92 yarder hurts but he will get burned from time to time. I found the playcalling uninspiring. I know we were playing it safe at points but running up the middle over and over was so bleh. I have a feeling we're going to sh
  4. First 110 minutes of both games - 20 points total allowed Last 10 minutes of both games - 24 points total allowed
  5. This defense is beastly for the first 55 minutes, but cant do anything the last 5 minutes lol Please continue to be aggressive and spy Hurts
  6. The ref was speaking but he was muted i think and i have no idea what the call was or who gets the ball?
  7. All 4 of our DL got there, what a pass rush! Now lets ice this game with a TD
  8. This was as bad a game as you can expect and we're up by 11 in the 4th Even if you give the Eagles all the expected points they lost - 3 from the blocked FG, 7 from the goal line stand, and we'd still be up 14-13 (assuming nothing else changed)
  9. What an amazing drive. Multiple 3rd down conversions. Slow and methodical. Now its time for the DL to really tee off
  10. If Mitchell didnt get in, just QB sneak it. Ball is at like the 1 inch line
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