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  1. Well the best we can hope for our OL is to at least open up some holes in the run game. Probably going to have scheme up a ton of quick passes, screens & PA's off of that Our DL is going to have to take it up another notch. They have been the engine behind this playoff run. Do they have a little more gas in the tank?
  2. https://theathletic.com/3097655/2022/01/28/nfl-playoff-predictions-unplugged-3-scouts-pick-championship-games-as-doubts-about-the-49ers-remain/ https://theathletic.com/3096969/2022/01/28/nfl-playoff-picks-against-the-spread-and-three-prop-bets-from-sheil-kapadia-for-the-afc-and-nfc-championship-games/
  3. Wasn't Bienemy a RB coach for years? Guys with RB coach backgrounds dont usually progress into HC's i feel. More QB/Passing game oriented league. He also doesn't call plays and has a HOF HC & HOF Talent to work with. And most of Reid's previous OC's have underwhelmed in their other stops.
  4. Their GM also worked for the 49ers FO from 2017-2020 so there's a link there
  5. Wilson & Leftwich >> Baalke & whoever Hackett's resume outside of the last 3 years with Rodgers is uninspiring. That's gota be a move to get Aaron in the fold Eberflus is an interesting hire but the OC is gona be crucial Didn't get the hype on Quinn as a HC. Think he's better as a DC. Good for the Cowboys to keep their staff. Although it feels like Jones is gona go all in for Payton in a year or two
  6. So Fangio interviewed with Baalke to be 49ers HC after Jim Harbaugh was let go in 2014 & interviewed with Baalke to be Jags HC in 2022 He also threw a temper tantrum when John Harbaugh ran a creative run play late in the 4th of a blowout to keep their rushing record of 100+ yard games alive Seems to me that Fangio and the Harbaugh's might have some bad blood?
  7. Where are the Dolphins leaning? Feels like thats the team i've heard about the least with all these HC interviews
  8. With what picks? And why wouldn't the Packers ask for Lance back? And why would they trade him to a conference rival when there are several teams like the Broncos, Steelers & Colts who could all use him, pay top value, and are out of conference
  9. Post from another thread got me thinking. Breaking it down by conference, the QB disparity is insane. AFC's got Mahomes, Allen, Herbert, Burrow & Jackson. Lawrence, Wilson & Jones have potential. Looking at strictly the NFC, how would you rank it? Assuming Brady retires Rodgers, Stafford, Prescott, Wilson, Ryan would be my top 5. Thats solid but a far cry from the AFC's top 5.
  10. He made a lot of progress from start 1 (week 5 at AZ) to start 2 (week 17 vs HOU). He looks poised to take that next step next season.
  11. Feels like the Niners are basically the Rams one season later Rams lost 2018 SB, 49ers lost 2019 SB Rams missed the playoffs in 2019, 49ers missed the playoffs in 2020 Rams make the playoffs in 2020 with QB to be upgraded next season, 49ers make the playoffs in 2021 with QB to be upgraded next offseason Rams offense explodes with talented big arm upgrade at QB in 2021. 49ers to follow in 2022 with Lance?
  12. 2017 was a good year to hire a HC. Shanny, McVay & McDermott are all good hires Even Anthony Lynn helped develop Herbert last year & Marrone made an AFCCG, so they weren't terrible The only outright miss was Vance Joseph Side note, i don't really see anyone of the top 3's caliber this offseason. Maybe our own Demeco Ryans or Mike McDaniel but thats about it. Everyone else is meh
  13. James Bettcher has previous DC experience with the Cards & Giants He was hired as a senior advisor but has moved to coaching LB's in Johnny Holland's absence He'd be an obvious in house candidate. My guess is he was brought in as insurance in case we lost Ryans this year, which is looking like the case... If not, i'd love to get Fangio back
  14. Payton out for the Saints, Brady maybe retiring for the Bucs NFC South could look very different next season
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