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  1. The Travel Thread

    Sure, i'd love to hear more about Argentina.
  2. The Travel Thread

    Where would you guys recommend me to go in Latin America? I'm not visiting any of the other continents until at least 2020 as its a bit more expensive and i want to save up for that. I've already been to Peru and loved it. Costa Rica is cheap (flight-wise) but i'm not really into rainforests. Argentina and Brazil are high on my list but are pretty expensive for flights....not sure if it'll be cheap in the country though. I'm looking for some sights to see, great food, and good nightlife, and something relatively inexpensive. I was thinking Colombia, Mexico (not a resort), or Panama? Any other suggestions? I'll probably go i the summer or fall (latest October)
  3. Minor Niner News Thread

    I wasn't aware we needed a new medical staff as well. Thats good, we've been too banged up for years. I remember many years ago, we always used to be really healthy, then all of a sudden we're one of the most banged up teams every year. Having a healthy squad would do us wonders, Shanny needs to nail that hire.
  4. Minor Niner News Thread

    So we need a DL , DB and Strength & Conditioning coach?
  5. Rams vs Cowboys: Divisional Round

    Agreed, didn't like that. But they got the TD. I'd have considered going for 2 to make it a 16 point game....just to make it that much harder for the Cowboys, if im McVay.
  6. Rams vs Cowboys: Divisional Round

    There was a solid 3 seconds where one of the WR's was uncovered....
  7. Offseason/Coaching Rumors, 2019 Edition

    Seems like the hires were made quite quickly this year. Perhaps i'm wrong, but i could have sworn that in years past, coaches were usually hired beginning after the divisional round. Even with Zac Taylor/Brian Flores who aren't officially hired, the decision seems to have been made rather quickly. I've also noticed most head coaches are receiving 4 year contracts with a 5th year option. Before it always used to be 4,-5 year contracts, i don't remember the option year being a highlight of contracts until this year. We'll see how it looks next year and beyond. I like the Bruce Arians and Vic Fangio hires (i wish the niners hired him instead of Jim Tomsula...). Lots of unknown or lightly experienced offensive hires. I wonder if we'll see the league trend towards defensive coaches in the near future.
  8. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    After seeing the sorry state of kicking around the league, especially Parkey...i hope we re-sign Gould long-term this offseason. If not, definitely apply the franchise tag.
  9. Seahawks always make these crazy catches the last few years, more than any other team i can remember. Great catches by the WR's and great accuracy by Wilson.
  10. Offseason/Coaching Rumors, 2019 Edition

    I'm not an expert and i've been wrong many times before, could be wrong now...but it seems like a relatively weak HC market this year. Arians seems to be the top candidate, but its surprising to me to see guys like Munchak & Gase get looks after their previous terms..
  11. well hopefully we'll stop turning the ball over in 2019
  12. Next year hopefully we'll regress to the mean RE: turnovers, and not be down to our 3rd QB/5th RB. That alone should account for some improvement. However this team has found so many dumb unique ways to lose games the last 2 seasons, who knows. If (when) we lose, what pick # will we be?
  13. The Travel Thread

    In 2018 i did - Vegas, Peru, and Los Cabos (also did Denver on an overnight stopover). I liked Peru the most, Lima has a great nightlife especially. Los Cabos was a resort and got a good deal, i relaxed and enjoyed the great weather but i prefer exploring the local area so i don't think i'm gona do that again. In the future, money & time permitting, i want to do 2 trips a year- 1 in north america, 1 international. 2019- already booked New Orleans. International trips i'm considering - Colombia, Argentina, Brazil (and maybe swing back to Lima for a couple of days), Germany, Prague. If i had to do another trip, i'm considering Nashville, San Diego, or Miami. 2020- probably gona do a big Japan trip. I usually travel with two different groups of friends, one group really likes the new food and party scene, and one really likes sight-seeing. Interesting to travel both ways for sure.
  14. It is utterly indefensible that we haven't had a designed run in like the last 5-6 plays. Not even once? Idiocy
  15. Mullens is taking a beating, i would like to see a few runs to balance out the pressure.