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  1. 2018 Draft Prospects

    For now i have McGlinchey as Leno is playing well but Massie is average (though better this season) and a WR in the 2nd.
  2. 2018 Draft Prospects

    Thanks. And my question wasn't about a need at the position. Im preparing my 3 rounds mock draft and without James i would not take a S for your team among those rounds. My question was about a special player with great physical abilities and football IQ able to help in many areas like coverage on TEs or tackling as an help for your LBs. Sometimes the BPA route is good in the 1st and then taking care of needs later, that was my talk. Thanks for feedback.
  3. 2018 Draft Prospects

    What about Derwin James ? Assuming the Bears would pick at 7 and Darnold, Rosen, Nelson, Fitzpatrick, Barkley and Chubb are gone. For now i hesitate between James and McGlinchey, what do you think guys ?
  4. I watched some of Michigan this season and i cant wait to see Hurst at the Senior Bowl. I mean if he steals the show like Aaron Donald did few years ago he could worth a 10-12 pick which could be the position the team will pick.
  5. Id be okay with Hurst as he is disruptive but Wilkins is too and he is bigger. I really like Vea but i think he is more of a 2 downs players and even if im fine with it in the 1st because he is very good (and BIG), i think his duo with Vanderdoes would not be the most complementary duo, id prefer next to him a DT with more pass rush skills means Wilkins (or Hurst). Taven Bryan, yes, but you wrote it, he is built like a big DE. From that 4 good players, my fav would be Wilkins.
  6. What about Christian Wilkins ? I like Payne but Wilkins would bring more pass rush in.
  7. 2018 Draft Thread I

    I cant agree more and thats why (for a part, because i think the same about Buckner, Armstead and Foster) i wrote than im surprised the team use a 43 and not a 34. But as the reality is a 43 i do not see a pair of Buckner-Thomas. Both are very good but neither are a nose or both need to play next to a run stuffer, except on third down of course..Thats why i do not see a selection of Chubb, even if Armstead is traded, but more of a quick edge rusher. Sure my opinion is only one among others.
  8. Sashi Brown out in Cleveland

    Difference between Chiefs at #10 and Browns at #11 ? But maybe Mahomes is great too ?
  9. 2018 Draft Thread I

    Maybe my typing was deficient ? I know you're not a 34 team and i wrote that. Chubb will be great as a 43 DE but what abot Armstead and Thomas ? Thomas would slide inside ? A DTs pair of Buckner-Thomas ? Not sure it will be the best thing to do...But thanks for your feedback.
  10. 2018 Draft Thread I

    Hi guys, im preparing my next mock draft and i'd like to hear from you about that 1st round selection. Sure i started by reading lots of your comments there but 50 pages, sorry, it would take my whole day. As i wont project trade which would be a perfect scenario i bet, i'd like you to tell me what you think about some possibilities or another id have missed. Thanks. 1- Barkley. Not sure a RB going that high is a smart move. Shany had great success in Atlanta with a 4th and a 3rd rounder. But Barkley can run. Yes. But also has great hands and that could be such a boom for that offense. Plus he has a character similar to their last 1st pick as an humble though highly talented guy, very coachable with work ethic, nice person who'll win over fans and his teammates. 2- Nelson. It seems that guy would fill a great need, maybe the more pressing one ? But talking about the value of a RB that high, what about a guard ? Though he looks like a perennial probowler and i do not underestimate Olineman, even interior ones, as they can have an impact on the whole offense. 3- Sutton. Dont know much about him but from what i saw he looks better than Corey Davis who went #5 last year. I think he could be such a weapon for Jimmy G along Garçon and Taylor. 4- James. I read lots of you writing than a rotation of 3 safeties (Reid, Tartt, Colbert) would satisfy most of you for next year, with Reid agreeing on a new contract, not a big one. But James isn't only a name, a hyped guy. He had a very good season in a disapointing team. Add him next to Buckner, Thomas and Foster and that defense would be very exciting to watch and most effecient which is the goal of course. 5- Fitzpatrick. Personnaly, instead of going after a WR through FA i'll try to sign a CB like Trumaine Johnson but if not, Minkah Fitzpatrick would be a nice asset. He can play middle field, nickel or outside corner. He makes me think of Malcolm Jenkins and if that guy probably wont make you dream he is very very valuable and underrated i think. Fitzpatrick would be a nice pick, even at #3. Did i forget someone you would like ? I like a lot Chubb but to me he is not a good fit. He will be a very nice 43 DE but those spots are filled yet. Im pretty sure Lynch will bring an edge rusher at some point but more of a quick kind of 34 OLB guy, someone like Landry or Okoronkwo on friday or a Lorenzo Carter on saturday. Talking about UGA i like a lot Roquan Smith but as the defense plays a 43 (which i dont understand with Buckner and Thomas probably better in a 34, Foster and Armstead too), i do not see them spending another 1st on a non pass-rusher LB. Foster could play WLB i guess but back to back 1st on that position ? An OT to prepare the post Staley ? Possible but if theres some good ones i do not see any Tyron Smith for now so i guess they'll wait to eventually bring someone to take the veteran's job when he'll retire and i think, like most of you, they'll focus instead on finding a G and a C. Consider it like a poll, you have the draft card in your hand, which name would you write on ? Thanks.
  11. 2018 Draft Thread I

    Very interesting opinion and i watched two Penn St games so thats much less than you. Still, two things to me that would justify a #3 selection : 1- His versatility. That position can be filled with lower picks thats for sure and especially with this great class but watching how Shany used his RBs in Atlanta and seeing how well Barkley can catch passes, i think it could be such a boom for the offense. 2- His character. Sure i dont know him personnaly but from what i read he is such a nice person who'll win the locker room, be a nice face for the franchise and such a coachable/work ethic guy/highly talented but humble person. I think Lynch selected Solomon Thomas for his performances on the field but also his character and so i guess he would like to have another one in Barkley.
  12. 2018 Draft Thread I

    What about Courtland Sutton ?
  13. ThanksGiving Mock. 3 Rounds.

    I thought it were possible but it was thanksgiving. More and more i think he is a 1st round pick and perhaps a high one...Unlikely he'll be available for the Jags unless lots of teams are scared by his off field issues but i doubt about it.
  14. John Dorsey named GM

    I thought his plan was to have assets in the draft of his choice. Comparing 2018 class and 2017 one i think : RBs, better in 2018. QBs, better in 2018. Oline, better in 2018. Safety, better in 2018. DTs, better in 2018. WRs, better in 2018. Having 5 picks in the top 60 was his plan, i think. And that was a nice plan to me.
  15. John Dorsey named GM

    So we'd better pass. Free to be signed ? Why not. Buying him with a pick, no.