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  1. FA Frenzy Mock Draft

    That was my second scenario. Trading-up in the 1st, late 20 to take McGlinchey. Shon Coleman as the LT ? Well...Not sure about it. And as you said Kolton Miller was yet a late 1st round pick so is it surprising to think he'd worth a higher pick after watching how athletic he is at the combine ? I mean we are not talking about a Desmond Harrison coming from nowhere and stealing the show but about a tackle who yet had a nice season from the moment he switched to left side. Good tapes, athletic traits. Coach him and let him add some weight and you could have a decent LT (at least) for years..
  2. Dolphins expected to cut Mike Pouncey

    Josh Sitton in
  3. AJ McCarron signs with the bills

    And i agree. But we cant ignore the positionnal value ! An average OT > above average WR/CB or whatever except QB and pass rusher. Maybe plan is to play TT all year ? And so take a LT next year when the team will put the rookie (soph then) under center..
  4. AJ McCarron signs with the bills

    Im talking about the draft, not the FA of course (nobody !)...Trading down from the #4 (Bills #12 or Dolphins #11) or like last year, trading-up to the 1st (Williams, McGlinchey).
  5. AJ McCarron signs with the bills

    OH ! Still think an OT is a need ! Hubbard on the right, okay. But Coleman on the left ? Tell me more please, i am missing something ?
  6. AJ McCarron signs with the bills

    I think Joe Thomas retirement could have a domino's effect for you. I think the Colts were yet a potential trading partner for you, now you can add the Browns and their #4. They can't go with Stephenson as their LT so they probably be interested in a trading down to select Kolton Miller (or McGlinchey if Dorsey prefers)..
  7. Seahawks sign Barkevious Mingo

    And there is talk about another GREAT player of that draft : DJ.Fluker !
  8. FA Frenzy Mock Draft

    Not about Darnold, just to call you lol Do the Joe Thomas retirement means bye bye Saquon ? Like trading out of the #4 to the Dolphins or Bills and select Kolton Miller ? Do that mean another draft with 3 1st rounders with a package to going back in the 1st and select McGlinchey or Williams ? We cant go with Stephenson as the LT right ? What you think..
  9. FA Frenzy Mock Draft

    I prefer Darnold. But "i" worths nothing. I think Dorsey will like a big armed QB, he liked Mahomes. TT will play and Allen will have time to cut on his mistakes with accuracy. Who was the best QB in Mobile ? Who was the best QB in Indy ? Do production in college matters ? If yes so Mason Rudolph will fight with Mayfield for the #1
  10. FA Frenzy Mock Draft

    He was the best QB at the Senior Bowl and the best QB at the combine. Not so obvious to me. Not saying i am right but "obvious", euh no..
  11. FA Frenzy Mock Draft

    Thanks for the link. And about "my" compensation in this mock, i know the chart is a basis for negociation. A team can ask for more or agree for less.
  12. FA Frenzy Mock Draft

    I disagree. Ramsey and Bouye on the outside but the team need a slot CB with Colvin going to Houston. But no Jaire Alexander (and maybe the offensive guy you ask for) as DJ.Hayden is coming to take that role.
  13. FA Frenzy Mock Draft

    Exactly ! I should have waited a bit longer...Same for the Jags taking Hayden to be their slot CB (so the selection of Jaire Alexander...)...
  14. FA Frenzy Mock Draft

    Of course. I bet he'll be fine like Lotulelei few years ago.
  15. FA Frenzy Mock Draft

    Just hope we agree than Fitzpatrick IS a corner NOT a safety