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  1. Im fine with the Raiders trade back and selection of Ferrell but please i would prefer 1000x Lawrence than Jacobs with the #24
  2. Let's go CRAZY with multiple trades

    why ? we need a DE and Ferrell is good enough dont you think ? Ferrell, to me, comes after Bosa, Allen, Sweat and Gary. right. But he is way better than the next class of Ferguson, Z.Allen and else..
  3. Let's go CRAZY with multiple trades

    and you think : taking a G because Seumalo is not top and Brooks will come back from injury ? Or a tackle to play a swing role + injury insurance 2019 + replacement of Peters in 2020 ?
  4. Let's go CRAZY with multiple trades

    and i like your thought. to discuss a bit more, i do not think Lindstrom would be a reach. Reading mocks yes because he is rarely that high but i think he is better than Ragnow who were a 1st round pick. I dont remember when but Zimmer said he wants to run the football better or maybe it was Kubiak ? But 30th in yards per game for sure you need to improve your ground game and i don't think than there is a better lineman for the run game in this draft than Lindstrom . Sure Dillard is good and LT has more value as a position.
  5. Let's go CRAZY with multiple trades

    Not my opinion but..
  6. Let's go CRAZY with multiple trades

    you right, i think lots of fans around the country would like to have a GM like him who is a magician, always working the cap, making moves in FA or the draft. I made a lot in that mock but not with the Eagles though it is very possible..
  7. Let's go CRAZY with multiple trades

    like i did in my other mock (no trade)..
  8. Let's go CRAZY with multiple trades

    works for me (Baker). Metcalf was the pick because of the opportunity. I did hesitate with Abram though, im okay for a CB as a need but a safety like Abram would be nice too in Spags' system.
  9. 1st Mock, 1st Round, no trade

    i know about injuries and i wrote about it but also a safety with coverage skills is a need to me. Not a pressing one okay as McLeod will be there one more year (at least) but a need. Who would u prefer at this spot ?
  10. 1st Mock, 1st Round, no trade

    Not me. I like CGJ, he played S during two seasons and CB last year so he is versatile. I think he tends to look for the big plays too much but that is not a big weakness, he get caught sometimes because of it and that mindset also allows him to make INTs. But i think Adderley is better, not by a large margin but better and of course that's my opinion not an affirmation. And Adderley is an Eagles' fan as he is from Philly. Sure his birth place isn't why they should take him, just a fun fact i add.
  11. Let's go CRAZY with multiple trades

    Okay. I thought OG more a pressing need than OT and i really like Lindstrom so that had an influence on me. Reiff to OG ? I didn't think about that. Do you think he can ? NOt later than last week i read an interesting post on sbnation from Geoff Schwartz about OT switching to guard or changing side. A nice read paper if you look for it. JOnah Williams is very good and he has experience on both sides of the line. Bradbury is my #22 so you can guess i think he would be legit at 18.
  12. Let's go CRAZY with multiple trades

    i totally respect your quote. Also, BB wasn't a guy to take a running-back in the 1st, he did. New coach so maybe change of an habit is possible ? Of course i don't know if Taylor likes Haskins but i know he likes to work with quarterback so if he likes him who knows ?
  13. Let's go CRAZY with multiple trades

    i know. i didn't change some picks from the previous one. Multiple trades and i didn't make one with your Falcons, sorry Still, i remember your words about Dimitroff going for needs and Lawrence would fill "lack of size" and "bad run defense" (25th).
  14. 1 Arizona Cardinals : Nick Bosa DE Ohio State It was a smokescreen ! Bosa will help that defense while learning from Chandler Jones et Terell Suggs. 2 San Francisco 49ers : Quinnen Williams DT Alabama Tremendous duo inside with Buckner while Dee Ford improve the pass rush from the edge. 3 New York Jets : Josh Allen OLB Kentucky No more choice but great fit for their 34. 4 Washington Redskins : Kyler Murray QB Oklahoma Trade in two steps : Redskins receive #4. Raiders receive #8 + #75 + Redskins 2nd round 2020. Lions receive #15 + #46. Snyder isn't shy away to make a splash move so this is it. 5 Cincinnati Bengals : Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio St TB receive #11 + #42 + 2nd round 2020. The Giants aren't interested in Haskins ! That strategy didn't work as a team jump ahead despite the rumor they made. 6 New York Giants : Devin White ILB LSU Gettleman saw Kuechly voted defensive player of the year. White is probably not Luke but the best LB they'd have since years. 7 Carolina Panthers : Montez Sweat DE Miss St Jaguars receive #16 + #47 + #100 The Panthers need a pass rusher so go get Sweat before the Raiders. 8 Oakland Raiders from Redskins from Lions : Ed Oliver DT Houston Jon Gruden can gamble on talent over character. 9 Buffalo Bills : T.J. Hockenson TE Iowa The Bills did add receivers in FA and they keep feeding Allen with the best TE of that class. 10 Denver Broncos : Christian Wilkins DT Clemson Vic Fangio is ecstatic adding Christian Wilkins to Von Miller and Bradley Chubb. 11 Tampa Bay Buccaneers from Bengals : Brian Burns DE Florida St Great fit for their 34. 12 Green Bay Packers : Rashan Gary DE Michigan They wanted to in 2018 with Wilkerson but it failed because of injury. Daniels will certainly be a keeper but a FA in 2020 and as for 2019 a trio with him, Clark and Gary + the two Smithes would improve the pass rush and also a run defense which took almost 2000 yards on the ground. 13 Miami Dolphins : Jawaan Taylor OT Florida James to the Colorado, they prepare the line for their 2020 QB. 14 Atlanta Falcons : Dexter Lawrence DT Clemson 25th run defense in 2018. Add Lawrence to former tiger Jarrett to ease things for their LBs. 15 Detroit Lions from Redskins : Devin Bush LB Michigan Speedy linebacker to complement Jarrad Davis. 16 Oakland Raiders from Jaguars from Panthers : Clelin Ferrell DE Clemson Jaguars receive #24 + #35. Mike Mayock active again. He said than sometimes you have to pay a bit more than what the chart says. To take a DE like Ferrell it certainly worths to loose on the 2nd round pick, especially now they did add a 3rd rounder from the Redskins. 17 New York Giants from Cleveland : Daniel Jones QB Duke The Giants finnaly get their QB of the future with the blue devil who impressed them at his proday. 18 Minnesota Vikings : Chris Lindstrom G Boston College O'Neill started 11 games and didn't concede any sack so they can let him play there and help him with a solid RG. 19 Tennessee Titans : Cody Ford G Oklahoma They like to smash your mouth with Derrick Henry and Ford is a monster of a man to run behind. 20 Pittsburgh Steelers : Byron Murphy CB Washington 8 INTs, eight ! Definitely not enough and Murphy with his ball skills would help. 21 Seattle Seahawks : Jonah Williams OT Alabama Ifedi and his 19 sacks allowed in 3 years isn't a viable solution to protect Wilson. 22 Baltimore Ravens : Garrett Bradbury C NC State Despite Lamar playing only half a season, they ran more than any team since the Texans in 2014. So what about a center who worth a 1st round pick thanks to his great technique ? And run the football again. 23 Houston Texans : Andre Dillard OT Washington Steal. Best pass protector among tackles. Williams and Taylor selected before him because of their proven abilities to play on the right side, Dillard never did. Both Williams and Taylor look better contributor in the run game but we can't blame Dillard because he has no choice than to play in a pass happy system : an average of 51 pass plays for 22 runs with wazzou. 24 Jacksonville Jaguars from Raiders from Chicago : Noah Fant TE Iowa Nick Foles would have a weapon to use the same way he used Ertz. 25 Philadelphia Eagles : Nasir Adderley S Delaware 12 defensive backs played at least 100 snaps for them in 2018 ! Injury was an issue but can't be the only reason why they were 30th in pass defense with 4308 yards. They have young corners though but could add a safety with abilities in coverage. 26 Indianapolis Colts : Jeffery Simmons DT Miss St Ballard chooses to wait one year and get rewarded later with that pick. 27 Oakland Raiders from Dallas : Greedy Williams CB LSU Brand new D for the Raiders with Oliver + Ferrell + Greedy ! Mayock did NOT mess up the draft. 28 Los Angeles Chargers : Dalton Risner OT Kansas State The right side of the Oline is weak and both Rivers and Gordon are happy with that selection. 29 Kansas City Chiefs : DK Metcalf WR Ole Miss Metcalf and Tyreek Hill, Mahomes will let his arm fly. 30 Green Bay Packers from New Orleans : Johnathan Abram S Miss St Mike Pettine likes to use several DBs in his agressive system, Abram has the speed and the tackling tools to be one of his fav. 31 Los Angeles Rams : DeAndre Baker CB Georgia Talib is 33, Peters younger but both will hit the FA next off season. 32 New England Patriots : Marquise Brown WR Oklahoma They do have needs at the position and the Hollywood native (florida) is not only a speedy guy, he runs routes too in various alignments.