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  1. Flores made that team win 5 games, FA to come and 5 picks in the first 60, i think we can bet the Dolphins could win at least 4-5 games in 20. How do they take Lawrence in 21 ? First i doubt a team will accept a mega package for the #1 as Lawrence is special or tell me it will be a team like the Seahawks or the Ravens with theirs QBs out in 20 for injury and having a massive crash in 20. If not, no team will trade the right for Trevor Lawrence, even for 3 1st Rd picks. So Fields ? In 20, Redskins, Lions and Giants pick before the Dolphins, 3 teams with no need of a QB so willing to accept
  2. i thought the HEADLINE and the Make sure to have read the headline of that mock. in BIG and BOLD was enough. But it seems i was wrong...
  3. i thought the HEADLINE and the Make sure to have read the headline of that mock. in BIG and BOLD was enough. But it seems i was wrong
  4. Make sure to have read the headline of that mock. 1. Bengals : Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon Herbert has a very strong arm and that is the way to use John Ross' 4.22 speed. Period. 2. Giants : AJ Epenesa, DE, Iowa Dave Gettleman has an huge history of drafting big linemen on D. At 6'6 280, Andrew Jared fits the bill. 3. Dolphins : Jonathan Taylor, RB, Wisconsin The Phins start their tank for Lawrence here and to give something to fans on offense they add a special runner. 4. Redskins : Joe Burrow, QB, LSU That would not be dumb as Burrow is good but a year after se
  5. I would not be mad at all for the Raiders. Ruggs is a difference maker and Herbert would be great. But the D have to be the main focus. Plenty of WRs in that class so with 3 3rd round picks the team can find one there (or with the #18 as i doubt herbert'd be available that late). Simmons would be the pick to me as 1- Weakest unit of the team is LB 2- the Raiders face twice a year Travis Kelce, Hunter Henry and Noah Fant. #1 strength of Simmons is covering TEs. Not to mention Mike Mayock has a crush for Clemson's guys (and he's right).
  6. I think Jeudy will be the first WR drafted. The chemistry between Lamb and Murray could be a factor, that was the thought. I saw Wirfs play LT and RT with Iowa so who knows ? He looks like more of a RT though, you right.
  7. Spectacular play but 1 minute and some before halftime, versus Georgia, less spectacular but showing is pro potential : look to the right. No. Look to the left. No. Still cool in the pocket and zip to the RB : 1st down. That guy ins't a one-read thrower, he can read D and delivers what the D gives. That play can't be the moment of his season but something to show scouts than his game can translate to the pros.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I was wondering...Bad run D, Robinson + Daniels being FAs : so what about Derrick Brown ?
  9. Crazy ? That is a discussion right ? I mean, you know that team better than me. Okay with that. Others needs ? yes, i agree. But crazy ? 1st i do not talk about taking a RB but a special one. Then i talk about the 5th team in the league in rushing yards. And, in that run-oriented offense Frank Gore is the one with the most rushing attempts. So, yes Singletary is fine and probably than a mid round pick (3-4) would be enough to pair with him. The reflection was on a team which likes so much to run and Gore probably out next year, only Singletary won't be enough so in a class with that much talen
  10. My bad for Von Miller, don't know why i was sure he would be FA at the end of that season. You right, he'll still be under contract. About Simmons, i saw Johnson playing well and happy for that guy who i once liked with UT and then not that much. Simmons is a different kind of animal with his cover skills and as i mentionned your division is full of efficient TEs. An LT would make sense, Bolles well...But will they give up on him yet ? But possible, okay.
  11. Dye would be a nice pick, yes. If not that class is loaded with good players to take in the 3rd or 4th : Fisher, Weaver, Woodward, Rice, Brooks, Phillips etc This year, unless you take Simmons or bet on Moses' recovery, teams better wait to take a LB later. imo.
  12. i understand though Kindley is way better than the best RT left on the board. Cordy Glenn or Jonah Williams will play on right side (the other on the left), right ?
  13. I usually agree on this but not this year. that class is special and those guys will have an impact for at least 4 years in the league and thats not few and worth a selection high. imho
  14. yes, it is your opinion and i have a different one on him. I always like to share opinions so you welcome.
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