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  1. Mock Draft 2020 2.0 / Second and Third rounds

    we are very (very very) early in the process and that ranking is based after week 3. Not sure they will pick at 23 ! and of course they won't draft a QB if the Titans go to the POs. About Biadascz, the pick was about that huge total of sacks allowed through 3 weeks of football, that center being (by far) the best Oline available at that point in the mock.
  2. Mock Draft 2020 2.0 / Second and Third rounds

    I understand and that kind of moves would be smart : building the team with elite players at important positions, not throwing Tua into a bad situation, wanting Trevor who is better etc But. But Miami could have all the ammonitions you want in 2021, if another team than MIA own the #1 and want Trevor and not your house, you dead. If Trevor hurts his knees in the 2020 season, you dead. Lawrence is probably better than Tagovailoa but Tua looks good enough to build a franchise around so if the team is in position to take him, i think it would be a huge mistake to pass.
  3. Mock Draft 2020 2.0 / Second and Third rounds

    We discuss it yet with the 1st round mock. That pick is assuming Harris will receive offers. What about your cap-space ? That was the thing about the pick.
  4. Mock Draft 2020 2.0

  5. Mock Draft 2020 2.0 / Second and Third rounds

    For now i do not know who will be the 4th OT to worth a 1st round pick but you right, there is often more than three. About Weaver i think he would be great in Wade's D in a division with two teams running a lot (SEA and SF). Jonathan Taylor is special, not at Saquon level but special. Gurley, i loved him at Georgia and it is painful to see him now, i dont know if he is done but..
  6. Mock Draft 2020 2.0 / Second and Third rounds

    wow that is a feedback! i like it, thanks. Chase Young. A stud, i agree. I think the Dolphins go with Tua, then Young could be the Jets' pick right but the reasoning is they have a young franchise QB and Andrew Thomas would be great. Then, Young to the Dolphins i agree but to pair Tua and Jeudy was tempting, thats it. Fromm lacks elite traits but as i wrote it " but he plays smart. Very few mistakes. Underrated who beat both Jacob Eason and Justin Fields. " I love Higgings but Shenault is great too. Considering that kind of offense in Az, Laviska would be a perfect fit with his versatility. A much better fit than any other WR. Wirfs looks like the real deal + he shows he can play on both sides. We always assume avery OT can but him we know he can. I saw Okwara playing very well versus Georgia despite no major stats like he did versus Virginia. To me he is a 1st round pick. We can have different opinion. Joe Burrow. I wrote " it is all about hype here as Burrow didn't look the part in 2018. But through 4 games in 2019 etc" so im aware of this. Biadasz too low. I agree, he worths a top 15 pick. But check this ranking used for the mock : Falcons (Mack), Saints (McCoy), Bucs (Jensen and his big new contract), Raiders (Hudson), Chargers (Pouncey), Seahawks with other pressing needs, Jaguars could be a great fit but with a WR like Lamb i thought etc...Thats why. McKinney. Waynes out, possible. But with Rhodes and Hughes yet. Harris is FA and that was my quote on this pick, to replace a good safety who will have offers. I have a high opinion on Trey Smith, higher than you it seems. Plus he can play LG next to Staley before to take his job in the future. Okudah looks better and better with weeks of competition, once again versus Nebraska. We are very early in this process so some will see their stock rise or down. The Cowboys will see 3 DTs becoming FAs : Collins, Convington and Woods. Kinlaw is having a very good 1st third of season. The argument for Dylan Moses wasn't to add some depth but to replace a FA : Trevathan. Trey Adams is a mountain but two major injuries, i think that will make him drop. Then lots of guys, like Okudah, who will see stocks rise or down : Harrison, Bachie, Dobbins etc we'll see. And you right about Woodward, i know him and he is good. For now i put Weaver, Fisher and Landman first but.. you welcome with such quote as my reply is not a try to tell you "no i am right" but to discuss and share opinions and i like that!
  7. Mock Draft 2020 2.0

    did you read the intro ? i wrote it in bold though..
  8. Mock Draft 2020 2.0 / Second and Third rounds

    I agree. Probably a bigger need at RT so. But about way to do things, i remember people saying "BB do not draft a RB on the 1st", he did. "BB do not draft a WR in the first", he did. Im sure your team too can change habits.
  9. Mock Draft 2020 2.0 / Second and Third rounds

    I know Sutton went to SMU. Is it the back to back TCU alumn which made you wonder ? Check the pick before : Niang then Reagor : back to back TCU alumn
  10. Mock Draft 2020 2.0 / Second and Third rounds

    okay i understand. Jeff Gladney is a good CB, not a great one (3rd round in this mock) but a potential starter. He'll have to bulk some but has yet very good skills. Your D is weak so adding a pass rusher (Okwara) and a CB would be helpful.
  11. Mock Draft 2020 2.0 / Second and Third rounds

    Right. But what about the D ? That D need some help too. And, sure it is a mock draft so we talk about the draft but...With that large cap-space what about signing Schreff in FA ? Dieter looks like a starter at LG and as, in this scenario, the team draft a RT, im not sure doing a total rookie on the right side would be good for a rookie QB (or any QB).
  12. Ranking after week 3. No playoffs projections. Only how teams are ranked for now. Tie : point differential. 1st round : https://forums.footballsfuture.com/topic/21716-mock-draft-2020-20/ 1st round recap 1- Dolphins : Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama 2- Jets : Andrew Thomas, OT, Georgia 3- Dolphins (Steelers) : Jerry Jeudy, WR, Alabama 4- Giants : Chase Young, DE, Ohio State 5- Raiders : Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon 6- Bengals : Jake Fromm, QB, Georgia 7- Cardinals : Laviska Shenault, WR, Colorado 8- Broncos : Grant Delpit, S, LSU 9- Browns : Tristan Wirfs, OT, Iowa 10- Redskins : Isaiah Simmons, LB, Clemson 11- Falcons : Derrick Brown, DT, Auburn 12- Saints : Bryce Hall, CB, Virginia 13- Buccaneers : Yetur Gross-Matos, DE, Penn State 14- Oakland (Chicago) : Tee Higgins, WR, Clemson 15- Chargers : Jonathan Taylor, RB, Wisconsin 16- Seahawks : CJ Henderson, CB, Florida 17- Eagles : Raekwon Davis, DT, Alabama 18- Jaguars : CeeDee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma 19- Colts : AJ Epenesa, DE, Iowa 20- Dolphins (Texans) : Julian Okwara, OLB, Notre Dame 21- Lions : Henry Ruggs, WR, Alabama 22- Panthers : Joe Burrow, QB, LSU 23- Titans : Tyler Biadasz, C, Wisconsin 24- Bills : Kenny Willekes, DE, Michigan State 25- Packers : Tylan Wallace, WR, OKH State 26- Rams : Evan Weaver, LB, Cal 27- Vikings : Xavier McKinney, S, Alabama 28- Chiefs : Travis Etienne, RB, Clemson 29- 49ers : Trey Smith, OT, Tennessee 30- Ravens : Jeffrey Okudah, CB, Ohio State 31- Cowboys : Javon Kinlaw, DT, South Carolina 32- Patriots : Albert Okwuegbunam, TE, Missouri 33- Dolphins : Calvin Throckmorton, OT, Oregon Right tackle to protect Tua's blindside. 34- Jets : Kristian Fulton, CB, LSU Sam Darnold would like a receiver but the D need some upgrade. 35- Steelers : Curtis Weaver, OLB, Boise State Bud Dupree will be FA after the season so this is a partner for TJ Watt. 36- Giants : Chase Claypool, WR, Notre Dame A RT would help, a receiver for Daniel Jones too. 37- Bears (Raiders) : Dylan Moses, LB, Alabama With Trevathan being FA, they take a flyer on Moses and his recovery. 38- Bengals : Paddy Fisher, LB, Northwestern Very bad run defense. Enter Fisher and his tackling abilities. 39- Cardinals : Lucas Niang, OT, TCU Kyler Murray is mobile but. 40- Broncos : Jalen Reagor, WR, TCU Back to back TCU alumn. Reagor has speed to complement Sutton (Sanders will be FA). 41- Browns : JR Reed, S, Georgia Randall will be FA and Reed is a playmaker in the secondary. 42- Colts (Redskins) : Marvin Wilson, DT, Florida St Still assuming Brissett is the man. Wilson is big and disruptive inside. 43- Falcons : Brandon Jones, S, Texas Keanu Neal struggles to stay healthy. 44- Dolphins (Saints) : D'Andre Swift, RB, Georgia They would be lucky to find such a back that late : Tua + Jeudy + Swift, not a bad way to rebuild. 45- Buccaneers : Prince Tega Wanogho, OT, Auburn Dotson will be FA and they'd better find another guy to protect Winston (assuming he'll get a new contract). 46- Bears : Jacob Breeland, TE, Oregon Should they take a QB ? Probably. Will they Do ? No. 47- Chargers : Jordan Love, QB, Utah State Time to prepare the future. Unless you think Stick is. 48- Seahawks : Trey Adams, OT, Washington Health issues makes him drop. Seahawks' staff certainly have some ties with UDubb to know if he will be okay or not. They finally get rid of Ifedi! 49- Eagles : Paulson Adebo, CB, Stanford Position of need for the birds. 50- Jaguars : Nick Coe, DE, Auburn Assuming Ramsey stay with a new contract. So no money left for Ngakoue. Campbell will be FA in 2021. 51- Colts : Tyler Johnson, WR, Minnesota A WR to replace Funchess who's playing on a 1 year deal. 52- Texans : Trevon Diggs, CB, Alabama They bet on the development of their young Olinemen. Joseph is old and will be FA. 53- Lions : Shane Lemieux, G, Oregon Both Glasgow and Wiggins will be FAs. Lemieux is an unsung hero with Oregon both in pass pro and run game. 54- Panthers : Rashard Lawrence, DT, LSU McCoy, Butler and Love. All FAs in 2020. Lawrence could shine in their 34 base D. 55- Titans : Jacob Eason, QB, Washington Time to move on from Mariota. 56- Bills : Antonio Gandy-Golden, WR, Liberty Tall receiver who could rise on many boards despite playing at Liberty. 57- Packers : Mekhi Becton, OT, Louisville Bryan Bulaga is almost done, he will be at the end of this season. 58- Rams : Creed Humphrey, C, Oklahoma Keep building on the Oline when you have a young and pricy QB. 59- Vikings : Jabari Zuniga, DE, Florida They have their starters but nobody in depth (Weatherly will be FA). 60- Chiefs : AJ Terrell, CB, Clemson Cornerback with size and skills. 61- Seahawks (Chiefs/49ers) : Neville Gallimore, DT, Oklahoma They need to sign Reed long term but if they fail... 62- Ravens : Terrell Lewis, OLB, Alabama Tim Williams is making no impact since his draft. They try with another Tide. 63- Cowboys : Devin Duvernay, WR, Texas They won't have money to give to Cooper, Cobb, Austin not to mention Byron Jones. Especially after Dak's one. 64- Patriots : Ashtyn Davis, S, California A young safety to add to an aging unit. 65- Dolphins : Jeff Gladney, CB, TCU 66- Jets : Collin Johnson, WR, Texas 67- Broncos (Steelers) : Solomon Kindley, G, Georgia 68- Giants : Cole Van Lanen, OT, Wisconsin 69- Raiders : Kenneth Murray, LB, Oklahoma 70- Bengals : Alex Leatherwood, OL, Alabama 71- Cardinals : Bradley Anae, OLB, Utah 72- Broncos : Nate Landman, LB, Colorado 73- Browns : Colby Parkinson, TE, Stanford 74- Redskins : Joe Bachie, LB, Michigan State 75- Falcons : Khalid Kareem, DE, Notre Dame 76- Saints : AJ Dillon, RB, Boston College 77- Buccaneers : Cam Akers, RB, Florida State 78- Raiders (Bears) : Justin Madubuike, DT, Texas A&M 79- Chargers : Alaric Jackson, OT, Iowa 80- Texans (Seahawks) : Anfernee Jennings, OLB, Alabama 81- Eagles : Alohi Gilman, S, Notre Dame 82- Jaguars : Richard LeCounte, S, Georgia 83- Colts : Tommy Kraemer, G, Notre Dame 84- Browns (Texans) : Daryl Williams, C, Mississippi State 85- Lions : Leki Fotu, DT, Utah 86- Panthers : Ben Bredeson, G, Michigan 87- Titans : Essang Bassey, CB, Wake Forest 88- Bills : Devonta Smith, WR, Alabama 89- Packers : Matt Bushman, TE, BYU 90- Rams : JK Dobbins, RB, Ohio State 91- Vikings : Kevin Jarvis, G, Michigan State 92- Chiefs : Troy Dye, LB, Oregon 93- 49ers : Hamsah Nasirildeen, S, Florida State 94- Ravens : Jacob Phillips, LB, LSU 95- Cowboys : Malik Harrison, LB, Ohio State 96- Patriots : Yasir Durant, OT, Missouri
  13. Scalamania's first 2020 Mock Draft (2 rounds)

    Never understood that arm length issue with Jonah Williams ? His arms are longer than Andre Dillard's ones though nobody talked about such an issue with Dillard.
  14. Mock Draft 2020 2.0

    Shaq Lawson will be FA. Injury prone, even if hes playing now and pretty well. Do they sign him ? No disrespect for that offense but the D is your strength.
  15. Mock Draft 2020 2.0

    I like your scenario. The class is deep at WR, they can find one in R2/R3. About Jerry Jeudy theres also that chemistry which was a factor to me. Okay it won't be same level, won't be same offense etc But Tua knows where Jeudy likes his balls. Jerry knows how/when/where Tagovailoa throw his balls. So, two studs and two studs who know each other well. But Tua + Chase Young, yes, i agree.