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  1. Are Sacks overrated?

    A sack is the goal, so they should be valued more than pressures/hits... but like others have said you need to account for the entire picture. the better you are as a pass rusher; the faster you get to the QB. that can be the difference between a hurry or a sack, and all of this happens within 3-4 secs
  2. Lawrence Taylor. I don't even know where he'd play, just get him on my team.
  3. All Time Offense?

    RB: Walter Payton QB: Joe Montana WR: Jerry Rice TE: Kellen Winslow OT: Anthony Munoz/Jonathan Ogden OG: Larry Allen/John Hannah C: Dwight Stephenson
  4. Why/How Do NFL Athletes "Lose a Step"?

    Rate of misregulation during mitosis increases as we age. Leads to decreased tissue renewal and repair.
  5. Better Peak Larry Fitzgerald V Sterling Sharpe

    That SB season wasn't dominant?
  6. Best Group In Football

    Rams DL People seem to have forgotten just how dominant Suh is. Maybe it's because he was playing in MIA, idk... but him paired up with Donald is going to be a problem. Those 2 are maybe the top game wreckers in pro football. Brockers is no slouch either.
  7. Best Average Prime Year: T.O Versus Antonio Brown

    Didn't matter what team or QB he was playing with, Owens dominated the league from around 2000-2007. His YAC ability was Jerry Rice on steroids, and while he wasn't quite Randy Moss as a deep threat (no one is) he was still a terror on the 9. This is a good argument for FF purposes, but in terms of real football it's Owens. He was unstoppable.
  8. They're also moving away from 12/13 personnel packages and towards the 10 package, which by default will give Elliott more space to operate. Also, Bryant and Witten didn't threaten any defense vertically. You could actually compress the box and play underneath knowing they weren't getting over the top of anyone. It will be interesting to see how Dallas' offense evolves this year, but they obviously committed to becoming faster and more explosive on the perimeter. Not sure how that equates to "completely focusing on Elliott without concern".
  9. Pats/Steelers Packers/Cowboys
  10. Philadelphia Eagles: Dynasty In The Making?

    Roseman isn't a wizard, he's simply choosing to max out his salary cap credit card. That type of cap management has been used before, but you're gambling on players maintaining their level of play or risk an excessive amount of dead money piling up. Depending on FA to build your roster is nice, but it's not a sustainable recipe. Dynasties are built through multiple years of excellent drafting. Roseman doesn't exactly have a great resume as a draft evaluator.
  11. Most underrated player on your team

    Sean Lee Feel like his injury history is the only thing that kept him from having a HOF career. When he's on the field he's one of the best defensive playmakers in the league, other-worldly instincts.
  12. Jason Witten planning on retiring

    He's 4th All-Time in catches in NFL history only behind Rice, Gonzalez and Fitzgerald. And he was arguably a better blocker than receiver. How is this a question?
  13. Saquon Barkley vs. Ezekiel Elliott

    Well, that same team went 4-12 the year before he arrived... and had the worst 3-week span of offensive production in franchise history when he was suspended in 2017. Seems to be odd parameters in place to stake the "benefactor of surrounding talent" argument. (this is where you admit he's a special talent)
  14. Saquon Barkley vs. Ezekiel Elliott

    Flashier highlights... okay... lol. Throwing Pumphrey's name into this conversation is odd... there's a difference between the competition he faced and Zeke putting up 230 against Alabama in the CFP en route to a championship. Numbers aren't everything, but understanding where those numbers came from is quite significant. Context matters, and Elliott was a monster on the biggest stages against the best competition. Barkley never had those moments.. his best games this year came against who? Akron? Georgia State? Iowa? He was neutralized against teams like Indiana, Northwestern, Maryland and Rutgers this year... MSU and OSU completely shut him down. That's half the season. You are severely underrating RB-specific traits like vision, decisiveness, patience and contact balance. Those are the reasons Elliott is consistently productive, and why he led the NFL in rushing by more than 300 yards as a rookie. Barkley may be 230lbs, but he doesn't run behind his pads like that size would lead you to believe. Dancing around and bouncing runs outside may work in college (and get you some "ridiculous highlights") but he'll find out very quickly its a different story in the NFL.
  15. Saquon Barkley vs. Ezekiel Elliott

    Elliott's career at OSU >>>> Barkley's career at PSU... it's really not even debatable. Barkley did have better testing numbers at the combine though, so I guess if you place more weight in workouts you could say that.