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  1. Fine, but Baker gets him every second weekend.
  2. It's happened boys. Speeeeeeed
  3. Edit edit: I can't internet apparently.
  4. The Eagles drafted a 27 year-old guard in the first round a few years ago.
  5. He'll never be thrown one if they don't address their OL.
  6. The injuries appear varied. Nothing concussive, nerve or spine related, which is a bonus. Unless you've got 3 ironmen tied down to long term contracts, CB will always be a great value pick in the first round.
  7. What if the radio guys are listening to it on the radio?
  8. Hill is the Nickle. We need a lot of depth. Would love to trade for Gilmore to really turn our group into a strength.
  9. Swap with the Ravens for a 6th?
  10. They spent a first round pick on a rb. It's a win.
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