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  1. And fiercely proud of it. If we could luck into Cade, then that would put Garland sool. Still prefer this to a LBJ ran team. Let the Browns carry the city and let the Cavs take there time to build something.
  2. Yes. Ward/Lattimore/Williams/FA/Mitchell/Draft. This would cost us a bit of cap space, a third and a late rounder. If we don't resign Lattimore, then the following year we'll still have Ward/Williams/Draft pick to start with at least. That and a future comp pick for losing Lattimore. So we still have plenty of draft capital to find a way of covering TEs and finding a deep threat.
  3. This would only hold weight if you needed one CB. No one is expecting pro bowlers on every level. Our secondary (outside of Denzel) was abused on a weekly basis. Even if Greedy recovers we need two starting quality CBs. Lattimore for a third would be a no-brainer. Signing a vet in F/A could fill in the fourth.
  4. If he plays well and stays healthy, then he'd hold more value than Denzel. From Cleveland. Hometown discount? Worth a third even if he'd only stay a year.
  5. Best way of defending the run is having a consistent, explosive offence. Our defence just needs to force turnovers, which an explosive offence makes more likely. I'd prioritize coverage over pass rush for our team. Especially due to already having Myles. Obviously we still need help on the DL, but it shouldn't take a lot of investment to get solid players around Garrett. The issue is the best Woods looked was when he had a dominant DL.
  6. This is my favourite iteration of the Cavs I've seen. Granted, I only started watching just after LBJ left the first time. Unselfish, hardworking. I'll take that thank you.
  7. Prince's dribble looked loose, but he played great. Allen joins Sexton, Garland and Okoro to form a really nice core going forward. Nance is insane. I'd love to get something for Drummond. I want to like him so much, but he has too many brain farts. Oh and Cedi would be getting 25 mins for every team in the league. Really good player.
  8. At least the refs are consistent when it comes to Cleveland.
  9. I obviously meant 👏 Edit: so far, at least 😛
  10. We can't afford to take the whole of Drummond's salary back as we need to pay Allen a canny bit. $29m isn't the easiest to match up with either. If he would accept the 4 year $60m, we do it obviously. I can't see that happening though. I'd rather let him expire than just get second rounders (plus salary) back.
  11. It is a weird feeling. We can't argue about QBs. We trust (I know I do) Andrew Berry to make good decisions. What do other fans talk about during the offseason?
  12. It wouldn't have made a difference in the slightest. It didn't feel over by half-time, as we knew we were having the ball to start the third. It's just neutral at worst. Deferring did nothing whereas drops and turnovers certainly did.
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