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  1. What the hell is going on??? This isn't right at all.
  2. He still has to hand it off without turning it over 😛 But a seriously good deal and the offence is looking stacked.
  3. There could be plenty of excuses. He may accidentally stare at the Sun for long enough, abducted by aliens, contract something nasty from Sam Darnold, fall off of the edge of the Earth, his mouth could do that thing that happened to Neo in the first Matrix film and no longer be able to call plays, stub his toe... and probably one or two other things... DePo, Stef and Berry have done a very good job or building to his strengths though. I can't wait to see how in all plays out.
  4. I believe that our offense is going to be able to make that weakness a none issue. Teams aren't going to want to run the ball when they're down by a couple of scores. Obviously I'm seeing things through Brown-tinted lenses, but I really can't see how our offence won't be one of the best out there. Baker's shown how effective he can be running play-action. Every offensive addition we've made are tailor-made for the wide-zone. I just love listening to interviews with Stefanski and Berry. Just intelligent people in general. Especially intelligent people with very little ego or agenda.
  5. I'd rather we played to the strength of each draft when it comes to the more valuable positions. Our d isn't lousy. It just lacks depth at DE and high-end LB play. The secondary looks very promising, likewise at d-line. Our draft was superb, but I would have loved it even more if we were able to double-dip at WR. Especially grabbing a true deep threat.
  6. I think my visa is valid until just after that. I visited Colorado last year.
  7. That's a relief. Takes a tonne of pressure off involving DJP before we think he's ready. I don't see any holes in our roster now. Maybe a lack of experience at LB, but it's just not worth paying someone who isn't a top-class ILB. If we can get average play this season, then I'll take it. Clowney would be an upgrade, but I hope we don't break the bank in order to get him.
  8. The players would have to agree to a percentage of their salary lowered.
  9. Hopefully one of the remaining high-end WRs are available at #41. We can worry about the less important positions (LB, S) later on. Mack Wilson and Takitaki should be good enough starters, so we just need more depth, which can be acquired later. You just need to not suck at LB. It would be nice to get a FS, but WR is much more of a difference maker, and we have no one after Odell and Jarvis.
  10. Very good first round for us. Hopefully tomorrow goes just as well.
  11. I'm sure we'd be willing to sacrifice one duo for the other.
  12. Because you reminded me of Flight of the Conchords, you get a like.
  13. I miss the days of imaginary girlfriends. I mean it only happened once, but it's more interesting than learning someone learnt cpr at aged 12.
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