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    Only since Freddie became OC. Before that they appeared really, really bad. Plus stretching is a good thing.
  2. I haven't posted a lot recently (just moved house and too stressed/tired) but I watched all but the last two games of the season. It was bizarre watching a competent unit on a Sunday. What Baker achieved this season is equivalent to...well I don't know. A Browns QB not only looking like an NFL QB, but one of the best leaves a strange feeling. Whatever happens, the decision to roll with what's working is the correct one. I'm fully on board with the Freddie promotion.
  3. Around the NFL and General discussion

    He might just not have being diagnosed with a "mental healthy disorder" yet. I wasn't until I was. Still suffered before I got the diagnosis.
  4. Around the NFL and General discussion

    Box score scouting at its best
  5. and hail mary, 2-point make and overtime again...
  6. Ah well. He'll learn from that. Like Kiwi said, he's looked much better today.
  7. Nice. Calloway. That's more like it son.
  8. Only two pick-6's and two failed 2-point conversions, and we're only a point behind.
  9. To be fair on him, that was his M.O. last year. If Hue called plays, Duke would have got the ball more. He's still a plank though.
  10. I can deal if we play like this for the rest of the year. It'll set us up nicely for next year.
  11. Don't let him bother you so much. I feel sorry for him that it means this much to him.
  12. He mustn't have seen Crowell in the Jets game. I think we've got this one.