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  1. Is it blasphemy to like more than one team?

    I'm a Cleveland fan first and last. I only watch the Browns. I don't get anything out of watching other teams. Never been interested in fantasy football.
  2. Official: Dolphins trade for Cardinals QB Josh Rosen

    I agree. Baker Mayfield is pretty good.
  3. Rounds 2 and 3 discussion thread.

    I love John Dorsey.
  4. What do you want to happen this weekend?

    I'd be down with that.
  5. What do you want to happen this weekend?

    I hope that we don't spend any of next years draft picks. It's going to be really important to have players on rookie contracts going forward. Grab a couple of corners to push the group we have now. A linebacker or two. One OL and one interior DL. Maybe double up on them as you're not going to hit on every pick.
  6. Trading up in the draft

    I would definitely support bringing in someone so we don't pay Randle. Same with Schobert.
  7. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    Positional value is a huge factor though. I can see us picking up a few DBs pretty early.
  8. Schobert potentially could be traded?

    If we're not going to pay him then trading him makes sense. Everyone not named Mayfield, Garrett, Ward, OBJ and Landry (tied to OBJ) shouldn't be paid big money. Trade them for a slight downgrade in ability, but a better contract. Even then, beyond Mayfield, no one is irreplaceable.
  9. What are the smartest moves made to build your team?

    Everything that I've seen and heard. It may not work out perfectly, but hiring Freddie was the right decision. He exudes everything that's important to winning. He's very likeable. He's a Dorsey hire.
  10. What are the smartest moves made to build your team?

    John Dorsey. We finally have someone in control who both knows what he's doing and has the sway to get it done. His relationship with Gettleman went a long way in getting the OBJ trade done without costing us too much. He also drafted the right QB and hired the right HC.
  11. Flashback: Mel Kiper's comments about Brady in 2000

    We wouldn't have been able to draft Baker if we took Brady. Just incredible foresight there.
  12. Duke Johnson trade imminent. *updates to come*

    Well I got to see Kizer in person, so there.
  13. Duke Johnson trade imminent. *updates to come*

    I expect Dorsey to find value throughout the draft. Avery was a 5th round pick. DeValve barely lines up. We really need a TE2. Our WR aren't the biggest, so having another redzone threat would be nice. I know we were solid in the second half of the season in that department though. I also know that Harris is a big guy, but there's at least one spot open, with a second that can use some competition. I live in England and unfortunately don't have the money to fly to Cleveland.
  14. Duke Johnson trade imminent. *updates to come*

    Just having names and bodies doesn't mean squat. Most of the players on this team can (and should be) upgraded. DeValve has no value and hasn't shown anything other than being injury prone, Harris hasn't proved a thing, Charles is our FB. There's two spots there. I can't even be bothered with the rest. Just know that you're wrong.
  15. Duke Johnson trade imminent. *updates to come*

    Kirksey needs to play well to not get cut at the end of this year, Schobert may have priced himself of being able to re-sign him, I like Avery, but I wouldn't want him to be an every-down LB. Taylor and Armstrong are just bodies. We need to draft at least one LB high and ideally one late. I don't know what team carries 7 WRs on their roster. We need high DB talent and depth, DL depth. TE2 can be upgraded. And we need to get guys in ready to take over for players that we can't afford to re-sign.