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  1. On play/stats alone, probably not. But add his nickname that everyone knew and the fact he had a rule change named after him? I'd say added together more likely than not.
  2. It's not peak v. longevity when one of the players compared has both.
  3. Game needs less, not more. It's becoming harder and less enjoyable to watch.
  4. I never liked the per game average argument. It completely glosses over availability and durability.
  5. Amazed he's still playing on those knees.
  6. I guess I don't know what overpaying or a steal is anymore. This is essentially a 2 for 27.5 year deal, no?
  7. It's not easy to find because it isn't really a stat or tracked for any other RB. Best mining and you'll get Payton and Faulk with lost yardage in the 800s. And LT and Smith with roughly 300 carries for negative yardage. Workhorse backs of that era ran in the negatives on 10-12% of their runs. I think even AD falls into that range. You used to be able to query negative runs from the mid 90s on but I don't think you can anymore. Regardless, in another decade, that 336 for -950 will turn into 500 for -2000.
  8. Stafford gets plenty of heat in Detroit. Personally, I think he's much better than given credit for and has been surrounded by substandard personnel and coaching for a majority of his career. But most are ready to move on.
  9. Chargers are 72-72 since 2010. No decimals needed.
  10. The point is that the Lions have been on that treadmill long before Stafford came to Detroit. It's not salary or lack of cap space holding them back.
  11. The Lions organization doesn't need any specific names mentioned to qualify.
  12. As a Lions' fan, I know the feeling. We get death by a thousand cuts, though, and no one really cares. The dumb cliches, but what abouts and justifications are indeed awful.
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