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  1. Senior Bowl Mock

    If those WRs aren't worth it, then yes. I'm passing judgement on the WRs yet, but if they're not good, they're not good, no matter how much Sam likes hanging out with them in the locker room. ~ You really thumped the OL situation. I like that a lot.
  2. J-Deere’s 1 round mock (trades) 1.0

    Any of the top 3 OL will always get a .
  3. First of the year with trades

    Give us Wirfs, OT IOWA. We need OL in the worst way and our GM, former OL, said we were going to throw resources to fix the situation. Any of the top 3 OL will always be the pick should they be available, imo.
  4. First Mock No Trades

    Please trade down in this scenario, IE with PHI so they can grab a WR. No trades though, so... I don't see Epenesa as a fit for what we need. He's more of a big than a rusher, imo. I'd prefer a better pass rusher or CB in this situation.
  5. Quick 1 Rounder No Trades

    Right school, wrong guy. Give us Wills, OT ALA. Our line is trash and our GM is a former OL who said we'll be throwing assets at the situation.
  6. J-Deere’s 1 round mock (trades) 1.0

    Love any of the top 3 OT for the Jets.
  7. First of the year with trades

    Jets select Tristan Wirfs there. Douglas should, and wants to, focus on OL.
  8. Brushmyhairs divisional rd mock

    Jets select Jedrick Wills. Wills @ 11 would be amazing, Wills plus a trade down is orgasmic.
  9. Let's Get Mock Off Seasons Going

    I'm not knowledgable enough to discuss the players, but love the plan. I would love hunting talented youth at OL, CB, and Edge while hunting for value at offensive weapon. Douglass has the ability to really tear this biatch down without sending building blocks out. We should have 100+mm to spend in FA with some sensible cuts, but I don't see us being big players in FA. I don't have much to go on, but I think Douglass will follow the Colt blueprint once Ballard took over and truly build through the draft. 6 year deal allows him to do that. He knows he'll have at least 3 years to do this right. Get the right kids in here, develop them into NFL players, and see what happens from there.
  10. Chase Young is too good to pass up for the Jets, great pick. WR in the 2nd is not. WR is definitely a need, but OL, DL, or CB unless the WR is a ridiculous steal.
  11. Mock Draft 4.0 / 2 Rounds

    Love Thomas to the Jets, hate WR. I'm not sure about the prospect, but OL, DL, or CB please. WR is a need, but unless this guy is a HUGE steal, I can't see us straying from the trenches or outside CB.
  12. Mock Draft 3.0 / 2 Rounds

    I would hope that's what the Jets are thinking as well. Young, Thomas, Okudah, or trade out is my board. OL, DL, and CB should be hit early and often in the draft and FA while looking for value at WR.
  13. Slam OL, CB, cut the dead weight, then scour the globe for DL. Not bad.
  14. Why are interior OL and RTs so underrated?

    They aren't, by the good teams..
  15. Unless a top 10 talent falls, I'd stay away from a mid round WR. Give the Jets the best OL, EDGE, or CB available!