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  1. Absurdly Early 2021 Mock Draft

    I like Surtain to the Jets, but it'd be hard to pass on pairing Becton with Penai.
  2. 2020 Draft Day Thread

    More talented for sure. Injury wise, he just seems beat up.
  3. 2020 Draft Day Thread

    I'm scared. He seems like Enunwa 2.0.
  4. Badgers 2 Rounder w/ Trades

    I like the trade down if the board fell that way. @21, I'd prefer Ezra Cleveland, but I can see Jackson. I wouldn't hate it, but I have my reservations about Jackson. @48, It would break my heart if Reagor went just a couple picks before us, but I like Aiyuk. @62, I like the trade down and wouldn't mind an outside CB.
  5. Simmons would look good in your scheme. I'm afraid he's going to go somewhere that doesn't use him well. I hope any of the other big 4 T fall to the Jets at 11, but I think it's a good pick. Good work over all. I hope that's not how the night ends for MIA as a Jet fan.
  6. Who do you not want your division rivals to get?

    MIA - I don't care which QB they get, but I want them to move up to do it. BUF - They used their pick wisely already. NE - Tua somehow falling to them.
  7. Simple 1st round mock no trades.

    Jets take Andrew Thomas there. Unless Chase Young falls, if Wills, Wirfs, or Thomas are there, they will be Jets. I also believe CB Henderson is higher on the board than Jeudy. And I prefer Lamb to Jeudy, but that's just me.
  8. Mountains Mock 2nd round added

    You hit the needs, but in backwards order. The drop off the Andrew Thomas to Niang is astronomical. Give us Thomas in the first and Aiyuk in the second. WR is deep, and we still have a huge need at OL despite our signings. OL in the first or CB if Wills, Wirfs, and Thomas are gone, WR or OT if we cannot grab one in the first.
  9. J_DUB724's Mock Draft 1.0

    Jets take Andrew Thomas here. Wills, Wirfs, or Thomas are at the top of our board, and with the depth of WR we will wait. I really like the CLE trade/pick for the Jets as well as a plan B. I think we trade down if Wills, Wirfs, and Thomas are gone with Ezra Cleveland as the target. I can see us grabbing CB if we're stuck at 11 before WR.
  10. 2 RD MOCK w/ Big Movers

    Madness everywhere.. Wirfs and Aiyuk to the Jets sounds great.
  11. Wills, Wirfs, or Thomas @ 11 plus Reagor @ 48 is as A+ as it gets for the Jets. Interesting trade @ 3 for sure. I could see DET seeing Yannick as an immediate upgrade, but I think they'd need something this year. DET staff will not be here next year if they do not win games.
  12. Quick fire mock drafts

    Wills and Reagor always win in my book.
  13. 2 Round Mock Draft (WITH TRADES!)

    I'd prefer Thomas or Wills over Becton as well. I'd also prefer Reagor for us. I like him a lot and know he can play on the outside.
  14. Barrett 6.0. 3 round draft w/trades!

    I really don't see us trading up for a WR. LOVE Wills @ 11. We have so many holes, I have a hard time seeing us move up for a WR. Wills @ 11, abstain from the trade up, and nab Reagor.