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  1. Chase Young is too good to pass up for the Jets, great pick. WR in the 2nd is not. WR is definitely a need, but OL, DL, or CB unless the WR is a ridiculous steal.
  2. Mock Draft 4.0 / 2 Rounds

    Love Thomas to the Jets, hate WR. I'm not sure about the prospect, but OL, DL, or CB please. WR is a need, but unless this guy is a HUGE steal, I can't see us straying from the trenches or outside CB.
  3. Mock Draft 3.0 / 2 Rounds

    I would hope that's what the Jets are thinking as well. Young, Thomas, Okudah, or trade out is my board. OL, DL, and CB should be hit early and often in the draft and FA while looking for value at WR.
  4. Slam OL, CB, cut the dead weight, then scour the globe for DL. Not bad.
  5. Why are interior OL and RTs so underrated?

    They aren't, by the good teams..
  6. Unless a top 10 talent falls, I'd stay away from a mid round WR. Give the Jets the best OL, EDGE, or CB available!
  7. 2020 2 Round Mock (No Trades)

    Corner and EDGE would be great for the Jets. No idea on who they are, but the positions seem correct.
  8. Bowser's Way-Too-Early 2020 1st round

    Meh.. I'm not really a fan of drafting WR at the end of the first. Either they're elite and worthy of top 10 or they're part of the rest. There isn't much that separates a late first WR and a middle second WR. Give the Jets the best OL, pass rusher, or CB unless there's a true standout elsewhere.
  9. The ransom they could get for the #1 next year... But then again, maybe they fall in love with Tua.
  10. It wouldn't upset us enough.
  11. Lee traded to K.C

    I think he'll look better in a 43 base, but he wasn't much more than a replacement player for us.
  12. Jets fire Mike Maccagnan.

    Boomer said Heimerdinger was his big source inside. I'm not upset about the firing. I've supported Macc hoping for the best, but anyone who takes a step back can see that he did a subpar job so far. The timing of this is infuriating. The fact that there seems to have been a "perfect" candidate out there and readily available yet we still let Macc run this offseason only to fire him anyway is franchise malpractice. All I can hope for is that Douglas gets brought in and forms the cohesive Coach/GM partnership that any good team has. Silver lining? Maybe some of our mid round picks will stick around for a while now. Please Sam.. Please.