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  1. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    Yea if that’s true.... I already wasn’t a fan of his but he’s a big no....
  2. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    “Cram it down their cram hole LaFleur” lmao
  3. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    Lol it’s not bad. I only did it mainly for the member periscopes and I don’t have time to watch them at night. I don’t read the articles so it’s kind of a waste and even though 5.99 isn’t breaking the bank but still.
  4. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    Anybody a member on PKs site? Know how to cancel the membership? Can’t find a way.
  5. Mock Free Agency/Draft 1.0

    FA doesn’t make sense for Titans. Moncrief maybe but definitely not two.
  6. Yo Momma's Mock #2 with a 2nd Round added

    Looks good for the Titans
  7. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    Shouldn’t be hard at all considering most of our guys have played in a 4-3. Morgan, Dodd, and Orakpo would all be DEs. We have the DL but obviously we’d still have to find a young talented pass-rusher. The LBs would be the only issue. Williamson is a FA and doesn’t belong in a 4-3. Woodyard is likely the MLB. Need to find a weak side and SAM LB. Jayon Brown may fit as a WLB. Certainly has the athletic traits but it takes a lot more than that. LB would definitely be a huge need.
  8. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    I’ve been thinking about it for a little bit. I’m usually against retreads but he intrigues me. Get the 4-3 D back. I’m only with it though if he brings DeFilippo with him. Plus I think he’s the type of coach that could put a good staff together unlike some rookie coaches.
  9. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    I think my top retread choice right now is Schwartz assuming he could bring DeFilippo with him. DeFilippo is getting a 2nd interview in Arizona. Hopefully they go with Munch.
  10. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    Some dumb people calling in on the Midday 180. Apparently we have 5-11 talent and Mularkey overachieved lmao.
  11. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    Yep. I don’t think he’ll get the HC job but the OC job with the potential to call plays would be intriguing. I think that’s why I like Wilks the most of the 3 scheduled interviews. Mainly because of the rumor that he’d bring DeFilippo as his OC.
  12. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    I’m shocked that ol’ Chip Kelly hasn’t been mentioned yet.... lmao
  13. The Offseason Thread

    Try overthecap.com You’ll thank me later with everything you can do on that site.
  14. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    Hmm.... I was just getting ready to ask about him. Has been a QB coach for ATL and Washington. Sucks he didn’t call plays but neither did DeFilippo.