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  1. Strong is at the top with Pickett to me. Strong to me might actually have the best arm in the draft. As far as mobility, if he can maneuver in the pocket, that’s all I care about. Plenty of QBs in this league have been successful that have been statues. If he can feel the rush(unlike Tannehill) and step up in the pocket, that’s all the matters. They better get that OL pass-pro fixed before he’s the starter though. I think he’ll shoot up draft boards and go R1 so if we do want him, then they better do it in R1 and even 26 might be too low. Is he ready to start year 1? Maybe not but since we’re
  2. They damn sure aren’t hiring him for his resume.
  3. So what’s the point of this new game? What’s the ultimate goal of it? Doesn’t look like gyms or anything so what do you do? Fill the Pokédex?
  4. I’m guessing they hire Kelly for it. Downing can go be TE coach again or whatever. No way you keep him as OC and doesn’t call plays. It’s an important offseason so the guy is going to be key. Needs some Tanny rumors KT 🤣
  5. That defense should be nasty next year. Get some EDGE depth and find a CB opposite of Fulton(assuming they cut Jenkins). Obviously this is with resigning Landry as well.
  6. Yea he’s way too raw. I think he falls the furthest out of the projected 1st round guys.
  7. I think Kern could also be a cap casualty this year. Didn’t play all that well this year and getting paid too much not to be the GOAT like he was. Lewan, Lamm, Saffold, Jenkins, and Kern wouldn’t shock me if they all were cut. With Lewan, I think it all depends on how they feel about Radunz. I know they had him a lot of OG which is weird to me but I thought he played well in his one start at LT against a tough front in the 49ers. Definitely needs to spend the offseason in the weight room and working on his kickstep. Needs to be quicker off the ball but I’ll say again, I think he’s a natural L
  8. I think Saffold is gone one way or another. He has the neck or shoulder issue that’s hampered him all season so I could see retirement actually. Jenkins is iffy. He definitely played well down the stretch but he’s certainly expensive and isn’t getting any younger. Radunz just needs to be a starter next year at some spot. I don’t know if Lewan would resign if they just actively cut him. Does that happen at all really? He wants his money for sure and still plays like arguably a top 10 LT when healthy. I just can’t see them making another hole on the OL
  9. List of our FAs…. QB Logan Woodside(ERFA) RB D’Onta Foreman RB Dontrelle Hilliard FB Khari Blasingame(RFA) WR Marcus Johnson WR Chester Rogers WR Cam Batson WR Nick Westbrook-Ikene(ERFA) TE Geoff Swaim TE Anthony Firkser TE Mycole Pruitt IOL Ben Jones OT David Quessenberry(RFA) EDGE Harold Landry EDGE/SPT Ola Adeniyi EDGE Derick Roberson(RFA) IDL Kyle Peko IDL Trevon Coley IDL Teair Tart ILB Jayon Brown ILB Rashaan Evans ILB/SPT Nick Dzubnar ILB/SPT Dylan Cole CB Buster Skrin
  10. Put McNair in todays game where you can’t touch QBs and let him sling it, he’s a HOF.
  11. I agree about Radunz. Always felt he was a more natural LT than right. I still wouldn’t be shocked if we cut Lewan this offseason along with Saffold. Still leaves holes at LG and RT though even if we slot in Radunz at LT.
  12. Aukerman needs to go too. For as many special team aces they bring in every year, they should be at the top of the league in coverage units every year.
  13. Cap doesn’t exist… go get Davante as well!!! Adams, Brown, and Julio to throw to. If he couldn’t win a SB with that, yikes.
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