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  1. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    Truth!!! Just another stat Mariota homers throw around to make him look better than he really is. Cian is the biggest Mariota homer there is. Bigger than the ones on here and that’s saying something.
  2. The Official Thread of The []_[]

    And yet Miami hasn’t lost to any Florida program since 2016. There’s a reason why Florida doesn’t want to play Miami. Also lol at FSU being a premier school in Florida either. Taggart is a bum and kids are already jumping ship.
  3. The Official Thread of The []_[]

    Nice to see UF finally schedule the Canes. It’s been a while since Al Golden beat them. Shame they won’t do a H&H though. Typical UF
  4. The Official Thread of The []_[]

    Schedule came out today and it’s weird... 5 home games in a row and 4 out of 5 on the road to end the season(although one is pretty much a home game against FIU at Marlins Stadium). Easy schedule but we saw how that turned out last year so... Toughest opponent is likely UF. Nice to only leave the state 3 times.
  5. Titans OC Search

    Welp that’s the negative in having a defensive background HC in an offensive driven league. Any success and the OC will get looks. Hell, even lack of success and you still get looks(LaFleur). Doesn’t mean you promote a TE coach and not hire a QB coach around the league to be the OC because you’re scared to lose them.
  6. Titans OC Search

    I’d rather get a guy who has worked with QBs. You know the position that’s most important to the whole team. The real reason why this team has been inconsistent year after year. Not interested in promoting a damn TE coach as OC. Like who the hell does that?
  7. Titans OC Search

    We got Artie Smith doe
  8. Coaches on the hot seat

    Seems like coaches are finally starting to realize how much of a **** Nick is.
  9. Titans OC Search

    Is that really a hot take at this point?
  10. Titans OC Search

    Titans gonna Titan... smh lol what a joke
  11. Tathan Martell transferring to Miami

    Still want Hurts at Miami.
  12. The Official Thread of The []_[]

  13. The Official Thread of The []_[]

    I’ll reserve judgement until I see him more but he has a ways to go as a passer. Glad to have him though. Hopefully we can still grab Hurts.
  14. The Official Thread of The []_[]

    That’s huge!!! Now get a damn QB.... or 2.