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  1. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    I’ll guess a trade for Yannick
  2. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    I mean who doesn’t? A lot of players and coaches buy retirement homes in Tennessee.
  3. Who has the best roster?

    Oh yea the guy who had a huge hand in turning the whole season around... clearly you have no idea about anything Titan related. Funny how the team went 2-4 without him and were struggling big time to put up points and he comes in and leads them to a 7-3 record and one of the highest scoring offenses in the league. I’m sure that was all Henry though who was the RB in those first 6 games....
  4. Who has the best roster?

    I mean it’s not just Byard and Henry though. Sure they may be the elite players but you have top 10 LT who at times plays top 5 in Lewan and the OL as a unit are what top 5? Top 8? A up and coming start in AJ Brown. Actually a pretty good receiving core overall with Brown, Davis, and Humphries. Jonnu Smith is also someone who has improved every year despite two knee injuries. People can debate Tannehill all they want but fact is he played like a top QB last year when he became the starter. Do I expect I a drop off? Sure but the offense is perfect fit him and he has the weapons and protection to succeed. Defensively has a lot of very good players. Maybe the only elite player is Byard but when you add guys like Vaccaro, Adoree Jackson, and Malcolm Butler, that makes a pretty good secondary. Maybe 2nd round pick Kristian Fulton isn’t very good but who knows. Guys like Rashaan Evans and Jayon Brown make up an incredible ILB duo. Sure they may not rack up individual accolades but Brown is one of the best coverage LBs in the league. No elite pass-rushers and they traded Casey away for peanuts but still a pretty solid front with Harold Landry, Vic Beasley, Correa, DaQuan Jones, Jeffrey Simmons, and possibly Clowney(obviously hypothetical). Top to bottom, I honestly don’t see 10 rosters better and I for sure will admit if they are not worthy. They definitely are especially with teams like Cleveland, Tampa, Buffalo, Rams, Chargers, and the Eagles being on here.
  5. Who has the best roster?

    Still nice to see the Titans roster is still extremely underrated.
  6. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    Anybody watch PKs periscope last night with JRob? Was asked about Gostkowski and certainly didn’t put it off. If Joseph looks bad in TC and preseason, I’d expect them to take a look. Also talked about the Clowney hypothetical and how he fits with the rest of the defense. They’ve definitely been recruiting him. I think it all depends on him coming down on his price.
  7. Titans Resign Ryan Tannehill

    And after Watson and Dak get new deals, he’ll continue to drop.
  8. Chiefs sign Mahomes to 10 year extension

    Expecting fully guaranteed. If not, he’s a moron
  9. The Travel Thread

    Need some help on planning a trip. Thinking of doing a 3-4 day trip to somewhere me and the wife haven’t been. Doesn’t look like we’ll be able to do our week long trip to Nashville(Titans game) later this year due to COVID so I’m trying to plan something different. Thought about Maine or Cape Cod but honestly know nothing about either. The list of states we’ve been to(not just drove through) include, Delaware(home), Maryland, Virginia, New York City, DC, Pennsylvania(mainly Philly and some other southern cities, Tennessee, Florida, Missouri(St. Louis), and North Carolina(Outer Banks). Have no idea what’s open and won’t know what’s open when we do decide to go. Thinking of going at the end of next month. New Orleans was another one I was thinking about but wasn’t sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Crucial but underrated players

    Another guy I’d go with is Jonnu Smith. He’s improved every year despite two knee injury ending seasons in the past that stunted his growth. I think he’s definitely coming into his own as a damn good player. He’s an athletic freak at the position and his blocking has improved every season. There’s a reason why Vrabel has stated he’s one of his favorite players ever to coach.
  11. The STL Cardinals Thread - NL Central Champs!

    Yikes that outfield...
  12. The Everything Else Thread v. 8.0

    Always felt Tony Brown was pretty solid as well. The depth was pretty damn good behind KVB and Kearse with Ball and Ford. Loved that 08 defense
  13. Patriots fined and docked draft pick for sideline filming incident

    Should've taken more from that cheating organization
  14. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    Next order of business has to be improving that stadium big time. Whether that being an all new stadium once the lease is up or a complete overhaul. Otherwise, she has done a phenomenal job.

    HELL YES!!!