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  1. Not a fan of taking a WR in a deep WR draft but it’s not horrible. Much prefer Barmore
  2. Not a fan of taking a WR in a deep WR draft but I don’t hate it for the Titans.
  3. I’d love to land Trey Smith but I feel he goes day 2 and I just don’t see how we take a iOL that high although we need the depth and I feel he’d be a perfect replacement for Saffold after he’s done here.
  4. Surprised they even give him the time of day the way he acts at times.
  5. Also I know we say this every year, but trading back(with all the needs we have) makes so much sense. I know teams don’t like trading out of the 1st round all together due to losing that 5th year option but we need even more picks. If Horn, Bateman, and someone like Barmore are gone, I’d trade back early in the 2nd and pick up another 3rd or so. I’m sure guys like Moore, Toney, ASJ, Newsome, Collins, Rousseau, Phillips(if teams are really terrified of his concussions) and even Farley, etc. could still be there at the top of 2nd. It’s a deep WR and EDGE draft but extremely weak at CB so getting
  6. I think my feelings about Barmore are well known. Our IDL pass-rush sucked just as much as our edge rush. Adding Autry certainly helps but we still need a lot more. Barmore, Simmons, Autry, and Tart sounds like a pretty good group. Never been a fan of Ossai in the 1st round but that late in the 2nd is very good value. Definitely needs to learn a lot as a rusher though. Hope we could sign a vet guy like Kerrigan to be the 3rd guy and let Ossai develop as the 4th guy. Landry, Dupree, Kerrigan, Ossai from the edge with Simmons, Barmore, and Autry from the interior is a hell of a lot better than w
  7. Absolutely. Not to mention, Landry is a FA after the 2021 season. Hell, I still think we need to sign a FA EDGE plus draft one within the first 3 rounds. Never should we ever be playing the likes of Tazar Skipper and Wyatt Ray again
  8. Kiper’s latest mock has us taking Moore and Samuel Jr. What a phenomenal start to the draft that would be. Not a fan of taking a WR in the 1st but I’m a huge fan of Moore.
  9. Good player but the back injury scares me.
  10. Pretty solid for the Titans. Also no way in hell Phillips falls that far.
  11. Always has been. This just further confirms it. Dude tries to act tough. Complete bozo
  12. Rewatching the game from last night, Kyrie is such a assclown.
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