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  1. Kawhi Leonard Traded to Toronto for DeMar DeRozan

    Raptors are a dumb franchise.
  2. COUNTDOWN: Greatest WR of All Time

  3. The Everything Else Thread v. 8.0

    The quality from the Tennessean can’t get any worse. Good riddance Wolf
  4. All Things Wrestling Thread

    KO trying to be the next Mick Foley with all these bumps he’s taking? Incredible
  5. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Yep this PPV is trash
  6. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Stupid match.... great job WWE
  7. The STL Cardinals Thread - All Star Miles Mikolas (46-43)

    Yea with a loaded team....
  8. Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread - #LABron

    Da fuq? SMH
  9. Titans Madden ratings unveiled

    The #s beside the player is what I’d have ranked them.... Too High: Dodd(65), D. Lewis(84), Butler(83), Henry(83), Cyprien(78), Kline(77), Jones(77), Taylor(73), K. Lewis(67) Too Low: Kern(91-Specialists are always rated low though), Casey(91), Lewan(93), Conklin(86), Woodyard(85-Based off how he played last year), Succop(84), Brown(74) I’ve been one of Byard’s biggest supporters since he was drafted and an 89 feels right to me. Some of the safeties rated above him is the joke though. Lol at Mathieu and Chancellor rated higher. I feel the same way with Mariota. I just laugh at some of the players ranked above him like Winston, Taylor, Bortles, Mayfield, etc. He gets off to a hot start, he should see a dramatic increase regardless but I don’t think we’ll ever see 4000+ yards in a season from Marcus. Not in this offense which I’m completely fine with.
  10. Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread - #LABron

    So Svi this years Kuzma?
  11. Why Is The NBA Offseason Viewed As More Fun Than The NFL Offseason?

    I’ll take the NFL offseason anyday.... The draft is so much better and easily puts it over the top for me.
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  13. LeBron James to the Lakers 4 Years/$154M