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  1. Corey Davis about to show everyone why we took him #5 overall!!!
  2. Looking like we may be without Brown this weekend.... yikes
  3. Titans Draft - Taylor Lewan and DaQuan Jones were both drafted in 2014. Next would be Kevin Byard and Derrick Henry from the 2016 draft. Free Agency - Brett Kern although I think he was a waiver claim back in 2009(lol at Broncos) so not sure if we count him. Ben Jones has been with the team the longest from actual free agency in 2016. Trade would be Dennis Kelly(for DGB lol eagles) but he was traded for in 2016 right before the season started.
  4. Wonder how tickets will work... I’m assuming season ticket members will get first dibs but are tickets going to be available on places like stubhub, seatgeek, Ticketmaster, etc? Also price gauging is going to be ridiculous. 400 for an upper level seat? Lol no thanks
  5. Wish the Titans could afford his contract because I’d unload a 2nd maybe a 1st actually.
  6. Wait I thought the clippers were supposed to be this super team? They were supposed to beat the Lakers easily in the WCF... guess not.
  7. Definitely think Henry left some yards on the field. Broncos DBs can certainly tackle.
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