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  1. '17 Hardknocks - Tampa Bay Bucs

    That has to do with what?
  2. '17 Hardknocks - Tampa Bay Bucs

    I thought it was bs. Players get hurt, big deal. I bet Jameis wouldn't give a damn if one of them got hurt.
  3. Anyone ever try to watch every game in a season?

    Nope I have a life.
  4. The Everything Else Thread v. 8.0

    Only 8 huh?
  5. The Official Thread of The []_[] #STORM18

    I think it will be Rosier. Perry didn't take the job and Rosier has stepped up so far. I'd say.... Rosier 60% Perry 15% Shirreffs 25% That would be my guess.
  6. Everything Kevin Byard

    Still laugh at people who thought he was a reach in the 3rd round.
  7. Preseason Week 1: Post-game talk - Well that was fun

    • All of the strings of OL sucked. • Team just looked flat and the Jets looked like they had all the energy in the world. We just looked like we were going through the motions. • Ryan looked bad against some very blah receivers. He had tight coverage on one but still gave up a catch. Got burnt on one and the other he was playing off the The receiver caught in front of him. I still think he's nothing more than a #2 CB with his best role being in the slot. Adoree needs to get up to speed fast because we're going to need him on the outside. • Kalan Reed looked pretty good. He's not afraid to hit and stick his face into a receiver. Want to see him earlier next week instead of that bum McCain. • Byard looked great in run support in his few snaps. • Overall run D was solid but it should be against this bum OL and offense in general. • Mariota did solid for his first game back and considering the OL didn't want to play. Hard to judge much as he barely played. • Henry looked solid on some runs but pretty pathetic in some cases at pass-blocking. I think it's pretty well known why Demarco is the starter. Demarco does so much more for this team then some know. He's a beast in the passing game. • Also Taywan Taylor gets open but the drops are a concern. You can see the playimaking ability but there were at least 2-3 drops. • Jayon Brown wasn't making some plays and covering TEs. I'd like to see him play earlier and match up more against an actual great TE like Olsen this week. Play him against Olsen in practice and the game. Needs to get that experience. • Overall I'm just pissed off about the OL. That was the reason this offense didn't put up many points. They were absolutely garbage. It's the first game and yea it's preseason but it's the same OL as last year and they dominated in the first preseason game last year. The OTs(Lewan and Conklin) were ok but the interior was a joke. Maybe they just are not hype for the 1st preseason game but good god, they were pathetic.
  8. Preseason Week 1: Post-game talk - Well that was fun

    Cyprien didn't do anything bad or good that I saw. Just kind of unvisible.
  9. Bucs release former second round K Roberto Aguayo

    Even if that were true, it wouldn't of been a trade up. Also I highly doubt it is true. Jon Robinson wanted Kevin Byard in the 3rd and the Titans already had a solid kicker.
  10. Preseason Week 1 GDT:Titans(0-0) at Jets(0-0)

    He's still not 100% from the thumb injury
  11. Preseason Week 1 GDT:Titans(0-0) at Jets(0-0)

    They've given this many snaps to him because Cassell still isn't 100% and they'd rather not get their backup QB hurt.
  12. Preseason Week 1 GDT:Titans(0-0) at Jets(0-0)

    Didn't think there was ever a competition for the #2 job anyway.
  13. Preseason Week 1 GDT:Titans(0-0) at Jets(0-0)

    It was a joke...
  14. Preseason Week 1 GDT:Titans(0-0) at Jets(0-0)

    This OL has looked like garbage tonight.