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  1. If Rodgers leaves, this is the Vikings division to take a hold of. Hopefully they don't mess it up
  2. Could the 49ers block a move for McDaniels by making him AHC or would he have to agree to that?
  3. I was wondering if Ryans was the former linebacker. I'd prefer an offensive coach but I'd rather get a great defensive coach than scrape the bottom of the barrel for offensive coaches
  4. Seems like a high risk high reward hire. Hopefully he's ready to be the man in charge
  5. I can see wanting someone from the Chiefs over the Browns, but at the end of the day is about the individual person. A lot of different people have been involved in the different levels of success between the 2 teams
  6. I would have preferred something with more scouting background but hopefully he's able to surround himself with talented scouts
  7. I was wondering if she could be brought in as an assistant earlier
  8. I remember asking if people were concerned about his lack of experience when he was gaining steam. Of course I started to buy into him right before everyone fell off of his bandwagon
  9. What would it take to get one like them?
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