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  1. The chiefs are going to make this look easy
  2. Someone made a comment for a much as Zimmer dislikes kickers, he puts the game in their hand a lot. Hopefully Joseph can bounce back from this. He was looking so good
  3. If Beebe and Johnson were healthy, would Osborn be playing much? Disappointing loss that will be hard to come back from. It was nice that they looked much more ready to play early on but they have to figure out how to finish games
  4. But never with 17 games. Anything can happen now
  5. On the plus side it sounds like the O-line played loads better
  6. With Cook fumbling last week in field goal range is hard to completely blame Zimmer for trusting the locker who has made some big kicks
  7. This sucks not being able to watch. What happened?
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