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  1. Right i guess I was just talking about the people the get tested multiple times anyways, so mostly just the rich and famous
  2. And I suppose some positive tests followed by negatives could just mean they got over it already
  3. I get keeping personal influence out of it but it seems like they could have a system where if a positive test is followed by 2 negatives in a certain number of days it would come off the positive list since a negative followed by a positive would go on the positive list At the end of the day you are right that it wouldn't amount much difference either way
  4. Fair enough. It just surprised me that those would be included
  5. If I'm understanding this right, false negatives can become positive with another test but false positives stay positive? Someone else can chime in if I'm missing something
  6. Aren't a lot of people that have false negative going to get tested again? 2% of millions of tests is a lot of people
  7. Interesting. So Dewine and Stafford will show up as a coronavirus case even though they don't have it?
  8. I have a very emotional niece. Oh did she cry when she found out the kitten died but it didn't take long and she was fine
  9. That makes sense. I knew it was a pretty bad comparison but that makes it sound worse
  10. So as long as no one sniffs the top of his head
  11. Ever heard of the argument that it's like stopping a mosquito with a chain link fence? In this comparison, how big would the water droplets be compared to the mosquito? Or is the size comparison between virus/mosquito and mask/ chainlink fence so far off that it it doesn't pay to take it any farther?
  12. They really screwed up when they told people to not wear masks
  13. https://www.totalprosports.com/2020/08/04/matt-staffords-wife-slams-nfl-over-false-positive-covid-19-test-kids-harassed-on-playground-pic/ I don't know why they need to go on that list until they are positive that the player has covid
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