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  1. Lol. You don't think I'm typing this from my yacht before I practice fencing?
  2. Yes but it seems like a lot of people can't watch the twins this year that usually can
  3. How many more people will even be able to watch with it on Bally Sports? Seems like most people don't get that anymore
  4. I wonder how the players that are near the bottom of the roster feel. They might need every chance they get to impress the coaches and be as prepared as possible going into the preseason to have a chance of making the team. I realize the NFLPA doesn't really represent them but it'd be nice if they let them have the option of practicing since the veterans could use covid as an option to opt out anyways
  5. It doesn't seem like they have much of a leg to stand on after they played a full season with no vaccinations
  6. I wouldn't blame him for opting out of Otas with asthma but shouldn't most players be vaccinated by then? I don't know why they wouldn't just keep it optional for the players to attend
  7. Yeah I know. Which is why it'll be a pretty big disappointment when it doesn't happen
  8. How much would it take to trade up for that pick. I'd go Sewell with the little I know. Someone has to help me get off his bandwagon
  9. Biden said that there is enough of the other 2 vaccines for every American? I must have heard that wrong
  10. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-04-13/j-j-vaccinations-recommended-paused-in-u-s-on-clotting-concern?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=news_tab&utm_content=curated Apparently the experts are calling for a pause on the j and j vaccine. How likely is it that they pause using it and what would it take to unpause it? Not great timing to lose 1 of the vaccines if it happens
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