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  1. Just a guess with how the vikings run their offense and how the defense struggled to get stops
  2. The more possessions, the more chances for touchdowns
  3. That's crazy. Idk but wouldn't the Chiefs have quite a few more offensive possessions?
  4. The dolphins are sitting pretty, especially if Tua is their guy
  5. All these years I've been saying his last name wrong
  6. Crazy how fast he fell from being the next great coach
  7. Interesting. The eagles tanking gives credit to fans wanting teams to tank but him getting fired also goes against that narrative
  8. Oh I thought they just weren't announced until later
  9. Is big Ben washed up? Just saw 3 bad passes in a row
  10. Wouldn't that already be voted on? Either way I don't think so. Apparently he's got this team prepared. Disclaimer: I just turned the game on and have no idea how it got to this point
  11. What did I just turn the game onto
  12. Did Kevin S change his offense quite a bit when he went to Cleveland? Kubiak helped build it in Minnesota
  13. Would the new GM have Elway looking over his shoulder?
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