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  1. I just don't see why they don't just focus on what will help people now and help with the vaccine etc and worry about the other stuff later. It seems like they'd get it passed quicker but idk
  2. The CBO predicts this hike to cost 1.4 million jobs. Businesses have been struggling with being shut down or lower capacity already
  3. Itd be nice if they would have a bill strictly for covid relief and stimulus and deal with the other crap later. I mean why even put the minimum wage hike in there?
  4. Are people that have been able to stay pretty much at home this going to be at greater risk of getting sick from something else when they do go out and about even if covid isn't an issue? That might be hard to read. Some people haven't been exposed to much in a year+. How does that affect the immune system?
  5. I didn't have much much online either. But a few months ago I did meet someone on an app and it's going pretty well. I'm not a very social person so I think it actually helped that we couldn't go to a restaurant and she just came over for the first date
  6. I think we were 1-5 at the time. I think Rick realized his mistake and wanted to get something back
  7. He seemed uninterested in playing against the run and I get the feeling that they realized for one reason or the other they wouldn't be able to resign him
  8. Heard on the radio that California has a plan to get K-2nd grade back to in person learning by the end of the month. Really shooting for the moon there
  9. I'm surprised there isn't more of a jump in vaccinations with the new administration
  10. I've heard that it's actually good to get a little bit of a reaction from the vaccine because it means there was a immune response. Is there any truth to that? My grandma didn't feel much of anything. Should I be nervous?
  11. Was Finch an active coach? Can they hire them away during the season?
  12. Hey I'm a great Monday morning quarterback
  13. I still don't buy that there is nothing that they could have done but it's done with now
  14. Did they do anything for the ice or just let it melt on its own?
  15. Sounds like new York didn't handle the nursing homes very well. Who was arguing that there was absolutely nothing else they could have done?
  16. Then we can have wagers on how quick the teddy chants would start
  17. Yeah my comment really wasn't related to your question. I can't help you on the language issue but if you can communicate ok I wouldn't think it'd be much of a problem. How close do you work with her?
  18. I once had someone say " hey you are both single, you should date" Needless to say, she wasn't into it
  19. Can't imagine people are going through in Texas. At this rate you might as well move to Minnesota where they know how to handle the weather
  20. Id rather draft an offensive lineman highly that a DT if the value is there
  21. If WR is the bpa id hope they'd be able to trade back. If not and the value is too good to pass up, hopefully they'd change the offense and give a guard later
  22. Looks like a lot of positives. I wonder if Biden is still all doom and gloom
  23. I agree with this. I can see an argument for wanting someone like Lynn who had more experience but it wouldn't have made much sense to hire a position coach from a different team over Kubiak imo
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