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  1. Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur 

     Arsenal v Swansea City 

     Crystal Palace v West Ham United 

     Liverpool v Huddersfield Town 

     Watford v Stoke City (2-1)

     West Bromwich Albion v Manchester City 

     AFC Bournemouth  Chelsea 

     Brighton & Hove Albion v Southampton 

     Leicester City v  Everton GOTW

     Burnley v Newcastle United 

  2. Currently halftime in the Man U/Liverpool game so I'll skip that one (but for the record I think Man U will nick a win)

    Burnley vs West Ham

    Crystal Palace vs Chelsea

    Man City vs Stoke

    Swansea vs Huddersfield

    Tottenham vs Bournemouth

    Watford vs Arsenal

    Brighton vs Everton

    Southampton vs Newcastle - GOTW

    Leicester vs West Brom - BONUS (0-0)

  3. That was the worst game I've ever seen Rivers Play.  That's saying something as he's had some stinkers the last 5 years.  The o-line did about as well as they could against a fearsome pass rush and the defense was very impressive.  I don't doubt the Chargers will be able to stumble into 5-6 wins this season, but I think it's time to move on from Rivers.  This upcoming QB draft class looks mouth-watering.  I think that, after Darnold, Baker Mayfield will be the best pro of the bunch.

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  4. West Ham United v Tottenham Hotspur

    Burnley v Huddersfield Town

    Everton v AFC Bournemouth

    Manchester City v Crystal Palace

    Southampton v Manchester United Bonus

    Stoke City v Chelsea

    Swansea City v Watford

    Leicester City v Liverpool

    Brighton & Hove Albion v Newcastle United GOTW (1-1)

    Arsenal v West Bromwich Albion

  5. AFC Bournemouth v Brighton & Hove Albion Bonus (2-2)

    Crystal Palace v Southampton GOTW

    Huddersfield Town v Leicester City

    Liverpool v Burnley

    Newcastle United v Stoke City

    Watford v Manchester City

    West Bromwich Albion v West Ham United

    Tottenham Hotspur v Swansea City

    Chelsea v Arsenal

    Manchester United v Everton

  6. Manchester City 12:30 Liverpool - GOTW

    Arsenal 15:00 AFC Bournemouth

    Brighton & Hove Albion 15:00 West Bromwich Albion

    Everton 15:00 Tottenham Hotspur

    Leicester City 15:00 Chelsea

    Southampton 15:00 Watford

    Stoke City 17:30 Manchester United

    Burnley 13:30 Crystal Palace

    Swansea City 16:00 Newcastle United

    West Ham United 20:00 Huddersfield Town - BONUS 1-2

  7. 4 hours ago, Canadian Saint said:

    Yeah I've never loved Ozil during his time at Arsenal, and these past few seasons have done his reputation no favors. I'm curious to think what the Arsenal fans on this board think of him (as they watch him every week, where as I don't), but to me he's as you said, a luxury player. Will put up fantastic performances against weaker sides, but can't be relied upon against better teams. Was completely invisible today, and when Arsenal have played Liverpool, he hasn't really stood out.

    Ozil is a goldilocks player.  He needs everything to be perfect in order for him to be effective player, or else he's a liability.  But let's be clear: Ozil was not at fault for the result today.  The tactics were completely wrong and Arsenal's midfield was a trouble area, as it has been for years.  Cazorla held it together with his unqique skillset, but in his absence we just get overrun by any good team.  Ramsey is miscast as a CM, Xhaka is technically good but very unathletic and probably a bad fit for the EPL, Coquelin is not good enough in possession, and Elneny is decent but nothing more.

  8. This is only the third game and already the environment is this toxic....

    BTerp is right, there's nothing the fans can do at this point.  The anger from last season that could've led to change has been ignored and now will turn to apathy.  But absentee Kroenke doesn't care because the money will keep rolling in.  I just can't believe how much Wenger continues to tarnish his legacy by staying on like this.

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  9. Everton's midfield is lacking.  I don't think Davies is good enough to play as a holding midfielder, he should be further up in an attacking role.  Also, Gylfi on the flanks is just wrong.  Seems like Koeman is trying to shoehorn his best players into unnatural positions.

  10. 2 hours ago, texans_uk said:

    It's so odd how's managers can go from success to failure at one club. He was the man for them just two years ago. 

    Not only that, but his Besiktas teams were known for their defensive organization.  Now West Ham's defense is just shambles; I wonder if he's lost the dressing room Ranieri-style?

  11. Just now, teamorange said:

    Same, it is why Sergi Roberto is so valuable to Barcelona. I also people are underselling Ox. 

    If Ox accepted his place as a squad utility player, then he would be a very valuable asset to any top club.  The problem is that he thinks he's a starting central midfielder and is willing to pass up 180/wk to prove himself at that position.  He's just not a top 6 player at CM.

  12. 21 minutes ago, marky mark said:

    No clue on that one. He was pretty good before he got injured last season. Wenger apparently wants VVD and made offers for Manolas and Evans last summer. Maybe Wenger has one of them lined up but I doubt it.

    I suspect Arsene isn't convinced by the 3-4-3 formation and will eventually revert to 4 at the back.  With Koscielny, Mertesacker, Holding, Monreal and Chambers we have enough cover.  I do agree it's strange that we would try to offload Mustafi after spending 35 million pounds on him just a year ago.  

  13. I told myself that the Chargers were dead as far as I was concerned, but I find myself being drawn back to this sorry team.  I feel like a junkie, and the injury-prone Chargers are my fix.  I think once Rivers retires it will be easier to find a new team to support not owned by the callously incompetent Spanii.

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  14. 44 minutes ago, Canadian Saint said:

    John Cross of the Daily Mirror states Liverpool are in on Ox from Arsenal. Might cost us 35M to get him.


    I don't think he's worth that much, but considering we need depth at both CM and on the wing, I'll take it. I'm not a big fan of his, but it's better than nothing.

    Ox is a good player, but I'm hoping the club sells him at this point.  He's not a CM.  He doesn't have the awareness, positional discipline, or final ball ability to succeed in that position.  He's an amazing dribbler and athlete, but hasn't really improved much since he arrived from Southampton.  I think he would improve Chelsea or Liverpool's squads---marginally---but I can't see him starting in midfield for any top 6 premier league club.


    Missed the first 2 gameweeks, but I won't let that deter me:

    AFC Bournemouth vs Manchester City
    Crystal Palace vs Swansea City - Bonus (1-0)
    Huddersfield Town vs Southampton
    Newcastle United vs West Ham United
    Watford vs Brighton & Hove Albion
    Manchester United vs Leicester City
    Chelsea vs Everton
    West Bromwich Albion vs Stoke City
    Liverpool vs Arsenal - GOTW (2-2)
    Tottenham Hotspur vs Burnley

  16. 2 hours ago, O'Doyle Rules said:

    Played not to lose, which is never a good thing.

    I wouldn't necessarily agree with that.  They subbed on Gylfi and Klaasen in order to not be pinned back so much, but City just had too much firepower even with 10 men.

  17. I really like Ramsey as a player, and he's been one of the best performers these last two games, but it's becoming clearer and clearer that we can't accomodate him and Ozil in the team together.  Like BTerp, I'm excited to see what an Alexis-Lacazette-Ozil front 3 can do.  But I think Xhaka needs defensive cover beside him, whether that's Coquelin/Elneny/some new midfield signing (in my dreams).  I'm only interested in seeing a Xhaka-Ramsey partnership for games at home against lesser opposition.  Otherwise he should be a rotational player for Alexis or Ozil.

  18. 4 minutes ago, teamorange said:

    Works hard, tracks back, and decent goal scorer/passer. Then again defending really doesn't mean much when you are down 1-0 vs stoke lol

    Yeah, Weleck is a good squad player and is able to retain the ball, stretch the defense, and create some chaos.  But he's never going to be a goal scorer, he should be the first to come off when we're chasing goals.

  19. Also, MONREAL IS NOT A CENTER BACK.  If Mertesacker is fit, he should be playing there.  I have a sneaking suspicion that Arsenal is trying to appease Ox by fitting him into the side, but the team would be best served with Kolasinac at LWB and Bellerin at RWB.

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