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  1. That wasn't a bad performance considering we were missing our two most important players, had some calls against us, and were playing away to Stoke in the rain. But conceding that goal was especially frustrating because of how familiar it felt. Acres of space between midfield and defense has become the signature of the late-era Wenger Arsenal, and it doesn't look to be any different this year. We well get torn apart by Liverpool if we don't change our approach.
  2. Man City's offensive firepower is absolutely terrifying, but I'm not convinced by their starting 11. I don't think they'll walk the title like some are predicting. Some interesting scores today; I'm keeping my eye on Huddersfield. Despite their limited finances, their scouting department is very solid and they could cause some trouble for the big teams this year.
  3. I would be surprised if we decide to sell Alexis at this point. Unless PSG blows us out of the water with an 80+ million euro bid, I think Arsene will remain resolute on holding onto him. I don't get the sense from Alexis that he's unhappy here; he just wants to compete in the Champions League. He's a competitor. I don't believe re-signing him is out of the realm of possibility if we have a good year and compete for the title, so I'm glad that Arsene and the Board has taken such a firm stance. How about this opening weekend, eh? It looks like this will be another season of big teams dropping points at unexpected times, so it should make for an interesting year. I'm not too worried about conceding 3 goals against Leceister. First of all, Leceister looks to be closer to their 15-16 form than their form last year. Also, we were down our first 3 choice center backs, and far outshot Leceister on the day. Going forward, it will be interesting to see what Wenger does with the wing backs. I think Kolasinac should be a no-brainer at LWB, but Wenger clearly wants to reward Ox for his improved play and is reluctant to drop Bellerin. On form, Hector shouldn't be starting, but I wonder if Wenger has the cojones to make that type of decision with Barca is his ear.
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