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  1. What if some of us would like to see/read it?
  2. #PaidDiggs!

    Rudolph has kind of been the face of the franchise since AP but now with Diggs locked up I think moving on from Rudolph is more probably than Barr or Richardson if he plays how he's expected unless Rudolph lowers his cap number
  3. Barr V Richardson?

    You'd think if Waynes plays where he left off last season that he'd have a lot of trade value. I'd personally rather try getting something for him rather than just cut him. I'm also in the group that believes the defense will suffer more with the loss of Barr over Richardson. The DLine w/o Richardson still has 3 Pro Bowl capable players while the LB group has 1 competent LB w/o Barr, maybe someone else steps up this year idk.
  4. #PaidDiggs!

    Love this deal. 15M was what was being tossed around a lot and it sounds like its going to be around that 14M mark. I honestly believe with another good season his value on the open market would have reached 17M(+) This also allows us the franchise tag to use on Barr if a deal can't be reached. Im just very excited to know Diggs is locked up long term.
  5. I got a DBacks friend who follows baseball pretty closely who said that non of the guys we got will probably ever reach the Majors. I don't know much about baseball prospects and I know even less about other teams prospects so I have no idea if he's going to be right or not
  6. The NFC's Top Three

    I voted for the Falcons but my other 2 nominations are: Rams & Saints I dont believe this Philadelphia love, I get they won the Superbowl and went on an amazing run but literally everyone was talking about how they were such an underdog, I have to believe that was for a reason I think they just happened to catch lightning in a bottle if you will, time will tell if I'm right but I think Dallas wins the division and the Giants will surprise a lot of people, time will tell but I think Philly is a .500 team possibly 9-7 IDK just my .02
  7. Newman!

    3. Holton Hill absolutely needs to be included
  8. Its almost like they don't want the bad teams to get better. Personally I think they need to implement 2 franchise tags so players can stop forcing their way out, it'd be nice to actually see what teams can do knowing they have their best 2 players locked in as long as they wanted them to
  9. My comment wasn't really directed at any one person, it just seriously amazed me that before all the good news has been coming out about Hill I tried saying the same thing that if he can stay focused he had #1 CB potential and some basically said that wasn't true simply because he didn't get drafted because that talented of players still get drafted somewhere or that he didn't have that potential and should just instead focus on making the team. It is what it is and everyones allowed their own opinion I was just kind of blown back by some of the responses.
  10. Just out of curiosity but who or rather what position would be your focus and who are some potential FA targets you'd be looking at bringing in instead(under the assumption all FA OL were willing to sign in Minnesota)? With that said under your scenario I'd still choose to let Waynes walk over all of them just strictly based off our current roster but I'm a big fan of Hill & I've warmed up a lot on the Hughes selection even though I would have preferred other players. I think if you have the chance to lock up your talent, you do it as soon as possible, especially when they've proven to be a fit in your system, I think if you wait until after the season you're just playing roulette with their price tags. I think the only ones you wait on are guys who have struggled(Waynes) or are new to your system(Richardson) but thats just what I'd do if I was in charge but no hate on your strategy as it might allow for a more accurate salary of each player.
  11. Exactly, It amazed me how some here thought he would be better suited to play Safety. If Hill stays out of trouble(which from everything I've heard he's strictly focused on football) then we got an absolute steal as an UDFA and someone with the talent to be another #1CB
  12. I've been saying we had the money to re-sign all 4 for a while now. It's probably archived on this forum somewhere as well although I did think if we were letting one walk it was going to be E.K. but that was obviously before our draft, now with Hill & Hughes in the fold that should have changed to Waynes
  13. love this move, 2 down 2 to go. For myself Barr should be the next one signed, it might even save us some cap room but at this point I'm doubting that but either which way a Barr extension shouldn't effect the cap much at all & I'd rather just see another key piece of our team reguardless of offense or defense locked up. I just get the feeling that a lot of you guys will be very unhappy if Barr is next which would be an odd thing. Anywho good day to be a Viking fan .... SKOL
  14. He didn't fall for talent reasons, he fell for off the field reasons, which one of those other guys you listed was suspended from their team for the final month and had multiple failed drug tests including a failed drug test at the combine? Like I said players fall for all kinds of reasons and apparently teams felt his off the field issues(which are real) were enough to warrant not using a draft pick on him. If he's such a bum why'd he get so much money as an UDFA?