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  1. If Everson signs with Green Bay he is dead to me ....
  2. Im not sure he can. Did Prince get taken though? I can't seem to find him on the aggregate board and I had to step away for a little bit
  3. If I had my choice it'd look like this WR - T. Johnson or C. Johnson & Hightower or DPJ OL - Tega Wanogho, Trey Adams & Jon Runyan S - Gilman or JR Reed & Warrior (also wouldnt mind Shyheim Carter DL - Weaver, Anae, Coe or Coughlin CB - Lamar Jackson Wild Card: TE - Moss or QB - Fromm I would be okay with other players these are just the ones that I'd take if I could
  4. With 10 picks remaining I'd still like to see 2 WR's, 3 OL, 2 S, 1 DL & another CB
  5. Dallas just out here taking players I wanted
  6. I'd be okay with it but there are a few other guys I'd like first WR - DJP, TJ, CJ, Hightower OL - Tega Wanogho, Driscoll, Adams TE - Moss S - JR Reed, Gilman
  7. Never mind apparently asking for help cured the problem
  8. Totally off topic but how do I get what I previously was going to say off of this chat to begin with? Ive tried clearing it, hitting the X to get rid of it, shutting down my laptop, closing the brower and none of that is doing anything.
  9. for me at this point I sound like a broken record but give me DPJ, TJ, CJ or Prince
  10. Seattle just gave Wilson a huge target. That offense is going to be hard to matchup with if Parkinson turns out how I think he will
  11. Please give us Tega Wanogho, DJP, TJ or CJ
  12. The lady wants us to take Jake Fromm just because of the commercials
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