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  1. how far could we trade up with our 1st, a 4th, goedert and rasul? i would prefer trading ertz and keeping goedert but i see no way they are gonna trade ertz away. but i think we could at least use goedert as trade asset before he leaves im two years. no way we can afford him after his rookie contract and still pay ertz (wich howie will do until zach is 45).
  2. seriously? on that day, in that season, nobody would have stopped the eagles from putting up 41 points. and with bortels instead of brady, the game would not have been close. ask keenum.
  3. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

  4. we keep our 2nd rounder and get slay, love it!
  5. Karl Joseph signs 1-year deal with Browns

    thats probably the most Austrian name in the nfl, but his second name should be spelled Josef to be perfect
  6. would not mind slay, hope we still have enough picks for trading up for ruggs/jeudy tho
  7. how many of these could we afford? it would be nice to get one for each position...
  8. Eagles release Malcolm Jenkins

    does not picking up an option count as cut or does it count for the comp picks? i always forget from year to year how this works...
  9. Eagles release Malcolm Jenkins

    will never forget that play and thst game. it was so wierd, we were soo bad the weeks before and i prepared for a historical loss
  10. Eagles resigning McLeod

    the only thing i hate here is that 99% of eagles fans cant spell his name right! MC - LEOD - one C, not 2! curious about the numbers..
  11. Eagles release Malcolm Jenkins

    WHAT THE CORONA not only are we not getting any of the premium CB, LBs or Ss, we are also letting our leader walk...
  12. Resigned: Mills returns on 1yr deal; Moving to safety

    kinda like it, Mills will be better in the McLeod role than in the outside
  13. just a reminder, our current linebackers are.Gerry, Edwards, Riley and Singleton, worst group in the NFL
  14. cause of covid 19, we are the only ones not at work... smh
  15. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    plesse let the broncos get diggs keep them away from ruggs!