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  1. If the season continues this way i am all on board with letting Doug, Howie, Schwartz and every other coach except for Deuce and Stoutland go.
  2. ram should have put away the game a long time ago. they are so much better than we are. cant believe they let us still breathe.
  3. today we finally get to see what good playcalling is
  4. week 2 and i am already not excited on a sunday...
  5. Football is finally back, yeah! Tbh i expect a lot of rust and sloppiness, the only thing that matters is a W, don't care how.
  6. call me crazy but i dont like JP on the outside anymore. will be out for a few series every game anyway so i hope we still sign glenn. but i am happy to see Pryor at his best position, i thought he did well last season when he came in at RG.
  7. 10-6 should be doable, depending on health like any year. Really not happy with the 5 week stretch without a 1 PM game (W12 - W16), always a tough day at work afterwards for me.
  8. if we had a back up QB who can run around we beat seattle in the play offs.
  9. Superbowl hero Corey Clement signed to a 1 year deal. Been waiting for this, hope he stays healthy and regains his 2017 form!
  10. Seams like there is no rush on the remaining vet FAs. Anybody signed after the Draft other than Jameis?
  11. Man if you´d switch Hurts with Fulton, our class would look awesome. What Vets are we adding now? RB for sure, DE maybe?
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