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  1. after one night of sleep, my order for 12: 1. smith 2. parsons 3. surtain 4. waddle 5. horn but in reality everybody else than smith will be just meh...
  2. if we go Defense at 12, what WRs/TEs we like for the rest of the draft?
  3. yes and please cry about opponents scoring 45 every time for another year, would be hilarious
  4. so no chase or pitts, fire howie!
  5. in a draft where we have two firsts (one of em at least top10 again) i dont care about a late 5th.
  6. im ok with this. would habe liked the contract a bit less but it is what it is.
  7. cant wait to sign some bottom roster guys ive never heard of to minimum deals
  8. sad to see mill go. was obviously not an ideal starter but i loved the green goblin!
  9. wtf ? i basically and jokingly said that pittman will be the next alshon and used his positive comments about wentz, which happend to be in your post, to go further with my comparison. dont care about the number stuff
  10. no need for being passive aggressive alshon was all over wentz being a stud and all stuff, same as pittmans comments now
  11. dont you remember alshons comments about wentz when we signed him? HISTORY REPEATS
  12. lol i guess we know which will be the next anonymous receiver speaking about wentz
  13. i dont know i am in a pretty neutral place with this deal. not excited, not mad, it is what it is... Fire Howie!
  14. i would repeat that if we win another super bowl over and over edit, forgot to mention: Fire Howie!
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