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  1. love wentz, feel bad for him for having bad teammates
  2. what the f.cking f.ck... this is the price we pay for winning it all in their stadium. just sit every important player for the remaining games amd play bach ups
  3. 10 sacks!! thanks to the defense it was a fun game after all
  4. when was the last time our defense was more fun than the offense?
  5. i am starting to get kind of mad... and we are up by 14
  6. so no offense today? ok
  7. meh, want some more firework by our offense
  8. with wentz we would have just sneaked it 4 times
  9. what a wasted challenge and time out
  10. now defense please keep them out before the half!
  11. we lead now, lol rodgers to adams for a 200 yard td bomb coming