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  1. i like our offense today! Reagor Baby!!
  2. i was quiet the last months, but really excited that football is back!!
  3. please explain to me how another year of jones + 2 first round picks are a better situation than the first year real year as a starter for hurts plus 3 first round picks?
  4. oh yess, i wanted him back since he ran all over alabama. should be an upgrade to howard.
  5. thats exactly why i am ok with ignoring corner this year, give hurts all the help and develop him, let our corners lose the games, draft Stingley and/or Thib... (not gonna try) > profit! if hurts is not good, go QB a year later and have a great team in place. sounds so easy in theory 😅
  6. a guy with character concerns on a devalued position... dallas being dallas lol still sooo pumped.. Devontaaaaa!!!
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