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  1. wouldnt that be a much bigger story now? you cant find anything more to this... but if true, he falls to the girls in round two, confirmed
  2. under. we are in cap hell and have to keep carson. Howie and Lurie will think its the Coaches fault and fire him after two. Or he quits to go to a decent organisation cause of a power struggle with the two.
  3. i have no reaction to this thb. lets wait and see
  4. congrats @IrishHooligan00 !! all the best to your family! some advice from my side: let him only watch the 2017 season until he is 18. train him to be WR
  5. stout goes, wentz is under so much pressure from opposing d-lines so he just quits. we safe money - win!
  6. thank you for 2017 but its the right decision. howie next please !!
  7. thank god its over! i wonder how we get out of cap hell... are we favorite for the first pick 2022?
  8. if we really win this divison we might as well go all the way 😅
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