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  1. FIX your team thread.

    @BroncosFan2010 we wouldn’t trade #1 for Lillard at his age and salary.
  2. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    Just yesterday we weren’t getting him in 2 years, 5 years or ever. Hopefully at the rate Minny’s relationship with Towns is going we just agree to sign him in 2 years without giving up anything.
  3. NCAA Recruiting Thread

    3* SG Both Gach is supposedly deciding today, down to Utah, San Diego State and Texas Tech. I think San Diego St here but we'll see. He's a late riser who only recently got academically qualified, but he's a 6'7" guard who can really shoot and defend.
  4. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    I would do that. We’d still have all of our picks moving forward and a big 3 of Booker, Jackson, Towns with Warren as the 6th man and if any of Bender or Chriss progress like we hope....
  5. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    Give them all the 1sts they want but keep Jackson...
  6. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    Players run this league. He could force his way to Phoenix if he really wanted to. Unlikely yeah, but if the Suns offer #1, Chriss and maybe a future pick or two...
  7. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    Booker just posted this again 15 minutes ago. Brb preparing for the NBA to take away our draft picks for tampering.
  8. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    He can leave for nothing in 2 years if he really wants to.
  9. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    Reports coming out today that he's unhappy in Minnesota. For the Suns, they're trying to get more win now players which Towns is, and we team him up with Devin Booker who is his best friend.
  10. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    Would Minnesota take #1 for KAT?
  11. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    I say no. Why would we trade Josh Jackson for anything less than a star?
  12. NBA lottery thread !!

    Has there ever been a 3* one and done to go in the top 10? Hell who was the last 3* one and done to even go in the 1st round?
  13. NBA lottery thread !!

  14. NBA lottery thread !!

    If the Suns fell to 4 he was/is 4th on my big board behind Doncic, Ayton and Young.
  15. Official Phoenix Suns Thread (2017-2018 Season)

    So guys, what do we want with #1, #16, #31 and #59?