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  1. Best way to get tickets?

    Just to update y'all I did buy tickets and they were like $205 each after fees (nosebleeds). Waiting for KU to sell single game tickets but I'm assuming those won't be an issue to get. Looking forward to this trip and eating all the BBQ
  2. 2019 Road to Omaha

    Imagine not picking Texas Tech to make the CWS. 4th trip to Omaha in 6 years. Now it'd be nice if we won more than 1 game there, LOL. But we are absolutely an elite program right now and Tim Tadlock is one of the 3-5 best managers in college baseball.
  3. 2018-2019 NCAAB Thread

    Didn't say it was a conspiracy against Tech...these rule changes do affect what we do and the loophole we found in CBB that made our defense so elite though.
  4. 2018-2019 NCAAB Thread

    For sure, but it hurts our defense.
  5. 2018-2019 NCAAB Thread

    Hate the rule changes. Of course we finally have success and then they go screw us with rule changes.
  6. 2019 MLB Draft

    Tigers just got a steal with John McMillon in the 11th round. He might not know where it goes all the time but he sat at 98 and touched 100 mph last weekend in our regional. Has also started before. Can't believe he was still available, hopefully for my sake they lowball him and he returns for his senior year...
  7. 2019 MLB Draft

    I see Milwaukee wants to win, smart.
  8. 2019 MLB Draft

    nice @ramssuperbowl99 @beekay414
  9. The Official Recruiting Thread

    Got this safety over offers from Arizona, Colorado, Georgia Tech, Houston, Illinois, Kansas, Purdue...solid
  10. 2019 MLB Draft

    What is a Korey Lee?
  11. 2019 MLB Draft

    I love all of u
  12. 2019 MLB Draft

    Dak Prescott actually being good as a rookie screwed me out of Patrick Mahomes on the Cowboys… Don’t screw this up Rangers!
  13. 2019 MLB Draft

    Just take JJ and I’m good
  14. NCAA Recruiting Thread

    You hate to see it...
  15. 2019 MLB Draft

    Man I'd be so bummed if we passed on Josh Jung...