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  1. NCAA Recruiting Thread

    Yeah he’s good. We’re interested but haven’t offered yet, I don’t think we’ll have too many open spots next year maybe 1-2 max. Peavy gets one of those and then we’ll see from there. Greg Brown would be nice.
  2. NCAA Recruiting Thread

    I guarantee you’re not getting Peavy because he’s between Tech and LSU. Good luck getting Cryer too with the programs that have offered him lol

    Even up 70 with 1 day left I fully expected to lose and welp. cant do anything but laugh at this point
  4. NCAA Recruiting Thread

    Really want Clarence Nadolny. Just feel like he's one of those super underrated gems that Beard unlocks.
  5. The official FF Wolfpit Fantasy Basketball league

    Lol I was up all week, I was in Minneapolis for the Final Four and was periodically checking but then drove 16 hours back to Dallas on Tuesday and forgot to reset my stuff. Can’t believe you won
  6. 2019 NCAAM National Title: (3) Texas Tech vs (1) Virginia

    Lol give it a week until Jahmius Ramsey gets his 5th star and then come at me. Recruiting rankings do matter, it’s finding that fine balance between one and dones and high level multi year contributors that could mean championships or not.
  7. 2019 NCAAM National Title: (3) Texas Tech vs (1) Virginia

    Still can't beat any Texas P5 schools in recruiting. Enjoy having the leftovers that we, Texas, A&M, Baylor and TCU don't want. You will probably dominate your conference sure, but won't ever be a real threat for a Final Four. And yeah, Beard in my eyes is the best coach in college basketball. Big 12 coach of the year. AP National coach of the year. Took Texas freaking Tech to an Elite Eight, lost 6 of his top 8 scorers and came back the next year with a Big 12 regular season championship (breaking a 14 year KU streak) and took us to a National Title game. I think at the very worst he's top 5 and will be rewarded with a top 5 salary here in the next week or so.
  8. Driving up to Minny tomorrow

    Cry, lol. But in reality not much. We went to UM and got to sneak into the football stadium which was cool. Took pictures and everything. Campus was beautiful. We went and ate a bunch of good food. Went to the Mall of America. Went to fan fest at the convention center but that was basketball stuff. Can’t really think right now so I’m sure I forgot a couple things. About to leave and start the 16 hour journey back.
  9. 2019 NCAAM National Title: (3) Texas Tech vs (1) Virginia

    We have the best coach in college basketball, we’ll be good. UH will still be irrelevant until they get in a conference that matters.
  10. 2019 NCAAM National Title: (3) Texas Tech vs (1) Virginia

    Enjoy being a fan of an irrelevant school in an irrelevant conference...
  11. 2018-2019 NCAAB Thread

    Hurt to Duke and not KU?
  12. Driving up to Minny tomorrow

    Lol, pass.
  13. 2018-2019 NCAAB Thread

    “Houston is better than Tech” Bahahahahahahahahahah
  14. 2018-2019 NCAAB Thread

  15. 2019 NCAAM National Title: (3) Texas Tech vs (1) Virginia

    Can’t wait to be in the building on Monday night. I might cry if we pull this off