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  1. 2018 NBA Draft Prospects

    Needs to learn how to not foul
  2. FFMLFB League

    I wish DL worked. Like I have Justin Turner who will open the year on the DL but I can't move him there yet.
  3. 2018 Tank Watch

    Current top 8, which seem pretty set in stone to finish in the top 8 (next 5 games) 1) Phoenix 19-53 (@ CLE, @ ORL, vs BOS, vs LAC, @ HOU) 2) Memphis 19-51(@ PHI, @ CHA, vs LAL, @ MIN, @ POR) 3) Orlando 21-50 (vs PHI, vs PHX, vs BKN, vs CHI, @ ATL) 4) Atlanta 21-50 (@ SAC, @ GS, @ HOU, @ MIN, vs PHI) 5) Dallas 22-49 (vs UTA, vs CHA, @ SAC, @ LAL, vs MIN) 6) Sacramento 23-49 (vs ATL, vs BOS, vs DAL, vs IND, vs GS) 7) Brooklyn > Cleveland 23-48 (vs CHA, @ TOR, vs CLE, @ ORL, @ MIA) 8) Chicago 24-46 (vs DEN, vs MIL, @ DET, @ HOU, @ MIA) Orlando bout to take a free fall if they aren't careful.
  4. And maybe just as importantly, Utah/Philly have 2 and 2.5 game leads on Miami and Milwaukee respectively. #1, #15, #16, #31 would be a damn dream, and I hope McD would package 15 and 16 to move up as high as possible.
  5. Can the Giants seriously pass on a QB at 2??!!

    The Giants should trade down and continue to build the rest of their roster. They already have their franchise QB, and it ain't the one in Kansas City.
  6. Rockets gonna win the ship and end DFW sports lol. Astros World Series, Eagles Superbowl and Rockets Championship in the same year? lmaooooooo Thankfully I'm not a Mavs fan and don't really gaf about the Rockets...
  7. Yeah I see both sides. I just want both picks to convey. If that ends up being 16 and 18 or whatever, I'm cool with it. Obviously 15+16 would be most ideal but that isn't that big of a difference.
  8. @11sanchez11 are we cool with the Heat winning? Since they own the head to head with the Bucks, I don't mind if they stay ahead of them. I mean even if they win a few games, I would rather get like 17/18 (from MIA) + 15/16 (from MIL) than potentially MIL end up at 17/18 (which we won't get) and MIA at 15/16...
  9. FFMLFB Draft- Sax (OTC) B7 DCR Crab D

    Justin Bour, 1B
  10. NCAA Tournament South Region Discussion

    Nevada is a hell of a team. Had them going to the Sweet Sixteen in my bracket so I expected this, but definitely not in the way that it happened with the 2 crazy comebacks. When they came to Lubbock during non conference they gave us all we could handle and probably should have beaten us. The Martin twins are insanely good.
  11. NCAA Tournament East Region Discussion

    Any Purdue/Big 10 fans here who can give me a little run down on their squad? Looking at the stats, I had no idea they shoot the 3 as well as they do... What's the deal with Haas? I'm assuming with an extra 4 days rest he'll be good to go?
  12. FFMLFB Draft- Sax (OTC) B7 DCR Crab D

    Brad Brach, RP
  13. The Prospect/Amateur Thread - Where Forrest Whitley Throws the Parties

    Cole Ragans needs TJS and Kyle Cody will be shut down for 3-4 weeks with elbow soreness. God dammit.
  14. I believe we can fall to 4 and not be guaranteed any of them... In better news, Josh Jackson was awesome and has been awesome for nearly 3 months now. This is very good.
  15. NCAA Tournament East Region Discussion

    Refs were brutal both ways. I can point to multiple instances of awful calls against us too. When we got up 58-50 you guys got free throws on like 4 straight possessions while we couldn’t buy a call. Then the last play of the game, Keenan Evans got absolutely mugged with no call...that was ridiculous.