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  1. So at what point does the seat start warming up then? They haven't played well all season, Kyle seems to be outcoached on a weekly basis and drafting hasn't been out of this world either.
  2. If he doesn't he won't last long... That hit he took at the goal line was nasty.
  3. I see.. Was a bit surprised he drew a blank on the stat sheet. Was impressed with Mitchell though, had some good runs. You guys think he will continue as the starting back.
  4. What happened with Ayiuk?? Has Sherfield taken the wr2 spot??
  5. DTMW78

    EURO 2020

    I think we can beat em this time round. 3-5-2 with Grealish behind Kane and Calvert-Lewin. Henderson and Rice in the middle. Shaw and Walker/Trippier as wing backs. Mings, Maguire and stones at CB.
  6. Shame he never got the ring he deserved. Gave everything he had throughout his career. Will never forget that pass he caught.
  7. So we trade back, gain a extra pick but then pick the wrong player (imo). Then go and trade that extra pick to move up and pick the wrong player (imo). I don't wanna be all doom and gloom but this is a pretty bad outcome and no extra picks either. I was so sure they were going to pick Lamb and then they blew it.
  8. Pissed we didn't pick Lamb... What did we get in the move back?
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