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  1. Stenosis is the best OLine coach we have had in a long time. I realize it is also a function of offensive scheme, but I have seen good play by everyone. I expected the lack of a preseason, that it would be spotty play, but that isn't the case at all. OL, more than anyone, need the reps playing together to get the assignments, adjustments and especially the timing down with their unit. Therefore, I would let Bahl walk if he demands top dollar. Would love to keep him, he is playing very well this season. Last 2 seasons, I thought he was slipping. Put the money into extending our CBs, and put some draft capital into our OL and count on the coaching staff to get them up to speed.
  2. Its been reported that teams looking for a QB were talking to the Packers to trade up. Gute could assume that these same teams were also talking to the teams ahead of them. I wonder if the Dolphins while on the clock received an offer from another team and let the Packers know that if they didn't trade up, another team was who may be interested in a QB. Dolphins prefered to trade with the pack because the guy they wanted would likely still be there. I suspect these kind of things get batted around like this throughout the draft.
  3. Nay on OBJ for me as well. He has some amazing games and a bunch of incredible catches. He also has games where he does very little and appears almost disinterested. We can get a guy or two in this draft who will be help this team immediately. Reagor can play this season and catch 50 passes. He will be much cheaper, and will blossom into an impact player by his 3rd year.
  4. Nice to read something different. Because Gute will do something different. He surprised me (maybe even shocked) me with his first two 1st rounds of his career. It's almost expected that he will do something unexpected. So why not this? I hope not. Too much to spend on a off balance WR and in a year very deep with WRs, we should give up the picks. If anything, we should trade back.
  5. Oops. Make it Kmet then. Davidson is #2. Dont want DPJ. We already have a very highly athletic but unproductive wolverine.
  6. Epensa would get my vote. Then Gladney and Blacklock would be 3rd
  7. Murray and reagor for the Pack? Yes! This would be about the best we can hope for.
  8. Great work, @AINFL19 love this kind of analysis. And good luck on your predictions on stays.. If you hit these stats within 20% i would expect: 18.30% chance NFL scouting Dpt unpaid intern offer 7.40% chance NFL draft analyst job offer 1.30% asst GM/ job offer 0.01% chance NFL GM job offer
  9. You missed the most important defensive improvement: Pettine > Capers
  10. The reason I got the impression that football wasnt his first love is because in an interview he seemed more excited when talking about his agency than talking about his upcoming NFL career. And once you get an opinion like that, it is tough to shake. Then you wonder if gleaning that public impression from social media Gary worried it may affect his draft position and that motivated him to speak differently in future interviews. Only a few months before we find out a few things about him.
  11. I will go with the pressure and interception. What would you prefer, a sack forcing a punt or a pressure that still leads to a TD? A pressure occassionally leads to INTs, but a 3rd down sack almost always leads to a punt. Punts are as good as turnovers except for usually worse field position.
  12. The QB salary will likely not change as a percent of cap. It hasn't changed in 25 years and that should be enough to call a trend. So if your question is 'will NFL revenue continue to increase?' Then I would say yes, but at a slower degree. I think NFL has peaked and baseball and basketball are improving and gaining a bigger slice of the pie.
  13. Daniels play has dropped off the last few seasons. He is still good, but he is definitely on the decline. Maybe with new energy of defense and more plays off to rest, maybe he can regain the form. The fact that he looks very different than the rest of our DL, makes me think he will not be resigned. Personally, I'm in a wait and see mode to see how well he plays. I believe Lowry is about plateaued out. But he is an above average player who is reliable. Montravious is a player who started to come around late last season. He doesnt get a lot of love by Packer fans, but I expect him to be a good player for us this year. As I pointed out to a Adams hater the other day, Packers cut Cullen Jenkins 2 years in a row. He finally made the roster in year 3, let alone becoming a force. It can take a few years for the big guys.
  14. Part of me thinks it all sounds a little like a participation trophy. Of course you prefer a sack - it ends the play. A pressure can still be a completion and positive play for the offense. But hey, you were participated in the play, good job!
  15. Well done. Appreciate your efforts!
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