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  1. Packers sign CB Breeland

    Foot caught in the spokes and chewed off his skin. Damn that sounds painfull.
  2. 86 pages?!?! Cant post now, probably be plagiarizing something on Pgs 7, 29, and 41. Anyone read through all this, has the Mack and cheese(head) been done? How about a kahlil Gibran reference? Big Mack? Mack truck?
  3. who looked better as rookies R/R or J/J

    Josh and Jaire have a huge advantage of better coaching. For whatever reason, Capers seem to lack the ability to develop players in the secondary. Be curious to see how randall and Rollins do going forward. Coming out, both Josh and Jaire are better players. We were lucky that there were a bunch of 2nd tier CBs and teams were willing to wait later to nab one. Never thought Josh would make it to the 2nd round, we got a gift from the league on that one.
  4. Saints Watch- Additional First Round Pick (0-1)

    I hate to see any rookie for any team suffer an injury. Normally.
  5. Thoughts on the Offseason

    I get it. The odds are stacked against him. If it will make you feel better, he is a better athlete than Anquon Boldin. He does have good height, route running skills, and hands. I think he plays a lot better than he tested. He may not have practiced for the testing, I dont know. He dominated some good DBs at the east-west Shrine game and I think he has some potential.
  6. Thoughts on the Offseason

    This coming season, Geronimo will probably get better and Jordy will probably get worse. Geronimo is a young player still learning the position. There is no reason to give up on his development at this point.
  7. Thoughts on the Offseason

    It is better to have unused cap space than pay a lot of money for an old WR on the decline with limited productuon. Unused salary cap rolls over to the next year. No player decision should be based entirely on if cap space is available. We have Cobb and Graham as well. Let's not pretend Allison is garbage either.
  8. Thoughts on the Offseason

    Pro Jordy: he has chemistry with Rodgers; lots of experience Negative Jordy: skills dropped off; probably will decline even more this year; very expensive. I get it. I dont like it, but I understand why they are better off. As far as injury, goes, Jordy is more likely to get injured and it's tough to weigh what the level of risk is.
  9. Supplemental Draft

    Cant see giving up a 2nd for Beal. I'm thinking he will go in the 4th. That's what I would bid for him and a 5th for Adonnis. I bring in the safety, Bryant as a FA. Amazing talent, but a DUI, an injury concern and academic issue. There are reasons these guys are in the supplemental draft and none of them good. Couple that with, as someone mentioned already, they are way behind even other rookies. You are only getting a special teamer the rookie year.
  10. Worst places for visiting teams in the NFL

    Oakland. I have been to a dozen stadiums, this was the worst. 4 big dudes in front of me glared at me and wife and another couple we were with as we sat down. We were all in our packer gear. They sneared and made a few snarky comments. I patted the biggest ugliest one on the back and point to an elderly packer couple in front of them. Told em "if they gave you problems, I got your back". They looked at me like i was an idiot for a moment and then started laughing. We were buddies after that. I saw probably 20 fights just in my section and the one nearby. Guys in front of me just laughed and talked about how far the blood flew. Tough crowd.
  11. Most complete back in NFL history

    You cant gain a single yard if you are at home suspended for substance abuse. Just like Bo, availability is important too.
  12. Most complete back in NFL history

    Well again, if you added "able to resist smoking pot" then he is off the list. Or maybe i mistook your comment. Maybe saying he is up there you are saying he is high right now?
  13. Most complete back in NFL history

    You have a point. But if you toss in "durability" to that list, sadly, Bo is out.
  14. Most complete back in NFL history

    LT easily. I heard a coach say that if LT wanted to be a WR and focused on that, he would have been HOF at that position as well. I heard the same thing said about Faulk, by the way. But when you consider the Chargers had a poor OL for a big chunk of his career, it is all the more amazing he did as well as he did. As far as Gurley, yeah, it's a little soon. Afterall, the same can be said for Fournette, Barkley, Bryce Love, and Johnathan Taylor.
  15. It's been years since we have done any hearkening in Green Bay. I'm getting excited. From local radio about who really stood out at OA yesterday. Biegel looked to be in incredible shape with a great first step. Yet Clay thinks we needed more depth, so there you go.