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  1. Thank you. Thank you for saving the Pack. If things unfolded exactly this way, I think we would be a much better team. I like AJB but think there should be a good OL there that would help the Packers more in the short and long run. Dont think we need FA Humphreys. Odds are 1 or maybe 2 of our rookies takes a step for this season giving us some good WR talent that has to be cut.
  2. Hot Take Thread

    That is the hottest take so far in this thread, imo.
  3. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Not sure about Rosen, but I saw part of the NFL training camp show when Goff was a rookie. Coach wanted to prove a point about consistency and asked Goff where the sun rose. He didnt have a clue. When told it rose in the east he acted like it was a revelation. They showed him sharing his new found information with his teammates who some looked at him wondering if he was an idiot. Anyway, you can sound pretty stupid and still play QB apparently.
  4. And QB is so important a franchise can completely turn around if you hit on one special player. I thought Mahommes was going at the end of the first but Chiefs went pretty high to get him. Turns out the Chiefs were right and will be a force to reckon with as long as he is the QB. The rewards are so great, I understand why franchises take such big risks and spend so much draft capital.
  5. Moretti's 1/31/19 mock

    Well done.
  6. Leisher's 2019 Mock draft 1-16-19

    First 5 picks defense? Some packer fans brains would melt. But all 5 would be great picks and good value as well as realistically available. In perhaps the best DL draft ever, you stocked our shelf for years to come. Nice job.
  7. The best spin I can say is that LaFluer wants his system run and Hackett is the closest. Lafluer feels Hackets is a great teacher, leader, motivator, and develops talent. Maybe he feels he has all the skills and traits necessary, just needs the LeFluer system.
  8. He wasnt 32nd last season.
  9. Leisher's 2019 Mock draft 1-10-19, #300?

    I like the first 5, but dont know the players after that. The most unlikely is Abram. I think he will be gone late 2nd. White is my hope at #12. Pettine doesn't rely on OLBs for pass rush. I think White will provide some pass rush, but will mostly be a force in the run game. White, working with Clark and Martinez will be effective. Shutting down the running lanes forcing more 3rd and longs. He will also be our attitude setter. We need one of those.
  10. packers selcet mAtt leFleUr as head coah

    No problem with being a bad play caller. Rodgers runs his own plays anyway.
  11. Packers sign CB Breeland

    Foot caught in the spokes and chewed off his skin. Damn that sounds painfull.
  12. 86 pages?!?! Cant post now, probably be plagiarizing something on Pgs 7, 29, and 41. Anyone read through all this, has the Mack and cheese(head) been done? How about a kahlil Gibran reference? Big Mack? Mack truck?
  13. who looked better as rookies R/R or J/J

    Josh and Jaire have a huge advantage of better coaching. For whatever reason, Capers seem to lack the ability to develop players in the secondary. Be curious to see how randall and Rollins do going forward. Coming out, both Josh and Jaire are better players. We were lucky that there were a bunch of 2nd tier CBs and teams were willing to wait later to nab one. Never thought Josh would make it to the 2nd round, we got a gift from the league on that one.
  14. Saints Watch- Additional First Round Pick (0-1)

    I hate to see any rookie for any team suffer an injury. Normally.