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  1. The issue has been ongoing, apparently since the end of last season. We only became aware recently.
  2. I am actually of the belief that Rodgers has already been traded to Denver on a handshake basis. HEre is my evidence: - two Bronco insiders reported that a deal was in progress . One of which said that it was practically a done deal. - Broncos spent a lot of time scouting the top QBs - Broncos signed Bridgewater in a move some said was to act as a veteran presence while the rookie gets up to speed - Broncos passed on one of the top QBs - Fields - Broncos drafted a player at a position that the Packers desperately need
  3. As I stated, no. He wont want to go there. As far as I know, he doesn't have a no trade clause. I also know that Snyder seems to be the sort of owner who likes to make big splashes (at least he used to be).
  4. I think about owners and not necessarily teams. What would Washington and that owner, Snyder, give up? Probably more than he is worth. Chase Young, Jamin Davis, and next years 1st. Sure Rodgers probably wont go. Let Snyder worry about that.
  5. Without a normal college season, I expected there to be some picks we didn't see coming. Either obscure players or differing evaluations. Sophomore players who caught their attention in the 2020 draft process and they thought to keep their eye on them for 2021. Players who they thought with another year of development they could be something special. When the season was lost to covid (I know they played but practice training was severely cut back) these players didn't have the opportunity to develop. So why not take a flyer on them and see what happens? I give the draft a B. Didn't
  6. A viking fan? That explains it. He hated this draft from a viking perspective and didn't want us to improve.
  7. I think we should have stayed put in the first and taken Surtain.
  8. I have systematically gone through all the prospects and have narrowed down the possible players that Gute may pick at #29 to 72 players. Is it just me or is there a lot of similarily graded players; needs at several positions; lack of combine data; a missing season of real college football development; and a wider than normal array of opinions by the scouting media on most players.
  9. Those are some interesting trades. We move up 6 spots in 1st and 35 spots in the 4th at the cost of a future 4th? I don't think that is very likely. Anyway, the players selections are all good. I would be ecstatic if the draft went this way.
  10. The most unrealistic is Williams in the 5th. I can't see him lasting past the 3rd.
  11. The conversation I would imagine would not mention the DC position. Merely LaFleur asking McVay how Evero is doing and if McVay thought he was ready for more responsibility. I think that is all it would take to plant some seeds.
  12. Maybe. Do you think it might be possible that conversations were taking place a couple of weeks ago? MLF may have been planning to move on from Pettine before the playoffs. If his pick is Evero, maybe he discussed it with McVay already. Not a bad idea knowing a bunch of new coaches were going to have first pick of all the DCs. Maybe Evero has been turning down jobs and considers the Packer job the best of the bunch. Evero is the first scenario that popped into my mind, but there are others that this would make sense as well.
  13. This is a bunch of BS!!! I can't believe this. Under Slocum we were 32nd ranked on special teams. Under the innovative mind and invigorating enthusiastic energy of Coach Mennenga, we rocket up to #29 in 2 short years. Another 2 years and we would have definitely cracked the top 25. I just don't get it. I'm bummed.
  14. Stenosis is the best OLine coach we have had in a long time. I realize it is also a function of offensive scheme, but I have seen good play by everyone. I expected the lack of a preseason, that it would be spotty play, but that isn't the case at all. OL, more than anyone, need the reps playing together to get the assignments, adjustments and especially the timing down with their unit. Therefore, I would let Bahl walk if he demands top dollar. Would love to keep him, he is playing very well this season. Last 2 seasons, I thought he was slipping. Put the money into extending our CBs
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