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  1. Worst places for visiting teams in the NFL

    Oakland. I have been to a dozen stadiums, this was the worst. 4 big dudes in front of me glared at me and wife and another couple we were with as we sat down. We were all in our packer gear. They sneared and made a few snarky comments. I patted the biggest ugliest one on the back and point to an elderly packer couple in front of them. Told em "if they gave you problems, I got your back". They looked at me like i was an idiot for a moment and then started laughing. We were buddies after that. I saw probably 20 fights just in my section and the one nearby. Guys in front of me just laughed and talked about how far the blood flew. Tough crowd.
  2. Most complete back in NFL history

    You cant gain a single yard if you are at home suspended for substance abuse. Just like Bo, availability is important too.
  3. Most complete back in NFL history

    Well again, if you added "able to resist smoking pot" then he is off the list. Or maybe i mistook your comment. Maybe saying he is up there you are saying he is high right now?
  4. Most complete back in NFL history

    You have a point. But if you toss in "durability" to that list, sadly, Bo is out.
  5. Most complete back in NFL history

    LT easily. I heard a coach say that if LT wanted to be a WR and focused on that, he would have been HOF at that position as well. I heard the same thing said about Faulk, by the way. But when you consider the Chargers had a poor OL for a big chunk of his career, it is all the more amazing he did as well as he did. As far as Gurley, yeah, it's a little soon. Afterall, the same can be said for Fournette, Barkley, Bryce Love, and Johnathan Taylor.
  6. It's been years since we have done any hearkening in Green Bay. I'm getting excited. From local radio about who really stood out at OA yesterday. Biegel looked to be in incredible shape with a great first step. Yet Clay thinks we needed more depth, so there you go.
  7. What is your biggest surprise of round #1?

    What I believe happens is that teams grade players. They have a formula for each position that scores a player based on both measurable physical attribites and subjective things such as heart, aptitude, etc. I don't believe they ever sit down and try to rank them in order. It would be difficult, laborious, and inaccurate to do that. To determine whether to trade or not, they have to just figure what grade of player will be available at all the picks and figure which situation results in the most value.
  8. What is your biggest surprise of round #1?

    I think fans put way too much into the draft value chart. It incorrectly assumes NFL teams rank draftable players in order on their big boards, rather than individually rating them with a score. Also, it assumes talent is identical each year. Another error is that players can be ranked 1 to xxx. How do you tell if the 125th player a guard is better than 126th WR? Cant players receive the same grade? The final assumption is that both teams value players identically. That of course is silly. Think about it, what if the Saints had given Davenport the 5th highest player rating in the draft? Is his trade value to them suddenly only worth the 14th best player? The chart's purpose is to determine the relative value to a team of the talent you can draft at the pick. There are a lot of variables involved to determine the quality of a trade. TVC is a very rough guideline that should be taken with a large grain of salt.
  9. What is your biggest surprise of round #1?

    By my math, that would still be a value increase even if the the saints' pick is #32. I'm not sure how you equate that to the 49th pick but I will assume you are doing some kind of trade value chart math. There are 3 factors in play here: 1. Packers player ratings. What if the Packers rated Edmunds, James, Davenport and Alexander the same? There is no loss of value to go from 14 to 18 if that is the case. Heck, we maybe had Alexander rated higher than the other 3, and would have taken him at 14 if no trade. We will never know. 2. Draft depth. If next year's draft has a deeper talent pool, the 24th pick in 2019 may have the same rating as a player drafted 16 this season. 3. Positional need. Next year looks deep at DL. This year was big for QB, G, and RB. We didnt have a big need for those, IMHO. Next year looks much deeper at DL and Edge. I hope Daniels hangs in there, Mo is a success and resigns, and Adam's busts out. But I'm one for having the DL cupboard stocked up before a need appears. Edge is obviously a need for healthy and talented youth.
  10. Camp Battles

    There is a simple rule, if its within the 10, let it go. Beyond the 10, don't let it hit the ground. It seems to me, Davis violated this rule multiple times, sometimes in the same game. Maybe they are telling him a different rule, but if not, he isn't very good at following directions. Davis has very impressive physical gifts and great hands. On paper he looks special. He has had great QBs in college and now in GB. I cant figure out why he has never clicked as a WR. I think maybe the punt return flubs and lack of Wr production are related to a root cause. Maybe he just isn't football smart to learn and follow directions or patterns/plays.
  11. What is your biggest surprise of round #1?

    Greater patience equals greater value. It's tough to wait a year for help, but if you can change a 3rd into a 1st by waiting a year you improve your team more in the long run. Especially if the next year turns out to be a deeper pool of talent. A big shock that hasn't been pointed out was the Raiders, Kolton Miller. That was quite the reach. It was a huge shock for me that Edmund's was available at 14. The biggest shock was that we didnt take him and traded back! He was my best case scenario and the Packer brain trust did not see it that way. In the end, they did probably a better job than I would have.
  12. PackerLegend’s Annual Rookie Nicknames

    Someone here already coined "black Janis" for Scantling.
  13. Saints Watch- Additional First Round Pick

    Sophomore slump by Latimore and Kamara. A Peyton Manningesque drop off by Breese and we are in the top 5. What struck me as funny, is the Saints grabbed Davenport with the pick. I really like Davenport and would not have minded the Packers taking him. However, he is by all accounts, on the raw side. He isn't the guy who puts you over the top - this year. Not the player you give up a first next year, which should be much deeper at DE and Edge.
  14. Ok. I totally get it then. I mean, he did provide incredibly insightful commentary on players and a huge forum asset with his professional experience and all. But if he isn't going to perform as expected in a fantasy role playing exercise, then what good is he?