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  1. Have fun mock'n my mock

    Your taste in CBs is a little off the wall, but otherwise, nice draft.
  2. rcon14 Mock 5.0

    Well done.very realistic and well thought out. Curious to see if the Pack weigh the RAS scores this much in there evaluations.
  3. Your Packer Draft Board

    Wow. For a board with so many opinionated packer fans, 112 views but only 1 other big board?
  4. Your Packer Draft Board

    Seeing the corporate draft board being assembled, I wonder how different our individual boards are. Here is mine: 1. Bosa 2. Q Williams 3. Allen 4. Oliver 5. Devin White 6. Jawaan Taylor 7. Jonah williams 8. Sweat 9. Hockenson 10. Kyler Murray 11. Christian Wilkins 12. Dillard Only the first 3 are guaranteed and Murray are for sure gone. All 4 could go No. 1.
  5. I say Frack should be commended for his efficiency! There are a lot of ways to improve this defense. I want us to take the best player available at every pick and not reach for anyone. If that is a MLB or a DE at 12, so be it. I dont see that being an OLB, but its Gutes board and not mine.
  6. Fox's back at trying or maybe not mock draft...

    It's an excellent trade as I think Hockenson could be the pick at 12. Doubtful that Hock lasts that wrong as I think he goes before fant. As far as Burns ar 44, last year many wanted Landry at our first pick and he nearly made it to our 2nd. Burns is a better prospect than Landry, but not as good as many posters think. I think he goes to Seattle at 20 which is a bit of a reach.
  7. Pumpkin spice cookies. Pumpkin spice cookies. Ready Bake! Vince Lombardi's favorite. If you dont know the recipe you shouldnt be here either.
  8. The heart wants what the heart wants. If you are convinced Burns is the most amazing Packer prospect no facts, history or logic is going to stand in your way. And I'm going to continue to hope against hope that we end up with Devin White. Hell, let's trade up to 5 to get him! In my mind he is worth 2 Brian Burnses.
  9. Sweat played last season 30 lbs heavier than Burns. Burns put on 20 lbs for the combine. Can he keep it on during the rigors of an NFL season? How much will he lose? 5 lbs okay. 20 lbs? Not so good. Why didnt he add the weight in college? He had to know his draft stock was affected. He had to know it would help him as a player. There are questions here. I'm only making a guess as all of you are. I would love to hear from them as well, but they ain't talking. We only have 1 year to go by here, so it's really anyone's guess. I'm with you on the diverse arsenal and would consider Burns at 30. But too risky IMHO at 12. And I wouldn't take a 3rd down specialist anyway. I want a 3 down player as the Packers need some help in several areas.
  10. I doubt the Packers are considering Burns. He is nothing like either Smith we signed as FAs. I think we can assume we would sign only FAs who fit a profile of what we want them to do. Therefore I believe we are not looking for a small quick guy for the position. Je just doesnt fit our system. I would say we draft Clelin Ferrel before Burns. Man, that would be funny to see the meltdown on some of the armchair GMs. Anyway, I think Burns goes to 20. If the Hawks pass on him he may be there at 30. Personally, I would consider him at that point. Depends on who else is available.
  11. Okay. I will go with that. I see iDL used for that, iOL for OG/OC, iLB or even OBLB. Getting more complicated every year.
  12. Not the definition everyone uses. Last page somebody (not you) rips on a poster for saying it's a strong draft for defensive line. Says its mediocre. Then goes on to say it's great for edge. We are Packer fans so we think in terms of OLB for edge.
  13. I know you weren't comping Burns/Miller. Nor was the poster I was responding too. Just as I wasnt comping Burns/Reynolds. I do see a potential issue in semantics. What do you mean by EDGE? To me, an Edge is either a DE in a 4-3 or a OLB in a 3-4.
  14. About 3 months ago Derrick Brown, Raekwon Davis, and Rashard Lawrence were all wavering on coming out. Not sure about Rashard, but the first 2 were likely 1st rounders. Also Jeffery Simmons was top 12 before he was injured. Christian Wilkens was more highly thought of as well. At one time the DL was looking very strong.