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  1. NFLPA Fact Sheet on new CBA

    Depends on WHERE you are teaching....
  2. February Mock Offseason

    Very good offseason. We will be lucky if the draft comes out that good.
  3. Your #1 FA Target

    That mabey generous but he is a remarkably better OG than a C at this point of his career. So at this time GO8 you favor going TE in R2 of the draft , do you double up with another Olineman or CB with the other R2 pick?
  4. Your #1 FA Target

    I believe Daniels is a better OG because of Whitehair calling the OLine calls and being a stable force beside him. I leave Daniels and Whitehair alone and buy the RG. Brandon Scherff if available.
  5. What we need on Offense

    I agree with alot what you said. The Oline is the biggest flaw and needs to be addressed first and most complete. TE is another but will probably be filled through draft. Especially with the $ they are throwing at Burton in the last year of his contract and the cap hit. The "hot seat" I agree on Miller and Cohen. Getting a Speed WR probably from the draft can be done with any mid round pick. But another thought on how to get speed at WR is put Cohen in the slot or Gabreal's spot on the outside and leave him there. He has good hands and his speed kills. Replacing him at RB is a mid to low draft pick or a low end cost FA RB. On coaching you hit the nail on the head.
  6. Around the NFL Thread

    They may not, but Winston sure doesn't throw to him often. Thats probably more of Ariren's offense.
  7. I don't believe it is a rah rah speech at all. It is a moment were every player knew they were going to LA to beat the Rams again. This was the first taste of the playoffs in many years and to have to snatched from you on a play were 95% of NFL , hell college kickers make, is a feeling that doesn't sit well. Listen to many of the 85 Bears and they will tell you the san fran game was the kick in the teeth they never got over.
  8. Pre Snap Reads: Trubisky analysis

    Personally, I think Mitch is going to take a big step this season. I think if he simply cuts the `what the hell`` plays down, which should come with experience and reps, then the bottom comes up and the top has always been high. quote by Windy. I agree with you Windy. This is year 2 in Nagy's offense. Less Thinking, more seeing and understanding. I just read that he was now seeing the defense and anticipating what the nickle would be and do and counter attack it. That's year 2 thinking and understanding. MT imo is in the place of a perfect storm. He is a very good athlete that has a very good arm. Is able to see things , understand the next step and learn, and he has offensive genius like Nagy calling plays. Give these two guys time and they will bring back trophies to Halas Hall.
  9. Bears trade Howard to the Eagles

    With the two comp picks, this means Pace has 10 picks in next years draft if I count correctly. Maybe its in Pace's plan to use some of those picks this year in trades. I agree with you on drafting the PK, Gay. Kid has big leg and perfect for Soldier Field Winds.
  10. Free Agent Rumors

    Just read on overthecap we have 4th for and 5th for Callahan. Looks like the cutoff point is 10mil per year for R3.
  11. Where to pick this year's rookie running backs?

    It would vary with keeper vs non and PPR vs Standard. In keeper they are all RB2s with IMO Guice and Jones being best long term valve. In PPR they are lower in value than standard, but if it is a standard nonkeeper league they are are flex or very low RB2 value.
  12. BD3231's only mock- 5 days out- v1.0

    Great draft rounds 1-4. 5 selections that will contribute this year and have a pretty high ceiling with all.
  13. 2018 Draft Prospects

    Reading the tea leaves I think Ward or Edmunds drop to us at 8 and an Edge is selected at 39 or a trade down. I believe Pace thinks Kush is the starter at OG and Morgan will push him. The need for a starter OG is much high outside of HH than inside.
  14. 2018 Draft Prospects

    If the Bears end up 8-8 or 9-7 Trubisky will not be average. If he is average they will have another 5 win season. Mitch is the straw that stirs the drink for this team going forward.
  15. 2018 Free Agency targets

    Hard to believe he needed PEDs to hold that clipboard all game. When is the last time he took a snap in the regular season? 5 years?