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  1. Offseason Thread

    Dunno where else to put this, but I had forgotten all about how this game unfolded, which is unusual for me, as for whatever reason my brain dedicates a lot of memory to the Titans games over the years. Some dark times as a Titans fan back then, but this was certainly an entertaining watch to remember how it happened.
  2. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    If he's playing well and that happens, what the team will do is either try and get him to sign a deal that's team friendly, or they'll franchise him, because letting a QB who is playing well go isn't something an NFL franchise is going to do. What should happen is letting him go. Because in this day and age, you can't go from having Neil O'Donnell to Billy Volek to Kerry Collins as your backup QBs like we could do with our injury prone QBs McNair and Young. Because when they step in and play at a decent level, some other team is gonna see that and say "hey we want that guy on our team, and we want him to start" just because of how QB starved teams are. And they'll either offer them more money in FA than you can justify spending, or they'll offer you a trade you don't want to refuse(and you also don't want to deny a player a chance to go start somewhere else, it looks bad on the franchise and it's likely to upset your other players). So the only way I think they SHOULD keep Mariota if he suffers another bad injury is if Tannehill agrees to sign on as backup for the long term, because Tannehill can offer you decent enough QB play as a backup to justify having a good but ridiculously injury prone starter, just like O'Donnell, Volek and Collins could for McNair and Young(well Young didn't end up meeting the good criteria..but looked like he was going to early on). Any other scenario that involves keeping Mariota despite getting hurt again is one I can't support(this could change obviously if they somehow got another really good backup QB on board, but the chances of getting that aren't high in this league).
  3. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    This the other extreme of Mariota evaluations. He's not as good as Cian thinks he is, and he's not as bad as the box score scouting general NFL fan thinks he is. I've said it a billion times, but he's an average to slightly above average QB when he's healthy and he's good enough to win with. Only problem is he can't stay healthy.
  4. Yeah, can give the 48 since we're not in any real rush.
  5. Madden Ratings(Your own)

    I'd assume that's because each stat factors in to your rating. Speed, agility, acceleration, juke, stiff, catching blocking, pass rushing ratings, etc, and all kickers have going for them(usually at least) is kick power and accuracy. I suppose they could do some kind of weighted by position system to mitigate that, but all that really matters when looking at kickers and punters is their kick power and accuracy.
  6. Madden Ratings(Your own)

    Does the person who makes these ratings even watch football? Mayfield over Wentz and Watson? McCaffrey over Kamara? Lewan an 81? Could go on and on. Absolute joke.
  7. @grizzans3222 is now OTC @TitanTuff needs to pick
  8. Everyone gets a 24 hour clock to make their pick. To make things easier I ask if everyone can @ the next pick when they make their selection. The randomized list: https://i.imgur.com/UzKueWo.png Draft Order: Round 1: RuskieTitan - Marcus Mariota Justin615$ - Kevin Byard Titans fan 617 - Derrick Henry TitanTuff - Taylor Lewan grizzans3222 - Corey Davis Titansfan_13 - Jayon Brown tgrades3 - Delanie Walker Daniel - Harold Landry SerenityNow - AJ Brown TwoToneBlue - Rashaan Evans TJM217 - Jurrell Casey VY-FTW - Needs to Pick renndawg37 - Needs To Pick Round 2: renndawg37 - Needs To Pick VY-FTW - Needs To Pick TJM217 TwoToneBlue SerenityNow Daniel Tgrades3 Titansfan_13 grizzans3222 TitanTuff Titans fan 617 Justin615$ RuskieTitan @RuskieTitan is on the clock to start us off.
  9. Adopt a Titan - Sign Up Thread

    lol Yea had some stuff come up the past few days. Thread will be up tonight <3
  10. Minicamp/OTA/TC Thread

    Just hope we learned our lesson from Conklin and don't rush him back.
  11. Who was the Greatest Position Change in NFL History?

    It's not a gigantic change, but Keith Bulluck went from a safety in college to a LB in the NFL. It's why his coverage skills were so great/he was arguably the best cover LB in the NFL over his prime.