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  1. Maybe it was mentioned the other day and I missed it, but nice to see Farley's absence was just illness and not some kind of injury.
  2. Then after the first bad play or drive vs the Colts, we'd still have people in here talking about "same ol titans".
  3. Julio practiced again today, so should mean we get him back I'd think. Farley and Fulton both missed though.
  4. This coaching staff/front office has done nothing but be super cautious with injuries and allowing players time to heal. Sambrailo's complaint in that regard doesn't seem to track.
  5. In other news, wonder if we're just gonna ride out the season with Bullock at kicker or switch to Ficken. Bullock has been mostly..average? in his career, and seems to be continuing that level of play so far this season. Do we just stick with that going forward knowing at least it doesn't seem like he's gonna be a disaster, or switch to Ficken in hope we get a really good kicker?
  6. I was saying the other week I don't understand how Avery Williamson was still available(prior to the Broncos signing him). Makes me wonder if he like super fell off last year, and PFF gave him a grade of 51.9, though still had him as a good run defender and tackler.
  7. Yeah they'll grade someone even off a single snap, and when you look at their overall ranking lists for players, they have options at the top of the page to set snap count qualifications(so if you wanted to see their QB list, you can view it with a list of literally everyone who has taken at least 1 snap at the position, or set it to require 50% of a certain number of snaps, et).
  8. Levin's grade might be a mistake. They didn't have him allowing a single pressure in his 27 pass block stats. Not that pressure is the only thing they negatively grade, but given that, hard to imagine his grade being THAT low.
  9. We beat the Jags, so that's pretty cool I guess. Now for what feels like the 200th season in a row, we get to play Buffalo. On Monday night no less, how exciting!..... Hopefully the result of this game is pretty cool too.
  10. Firkser at 43.7 and Levin at 42.8 bring up the rear.
  11. Back when I used gamepass they did have multiple angles. Not sure if that's changed since then, but I wouldn't imagine it has.
  12. I think the Titans scoring a TD on that drive right out of half to make it 31-13 scared them in to going away from the run game. When the Titans have even a small lead they like to lean on Henry and shorten games. Jacksonville probably figured that's what was coming and didn't know how many drives they'd have left if they too used a ton of clock on their own by running Robinson. Can debate still how smart that was, but I figure that'd be their rationale behind it.
  13. Hopefully the Fulton injury is minor. Last thing that side of the ball can afford is to lose him. Only consistent corner we've had so far.
  14. One positive thing about the season so far defensively is Byard seems to be pretty well back to normal. Was worried after how poorly he played last year.
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