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  1. Last Place - Good, Bad, and Ugly

    Carr has been a QB that's always relied on the short passing game, that isn't just because his back is hurt right now. Last year he was 21st out of 28 qualifying QBs in the league with only 10% of his attempts being deep passes(Bradford last with 8.5, Big Ben 1st with 16.9). They've went even more to short passing this year though. This year he's 30th out of 31(and will likely soon be 30th out of 30th when Mike Glennon no longer qualifies) with 7.2% of his passes being deep balls. He's quite a bit behind the guy in 29th which is Hoyer at 8.3%, but I would imagine Carr will get at least closer to 2016 numbers before the year is done/he returns to full health. SilverNBlack is correct. Carr is good, but he's not as good as the media hyped him up to be after last season. Everyone always rushes to call any young QB that shows talent elite though, and I wish that would stop.
  2. It was favored by 7 just a couple days ago, which implies people are seemingly betting heavy on the Titans(maybe a side effect of knowing Mariota is gonna play/more people hopping on Titans -7 because of that).
  3. Sunday GDT: No Titans football

    Palmer has honestly been better than most have given him credit for since 2015. His numbers don't look as good(and he hasn't been AS good) as 2015, but a lot of that has to do with what's around him and the system Arians runs. A lot of people I'm sure remember how Ben got abused when Arians was OC, and that's because his passing offense relies on long developing routes, and if he doesn't have an offensive line capable of holding up for a considerable amount of time each snap, his QBs get killed. In Palmer's MVP-eqsue 2015 season he was sacked only 25(1.5 per) times that entire year, which was the 5th least in the NFL. That's incredibly impressive given the system Arizona runs. But to compare, he was sacked 40 times last year(2.6 per game) in 15 games and the Cards o-line finished 26th in the NFL in sacks allowed, and this year he's already been sacked 21 times(3.5 per), which is 30th in the NFL. Palmer is still a good QB(not the borderline elite level he showed in 2015, but still good), so I dunno if he's gonna consider retiring or if Arizona would consider replacing him. If they did, Smith could be an interesting choice, but Smith prefers and thrives under a more conservative offense. Not that he can't throw deep, he's obviously pretty good at it, but I don't know how well he'd manage behind a bad offensive line in a system that relies on the deep ball. Cousins might be a guy they go all in for if Washington is dumb enough to let him leave. It would be incredible to watch Arians coach an offense that had an offensive line like ours or the Cowboys/Raiders etc. It's such a fun offense to watch when his QB gets protection.
  4. Week 6 GDT

    Shoulder injury, doubtful to return.
  5. Week 6 GDT

    Ryan Fitzpatrick curse is undefeated.
  6. Sunday GDT: No Titans football

    Weirdly enough KEssler would be the only guy I'd be even remotely worried about.
  7. Week 6 GDT

    That was a heads up play by Jones, and not really the play I was as upset about. The OPI on Smith on a routine play where Walker scored the long TD really irritated me. But every team has games where the refs help them win, just part of football. Dolphins executed off of it like they should have, and have followed it up with a win over a good team. Good coaching by Gase.
  8. Sunday GDT: No Titans football

    Way to jinx it. 75 yard TD run for Fournette. 7-7 not even half a minute in to the first quarter lol.
  9. Week 6 GDT

    The refs were a huge help last week. Good win this week though.
  10. Week 6 GDT

    lmao Flacco nearly messed up that easy 2pt conversion. God he's awful.
  11. Sunday GDT: No Titans football

    Atlanta loses to Miami with Matt Ryan starting. We lose to Miami with a backup QB starting(and would have won without the refs intervening) and the world is over apparently.
  12. Sunday GDT: No Titans football

    I never understood people here hating on McCourty's performance when healthy. Dude's always been a good corner. His issue here was he would always get some nagging injury around midseason that he'd play with and it'd effect him
  13. Sunday GDT: No Titans football

    Wonder if there will be a "Serious question about Aaron and the QB situation" thread in the Packers forum.
  14. Guarantee you he's using the same "source" that I just posted, Mariota telling the kid he'll wear his wristband while playing. Kuharsky has never broke Titans news in his life, no Titans reporter has since Wyatt left the Tennessean.
  15. They were by far the most disappointing aspect of last week's game, which was a huge shame after great performances against really good defensive fronts in Jacksonville, Seattle and Houston.