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  1. Hilarious note: we're now tied for 5th in the NFL in sacks. Also:
  2. Get the feeling we win this one comfortably.
  3. Mike Mularkey is Jeff Fisher 2.0

    The worst part with Fisher is it seems he was cursed. Mike Jones makes some incredible tackle( I think it's understated how difficult it is to tackle a WR going near full speed just grabbing his thighs..the grip strength required..geeze), Eddie George bobbling the pass in to Lewis' hands, Bennett dropping the pass on 4th down, the fumbles in 08.. It's like we used up all our good playoff will with the music city miracle.
  4. Mike Mularkey is Jeff Fisher 2.0

    For all the **** talking Fisher receives from 99-03 there's an argument to be made he was the best coach in football. Certainly top 5.
  5. Mike Mularkey is Jeff Fisher 2.0

    https://www.headcoachranking.com/ For whatever this is worth. Mularkey 19th(tied with 4 others). Can view the weekly ratings here: https://www.headcoachranking.com/hcr/total-rank/
  6. Mike Mularkey is Jeff Fisher 2.0

    My hope is Mularkey is extended, fires Robiskie(or demotes to WR coach if he'd take it), hires a Garrett or Clements to take over the offense and run how they see fit. Mularkey's discipline has done wonders for the team and the team has a never say die attitude that should be attributed to him, however we probably are at our ceiling(playoff team 4/5/6 seed not much more) running the offense we are right now. It'll suck if Mularkey dies with this offense cause if he could realize if he allows the offense to change he could be here a long time.
  7. MVP in the true sense

    Because the $50 doesn't do as much for the rich guy as the $20 does for the poor guy. It's value to the person(team) is different. The Pats don't need Brady as much as the Seahawks need Wilson. He is more valuable to his team. He is the most valuable player to his team in the NFL.
  8. MVP in the true sense

    Yes, because $50 is better than $20. But the rich guy isn't going to miss $50 as much as the poor person is going to miss $20.
  9. MVP in the true sense

    You can also look at it as $20 means more to a poor person than $50 means to a rich person.
  10. Around the League Talk

    Britt to the Pats. I don't wanna live in a world where Kenny Britt has a super bowl ring.
  11. Kenny Britt cut by the Browns; Signed by the Patriots

    Never been a guy who hates the Pats or their success, but I now officially hope they fail to win anything else as long as that piece of you know what is on their roster. That idiot does not deserve a super bowl ring.
  12. MVP in the true sense

    The way I look at most valuable player is how much worse would the team be if you replaced the player with an average player at that position. If you put uh..Andy Dalton? at QB on the seahawks, how good are they? If you put Dalton on the Patriots, how good are they? Your method still looks at who is the better player. Brady is a better player than Wilson, that's not really arguable. That does not by default make him more valuable to his team though, because value to the team does depend some on the ability of the rest of the team.
  13. Maybe we can hope that Robiskie takes a demotion to WR coach.
  14. It's him, Clements or promoting Michael at OC next year IMO. Mularkey has worked with both of the previous two, and Michael is on the staff now obviously. If Garrett is fired I wouldn't be shocked if he did come here as OC. A young QB he can work with who is coming off a bad season? If Mariota plays well next year he's right back in line for another head coaching job, cause that'll be stacked on top of the fact that he's only a couple seasons removed from 13-3 with a rookie QB, and a not so terrible season this year which has been hindered by an injured Lee on defense and missing Elliot for several games. It's the perfect "build your resume for a HC job" opportunity. There's talent all over this offense, would think he'd love to use it.