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  1. Is it Time ??

    I'm largely just tired of just knowing Marcus is going to end up getting hurt at some point. We've had to deal with this with 5 of our last 6 starting QBs. McNair often hurt, VY often hurt, Locker often hurt, Hasselbeck was hurt off and on in his one season as starter, now Mariota stays hurt. Collins is the only guy we've had here it seems who started at least the majority of a season and didn't get hurt. And even then, he dealt with injuries as backup the next couple seasons after that. I just want one season where I don't have to worry about our starting QB missing multiple games or being injured in multiple games.
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  3. Week 12 and Onward

    Nut up or shut up time, boys.
  4. Week 11 GDT: Titans @ Colts

    Only good thing to come out of this game is Mariota's injury was just a stinger and Pees is gonna be ok.
  5. Just grateful that it's nothing serious. What Pees has done for this defense is nothing short of remarkable. I know Ravens fans seemed to hate the guy, but what he's done here has been fantastic, and seems like an A+ guy on top of it.
  6. That's great news, and even more so is Pees being okay. I was seriously concerned given his age that it might be something bad, and was selfishly hoping it wasn't something that would make him retire(though obviously had it been serious and he needed to I would completely understand)
  7. Week 11 GDT: Titans @ Colts

    Looks like it's counting playoffs.
  8. Week 11 GDT: Titans @ Colts

    Titans are at 18.9 ppg allowed, which is 2nd. 16.8 was our mark last week. Chargers were 3rd in ppg allowed last year too. Minnesota was #1.
  9. Week 11 GDT: Titans @ Colts

    Nah, irregardless of Mariota playing well or playing poorly, the change in play calling is obvious.
  10. Week 11 GDT: Titans @ Colts

    Mariota is what he is at this point, not really concerned one way or another about him. What does concern me is how the play calling can shift from being creative to just conservative Fisher/Mularkey ball week to week. It's like we come in to the games vs Buffalo and Indy and think we're so much better than them talent wise that we can just run the ball over and over and only pass on obvious passing downs and still beat them. Just not a good look.
  11. Week 11 GDT: Titans @ Colts

    Kinda a weird situation. Vrabel said he'd let Mariota update everyone on his status instead of him doing it, then Mariota doesn't talk.
  12. Week 11 GDT: Titans @ Colts

    Think it would do some of y'all a lot of good to take a step away from sports in general as seriously as you take it. Even if the Titans were consistently great it's not healthy being so in to it that it legitimately depresses or angers you. The Titans winning or losing literally does nothing for any of us in life lol