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  1. I know this isn't really Titans related, but we all love Eddie and thought this was super interesting/thought others here might be interested by it too. I'll definitely be checking in on TSU during his tenure.
  2. Just an interesting note as we get close to the draft.
  3. This is a good point. Both Williams and LeBeau as "senior assistants" wound up being the ones actually running the defense.
  4. It would be for our 2nd round pick(#53 overall) this year, and you can only sign someone to an offer sheet up until the day before the draft, so can't do it post draft.
  5. Apparently a solid special teamer, also started 15 games at SS for the Colts in 2017.
  6. Someone needs to show the entire Titans organization this video:
  7. Not the slightest clue who this is or if they're credible but:
  8. That's a pretty popular "copy-pasta" on twitter. You can replace the two teams mentioned and find all sorts of tweets like it. There were a ton of them spammed about the Cowboys when Schefty announced Dak's new deal.
  9. The not being very accepting of push back doesn't bother me. That's every head coach in the league. But if he really took play calling duties away from Pees for the AFC title game...christ...
  10. Tad off topic, but man what a weird turn Rishard Matthews' career took. Dude looked like he had carved out a nice spot as a pretty good #2 receiver in this league(was our #1, but you get the point), then just..flushed it all away with his complaints then retired at 30. Strange.
  11. Will be interesting to see if his production matches his (likely) rise in snaps.
  12. I hope we didn't just open up an extra 15 mil in cap space for this to be our only answer to the CB issue.
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