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  1. Arthur Smith promoted to OC

  2. Arthur Smith promoted to OC

    Kuharsky reported we looked in to 3 outside candidates as well, but ultimately went with Smith. So not sure "didn't conduct a search" is accurate based off that report.
  3. Arthur Smith promoted to OC

    LaFleur wanted to bring Arthur with him to Green Bay, per Kuharsky.
  4. Arthur Smith promoted to OC

  5. Arthur Smith promoted to OC

    What option is better? Taking some position coach from some other team because they were successful at coaching their position? Our TE group has been among the best in football since Smith started coaching it, so he's got that criteria met. Some retread OC that already got fired by somebody else? Or my favorite, try to hire Helfrich whose only success in his life came from having Mariota just be better than everyone else at the college level. Every hire after Kubiak decided he didn't wanna be an OC and Shanahan blocked interviews for LaFleur was going to be uninspiring at best.
  6. Arthur Smith promoted to OC

    With Kubiak and LaFleur not being available, he was as good as any other option.
  7. Around the NFL

    Rooting for them. Want JMac to get a ring.
  8. Rams vs Saints - part II

    Guy is obviously brilliant but jesus he likes messing around with this Hill at QB stuff way, way too much. Especially in crucial moments. Then has to get Brees to bail him out on 4th down, which he's done multiple times this season just in Saints games I've watched. Like holy ****, a trip to the super bowl is on the line. Why is anyone other than Brees taking a snap?
  9. Rams vs Saints - part II

    Imagine being a coach that thinks taking Drew Brees off the field on a third down in the opponent's territory in the NFC Championship Game is a good idea.
  10. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    It's almost as if Mariota and Winston are playing in different eras than Brees and Ben.
  11. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    No, discussing Mariota isn't the useless part. The "omg ur a mariota homer" or "omg ur a mariota hater", however, is.
  12. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    I don't understand why someone can't just post a statistic about Mariota in the thread that's entire purpose is discussing Mariota without it turning in to some "oh thats just some Mariota homer talking" as if posting a single positive about the guy absolves him of all wrong. Mariota's accuracy(especially downfield) is widely praised, not just by Cian, but by a lot of analytics people/websites. Mariota was the most accurate deep passer in the league this year per PFF at 58.8%. Drew Brees was 2nd at 52.7%. So Cian's stat probably has some merit. It's ok to post Mariota has issues with pressure in his face, it's ok to post that Mariota is extremely inconsistent, it's ok to post that Mariota is injury prone. It's also ok to post that he's extremely accurate. It's also ok to most that he's a great runner. It's also ok to post he's clutch. I don't know why it needs to become some large, useless debate about "omg this guy is a mariota homer" or "omg this guy is a mariota hater". It's a statistic. Calm your ****.
  13. Titans OC Search

    Might as well be Artie Smith. Kubiak didn't want to be an OC and LaFleur is being blocked from getting interviewed by Shanahan, the only two OC hires that would really make any kind of sense outside of an in-house promotion. Color me unimpressed by Mark Helfrich who without Mariota was a dumpster fire at Oregon. Don't need to ask Mariota to carry him again. This ain't college.
  14. 2019 NFL Draft/College Thread

    And in 2000 we could have had Tom Brady like 6 or 7 times but here we are.