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  1. Offseason Thread

    PFF stats are good enough for practically every source of NFL information(NFL.com/Network, ESPN, CBS, Fox, NBC, etc) but not good enough for posters on footballsfuture I guess. It's not their grades, it's just a stat, and an easily tracked stat at that, not even really something that requires judgement like say pressures given up by an OL or whether or not a pass was accurate or a INT was the QB or WRs fault etc.
  2. Offseason Thread

  3. Offseason Thread

  4. Offseason Thread

  5. Titans cut Blaine Gabbert

    He helped us beat Houston and Washington last year by playing at a mediocre/ok level. He's obviously not good but if your backup comes in and helps you get 2 wins then that's about all you can really ask for. I don't have much bad to say about him.
  6. Titans have traded for Ryan Tannehill

    Don't understand the confusion from some people. Mariota = hurt a lot. A starting QB who = hurt a lot requires a good back up QB. Good backup QB = cost money. Titans = trade for/pay Tannehill. People are somehow making this harder to understand than it actually is.
  7. Titans have traded for Ryan Tannehill

    None. He's the backup. Chances he starts a game this year is probably 100% given Mariota's injury history.
  8. Titans have traded for Ryan Tannehill

    Gonna move Tannehill and Mariota to WR and let Gabbert lead us to the promised land.
  9. Titans Officially Sign Adam Humphries

    Someone on twitter mentioned it's a good sign the Pats/Belichick wanted him so bad. May not be a better team at evaluating slot receivers than them.
  10. Titans sign Cameron Wake

    I'd imagine we're gonna see one more smaller name signed for OLB, go with Wake/Landry/rookie/other FA as OLB rotation, unless they're all in on Finch or something.
  11. 2019 NFL Free Agency - let the money flow like water!

    Titans are gonna be hyped going in to the season, probably gonna start off the season decently, then Mariota is gonna tear or pull or break something then we're just back in the same boat we've been in the past 2 seasons. feelsbadman
  12. 2019 NFL Free Agency - let the money flow like water!

    We have to hold Blaine Gabbert back from the rest of the world. Too much exposure might be the end of us all.
  13. I think some people seriously overrate draft picks. Not sure how many good players on any team I'd trade for a first round pick. There's no guarantee that pick becomes a good player. I do have a guarantee that the good player on my team is, well, good.
  14. 2019 NFL Free Agency - let the money flow like water!

    Blaine Gabbert remembers winning something vs the Texans too, with 3000 IQ plays like this
  15. 2019 NFL Free Agency - let the money flow like water!