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  1. AFC South Discussion Thread

    Kaep is better than what they've got, but he's still pretty bad. His numbers look nice from last year but they're by and large very empty numbers. The only real positive to take from his season was his ability to not turn the ball over. There's a reason Gabbert started over him when Chip Kelly ran an offense that is supposedly perfect for Kaep's "abilities".
  2. Post Game talk Preseason Panthers vs. Titans

    On the bright side, just from his first draft alone, Robinson seems to have 3 picks from that class that will be on a 2nd contract here(Conklin, Henry, Byard), with the potential for guys like Sims and Sharpe(Sims more so than Sharpe) to reach it as well. Aaron Wallace and Kalan Reed could both be guys that be Klug-like role players as well. Granted still extremely early, but looks like our "draft curse"(also known as terrible drafting) seems to be over.
  3. Raiders CB Sean Smith charged with assault

    It's easy to feel that way until you see someone actually abusing someone you love, and it's also probably dependent upon what the guy was doing to his sister. If it turns out he was beating her, etc, no judge is going to blame Smith for what he did. The league on the other hand, who knows. Both logically and legally it is not right to stomp on someone's head when they're down, but in a rage that overcomes you when defending someone you love, you quickly lose logic and any thoughts of legal repercussions.
  4. Best QB's Ever #2

    I prefer ranking in tiers rather than lists(in which I have Brady, Manning, Montana all on the same tier), but just out of personal preference for his superbowl performances, I'll give Joe #2.
  5. Raiders CB Sean Smith charged with assault

    Jack Del Rio has come out and said/confirmed he was defending his sister, which will probably get him out of it in the court's eyes(assuming it's true obviously), or at least just a slap on the wrist.
  6. Post Game talk Preseason Panthers vs. Titans

    Some guy wrote an article about how the metrics proved even as a prospect drafting Aguyao at all(much less in the 2nd round) was incredibly stupid: http://settingedge.com/40pluskicks
  7. Seahawks LT George Fant tears ACL

    I honestly have no idea how you can have a QB like Russell Wilson and keep trotting out the complete unknown(or known to be trash) players to protect him like they do. I'm still dumbfounded how they traded their only good offensive lineman(Unger) for Graham when they did, luckily for them Britt has developed well enough as a center...everything around him though? Yikes.
  8. Post Game talk Preseason Panthers vs. Titans

    Taylor Lewan is just the best. Maybe because I'm biased towards left tackles(Roos was my favorite player on the team for a stretch of 4-5 years, and Hopkins before him was always a favorite of mine too), but his excellent play paired with his personality is just the best.
  9. Preseason Week 2 GDT: Panthers (1-0) at Titans (0-1)

    Rishard Matthews wasn't at the game today due to personal reasons.
  10. Preseason Week 2 GDT: Panthers (1-0) at Titans (0-1)

    Worth noting that the Redskins went 0-4 in the preseason in 82 and then won the superbowl, but that was a strike shortened season.
  11. Preseason Week 2 GDT: Panthers (1-0) at Titans (0-1)

    Well if we can hold on to this lead, we can cross off the 0-4 preseason curse. No team who has played a 16 game season has ever won a championship after going 0-4 in the preseason.
  12. Saturday Preseason Games

    Carolina seriously just kicked a FG with less than 4 minutes left to tie the game... Like..what? It's preseason...just go for it, don't take this to OT.
  13. Preseason Week 2 GDT: Panthers (1-0) at Titans (0-1)

    Panthers are seriously kicking for a tie? You've gotta be kidding me...
  14. Preseason Week 2 GDT: Panthers (1-0) at Titans (0-1)

    lmao Staples killed two birds with one stone. Knocked out one receiver who knocked down the other.