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  1. We've got a spot for him, promise we'll take real good care of him.
  2. Byard is going to be invisible when we're playing our corners so far off and teams are just eating up the short game. Posted this chart in the GDT to hammer that home:
  3. With all due respect to Mason, might already be the best receiver to ever suit up for the Titans.
  4. Do want to take a second to note how much of a freak AJ Brown is. https://www.tennesseetitans.com/video/can-t-miss-play-a-j-brown-is-a-blur-wr-sprints-for-73-yard-td He made the STeelers DBs chasing look like they were running in quicksand. Receivers with his combination of physicality and athletic ability don't come along often. Like some Anquan Boldin/Reggie Wayne freak hybrid.
  5. Warren tweeted this at halftime, but it held true through the 2nd half too: Not Arthur's best day.
  6. Probably should have thrown an incomplete pass on 3rd down so the kick would have been from 50+ tbh
  7. Even Kern kinda sucks today with how much he's been out kicking his coverage. Just an all around bad game. Unfortunate.
  8. When the drop off is Jackson to Joseph levels of bad, I'd say it factors in quite a bit. Certainly not gonna fix all or probably even most of the problems, but I'd like to think it fixes the spacing issues.
  9. Not so much about how great Adoree is so much as the personnel on the field allows for closer coverage than what we're currently putting out there. Would like to think we're not playing our CBs 10 yards off with guys like Tye Smith and Jonathan Joseph off the field.
  10. Given the scheme we're playing, the defensive coaching staff. When the DBs are asked to play 10 yards off their man I dunno what we expect. Hopefully that changes when Adoree gets back.
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