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  1. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    The hilarious part is most of these TD passes are to the first or second read(or in some cases there's only 2 real routes on the field) People are having a fit because Mariota played like crap on Sunday, but the Mariota you see in this video is the same healthy Mariota we got week 1 of this year, and the same healthy Mariota we got in 2017 and 2018(when he actually was healthy). People seem to forget last year, coming off the bye where Mariota was reasonably healthy, he had back to back games where he posted a 69.8% completion percentage, 8.8 ypa, 7.5% TD%(4 total) and 0 ints. That was against two top ten defenses of last season in the Cowboys and Patriots. He then preceded to get hurt again in the Indianapolis game. Given the level of competition, that two game stretch is probably more impressive than anything he ever did in 2016, because who he beat up on in 2016 to stat pad were largely garbage teams. The difference in 2016 and 17/18/19 is the o-line was better(and we also kept more in to block on average) on top of the fact that defenses had to fear the run, and unlike what we did Sunday vs the Colts, Mularkey usually stuck with the run, especially when it was working, and Mariota's health. If we just run Henry more on Sunday we're not even having this panicked conversation about what Mariota is or isn't because we'd have won the game and Mariota would have had an unspectacular/average day. Wouldn't have had the 4th quarter failures that compounded everything. Mariota is the same average QB he's always been, and I think the sooner people come to grips with that instead of trying to boxscore scout 2016 like it was something special from him, the better off they'll be. People are way too excited about what he was in 2016, and are drastically overreacting to him having a bad game on Sunday. If you were happy with what he was in 2016 you should be happy with what he is now, with the only distinction being 2016 Mariota was a healthy Mariota(well..til week 16 anyway), and what we got the last 2 years largely hasn't been. But from a pure mechanics/level of play/etc stand point when healthy? Same dude. I completely understand people who want to move on from having an average QB in Mariota. But let's stop acting like he was every anything but that, and lets stop acting like Sunday's performance is the end of him ever playing a decent game again.
  2. He averaged 5.4 ypc against the Colts and we only gave him 15 carries so
  3. Jalen Ramsey Trade Watch

    Nope, at least not me, have no interest in having him on the team. But they're linked, and as I noted, if they want him, they have better opportunity to negotiate than pretty much every other team.
  4. Jalen Ramsey Trade Watch

    Apparently the "target date" to trade is Friday. If the Titans really do want him, they're gonna be right there to talk to the Jags FO about it before/during/after the game.
  5. Week 2 GDT: Colts @ Titans

    All we need is an offense that can put up 22ppg.
  6. Week 3 GDT: Titans @ Jaguars TNF

    Stepping away from joking for a second, though, no idea why you think what I think, do or say has any impact on the team's performance.
  7. Week 3 GDT: Titans @ Jaguars TNF

    At this point I'm convinced Pamphile is actually just dead.
  8. A.M- Life After Marcus Watch (options?)

    Mularkey's offense didn't ruin Mariota. Mariota was this way coming in to the NFL. One of the biggest knocks on him coming out of college was the fact that he was a 1 to 2 read QB in college. Chip Kelly's offense was designed that way. Mularkey's offense is drastically different than Kelly's, but it did share the same limited reads. But it was limited reads through max protecting. It was limited reads through play action under center. Not the quick RPO stuff Kelly was famous for. Mularkey's offense helped make people think Marcus was the 2nd coming in 2016. People want to crap on it, but Mularkey's offense has some proven success in this league, including what he did with it here in 2016. Our offense scored 18.7 ppg in 2015. That went up to 23.8 in 2016. It just relies upon having a really good ground game(see Atlanta with Michael Turner). When Murray fell off the map and Henry was too busy running to the sideline or trying to make people miss instead of running them over(and the blocking got a bit worse too), the offense got exposed, because Mularkey/Robiskie refuse to adjust their offense to anything else. But that offense was never the reason for Mariota's struggles. Mariota is the same guy he's been since he was in college. I tried warning people about this in 16 when everyone was calling him elite or on the verge of being elite.
  9. Other Games/Teams Thread

    Yeah I don't understand the logic behind trading young talent for draft picks, because as Beddingfield says, you're gonna have to use those picks to select players to replace them. If it were aging talent like Reshad Jones or something I could get it, but this is downright stupid. Dolphins should be punished and fined for tanking.
  10. Jalen Ramsey Trade Watch

    For your Hopkins point:
  11. Jalen Ramsey requests trade from Jaguars

    Yeah Jacksonville should hold strong. The argument might be "the distraction could cause them to lose games", but with Foles out and the other issues on the team, the hopes for winning aren't exactly high anyway. If you're gonna trade a talent like Ramsey, can't do it for anything less than a big haul.
  12. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    I mean the Patriots did it with Vrabel in super bowls.