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  1. If Dean Pees taught this fan base anything, it should be not to listen to what other fanbases think of their coordinators. Grass is always greener according to fan bases. Hell, I know Alabama fans that wanted Saban forced out because they went a couple years without winning a title. People have no idea what they're talking about, just like Ravens fans are absolutely clueless when it comes to Pees, and even deny his success when presented with the facts about his tenure. Dunno how good Pep is or isn't, but not gonna pay any attention to what Colts fans think of him.
  2. What this ignores is the long stretch of games we played without Butler and Jackson. We started 2019 as one of the only teams in NFL history to allow so few points but start like 2-4 or whatever it was we were before Tannehill took over. I forget what the exact record we set or come close to setting was, but I know it was related to points allowed. The defense died, as you'd expect, when we had to play two replacement level players at starting CB positions for most of the 2nd half of the season. The defense didn't get hot to end the year, it just got Adoree back which helped sto
  3. i certainly don't remember that last year. Don't remember it when Vrabel was hired either. I remember reports when Vrabel was hired that we were looking at Ryan Day and Matt LaFleur for OC(similar to how we've got a report that we were looking in to Elliot for OC and Austin for DC), but I certainly don't remember some extensive list. The only times we're gonna get reports is when the candidates themselves leak it to the media, which means we're always going to be at least somewhat limited. Organization ain't listing ****.
  4. Y'all act like it hasn't been years of getting little to no information regarding pretty much anything with this team and yet y'all still freak out every year. i don't get it.
  5. Bevell is a solid hire, though I wonder if he's bringing and running his own offense or running Meyer's.
  6. He was very aggressive in Houston though, which would make me wonder how much his lack of it here was due to personnel. But awful either way.
  7. Maybe Pees didn't have full control of the defense here and will get it in Atlanta? The way Ravens fans complain about Pees, his defensive play calling here was pretty aggressive where as they insist he was super conservative. Maybe Vrabel insisted on aggression and Pees didn't like that? Doesn't feel likely to me but it's all I can figure.
  8. Pees spoke during the season about how he was missing coaching. Sounds like retiring was his choice and then just regretted the decision later. Why we didnt offer him his job back is beyond me. Or maybe we did and he wanted to go to Atlanta instead. Who knows.
  9. Uncreative blitzes is literally the exact opposite of what he was here Soft coverage could depend on the situation. Could even argue his favoring of creative blitzes is what generally led to his defenses getting beat here. But in general in his time here was one of the top 5 DCs in football and I was hoping and praying if he did come out of retirement it'd be back with us. He unquestionably elevated the talent of our defense with his play calling.
  10. Like has been noted by others, Brady might turn it to a win simply by refusing to be so run heavy, but that being said, if the Brady who played vs the Saints shows up, we'd have been blown out of the water vs the Ravens. He was really bad last Sunday. If the one who played vs WFT showed up, again, given him possibly being more likely to dictate the play calls, maybe it turns the game around. i thought Tannehill was decent vs Baltimore. Not his best performance, but good enough to win if we just choose to not slam Henry in to a brick wall so much. I don't know how much to blame Tanneh
  11. Brady doesn't fix our atrocious defense, and even as good as he is, even if you want to grade him higher than Tannehill this year(which I think they're similar, wouldn't argue against someone having one ranked over the other), we're not competing for a championship this year regardless, which ultimately makes Tannehill the right pick as I would assume we've got another 3-4 years of him, where as Brady is probably retiring after next year.
  12. After the hell we went through from 06-first half of 19 I'm just glad to have a QB worth mentioning.
  13. If the Colts just bring Rivers back, this will be a near perfect off season as it relates to watching other AFC South teams self sabotage. The one blemish being the Jags do get Lawrence, but can't have everything go our way I suppose.
  14. No reason to interview any outsiders if that's the plan. Only way Bowen is running the D next year is if everyone else turns us down.
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