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  1. Yeah I would think if he had let Vrabel or Robinson know(or even his agent so the agent could tell them), Vrabel or Robinson just inform everyone it's an excused absence for personal reasons and there's no big uproar or anything. Really weird decision, unless this death just really hit him hard and he hasn't been in the right place since, which is certainly a possibility. Hope he's alright.
  2. The NFL has a much lower opinion of Larry Warford than I do apparently. That or Warford is just asking for something astronomical. Eagles sign often injured Jason Peters to move from tackle to guard instead of signing him(but at least you could argue Peters knows the offense etc), and now washed up Osemele gets signed over him? I consider Warford to be a really solid guard, but seems NFL FOs don't agree.
  3. I waited a while to post this because I was unsure if we'd even be getting a season, but looks like the NFL is going to make a real attempt at it. Last year we wound up with only 14 people playing, and it seems the interest in it has died a bit each year, but if the same 10-15 people want it to keep going(or if we can hit near or in the 20s like we used to), I of course don't mind throwing up the threads for it. So this'll double as a gauging everyone's interest thread and a sign up thread, so just let me know if you're interested. For any of our newer or unfamiliar posters, here's last years threads to explain what AaT is all about: 2019 Sign Up Thread 2019 Draft Thread
  4. Mike Evans might have an argument as the best WR in all of football(I have Julio and DeAndre definitely above him, but I can see Mike getting that love). He's most certainly the best on his team. No one talks about him(relative to other top WRs) for some reason, but what the guy has done on a year in year out basis despite the dogturds he's played with at QB is absurd:
  5. It's clear that Smith's biggest inspiration came from LaFleur, who is of course a Shanahan disciple and runs mainly their style of offense(their being Mike and Kyle, suppose you can throw Kubiak in to the discussion at this point as long as he's been doing it and the tweaks he's made over the years), which that is their passing offense. There's never going to be drop back and pass without heavy roll outs/play action in this style of offense. Bootlegs and zone run are the Shanahan offense staples, and always will be. That style of offense has been successful since Shanahan and Elway started running it together in the 90s and it's showing no signs of stopping, Mike Shanahan truly doesn't get enough credit for his offensive genius. Kyle gets all kinds of love now, but he's really still just running largely what his dad did(obviously some twists and turns over the years, but the base of the offense is still the same). What you bring up is one "downside" to it. People watch the QB play/passing play in the offense and thing it looks dumbed down or unimpressive, even if it's successful. John Elway had already built a reputation as an elite/HOF QB before pairing with Shanahan, but you look at the QBs who have had success in the offense over the years and they're all guys that despite performing well in the offense, received little to no credit. The Plummers, the Schaubs, the Cousins and now the Garoppolos of the world When you compare actual success running the offense vs praise received from the outside, it's extremely disproportionate. All the credit goes to the run game/RBs in these systems, even though it's been shown you can literally plug and play any RB in the Shanahan offense. The exciting thing for us is pure talent wise, Tannehill is probably the best QB to run this offense since Elway. Your only two other arguments being RG3 and Cutler, and obviously those experiments ended for different reasons prematurely. Tannehill has the arm talent to put the ball pretty much anywhere on the field, and isn't just mobile in the pocket, he can actually run, which is something only really RG3 has ever offered a Shanahan offense, and we saw what his one healthy season of play gave to it, before he was ruined by injuries and apparently ego(of course RG3 is a better runner than Tannehill, but you get my point). We'll see if Tannehill's performance matches his talent level in this offense(like it did over the last half of last year) or if he "settles" in to being one of the Schaubs of the QB world. If he continues to match his talent, the Titans being a top 3 scoring offense like they were once he took over is a definite possibility given how this offense works.
  6. Still far too much to be paying an RB, but could also be far worse I guess.
  7. Sums up my opinion more or less.
  8. If we're paying him more per year than what he's currently getting with the tag, I'm going to seriously hate this deal. RBs aren't even worth the tag number as is.
  9. There's truly only two ways to go about this. You say screw it, we're just gonna take the virus head on and deal with whatever comes from it. Or You cancel the season. There's no inbetween, lets baby it and cancel training camp and preseason and still try to get a regular season out of it. That's delusional and puts players at FAR, FAR greater risk for serious injury than covid ever could. It's June 25th. The NFL needs to stop messing around and announce the decision already.
  10. It happens sometimes in college. Michael Palardy was both the Vols kicker and punter sporadically throughout his freshman through junior years(was primarily kicker), then did both full time as a senior. He's been the Panthers punter since 2016. However for NFL standards, here's a reddit post from former NFL punter(current at the time of posting it) Chris Kluwe on why you don't see it happen/tried in the NFL much at all:
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