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  1. Read from someone(forget who) on twitter that we'd spent the majority of our time this week prepping for Cinci, good thing it's worked out this way I suppose.
  2. Every team cheats, and if you don't believe they do, I've got some ocean front property in Nebraska that I'd like to sell you.
  3. Byard received by far the most votes at safety with 41, the next highest being Poyer at 12. Simmons tied with Chris Jones for the 3rd most interior DL votes at 10. Morgan Cox also received votes with 4 at long snapper, Saffold as well with 1 at left guard. The rosters: First Team: OFFENSE Quarterback: Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Running Back: Jonathan Taylor, Indianapolis Tight End: Mark Andrews, Baltimore Wide Receivers: Davante Adams , Green Bay; Cooper Kupp´╗┐, Los Angeles Rams; Deebo Samuel´╗┐, San Francisco Left Tackle: Tr
  4. Never came from me, but it's easy to see why some felt that way about him, as Schwartz was kinda screwed midway through his DC tenure here by the roster purge from us being in cap hell, and the defense in 04-06 was just..putrid. Not his fault, but he's going to receive blame regardless with his title being what it was. Outside of those years though, his success as DC here, in Buffalo and in Philly isn't something you can really argue with.
  5. We've never been told his exact role, but where I get him having a big impact from is how we play defense compared to just last season. You don't hire a guy who, as I noted above, is famous for(and I'm sure you remember his defenses, especially how good they were in 07 and 08) getting pressure without blitzing when performing at their best, and cut your blitzes from 23 a game(373 total over the 16) to 11(190 over 17), and then act like his influence on the team wasn't huge. I don't doubt that Bowen calls the plays, but I'd be shocked if he's not just calling plays that Schwartz installs e
  6. That's what I'd expect. But afraid it'll be the downfall of the defense if it does happen. Cause I don't think Vrabel switching Bowen's title somehow flipped a switch and turned him in to some high end defensive mind.
  7. My one worry is losing Schwartz. I don't think it's any coincidence that we turn in to a rarely blitzing, but producing heavy amounts of pressure defense when we hire the guy who, at his best, was famous for producing defenses that fit that exact mold. Could be entirely wrong, but if we're in a situation where a team comes and offers Schwartz their DC position, I'd be disappointed if Vrabel didn't tell Bowen to step aside and give our DC position to him instead to try and keep him.
  8. Mayo was praised non stop for his intelligence and leadership while he was at UT. Wouldn't be shocked at all if he winds up a successful HC.
  9. Seeding factors in here too. If Miami beats New England(they're up 7-0 on them early) and Las Vegas wins, Vegas is the 5 seed. Vegas is the 6 seed with them winning and New England winning. Vegas would be the 7 seed in the event they tie vs LAC.
  10. Should hopefully end the "Wentz is on par with Tannehill" nonsense, with how he's played in back to back win and in games. Just not a good QB.
  11. Well done by the offense the last two drives to get us the win. Defense has been so good that I can just let this pass, but really need to look at how we respond to teams spreading it out. The 1 seed is such a sweet reward.
  12. Need to spend the entire bye week working on our defense vs spread offense apparently lol
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