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  1. Draft order is done by just throwing the list of sign ups in to a randomizer on https://www.random.org/lists/ We've always done 24 hours per pick. Missing the 24 hour window doesn't mean you can't pick though, would just mean the next person in the order is allowed to pick, then you can make up your pick at any time.
  2. Best problem to have, needing to spend a bunch on home grown players. Need to sign Nelson next, help keep the fronts of both offense and defense set. If they can figure out a solution at QB, they'll be set.
  3. Yeah, don't see any reason to have restrictions. The more people in, the more interesting the picks become, especially the 2nd round.
  4. Will probably start the draft the first day or two of August, just as a heads up.
  5. No, King! If Lamm starts, my head goes through the TV, and that's final! 😡 But no, I don't think Lamm is even remotely similar to Kelly. Kelly had proven he could play and start at an alright level. Lamm has not.
  6. The way you worded it seemed to imply the rushing success was tied to bulk attempts just like the sack numbers. My apologies for misinterpreting it if that's not the case. I'm shocked our total sacks are that low, even with the low attempts though. I guess that's in large part thanks to how much play action we ran, cause man if it didn't feel like Tannehill was in pressure pretty often on pure drop backs after Lewan went down.
  7. I could be totally misremembering then, just don't recall much if any high praise for him, at least not as an immediate starter, especially with Kelly on the roster(who of course did end up being the starting RT after Wilson imploded and killed any competition there could have been). I have no idea what to expect from Radunz. I think some draft people in the media like him a lot, but that often means all of nothing. I just hope we didn't potentially screw up and draft a dud in him, cutting an uninspiring yet reliably average Kelly.
  8. Over the past week or so I've seen some talk about the roster and about competition at certain spots, and one that irks me is right tackle. Because I swear if we cut Dennis Kelly and spent a 2nd round pick on a right tackle just to start Kendall Lamm there, I might shove my head through my TV.
  9. I thought Wynn was supposed to have been good last year? As I just noted in my above post I didn't get to watch as much football as normal last year but I remember often reading good things about him on twitter and the like. Unless y'all are mixing him and Isaiah Wilson up. Which also wouldn't make any sense though cause I don't think he was all that highly regarded at any point considering most considered him a reach and a raw prospect.
  10. Pointing out the rushing yards as a bulk number when they were also the #2 in ypa seems strange. The pass blocking wasn't good enough though, especially after Lewan went down. With him back the left side should be back to good this season as he and Saffold form one of the top LT/LG duos in the league, but Nate Davis still has lapses in pass pro and who knows if Radunz will be an upgrade over the average at best(pass blocking wise) Kelly. Jones is steady at C. 15th feels weird to me given we have very good players at LT and LG, a good player at C, a slightly above average RG(who hopef
  11. Not that it'd be a surprise to anyone, but figured some might be interested in what Kuharsky's latest article about extending Robinson and Vrabel contained. It's just him saying how Strunk likes both and he expects contract extensions for both after this season, even if 2021 doesn't go as well as hoped:
  12. Stafford can't catch a break with getting a good/healthy run game, it seems.
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