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  1. Something fun to reminisce about during the bye:
  2. I've found the criticism of the strength/conditioning to be strange anyway. Unless I'm missing something, it's the same staff that's been here Vrabel's entire tenure, and up until this season, we've done really well health wise. Sometimes football just slaps you in the face with injuries. I don't even know that, say, the Chargers should have blamed their trainers, but it's not like we're the Chargers where it's a year in, year out thing. When we go 3 years without any issues(beyond what the average NFL team deals with), it feels weird to have issues one year and automatically think the tr
  3. I dunno if they gave further specifics in the post game press conference, but it was an ankle injury.
  4. https://www.statmuse.com/nfl/ask/qb-win-loss-record-with-40-passing-attempts Generally not a good thing if your QB is tossing the ball that often. He's 3-3 doing it as our QB though, for whatever that's worth.
  5. Beyond health, the reassuring angle is the fact that the Titans can and have moved the ball super well in back to back weeks, it's just turnovers have slapped us in the face. If our offense was simply just being totally shut down, I think there'd be a huge amount of concern. The fact that we're moving the ball without Henry, McNichols, Brown, Jones and even Marcus Johnson now is super encouraging. Turnovers are fixable. The offense being a total mess incapable of moving the ball wouldn't be, at least not until regaining some health.
  6. Able to move the ball super well despite that. If only we could have scored to go along with it lol.
  7. Nah, he definitely was poor in the 2nd half today. Whether it was down to him just sucking or the Patriots just took away whatever little bit of success we could find with our weapons won't be known until film is out I guess, but either way, just wasn't good enough. But as far as risk taking in general goes, I think you have to keep going with it.
  8. I said it earlier in this thread, and I've said it another time or two this year, but that's just what you're going to get with Titans version of Tannehill. He makes a lot of risky throws. It's worked out a ton, and it's given him a ton of confidence. As unwise as it may be to keep forcing stuff when he's not throwing to AJ Brown, Corey Davis, Jonnu Smith or Julio Jones, I feel like he has to keep trying. Would rather that than he revert to Dolphins version Tannehill who doesn't take risks and the offense suffers even further because of it.
  9. That's fair, but once you get much past the top 10, finding a QB who is elite or even bordering on that is practically impossible, which is the only real way to upgrade from Tannehill. I feel at that point, with likely picking somewhere either at or beyond 25th, you're better off picking a weapon for Tannehill, a lineman, or a playmaker on defense, all positions that hit far more often than QB at that point in the draft.
  10. The only types of QBs who will improve over Tannehill are those in the elite class. And I guess Rodgers and Wilson could be available this off-season, so if you wanted to go after one of them and trade Tannehill or whatever that'd be fine. But trying to replace him in the draft with where we're going to be drafting is far more likely to just be a waste of a pick.
  11. Reminiscent of people blaming Fisher for Eddie George bobbling the ball in to Lewis' hands, Del Greco's kicking issues, LenDale and Alge Crumpler's fumbles, etc. Players gotta execute.
  12. We'll go at least 4-1 over the last 5. Hopefully winds up being enough for the 1 seed.
  13. Colts are going to lose, so doesn't hurt us any in terms of the division at least. Need Buffalo to beat out Pats for the East, and take care of the rest of our schedule after getting healthy over the bye.
  14. Even with the kick good it's still a two score game.
  15. Literally worst thing that could have happened there. Now they're not even stuck on the 1.
  16. Entire o-line is blocking well, but Aaron Brewer is especially having a nice game from what I've seen. Really moving people in the run game. Not what you'd expectg from a guy his size.
  17. He's running an out, the ball has to be thrown to the outside. He can't just stop all of his momentum and move back towards the ball.
  18. To be fair, if he caught it and ran with it, we'd probably have had 4 different penalties on us to put it on the 1 lol.
  19. Well done by the defense. Gotta hold on to the ball on offense now.
  20. Are we just using extra slippery footballs? Doesn't even seem like the ball was hit all that hard on either of our fumbles. Really sucks.
  21. Feel like this year is just Tannehill's luck catching up with him. He's been like this since taking over as starter, forcing passes in to super tight windows. This year a lot more of them are being tipped or even picked than they have been in years past. It's part of what's made him so successful since taking over though. No more indecisiveness and he has willingness to make every throw. Gonna have to take the bad with the good.
  22. Need to figure out whatever pre-snap motions/line ups are giving our blitzes away. Patriots are abusing us on plays we're blitzing.
  23. Some great run blocking so far today. Good burst by Hilliard too.
  24. Every time we send a blitz/extra pressure, they have a perfectly called screen or quick/short pass called. Something is giving us away pre-snap.
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