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  1. Jaguars at Patriots post game discussion

    They showed the replay twice on Sky TV here in the UK and it's clear Jack wasn't touched after he took control. I'm sure someone who is more technically savvy can post the replay for you.
  2. Jaguars at Patriots post game discussion

    Lewis didn't touch him after he took possession of the ball.
  3. Jaguars at Patriots post game discussion

    Nobody touched him after he took possession of the ball.
  4. Jaguars at Patriots post game discussion

    The game-changing moment wasn't the conversion on 3rd and 18; it was the fumble recovery by Myles Jack that was whistled dead for no reason when he was just about to run it back for a TD. Take out that egregious whistle and the Jags go on to win the game.
  5. GWT: Week 20 Jaguars @ Patriots

    Throw in the mystery whistle after Jack's fumble recovery and you guys were screwed.
  6. Least important position on defense?

    Seattle have had Sherman for years.
  7. Do You Approve of Your Team Bending Rules?

    So 70% of people would avoid paying tax, as they can legally do so? Shame on you.
  8. What players on each team would you consider elite

    How about Jimmy G(OAT)?
  9. Fans of Playoff Teams

    Definitely. If we win the division again next year, we’ll definitely be the proverbial “real deal”.
  10. Fans of Playoff Teams

    Thanks. I honestly think that we would make this year’s Super Bowl but for the injury to GZ. These playoff games are going to be tight and every point will count; not having one of the best kickers in the league will hurt us. I think we’ll edge out Atlanta (it’ll be a tight game) but lose to Minny. Next year will present a formidable new challenge in the shape of a rejuvenated 49ers squad; Seattle and Arizona will be desperate to get back on track, too. It’ll certainly be wild out west.
  11. MVP leaders at this point.

    Wire? He’s still better than any of our linebackers.
  12. Fans of Playoff Teams

    We’re nowhere near a great team yet. We won a weak division (Seattle and Arizona in decline; 49ers rebuilding) but things will be much tougher next year.
  13. Fans of Playoff Teams

    Rams fan. Most scared of Minnesota. Whatever happened to our secondary, the fact remains that our offence did next to nothing after the opening drive (except for Kupp’s glaring error). That Vikings defence clamped down on us... hard. I’m not scared of any team in the AFC. If we reach the Super Bowl, we’ll have accomplished the difficult bit. From there, my only concern would be the refs bailing out the Patriots (for a change).
  14. Fans of Playoff Teams

    Yeah- we’re all exactly the same.
  15. What players on each team would you consider elite

    Agree with those but you omitted refereeing.