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  1. Nice knowing you all but I’m quitting the NFL. I’m not dedicating any of my time or money to a game that is clearly fixed. Peace.
  2. The game was tied 3-3. We had the momentum. Refs shafted us.
  3. We were just getting some (admittedly long overdue) momentum; that totally bogus call stopped us in our tracks.
  4. Nah- that BS holding call on Sullivan blew it for us.
  5. Yet the defensive coordinators will be asking for a shut out.
  6. Nah- it’s obviously Brady for finding Edelman every time.
  7. It’s part of McVay’s master plan. Lull the Patriots into thinking that Todd is incapacitated, then unleash the beast.
  8. Not surprising, given the way the organisation treated him at the end.
  9. He also ended up with an absolute babe. Anything is possible.
  10. Whilst I don’t disagree with you, he’d better get a move on- he’s only three months younger than our man.
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