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  1. Texans D Ranking Prediction in 2018

    Nah. Zero and thirty-three aren’t options.
  2. Texans D Ranking Prediction in 2018

    Somewhere between one and thirty-two. Next?
  3. Offseason Rumor Thread

    I’m debating having his full name on the back of my shirt if the Rams draft him.
  4. Suggest NFL rule changes

    Ban the Patriots.
  5. Suh signs with Rams 1 year 14 million

    So that constitutes Rams fans declaring us a dynasty?
  6. Suh signs with Rams 1 year 14 million

    Where? Not one person has done that.
  7. Suh signs with Rams 1 year 14 million

    Maybe they’re all called Wolowitz?
  8. Draft Discussion Thread

    Did you use a Telesco-pe?
  9. Rams 2018 offseason

    With a Brockers-Suh-Donald front and our new backfield, we could field a linebacking corps of Abe Simpson, Jasper Beardly, Hans Moleman and Old Jewish Man and still have the best defence in the league.
  10. Rams sign CB Sam Shields

    Obviously comes with massive durability concerns but could be a bargain. Let's just hope that he can stay healthy.
  11. What I Would Like to See Mock 2018 *Re-done*

    I don’t. Interesting mock but we really need a premium EDGE defender now. I think we might even trade up in the first to get one.
  12. Robert Quinn traded to Dolphins

    I’ve only just seen this. A fourth and swap of sixths? Seriously- WTF?
  13. Marcus Peters traded to Rams

    Much of the lack of interest in Peters from other franchises may well be linked to the perceived depth of this year’s cornerback class in the draft. Front offices are possibly overvaluing draft prospects again- they feel that they can get the next elite quarterback in Arlington at the end of April and not have the personality issues which Peters brings to the table. I suspect that Peters is going to be playing with a chip on his shoulder, having been overlooked by so many teams.
  14. Rams expected to make trade for Marcus Peters

    Two questions: 1. What have we given up? 2. Why would KC want to get rid of a top player in his prime?
  15. Is Tanking Explicitly Against The Rules?

    A bit like the Rams.