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  1. Week 7 SNF - Bengals @ Chiefs

  2. Week 7 - Rams at 49ers

    When we also had a safety called John(nie) Johnson.
  3. Week 7 - Rams at 49ers

    Kittle is getting way too much YAC yardage. We really need to find a solution to our tight end coverage woes before the playoffs.
  4. Week 7 GDT

    Feel sorry for Darnold today. His receivers have been guilty of some awful drops.
  5. Tom Brady gets his 200th regular season win

    TNF have just reminded everyone that next year is the 100th season of the NFL. The Patriots will win the Super Bowl and Brady will retire immediately afterwards. I’ll be straight down to the bookies to get a bet on this tomorrow.
  6. Who’s the worst team in football?

    The perfect amuse bouche before the Rams v Chiefs main course.
  7. Who’s the worst team in football?

    The Cardinals are definitely advancing their case tonight.
  8. Week 7 - Rams at 49ers

    Potential banana skin, this. Everyone expects us to beat the 49ers easily, especially as they are coming off a late defeat on a short week. The coaching team really need to ensure that the players don’t get overconfident: play this game hard and we should win comfortably but lose focus and we could easily lose.
  9. How many would van Brocklin have put up under today’s quarterback-friendly rules? 800?
  10. Tom Brady gets his 200th regular season win

    I wouldn’t put it past him.
  11. Tom Brady gets his 200th regular season win

    That’s an easy one: they are called the Patriots and 9/11 happened. The rest is history.
  12. Monday Night Football - 49ers v Packers GDT

    That throw by Rodgers....
  13. Week 6 - Rams at Broncos

    No doubt that Gurley is “a machine” as you put it. The only things that can stop us this season are injuries and the refs; I just can’t see anyone beating us at full strength in a game with fair arbitration.
  14. Week 6 - Rams at Broncos

    To be fair, you are the most optimistic fan I’ve seen in all my 20+ years on the internet. The day you say anything even vaguely negative about the Rams, I’ll be in mourning.
  15. Week 6 over reaction thread

    Johnny Hekker is the best WR in the league.