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  1. Wanted to revisit this thread and pick. It's eye-opening going back and reading the opinions and even national writers opinions (evan silva) lamenting it the worst pick of the draft. These are the RBs drafted after Mattison: Bryce Love Justice Hill Benny Snell Tony Pollard Ryquell Armstead Qadree Ollison Jordan Scarlett Trayveon Williams Ty Johnson Dexter Williams Travis Homer Rodney Anderson Darwin Thompson Mike Weber Cullen Gillaspia Kerrith Whyte Chandler Cox Myles Gaskin Is there anyone you would rather have over Mattison? Maybe Pollard? But really, it seems like if the Vikings were looking at a RB, they A. Picked the correct one B. Got great value from it with all the trade downs
  2. I think people are sleeping on Alexander Hollins. If he is able to get a little bit bigger this offseason while maintaining that quickness and speed, he can make it very hard for the Vikings to cut him.
  3. Ha! I was going through old threads and just saw this! Sometimes you get lucky.... but what a pleasant surprise bisi was last year! For his sophomore season, I’d like to see him show a bit more explosiveness on the field. He has the athleticism in him. Even if he doesn’t, he’s pretty much outplayed his draft investment already. Homerun 7th rounder from rick.
  4. I can’t speak for others, but the optimism to me is that he has an athletic foundation to be something. The road from 7th round draft picks to viable nfl starter is a long one, but at least he’s not immediately disqualified because of lack of nfl athleticism (see willie beavers). The optimism is grounded and tempered but this is what we do, we over analyze and try to find the silver linings on why the Vikings drafted him and what they see in him. If we can reconcile that and it makes sense and can be backed up by something concrete (game tape, analytics, athletic testing, etc), then I get a little bit more excited.
  5. I don’t think people need to iterate or repeat that he’s a long shot, or the cards are stacked against him. He’s a 7th round pick. By that very definition, we already know he’s a long shot. But what you look for are workable nfl traits and he has that. So it makes sense to pluck him as a dart throw that could potentially develop somewhere down the line.
  6. The cards are stacked against any 7th round pick. I don’t see how that is a negative here unless you’re expecting all 7th rounders to be homeruns.
  7. He was worth the 7th rounder to stash on the practice squad to see if he can develop. He’s got really nice athleticism so why not. I don’t think anyone expects him to make this years 53 man roster.
  8. Why do you feel Gladney should be the slot and not Hughes?
  9. Maybe I'm higher than most on Holton Hill, but I think barring him being a moron, he's kinda entrenched as a starting boundary corner and can run away with it. He's really talented and has the size and length to go to battle with some of the bigger X receivers the Vikings will face next year. I think Hill and Hughes are your starting corners; with Hughes pushed inside for nickel and Gladney coming in as a boundary.
  10. I’m about 15 minutes in and there are already some nice routes I can see you referencing.
  11. If people have the time, here is a link to joe burrow 2018 first half. It’s about an hour long but it’s great for Jefferson scouting; especially for boundary reps.
  12. So when the Vikings traded down from 25 to 31, I presume they had gladney at the top of their corner board and pretty much got their guy. but what if Miami took gladney at 30 instead of Noah. Who do you think was next on the Vikings cb list?
  13. Crichton fizzled out due to injury though.
  14. Nah I can't see that. I think he's an end. Ironically, I've seen Willekes player comp as Anthony Zettel.
  15. Always love your analysis Krauser. Thanks for starting this thread and providing your insight. I think Hinton is an A pick. He's the exact type of flyer you take in the 7th round. Vikings are probably 99.99% sure they can stash him on the practice squad; which team is going to roster an undersized tackle making a position switch who's highest level of competition was DII? But he's got the athletic goods that in a couple of years, can make an impact on the 53 man.
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