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  1. Vikings Mock Drafts

    Just did a 5 round mock that I'm really happy about. If this happened in real life I would cry tears of joy https://thedraftnetwork.com/mock-draft-machine 22 Justin Jefferson, WR LSU 25 A.J. Terrell, CB Clemson (okudah, henderson, fulton and gladney all gone) 58 Lucas Niang, OT TCU 89 Jordan Elliott, IDL Missouri 105 Troy Pride Jr., CB Notre Dame 132 Alton Robinson, EDGE Syracuse 155 Isaiah Hodgins, WR Oregon State
  2. Official 2020 WR Thread

    Can someone point me to reasons or evidence that Justin Jefferson can be a successful boundary receiver in the NFL? I think he's got amazing feel for beating zone and intricate route running and footwork, but his success in winning on the outside, especially against press man is limited. Is he more a souped up Tyler Boyd, or can he be Chris Godwin?
  3. Consensus Mock Draft II - Post Combine - Pick 17 - Dallas Cowboys

    I think they wanted CJ Henderson.
  4. 2020 Draft Talk

    If the Vikings don't like Josh Jones, I really (and I mean really) do not want to drop a 1st round pick on Austin Jackson. He is just has a lot of work to do. My preference is Lucas Niang if the medicals check out.
  5. 2020 Draft Talk

    I really love watching Jalen Reagor's film. He is electrifying. Not just with the ball in his hands, but also in and out of his cuts. He cuts so violently, I just love it. He also plays bigger than his size and has the ability to go up and apex contested 50/50 balls. I wouldn't have any issues projecting him to the outside in the NFL. It's really a shame his QB play last season was so piss poor; I think it definitely cost him some money. I like him as a 2nd round trade up option if they go in a different direction in the first.
  6. Official 2020 OT/IOL Thread

    He's really good at being..young....and athletic? Sorry that's all I got. I don't get the love either. It's just going to take a while to bring him up to the level of playing LT in the NFL. But he does have nice tools. Does nice tools and age make you a first round pick at tackle nowadays? Sometimes...
  7. 2020 Draft Talk

    Dotson was on the same line as Robert Hunt. Hunt's gotten more pub, but Dotson has NFL potential. He's a 4th-5th round projection right now.
  8. 2020 Draft Talk

    I agree. And I don't see the Verrett twitch in Winfield. Verrett was insanely athletic https://www.mockdraftable.com/player/jason-verrett
  9. Who is the biggest surprise/reach in the 1st round?

    At this point I would be surprised if Mims doesn't go in the first.
  10. 2020 Draft Talk

    I agree. I like Raekwon Davis as a 3-4 end as well. The dude is build like Calais Campbell (of course not gifted with his athleticism).
  11. 2020 Draft Talk

    Bryce Hall intrigues me. But I just can't help but see him project as an elite safety whenever I watch him.
  12. 2020 Draft Talk

    I guess I might be the only one that doesn't understand the Jeff Gladney 1st round love. I think he's a good player, but he just has ceiling limitations due to his lack of height, length and size. He fights hard, but he gets bullied by bigger receivers and that's only going to get worst at the NFL level. I think he's a really solid 2nd round choice and will probably live as a NFL slot corner, but if I'm a team with a late first (or two like the vikings), I'm thinking more long term and ceiling with those picks. My CB rankings right now for the Vikings (Diggs off the board for the Vikings): 1. Okudah (high first) 2. Henderson (mid first) 3. Fulton (mid first) 4. Terrell (late 1st/early 2nd) 5. Gladney (2nd) 6. Igbinoghene - only been a cb for 2 years, just love his potential and physical traits (2nd) 7. Jaylon Johnson (2nd)
  13. 2020 Draft Talk

    I have a feeling Vikings are going to move around a lot in this draft and position themselves with at least 5 day 2 picks. They'll stay at either 22 or 25, but then trade down with the other pick. After a top 1st round of 10-12 prospects, day 2 is where the value is at. Just makes a lot of sense to gobble up multiple players at multiple positions of need going that route.
  14. 2020 Draft Talk

    right now I'm leaning towards something like this on days 1 and 2 if there are no trades 22 - CB Kristian Fulton 25- WR Denzel Mims 58 - DT Justin Madubuike 89 -OG Robert Hunt 105 - WR Van Jefferson If the chips fall like this, it'd be a dream draft.
  15. 2020 Draft Talk

    I believe in this draft, the Vikings should double dip at receiver. Which combination would you prefer? Justin Jefferson and someone like Antonio Gandy Golden, Bryan Edwards or Michael PIttman? Or Denzel Mims and someone like Van Jefferson, Devin Dunvernay or Tyler Johnson?