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  1. Hmmm don't see that too much from what I've seen. Wallace was a straight burner, not too much nuanced in his game. But I mentioned this earlier, but ISM gives me Emmanuel Sanders vibes in terms of his smoothness and fluidity, and body type.
  2. Kerrigan and Dede would be much needed veteran depth at two positions that are extremely young.
  3. Hes more likely to get cut then be a starting guard. they brought him back on a non guaranteed veterans minimum deal. Mason cole has more sunk cost than dozier.
  4. Good morning, Vikings basically got 2 1st* round plug n play OL in positions of need. It's a good day to be a Vikings fan. *I am counting Davis because 2019 tape was a definite 1st round guard material and his slip of play in 2020 was due to an injury that can be fixed and come back from 100% healthy.
  5. I think mond vs Jalen hurts is a decent threshold to compare.
  6. If Twyman gets back to 2019 physical shape and weight, I think he does pretty easily.
  7. I agree, they really rushed the passer well together; it reminds me of a pack of lions circling their prey 🤣
  8. I think that's too much responsibility for Robinson. I think he's a pure 4-3 end with elite athleticism. His traits are very similar to Hunter. I hate comparing mid round DE projects to Hunter, but he's pretty close to it.
  9. I agree. Robinson is dripping with jaw dropping traits. I mean look at this, this is ridiculous.
  10. If anything, between the Trask, Mond, Mills picks, I like Mond the best. Trask doesn't have the athleticism for my liking, Mills is too green and I don't think his arm is all that special. I think Mond has the best chance to be "something" between those 3 even if that chance is still on the low end.
  11. I agree with this. Diggs was more sudden, more twitch IMO. ISM is more fluid but still has that ability to get in and out of his breaks. I don't think ISM has that Diggs ability to be the alpha, but that's ok! That's why we have JJ. We just need ISM to be that complement; which he has the ability to moreso than any other WR currently on the Vikings not named Adam Thielen.
  12. I think ISM plays more like Emmanuel Sanders.
  13. This is where I'm at with this. You take swings on players like this at this point in the draft. huge 5 star recruit, didn't develop due to a poor environment but still displayed elite physical traits and testing numbers, take this player and give him to the best DL coach in the biz to mold.
  14. So while Davis was not my favorite pick in the draft (because well, he's just a guard, how boring. how can a guard be a favorite pick? ), he was by far the best value pick for the Vikings. If the injury is behind him, he should be a player that will play a 2nd contract with the Vikings. Just a solid, solid 3rd round pick for Rick.
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