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  1. I wonder too if BOB weighed in on the firing. Did they even talk to him before they did it, or announced it.
  2. Odd timing?! I would have liked for him to have a couple of years. Wonder what broke the camel's back?!
  3. Has anyone heard any progress on the Oline. I've done a little searching but haven't really heard anything that yells "IMPROVED!!!". All I have heard is that they keep shuffling them around at different positions along the line.
  4. Name: Dawgtx Age: 61 Occupation: Retired, Husband, Father, and Pops Hobbies: I'm a competitive home beer brewer, thus I'm really big into craft beers/breweries. I'm a big fan of blues music. So since I'm retired, most of our travels involves beer festivals, beer competitions, or blues festivals.I work with a community theater in Baytown, occasionally acting, directing, and set construction. I'm Pops to four grandkids....which is the greatest job in the world. Favorite player (current): JJ Watt, Clowney, McKinney, Hopkins, Fuller Favorite player (past): Andre Johnson Other Sports/Teams: Astros, Rockets....I'll even throw the Dynamo in there. Anything else: Been gone awhile....I didn't like the new format, but I miss talking Texans with ya'll. So..........
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