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  1. Going to this next Saturday...realize it's preseason, but amped to see a game in-person for the first time since we came back against the Broncos week 11 of 2019.
  2. Yay, would totally dig the other 5th year option.
  3. Which one? I'm on #teamPfizer, getting #2 in less than 2 weeks. (any of the shots would have been fine though)
  4. Thanks, I don't plan to, in fact, the ones I have in mind are the most expensive. I'm sure overkill for Minnesota, as there isn't much elevation, but that's how I roll. (MSR Lightning Ascents)
  5. I plan on buying some snowshoes for this winter. Figure with the pandemic soaring, it'll help with the cabin fever.
  6. I have a coworker who pretends he knows about football. He'll say the most bull**** takes with the utmost conviction. My personal favorite was a couple years ago.... he said that #1 problem with the Vikings is Kendricks. "He's got to go!" I've called him on that in front of others, and he denies he ever said it...but I know the truth.
  7. Thanks @theJ and @PrplChilPill. I ordered testing tools and will check it once they arrive.
  8. I just noticed an issue tonight, so figured I'd post here about it incase any of you feel like chiming in. I have two overhead lights in my upstairs kitchen/dinette area. Tonight, I noticed that the dinette overhead light isn't working. It's chandelier style with 5 bulbs that's operated by a wall dimmer switch. I tested the bulbs on another lamp and they work fine. I then checked the other lights/outlets in the room, and they work fine. I checked the breaker and nothing is tripped. What's my next step? I figured I could buy a new switch and try that. Should I get a voltage det
  9. My experience in the Twin Cities area is that it depends on the place. Local butcher shop chain. No masks at all. Coffee shop. Masks.
  10. When I get groceries in person, I go to the more expensive store in town, because they all wear masks and take **** seriously. Also, I stopped going to Home Depot because they give no eff's about it. No masks, make you self check out with no sanitizer at the stations, lots of customers that give you a dirty look for being masked. It's too bad, I liked Home Depot enough, but now go to another place that's not moronic.
  11. Glad you had a good experience. This was a chain place near my house that I don't normally go to. I'm glad they get to work again, but take the rules seriously.
  12. I got a hair cut earlier this month, figured the place would follow precautions...nope. The stylist turned out to be an anti-vaxxer, who was calling the whole thing a plan-demic, barely had her mask on (nose was out of her loose mask after she cut my hair for awhile). I'm not ever going back to that place. I did my best to inform her, but doubt I changed her mind.
  13. Absolutely. This country is full of selfish, ignorant, mouth breathers.
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