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  1. Yeah, I would be surprised if he doesn't play week one. I think Indy is just being overcautious given how they screwed up last time when he got hurt.
  2. Current NFL QBs that Elevate Supporting Casts

    I think you can put Mahomes on the list. I know Reid is great and everything, but they went from a "good" offense in 2017 to one of the best in NFL history. The only real change was they switched the QBs.
  3. Current NFL QBs that Elevate Supporting Casts

    I would say there are about eight guys you can say that elevate their supporting cast. In no order Brady, Mahomes, Rodgers, Brees, Luck, Rivers, Ben, and Wilson. Ryan is borderline IMO. His numbers are great and the Falcons o-line is not very good. But a lot of his production last year came in garbage time and it hard to say if his 2016 season was about him or about Kyle Shanahan.
  4. Bears Ravens floor seems to be about 8 wins every year. Chicago seems to be more volatile.
  5. Top 5 WR route runners

    Yeah, Hopkins is up there. I think people forget about him because we mainly think of his hands and his ability to catch contested balls. Julio is another one who gets slept on in terms of routes because of his physicality.
  6. Memorable Special Teams

    2010 Chargers. Ineptitude can be entertaining.
  7. Are the Pittsburgh Steelers contenders in the AFC?

    Yes. Steelers were pretty unlucky in one score games last year (they overachieved in that department in 2017), so they should see a regression towards the mean. Granted, they were also pretty healthy last year, so they may not be as lucky when it comes to injuries. All and all, I have they around 10-6, 3rd or 4th seed depending how Indy does in the south and KC and LAC does in the west.
  8. Raiders paid him how much again?
  9. Preseason Week 1 GDT

    You know it is nice to have a competent backup QB for once.
  10. Not the longest, but man the Chargers haven't had a competent LG since Dielman's unfortunate early retirement eight years ago.
  11. Chargers Training Camp Thread

    Yeah, from what I have read and seen Lamp has had a good camp so far (although he got killed in a one on one drill against Donald, but he does that to everyone). Keenan and Mike Williams have also had really strong camps. I wouldn't be surprise if Keenan has a career year and Williams breaks the 1000 yard mark.
  12. Training Camp Buzz

    Rivers had similar sentiments. He said he threw 80 passes in the last two practices, which is more throws then he has had in all the preseason games combined the last several years. I said it last year the league just needs to drop two preseason games and make joint practices mandatory.
  13. Lmao and I thought NBA players had bad feet.
  14. What Happened To Him?

    Donald Butler for the Chargers. I legit thought he would be a top 5-7 LB after the 2012 season. He then gets paid and just mails it in for the next 3 seasons. Dude is only 31 and is already out of the league.