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  1. People are going to talk about Staley's decisions. But the larger issue is that the defense is ****. Luckily, they have cap space this off-season, so they have the resources to make some key signings. They aren't going anywhere till they fix that side of the ball.
  2. Just got home, what the hell happened to the Raiders?
  3. Vic realized Lock was his QB and not Teddy.
  4. I think you are being a little hard on Carroll, ET. Seattle has had only two losing seasons since he took over. That is hard to do.
  5. Bosa and Derwin are the only keepers. Everyone else should be available.
  6. Chargers are really just a 500 ball club. The offense is great, but the defense and ST are just bad (Geez, where have I seen that before....). Staley being aggressive has given them an extra 2 wins that they wouldn't have with Lynn. But this is an average team.
  7. Melvin Ingram wearing red just isn't right.
  8. Good for Cam, but lol at the Panthers. They really set themselves back with picking up Darnold's option.
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