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  1. Raiders Fire Ken Norton Jr.

    He has been bad, but the bigger issue is talent. The Raiders don't have much on defense outside of Mack.
  2. Week 11 GDT

    Onside Kick?
  3. Week 11 GDT

    They aren't beating KC. They match up poorly against them.
  4. Week 11 GDT

    Man, last week's loss even hurts more after this game. Could be 5-5 and a game back from first in the division. But Chargers gonna Chargers.
  5. Week 11 GDT

    I hate this team.
  6. Week 11 GDT

    Time to get Cardale some snaps.
  7. Week 11 GDT

    Who do you have starting that plays for NE?
  8. Week 11 GDT

    Someone on Oakland messed up badly.
  9. Week 11 GDT

    I didn't start the Charger defense today.
  10. Week 11 GDT

    Bills need to bench Peterman for his own good. Games like this can destroy a young QB's confidence.
  11. Your Mid-Season All-Pro Team

    Melvin Ingram should be on everyone's list. Hell, he has been the Chargers best player so far this season.
  12. GDT: Week 7

    On to New England!
  13. GDT: Week 7

    Yup. Hardest part of the schedule was always the first half of the season. If they could come away 4-4 heading into the bye, they are in good position to make a run at the WC.
  14. GDT: Week 7

    Chargers are going to regret losing that Miami game.
  15. SNF: Week 6 Giants @ Broncos

    Baw gawd, King! That is Osweiler's music!