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  1. Lynn would be foolish to go back to him. I get that he hates turnovers, but you are going to have to let this kid play and make mistakes. We aren't going anywhere with Tyrod under center.
  2. I don't like to see guys get hurt, but if this keeps Tyrod on the bench for good then this was a blessing in disguise.
  3. Best win they have had since the Chiefs game.....god this season has sucked.
  4. Yup. At least we ran the ball today.
  5. Imagine if they could actually score touchdowns in the red zone today?
  6. The injuries have sucked the joy out of this season for me. But it is nice seeing Rivers, Keenan, and Bosa playing so well.
  7. This is insane, the Culkin (the guy replacing Henry) blew out his achillies. Gates is going to come back. He must have put a curse on the TE position for the Chargers.
  8. They have been solid all year, outside of that fourth quarter against Arizona.
  9. I am not watching the game, but what is wrong with Atlanta?
  10. 90's kid here....so yes.
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