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  1. I feel like this was rigged. FF establishment pushing for @Forge to neutralize dissident. Seriously though, excellent choice!
  2. I think Pittsburgh is better, but GB is more likely to make the SB given the Steelers would have to go through NE.
  3. I have no idea what you are trying to say and I don't think you even you know what you are trying to say.
  4. What I mean is most offenses run the same type of plays. The difference really comes down to how the plays are organized. The EP system the Pats run organizes plays by passing concepts (which stresses versatility), instead of a route tree based offense like an Air Coryell offense does, which is more rigid. The EP system isn't some magical new difficult offense that only Brady can run. The Chargers are an EP based offense, so are the Steelers. The Broncos under Mike McCoy/Adam Gase were like this as well, which is why it is a bit silly to think Manning couldn't run Brady's offense.
  5. No, he doesn't. Every NFL team generally runs the same stuff on offense. The big differences usually comes down terminology. But the actually plays and route concepts are not that different from each other.
  6. On slide 13, Rivers head fake gets the defender out of position, which creates a throwing lane. Moving defenders with eyes, head, pump fakes etc. isn't some special skill that only Brady can do. As for throwing the ball quickly before receivers break their routes, that is throwing with anticipation. Brady isn't even the best in the league at that (Brees is). How do you think Manning was able to play post-2010 with no zip on the ball?
  7. What? I have seen Rodgers, Peyton, Brees etc. manipulate defenders with their eyes. Hell, I am a Chargers fan, I see Rivers do this pretty much every game. It is not a unique skill to Brady or any good QB.
  8. Because it is a zone defense. Brady has seen every thing, he knows how to attack zone (which is why it is stupid to play that kind of coverage without disguising anything). However, pretty much any vet QB can pick apart zone because of their experience when it comes to reading coverage. Plus, KC generated zero pressure, so it is basically pitch and catch for Brady. Like I said earlier, Brady is great, but using this as an example of why he is great and how other QB's can't replicate this is nonsense.
  9. A QB going through his reads....ground-breaking.
  10. other QBs don't have the skills required for this play, so the play wouldn't even be called, as it would lead to 3rd and goal, OC would rather call plays that throw into endzone TWICE. The skills in this play helped Brady win the first SB in 2002, This play shows some of the skills that make Brady the GOAT. BTW, 2008 season proved that without Brady, Pats were just another AFCE team, even with Moss. BTW, Jets, Bills and Phins won 19 out of 30 against non AFCE teams.The worst AFCE team in that year won 7 games. This has to be a troll post. There was nothing unique about that final drive. Any competent veteran QB could do this. Zero pass-rush and soft zone coverage, that is easy pickings for any veteran QB. Brady is the greatest QB of all-time, but using this video as evidence to why he is unique is laughable.
  11. Bold prediction: Chargers AFC Super Bowl LIV representative

    Get over the Steelers game. You guys lost to the damn Raiders, you have no one to blame but yourselves from missing the playoffs.
  12. Florio is such a hack and took what Rodgers said out of context. He isn't complaining about the offense, in fact it is the opposite. Lefleur and Rodgers are both just trying to find the balance of how much freedom Rodgers has at the line of scrimmage. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001033990/article/lafleur-rodgers-navigating-gap-between-system-qbs-freedom?campaign=Twitter_atn
  13. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    Does it really matter? Pats already have proven they can win on the road. lol, just no. The Chargers wouldn't be favored to win the division, but they wouldn't be Miami.
  14. Most Overrated QB's of all Time

    He was third all-time during his era in ANY/A and that is a stat then generally penalizes guys who throw a ton of picks.
  15. Most Overrated QB's of all Time

    No, they weren't. http://www.footballperspective.com/joe-namath-has-become-footballs-most-misunderstood-quarterback/