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  1. Got the second game in last night, kind of wish I was able to play a game every night, but unfortunately evenings start filling up tonight through Sunday basically. Maybe I'll have a chance on Saturday evening. Second game was actually easier than the first, I got lucky with it.
  2. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    I haven't. I should track that down.
  3. Alcohol Thread!

    I was impressed, I bought a bottle of Skaalvenn Distillery Bourbon. I've had their Rum before, and while it's solid, it's very much a mixing rum, but their bourbon is good for just sipping on. Wasn't sure what to expect from it, but it was a bourbon I hadn't had before, so I figured I should try.
  4. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    If the tonic comes in to mess with the gin at all, you're doing it wrong? Then again, I buy very nice gin these days, thanks to a nice littler distillery in Duluth, MN.
  5. Twins Talk - Where Snow Outs Happen

    Twins did a nice job of coming back after being down 3-0. I don't feel like being down 3 is that much this year, but they put up 7 runs in the 6th and 7th innings which is pretty late in a game. Of course, since they are in the west coast I was asleep by then. Also, Orioles set the record for giving up 100 HR's in the shortest amount of time. What is interesting with that stat, and why it matters with the Twins. The Yankees have hit the most HR's off of the O's this year, 29 in 10 games, so 2.9 per game, but the Twins have hit 23 in 6 games. A pace of 3.8 per game, which is amazing. Also, that means that the Twins and Yankees in 16 days have been the reason for more than half of those 100 HR's.
  6. When I went to bed, the Twins were down 3-0, then I checked a bit later and it was 3-3. Now I wake up to them winning easily in Los Angeles. This is a fun team because you can never count them out in a game, even against a team that is decent. Also, random stat I was on twitter yesterday. The Orioles pitching staff has given up 100 HR's in the shortest time frame all time. In that, the Yankees have hit 29 HR's in 10 games against them, and the Twins have hit 23 HR's in 6 games, so over half the HR's have come in 16 games.
  7. Started playing Pandemic Legacy Season 1 solo. Played through it once with a group of four people, now playing through it by myself and controlling two characters. I had a fun time making the video for it, though I think it's a bit rough at times still, I felt like I did a decent job explaining the game as I went and what I was doing, or at least I hope that I did. The first game doesn't offer too many tough decisions, otherwise it would have been more work to explain as I went along.
  8. What movie are you watching?

    Watched John Wick 2 last night. I think next Monday there's a chance I'll go see the third. John Wick 2 was very good, I think I liked the story better, but the action maybe not quite as well.
  9. Yeah, that's insane to not get into more than three losing streaks. I'm pretty sure there haven't been any losing streaks more than two games.
  10. Agreed, but at the same time, that was a surprise, 100%, so I didn't hate it as much as I might have. One of the people I was watching with put it well, it was a bad pay per view, minus how Bayley won, until Becky Lynch showed up, and then after that it was a good pay per view. But that first half was so bad, and are they doing a bad ref gimmick?
  11. Or someone who can turn Wiggins into not a 6th man, because he most definitely a sixth man right now, if not 7th. I'll be interested to see what they do next year. A starting line-up with: C: Towns PF: ? SF: Covington SG: Okogie PG: Teague That could be solid if healthy. Wiggins, Dieng, and Saric make a good bench.
  12. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    3 days of your life you can't get back, if you only watched the episodes once. I'm glad I stopped watching.
  13. Wolves sign their new head coach, Ryan Saunders. I actually think that he's a good signing, player like KAT and even Wiggins seem to like him a lot.
  14. Twins outscored the Mariners 40 to 10 over the weekend in a 4 game series. They are hitting the ball so well right now and the pitching has generally been solid. Twins are #1 in runs scored, #3 in HR's and OPS. They've been doing solidly offensively which is an understatement. And Sano had a bad game on Sunday at the plate, but otherwise has come back hitting the ball well.
  15. aSK anything: 5.0: Designated Steve-vivor

    I always knew I made the right decision not watching Game of Thrones. I watched a little bit, but it never really grabbed my attention and I never cared about most of the characters. Now maybe people will talk about a good TV show, not sure what that will be, but maybe.