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  1. We started Prophecy of Dragons, and now we have a better idea of what we need to do after two runs through. I'm liking it quite well thus far though I know we have a good amount to unlock still. Glad that you enjoyed Marcy Case. I thought that they handled the zombie theme really well, it was there, but it wasn't ZOMBIES OMG!
  2. Twins in the All-Star game last night: Polanco 1-2, RBI, and a K Berrios 1 IP 1 H 2 K Good showing by the Twins.
  3. Yeah, I've only played it three, and I really like it at that player count, because you still have some more randomness so you can't plan everything out as well as with fewer players, but it's also not so much randomness that you have wasted turns too often.
  4. It’s expensive, but if you think about all the hours you put into the game then it’s not that bad. That's my thoughts on it, I think I paid $120 for kickstarter (had a few solo scenarios I haven't played yet) + shipping for it. I would say, playing at 3 players, we've put almost 200 people hours into it. It's hard to find entertainment that we still want to come back to every two weeks and play three hours, and that is that cheap. It's going to be probably 25 cents per hour when all is said and done for entertainment. That's an upperdeck ticket for a single person for a Vikings game that goes 3 hours. Now, you need the group to play with, though, I think as a solo experience it would still be a ton of fun, but the value would be slightly less, though still extremely good.
  5. It's fun having store credit at a board game shop. They were having a 10% off sale (and their prices are generally good, especially since I buy used), and I was able to go in and pick up two games, Lazer Riders and 8-Bit Box that I've wanted to get for a little bit. And then I saw Formula D on the shelf used, so I grabbed a copy of that as well, and I still have $60 some left I think I've gotten 10 board games or so already with store credit, helps that only one of them has been a new game, the rest used.
  6. Since you talked smack about Sano he's hit something like 5 HR's and raised his WAR/Batting Average (though the latter only slightly). Can you maybe say something again to see if he can take it up another level Sucks that the Twins lost, sucks more that Odorizzi is going to miss at least a start with blister issue. Thorpe or Smeltzer up?
  7. I agree, it sounds like there are some talks about moving Wiggins, and I'd give up a 1st round pick or two gladly to get rid of him. I hope that happens still, and I think that it might. Dieng is fine, but moving on from him would be possible and be fine, same with Jeff Teague, I'd be fine moving on from him as well, and he has some value since he's on a one year deal. I want the Heat to trade for Wiggins still, imagine how mad Jimmy Butler would be if that happened.
  8. It sounds like they went hard after Russell, but if the Golden State Warriors decide to make a move for a sign and trade, what are the Wolves going to do to make that happen? Plus, trading Andre Igudala is easier than moving Wiggins to free up the cap space needed to make the trade happen.
  9. Wild have signed: Ryan Hartman and Mat Zuccorello (or however that is spelled).
  10. Yeah, I started out doing theater of the mind for combat. Only for the big set pieces do I do a battle map. I feel like it would have been helpful at times with a few people who I don't game much with anymore, but they play a few board games but when they think RPG, even pen and paper, they expected it to be like a focused video game RPG.
  11. 'Dark' (German language Netflix show)

    I watched Season 1 a while ago, and I'm ready for Season 2, just haven't gotten around to watching it yet.
  12. Theater of the mind, no maps needed, haha. No, I generally do a world map, but I keep it only kind of fleshed out, like only the big stuff on the map and w henever the players want more, I make them help me come up with it.
  13. Haha. Yeah, that was a bit head scratching when that happened. At least, the All Star games doesn't decide home field advantage for the playoffs anymore, right? I think they did away with that, as that was a pretty dumb rule with how poorly the All Star teams are selected, at least for back-ups.
  14. More board game training tonight, and by that I'm mean, playing Ice Cool. I think I mentioned it a while ago, but at GenCon I'm in the North American Championship for this silly little penguin flicking game. I expect to do poorly. Though, I don't want to look like I'm horrible at, hence a little practicing.
  15. The only pitcher I wish the Twins had stretched out more was Littel, mainly because he's a likely pitcher to be sent down. Granted, he wasn't doing all that well, but he was someone I'm sure they had wanted to get 3 innings out of, instead of having to even get Gibson in there for his bullpen session.