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  1. I like the look in terms of artwork of Vagrantssong. And Jaws of the Lion is a great deal at $30. It's an amazing game system.
  2. I love this show thus far. I feel like it's a good balance of action, plot, and humor. And Echo is a great character, Kate Bishop is an amazing character and Pizza Dog is a good boy.
  3. I had a chance to preview a board game a bit back called Rogue Angels, did a write up on it, it's coming to Kickstarter in February: https://nerdologists.com/2021/12/rogue-angels-legacy-of-the-burning-suns-crowdfunding-preview/ It's a campaign/legacy style game with some interesting mechanics and a lot of story. Though, the game isn't hard to learn how to play while still giving you good decisions.
  4. Bought a few things on sales the past few days. Some more Game Trayz and some promos and mini expansions. The big game I got was Mythic Battles Pantheon, and that's a very big game. And the Pandora's Box that contains all of the Kickstarter stretch goals. They were both 20% off at my FLGS and I had a free $100 game, so I used that on the base box. And in my home town the board game, used book/DVD/Video Game store was going out of business so I picked up Quadropolis, 6 nimmt, and No Thanks. Anyone else pick up any games?
  5. Timberwoofs have been playing well as of late. Shockingly it's been the defensive side of the ball, that is new.
  6. The GameZenter (local game store attached to the Asmodee building/Fantasy Flight building) had a holiday sale, picked up Journey: Wrath of Demons, Starship Samurai, Mesozoic, Keyforge, and two expansion for Clank/Clank Legacy. Now Pandasaurus has a sale, they did Dinosaur Island, Dinosaur World, and Machi Koro. Eagle Gryphon has a sale, I picked up more Pitchcar and Fleet: The Dice Game Wise Wizard Games has a sale, and I'm tempted by Hero Realms
  7. I'm two episodes in and I'm enjoying it. I thought the first one they crammed too much into and added in one piece of character development in a way that was heavy handed with Perrin. I get what they were going for, they just weren't subtle about it. The second episode I liked a lot. And I also don't know that I can think of a show that has better casting. Everyone works really well in the show. I missed the Tam fever dream as well, I get what they are doing, again, it just feel less interesting.
  8. So the video announcing it is also showing off a 2.5' tall Galactus zombie or so. Kind of like CMON did with Cthulhu Death May Die and a 2.5' tall Cthuhlu.
  9. I saw those two purple lines crossing... like an... X... (Probably not, but let me dream dammit). I've heard people thinking maybe some different Venoms or different symbiotes. It depends on when in the movie it is, but kind of seems like it's after the likes of Doc Ock, Green Goblin, etc have come through.
  10. To me that was the biggest thing that isn't fairly obvious. I guess the other thing would be that Doc Ocks arms seem to absorb some of the Iron Spider suit.
  11. I believe that it's the Brazilian version. The MrSundayMovies breakdown and I believe ScreenCrush breakdown have that footage.
  12. Sleeping Gods showed up today, I've heard so many good things about it that I had to pick it up. I like the idea of a really open world exploration game and Ryan Lauket is a designer I like, though whose games don't always work for me. And his artwork is so good.
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