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  1. @Bigbear72and I have agreed to swap 4ths instead of 3rds in 2021.
  2. That's the right move for the Wild. Shame we couldn't have done more with them here.
  3. Well, I wouldn't say it's bottom 3 for me, probably Top 15, which is good, my bottom three are probably The Incredible Hulk, Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The First Avenger, and it's definitely a lot better than those. It reminded me of a Bond movie. The plot is pretty simple, but it couldn't have been more. If it was more, I don't care that the Avengers are on the out, Captain America would have shown up, because that's who he is. I think it rounded at Natasha's character arc really well. I wouldn't have minded skipping out on Taskmaster completely for the movie, but even with tha
  4. Fun Twins series to watch this past weekend. As odd as it sounds, a 4 game sweep of the hot Detroit Tigers (when was the last time they were hot) and the Twins did that by coming back again and again and again. Starting pitching has looked better and the pen has looked a whole lot better.
  5. Got to play two games of Similo, a game of Pitchcar and a game of Icecool on Saturday. All really fun games. I like Similo quite well and it's a nice cooperative party style game, or at least one that gets a lot of people talking and interacting. I already knew that I liked the other two games a lot.
  6. I liked the movie quite well. Very low to no expectations and it was a fun time to be back in theaters. Thought for sure that Natasha's arc was good, gives a bit more weight to some things that have been said before. Pugh is awesome, I want to see more Red Guardian. End credit scene is cool, going to play in the Hawkeye show coming up this fall, which is fun. I like the direction with the end credit scene and Falcon/WS tie-in.
  7. Maybe you're thinking of the vampire Morbius that has a movie coming? Or you might be remembering from Endgame where Stark uses a mobius strip to crack time travel.
  8. Played Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition last night. It's a very fun game. From what I know of it, it takes some of the concepts from it and turns it into more of a streamlined, though still fairly long, card playing game. It's kind of a card game at this point as you build up your engine as you go. Two players with learning the rules and it being both of our first times took us about 2 hours, I thin with people who know it, it'd take less. Actually, with more people, the game will likely go faster as well.
  9. It was not, they have said that Fin Fang Foom is not in the movie. It is likely that it might be a creature from the same species as Fin Fang Foom. Or a repackaged Fin Fang Foom.
  10. I'd recommend either Lost Ruins of Arnak or Dune: Imperium. Both of those have deck building and worker placement. If you want to go into the worker placement side more, Scythe would be a good one or some lighter worker placements would be something like Raiders of the North Sea. Or if you want to go into heavier deck building games, Clank! In! Space!, Aeon's End, and Xenoshyft: Onslaught are three deck building games that I really like. And Aeon's End and Xenoshyft are both cooperative.
  11. Viticulture is a lot older than Wingspan actually. It's just been that the company who puts both of them out hasn't always been the greatest at keeping some of their games in stock. And I think now it's available at Target as part of their June Target releases or I know game stores can nw order directly from the company. It used to be that the company would do pre-orders to distributors but most of it would end up on Amazon and not in game stores.
  12. Nevermind, found in on 25th Century Games website. Ordered it there. Also, forgot to say that I picked up two games this weekend. First was Doodle Dungeon which I got when I picked up Drax for Marvel Champions. Seems like a drawing/roll and write plus game where you are building a dungeon to then send heroes through and defeat the heroes getting points. Kind of like Boss Monster, but more involved. The other is Fireball Island. I happened to see it on a shelf at Target without a price. So I took it to the scanner and they were (are?) selling it for $30. The game is supposed to
  13. @SirA1where did they find Kohaku, I really want to get that one. I am interested in Dragonwood, it seems like a cute/light game. On my weekend, I got to play Blood Rage again for the first time in a long time. I love that game, great drafting and a variety of strategies. I didn't do great but had a blast. And played some Medium after that, a very good light filler/party game.
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