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  1. Nice, that's a good time. I've had my party do things in so many odd orders, and I've found that a number of the encounters are pretty brutal so it's a bit tricky for them to get that much XP. I haven't done anything with the vision of hanging.
  2. 5,000 or Bust '18

    Week 1: Case Keenum (329) Week 2: Derek Carr (288) Week 3: Andy Dalton Pace: 5244.5 yards Average: 308.5
  3. 2018 NBA Random Offseason Discussion

    Who wants Jimmy Butler?
  4. Jimmy Butler has requested a trade from the Wolves. I mean, I guess I'm fine with that, it's the Wolves, I don't care that much.
  5. We had three characters retire yesterday while playing Gloomhaven. That means next time we'll be playing, we'll be running a completely different team than we have before. I've played my new one once, and I was hoping that I was going to be more aggro, but I'm kind of support again.
  6. I really like Loki, however, I don't want to a show about Loki. I think one about the Scarlett Witch and maybe doing it earlier with Quicksilver still around, that could be very interesting as well.
  7. Captain Marvel (March 2019)

    Solid trailer, I actually like parts of the trailer being set in the past. I don't know, now that I've seen Brie Larson in that role that she's the best fit for it, something about it just seemed slightly off to me, but for the most part it looked very interesting.
  8. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    I'm really tired today. Got too worked up yesterday, somewhat from the Vikings game, mainly from family drama on the in-laws side, they are legit crazy at this point. My wife is getting more on board with some form of cutting them off until they get things worked out, especially with the baby on the way. Tie that in with Saturday being hot and doing a lot of work to get the nursery further along without being able to run the AC because my parents were around to help with the nursery and cleaning windows just means that I'm tired and fairly cranky today. Happy Monday to me.
  9. Home Improvement/Remodel Thread

    Yeah, the issue with that is that there's still some chain link fence in there as well. I probably will just use a swede saw to cut it off at ground level.
  10. Home Improvement/Remodel Thread

    Recommendations for how to remove a stump? Can't grind it out because it's too close to cement, want to get it to basically ground level.
  11. Week 2: VIKINGS (1-0) at Packers (1-0)

    Elflien is practicing, but Jones is still working with the first unit. I'd expect Elflien to probably take another week before being back.
  12. 5,000 or Bust '18

    He's a bum, he's not better than Teddy Bridgewater.
  13. 5,000 or Bust '18

    Week 2: Derek Carr
  14. Players can now just be added as you go, I want everyone to hopefully have a full roster by the end of the day. The draft is done, I will add Broncos for Sllim's draft