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  1. Boba Fett to be directed by James Mangold

    I feel like beyond Obi Wan, Han Solo, and Boba Fett (who I'm not all that interested in), there aren't any characters I want to see a solo movie for. Honestly, as bad as a Jar Jar movie would be, he might be the next most interesting character. I saw someone on Twitter freaking out (so I was on Twitter), because they were doing a Boba Fett solo movie before Princess Leia. But, there are a few reasons I'm not interested in a Princess Leia movie, first, wouldn't work without Carrie Fisher or it would have to be while she's a kid, because we''d be comparing the actress otherwise. Second, do we want another Star Wars politician based movie, we had those in the prequel trilogy. I don't want a C3PO movie, I don't want a Luke movie, two hours of shooting womp rats would get boring. So an Ewok movie (blech), or a Wookie movie, no thanks. Han and Leia romcom around when they are married... so many bad Star Wars movie ideas.
  2. I'm not going to go with the Spellweaver next, but I am really tempted to try that one at some point in time. However, I get to open the character with the music note, and I already know I want to try that one to see what it is.
  3. I have a bunch of friends who are board game nerds, so that helps, including someone who works for Fantasy Flight and was part of the Legion design team. Depending on where you are at, I'd look for local conventions. A lot of them have board game rooms or sections, and that would give you a chance to meet people who are interested in playing games. Or if you have a local game shop that would be another spot. A lot of those places have spots to play games, so with the friends who are interested, go play games there and meet other people. We haven't run across the Collect 200g card. We had one player start playing the Scoundrel, then we had the Tinkerer (whom I'm playing) and Cragheart. It's an interesting team, the Scoundrel has been retired, and I should be retiring the Tinkerer soon.
  4. Last day at work

    4 weeks of holidays, or 4 weeks of PTO, because I am getting 4 weeks of PTO with 20 days, unless you are counting weekends in it, as that is actually closer to 6 weeks off.
  5. Financial Experts say...

    Is it completely unrealistic, no, I don't think so. Is it extremely likely, not at all. Counting 401k is pretty obvious in my opinion. It's part of your savings, if you're getting 10% into the 401k and putting money into savings every month, I think you could get close. To keep the 40k a year, with the example above, you're at about 60k contributed, plus if you're putting 100 a month into savings from 22 on, that would get you to 75k+. That gets you close to 2x of 40k. Now assuming you're making 55k, if you're 401k is doing decently, you're going to get pretty close to the double salary number.
  6. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Normally I think I just look okay, but for some reason the past few days my look has been on point, not doing anything differently, but I've just been looking good. Always makes the day seem better.
  7. Last day at work

    Agreed, for 22 days for holiday, sick days, and PTO isn't great. My sick time and PTO are in the same one and that's 20 days starting at my job. Then there are 10 holidays on top of that. I've started at jobs that have had worse than that though, I know one of my first jobs was 10 days PTO, 6 sick days, and 8 holidays. Now, if I would start with less than 15 days for PTO, I'd be more apt to negotiate that than I would for more money.
  8. Played my first game of BSG (Battlestar Galactica) last night. That is a fun game, I liked the mechanics for it and the fact that it's a game with a lot of social deduction, but it isn't just pure social deduction like a game like Secret Hitler, Ultimate Werewolf, or Resistance is. I was not a Cylon, but I was President for a little bit, so that was interesting. The Cylons ended up winning, but we had a lot of weird things happen in the game, so apparently I got a good and odd experience.
  9. Fortunately for the White Sox, they won't miss him for the playoffs.
  10. New policy for the National Anthem

    Simpler solution would have been to leave things the same for the players and fine the announcers every time they mention it. I can respect the right to protest, and it happening during the anthem, which admittedly I rarely am tuned in for, so it didn't disrupt the game. What disrupted the game was that half of the commentary during half time and way to much during the game was focused on something that wasn't at all related to what was happening on the field during the 60 minutes of playing time and during halftime, things that weren't related to why people were watching the NFL. And while we're at it, can we fine the announcers for every time they get someones name wrong?
  11. Random Game Talk

    I'm torn about kickstarting the Myst 25th Anniversary collection. I have a couple of the games on Steam already, so I don't need it really, but it is something I liked growing up, si I'm tempted to get them all. I'll probably not do that, but it is really tempting, add in the fact I don't play enough computer games to make it worthwhile makes it easier to pass on, but nostalgia is strong.
  12. Chargers Hunter Henry tore ACL

    That's a real shame, he was showing good things for the Chargers and looked like a player to watch. I wish him a speedy recovery and hope that he comes back as the same player he was. Thankfully ACL issues seem to be one of those things players generally can come back from without lasting effect anymore.
  13. I realize it's against a poor Tigers line-up, but Lance Lynn finally looked good in a start. Hopefully that's a sign of things to come because how he's started this year is not even remotely like him. Also good to get Dozier's bat going. Like Lynn, definitely not playing at the level he should be playing at. If he can start hitting again, all of a sudden the line-up looks a whole lot more dangerous.
  14. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    I mean, you already have something on your calendar... I think it's valid.