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  1. Houston @ Kansas City- Missed [16] Seattle @ Atlanta [4] New York Jets @ Buffalo [10] Chicago @ Detroit [6] Green Bay @ Minnesota [1] Miami @ New England [15] Philadelphia @ Washington [3] Las Vegas @ Carolina [9] Indianapolis @ Jacksonville [11] Cleveland @ Baltimore [7] Los Angeles Chargers @ Cincinnati [8] Tampa Bay @ New Orleans [2] Arizona @ San Francisco [14] Dallas @ Los Angeles Rams [5] Pittsburgh @ New York Giants [12] Tennessee @ Denver [13]
  2. I can' definitely see that. Even for those who have read the book, it's kind of just a good looking trailer with, look, here's this thing or person repeated multiple times.
  3. That trailer looks real nice.
  4. Definitely can see DT for the Vikings, though, the Vikings would have to be pick 21 in your mock draft as you have no NFC North team in the playoffs.
  5. I mean, I'd be happy with a playoff run that deep for the Vikings. Looking at their needs, I think that interior offensive or defensive line would be better to address in round one, but I could see them going CB, depending on how things shake out.
  6. James Washington WR, Pittsburgh @Pool is OTC
  7. Finally getting around to watching Agents of SHIELD. I feel like they didn't have a full plan for stuff in season one because everything had to tie into the movies, but it didn't seem like they knew what was coming in the movies.
  8. Sounds like a restructure is happening with Reiff, so all the complaining was for nothing, though, I'm sure there shall be more.
  9. Wrapped up Season 5.1 of Lucifer, was really good.
  10. I think that these are the two most likely options. I would lean towards Shuri being the most obvious choice and since she's a bit younger, you could also have her be part of a Young Avengers movie if they end up going that route.
  11. 6.8 Benny Snell Jr., RB, Pittsburgh @Pool is OTC
  12. Nice. I'm trying to avoid buying anything for a few weeks because we're moving in two and I know that I have Marvel United coming to one of our places in the next month or so. Hopefully they got the address updated, or if they didn't, hopefully it ships in the next few days.
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