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  1. I like that they signed him for a good extension. And the Wild still can move him later on, possibly, if they want.
  2. I'm more thinking that I don't know I want Kepler betting that low in the order, obviously having more people on base is good, but you want those power hitters up as often as possible. Arreaz is a good table setting hitter, but more power AB's for power seems to make more sense to me
  3. I'd lean towards keeping Kepler at the leadoff spot, he's done decently well there, though his power would make more sense later on. I'd be so pleased with that line-up for next season, and if Buxton could stay healthy, that line-up will be beastly. Rooker would be an interesting option to see up in the majors next year, I think he's played some 1B as well.
  4. NFL Snooze News: Volume Four, Por Favor

    Oh, didn't realize it was that way, I thought it was the other around.
  5. I thought that the pay-per-view was decent. I am not too up on the stories and they are clearly positioning themselves for Smackdown moving to Fox, so nothing really changed, but the matches were actually quite solid.
  6. Had the Twins managed to pull the sweep on Cleveland, that would have basically ended Cleveland's chance of catching them right there, but I thought, after they got rained out the first night, we might end up seeing a 1-2 series against the Indians, so I was pleased with 2-1, and that monster shot by Sano on the Grand Slam was fun to watch, even if it was only a replay of it. I think the Twins magic number is down to 7, so a good series starting tonight against the White Sox should get us down to 3-4.
  7. Had board game night on Saturday, got a few games to the table, cooperative games was the theme: Cartographers - Not a cooperative game, but it was a fun flip and write game. Definitely one I could see adding into my collection at some point in time. I like flip/roll and write games a lot, they tend to be pretty relaxing, and the scoring on Cartographers is interesting. Lost Expedition - First cooperative game on the list, but was a lot of fun, always enjoy running that game. We won, but just barely, which is normal. Just One - We had a new person at game night, so I was keeping it a bit lighter, plus we had six people, so didn't want to split into two groups. Just One is such a great party game, we did pretty well with it, and the fact that it's a cooperative party game is a lot of fun. Deception: Murder in Hong Kong - Not a cooperative game, but a hidden traitor game, so fairly cooperative. I really love this game. it's simple enough, everyone feels involved, and you have more information to work on than you do in a lot of other hidden traitor games. Zombie Dice - Not a cooperative game, but a good light game to finish up the night, and one that one of the people enjoys. It's one that I'm pretty much done with, but it's a good huge group option.
  8. Yeah, they said in their last announcement they were doing a limited opening just to confirm everything was working fine, and then it would open up to all the backers.
  9. Got the backerkit survey for Dice Throne Adventures, and shipping was cheaper than I thought, that's always a very nice surprise.
  10. I actually like two other games better that have a bit of that feel. Instead of Apples to Apples, the games Stipulations and Just One are both great. I don't love Dominion personally, I find it themeless and void. If you are enjoying deck builders, I think that base Marvel Legendary is a good option and probably a more interesting for people. For something a bit more, Xenoshyft: Onslaught and Clank! In! Space! are a ton of fun. Another lighter strategy game is Century: Spice Road or the Golem Edition (Golem is cuter for family). SKIP IT. Small World is better Risk. Risk Legacy is enjoyable though, because you don't get eliminated. For a more interesting area control game, and a step up plus it teaches so many different mechanics, Blood Rage is a great area control game.
  11. Those seem fun, I like the idea of time magic. I playe Sword & Sorcery last night, just played the prologue, which was fun. The game has something like a 52 page rule book, and a large cheat sheet for stuff, I am debating about making my own smaller one or seeing if someone on BGG has made one. We have plans to play the next scenario in two weeks, so it went over well, which I was hoping that it would. I think the dice chucking Amerithrash style works well in the game, and the video game feel works well in the game. Overall a very fun time, and I have so many characters, I can see going back and playing it solo sometime with some of the other characters to see how that goes and just to see how other characters work. It also has an app which isn't a great app, but it does a good job of allowing you to track what you have so that you can save the game easily between sessions.
  12. Agreed. And I think probably even more of a confidence builder since the offense wasn't much until late in the game, so he really needed to slow down a solid line-up.
  13. 5000 yards or bust! 2019 version

    Week 1: Aaron Rodgers Week 2: Deshaun Watson