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  1. Goldfish's 3 Rounds

    Good first round Vikings pick, and 3rd round pick is very good. 2nd Round pick, I don't see them going back to back OG's, which is where they would likely use Risner, Tillery seems like BPA there.
  2. Nino traded to Carolina for Victor Rask. Both have pretty big contracts, Rask is a year younger and about 1.5 mil cheaper per year. But mainly big contract for big contract trade.
  3. Comic Books

    I know it's not your traditional comics, nor would I recommend this to a younger audience, but the Saga series is really good. It tells a very interesting story and I am behind by a ways and I always want to read more of it.
  4. All Things Wrestling Thread

    They can still do it at mania if they want. This is Janruary, its far enough away where it can still feel kind of fresh and they can do the look at the match they had two months ago tagline at their disposal Agreed, I think this Smackdown while maybe slightly better ratings as it almost leads into the Rumble, I think it was a solid spot to test out the match, and then give them some sort of stipulation match for Mania. Best 2 out of 3 or something.
  5. 2019 Sign, Draft or Promote - Starting TE

    I personally keep Rudolph, but with a rework of the deal. I think that he'll likely be fine getting less money this year, but have it being guaranteed. Then maybe go with another athletic TE later in the draft.
  6. Fureys49ers Mock Draft (2 Rounds) 1/15

    I'd be pleased with that Vikings draft. I personally hope that we keep Barr, but I don't think that's extremely likely.
  7. I mean, I'm sure they e-mail you. Unless your like me and your e-mail address is fake@fake.fake
  8. Movies & TV News/Buzz Thread

    Vinnie Jones will never be in a film again.
  9. Spiderman: Far from home

    Yeah, I thought that Gyllenhaal looked solid as Mysterio. I think Illusions would be cool. Overall, I like the trailer, but it feels like a half Marvel and half Sony trailer, so it just isn't as strong as the normal Marvel trailer.
  10. I haven't used any. I would think that it would probably run on that level of computer just from what I know about the software.
  11. Same here. A fair amount of guessing.
  12. All Things Wrestling Thread

    I hope he doesn't because even if Vince right now might have him beating Brock (doubt it), Vince will definitely have changed his mind by Sunday and keep the Demon going longer until someone actually worth beats the demon.
  13. For me, I think with some solid success of bringing along mid-round defensive linemen, I'd resign Tom Johnson and draft someone in the mid rounds.
  14. 30 Team Fantasy Baseball League - 2 New Owners Needed

    Thanks for thinking of me. I think that I'll have to pass, though this does look pretty fun.