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  1. Hopefully Spawn #2 will continue to play. I am not too surprised, it seemed like there was a lot going on in the game.
  2. @SirA1 I'm finally getting Res Arcana with store credit from selling a few games.
  3. You generally don't want a house that screams "Arson should take place here" like that house. 😆
  4. I went with single wave shipping for that one, just because I knew I probably wouldn't get it to the table that quickly with Tainted Grail, so I'm seeing everyone rave about the game wishing I had done two wave, haha.
  5. I played Tainted Grail digitally (not the digital version of Tainted Grail) last night. We got a few rules wrong but we had a good time, and I was fine getting them wrong because it made the session shorter and easier to get the whole first chapter and learning experience in, in the night. I really love that game, and I think with three players it was a ton of fun still, maybe more fun than solo.
  6. So recently I've watched: Fire Force - mentioned it before, but that's a really enjoyable anime. Food Wars - So much fan service, but actually a fun anime, interesting/fun storyline to it, and anime food always looks tasty (for the most part) Toradora - Watching this one with my wife, it's a cute little slice of life type of anime. Hits on so many different anime tropes, but is mainly just a cute fun watch. Eureka Seven - Had started this a bit ago, but coming back to it. I feel like ti's kind of slice of life right now with the action/story just being decent to this point. I love the animation on it though, and am enjoying the premise.
  7. In terms of games that I like well solo: Marvel Champions is a lot of fun solo, I like Arkham Horror LCG aas well solo, so two kind of similar games. Aeon's End is also a lot of fun solo.
  8. I have it, I haven't played it. From what I've seen the rule book is a mess, but I've heard amazing things about it.
  9. Yup, I knew that, my brain was hoping today was Wednesday, because then it'd be less work I have to do.
  10. I'm really curious about tonights Twimberwoofs draft. Yes, I spelled that correctly. I hope that they do move up with their later pick, or down with the #1 as well.
  11. That is an amazing looking Wild Jersey, I'd consider getting one that looked like that.
  12. Miniature Market has their Black Friday sale, there are some well known games in there, I saw the Hulk pack for Marvel Champions, Heaven & Ale, a ton of Talisman 4th Edition stuff and a whole lot more. I ordered: Foodies, Papillon, Boomerang (roll and write), Xenoshyft: Onslaught expansion, and Heaven & Ale
  13. Watched Sonic The Hedgehog last night. I have to say, very fun. I was expecting a kids movie, which is was, but Jim Carrey was very good in it, really everyone was, and it did the humor well for it, not trying to do hidden adult situation humor in it, mainly just word play and stuff like that. I'd gladly take a second one of these movies.
  14. All I hope is that the Timberpups trade down from #1 and up from #?? (I forget that number) this seems like a year where there are a number of pretty similarly ranked prospects, so getting tow of them is better than taking Ball... I mean, the 1st one of them.
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