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  1. Yeah, without a group it's hard. I knew that I'd be getting it, had I not had the group though, I'd be doing the $100.
  2. Frosthaven is live on Kickstarter, I went with the all in $240 pledge at this time, I want the organizer, and the metal coins are cool but not needed, same with the sticker pack, but the organizer plus base game is going to be a pretty similar price, plus the game will be on the Foreteller app, which will read all the narration for you, which is awesome, so you get that for free as well. Also, it's been live for about 30 minutes, and it's at $1.35 mil or so, probably $1.4 mil by now.
  3. Board while working, so I decided sort/rank my board games using PubMeeple's ranking engine, my top 10 has changed some: 1. Gloomhaven 2. Marvel Champions 3. Blood Rage 4. Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition 5. Betrayal at House on the Hill 6. Tainted Grail 7. Pandemic Legacy Season1 8. Xenoshyft: Onslaught 9. TIME Stories 10. Icecool
  4. Bengals release CB Dre Kirkpatrick

    That reason right there probably means that the Vikings wouldn't sign him. Zim want's his CB's to be active in the run game.
  5. Barrett 6.0. 3 round draft w/trades!

    Overall I'd say it was pretty solid for the Vikings. I'm not 100% sold on trading for Trent Williams, while he still is very good, he is getting up there in years, plus I would have to see what the cap implications would be as the Vikings don't have a ton of cap room.
  6. Bengals release CB Dre Kirkpatrick

    Honestly, hopefully not all that long, and hopefully he isn't too spendy, we have no depth at CB. Though, at this point, I'm fine bringing in younger and less known players just so he can spend more time turning a younger CB into a good player, this year is just going to be rough at CB.
  7. Did a playalong of Welcome To last night, not me leading it, but it was a good time. Definitely worked easily across a stream as long as the people watching either have the game or can print off the sheet, which you can on Board Game Geek.

    I could see that Vikings draft happening.
  9. BK's 2020 "Quick" 3 Round Mock

    I'd be very pleased with that Vikings draft.
  10. I'd be pretty pleased with that Vikings draft.
  11. 2 RD MOCK DRAFT - (NO TRADES) 2nd Try

    Interesting for the Vikings, I could see it going that way.
  12. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Binged all of Locke & Key this weekend. Also finished up The Order. I really liked both. I also binged, while working, Gun Gale Online, not as good as SAO.
  13. Oooh, I'll check out that video. Tomorrow night going to try and do Gloomhaven via Tabletop Simulator. Won't be the same as in person, but should be a lot of fun. I'm also thinking of trying to play Welcome Too, Criss Cross, and Second Chance over Zoom coming up here sometime this week.
  14. Anime and Manga Thread.

    Watched all of the SAO spin-off Gun Gale Online (not the start of season 2 the actual separate show), seemed too predictable, I thought that they had some interesting room to play with, but in the end it just felt like they didn't plan it out well for ending it.
  15. BayRaider 2020 Semi-Final Version Mock Draft

    Interesting Vikings draft. I would much prefer to see them go OL and DL in round one. I think that CB is likely, but I think that they would strongly consider waiting on WR until round 2 or 3.