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  1. I took it as a reference to him outed as Spider-Man. Both could easily be true. I could see both, but I think Tom Holland still has one more team-up movie to do, and I remember a few months ago Sony and Disney were talking about extending the use of Spider-Man in the MCU. I kind of think they'll want him for a Young Avengers thing.
  2. Got the two expansions for Heroes of Land, Air, and Sea here waiting for me to put together their ships and towers, might have to happen this weekend. I did get a little gaming in yesterday. Two games of Dice Throne season 1, which was a blast as always, and two games of Potion Explosion, which has a lot of fun toy factor to it. Of course, now I just want to play more bard games.
  3. Found a game used that I've been looking for, for a long time. Half-Priced Books, a used book chain up here, does some board game trades as well, so they had Tannhauser, a game from Fantasy Flight that is quite out of print and it was in good condition and about half of what it normally runs on ebay. I need to go through and double check that it has everything, but it's been one that I've been looking for, for a while. Eldritch horrors and WWII, seems interesting.
  4. 100% agree with this as well. The game is fine, the stuff added to the game generally doesn't make it any more interesting and might make it less interesting because it runs so smoothly at the start. That's the issue I've had with Stonemaier games to some extent, they are so incredibly polished to mechanics that sure it might be a smooth game, but it feels like it's lacking heart, and while that can work for a one off game, not so much for legacy games.
  5. I could certainly see the Vikings draft going something like that. I'd be pleased if it did, I think it gets them some good players and fills in needs that'll be hard to fill in during free agency.
  6. I think that move was needed. I'm not sure that Ryan Saunders was the main issue, but at this point in time, if feels like he needs to cut his teeth in college maybe and try it there, I'm not sure, just doesn't seem like quite ready for the NBA yet.
  7. That's my thoughts as well. We get some hint of Mephisto, I think that we'll see him in Loki as well, probably more about him there. I think that with Dr. Strange 2 it might just be Nightmare though, and then we get to actually see Mephisto at that point and lead into some more movies and eventually the big Phase 5 team-up or something like that.
  8. I'd promote Wonnum or move Hunter there. Then maybe shoot for another later round DE pick.
  9. Yeah, I'm just getting ready to non-stop gaming after I get vaccinated, haha.
  10. Elizabeth Olsen answered the question if there was something as big as Luke Skywalker in this with a Yes. Paul Bettany is the one who said final episode.
  11. Nice, I have it on my shelf still needing to get it played.
  12. Well, they have been hyping up a final episode reveal. I'm guessing we'll see the aerospace engineer in the next episode. My guess is an Abigail Brand character who will take over SWORD post Hayward.
  13. Don't mind the trade down, don't mind two of the picks, but a first round WR is not a need and there are definitely other BPA available over him.
  14. Went past my FLGS this weekend. I had to sign off on some store credit I was getting, plus I was basically $100 away from being able to get a game free for $100. I used the store credit on Potion Explosion a game that I've played before, and then got THe Quacks of Quedlinburg, a bag building push your luck game that has been big the past two years. Then with my free $100 game, I got Heroes of Land, Air, and Sea, a bit 4x fantasy game that I've had my eye on for a while. It's very exciting. I also got a box for storing all of my Marvel Champions stuff, that was separate, so I spent
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