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  1. The Gnat's Dynasy League 2017 Draft

    Marshawn Lynch, RB, Oakland
  2. Twins Talk - Buying or Selling?

    Poor Vargas, I think he could do well as the DH if he got enough chances up here, hopefully that'll happen soon. If he could get hot, him and Sano would be great if both were mashing it, tow 30+ HR guys.
  3. Predict The Roster

    I agree. I'm not sure who has shown up more Johnson or Jones, but Jones seems like the more likely player to be cut.
  4. BTC's 2018 NFL Mock Draft

    I can see the Vikings taking an OG at 14, however, I don't want them to. The next best Tackle makes more sense, or drafting a Safety also seems possible.
  5. aSK anything: 5.0: Designated Steve-vivor

    Doing a course on JQuery, found out the person doing the course (it's an online thing that's been up for three years already) is from Minnesota and in 2015 was arrested for money laundering.
  6. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    I'm waiting for a contract for work to come through and during that time I'm learning new programming languages or going more in-depth on stuff that I know. However, I'm listening to one that is extremely brutally bad. It's 3 years old (or more), and it feels like it's 5 years old, it's just not relevant anymore. I'm only sticking with it because it's part of the course I want to complete.
  7. The Gnat's Dynasty League

    I PM'ed DefFan to see if he'll make his pick, if he doesn't by noon central time, we're skipping him.
  8. Twins Talk - Buying or Selling?

    Twins win some more! The pitching staff has done well as of late, and the offense has been mashing the ball. That was a fun first inning, that I almost completely missed. I was really happy to see Rosario and Buxton moved up in the line-up. I hope both of them stick towards the top for right now. Sano going to the DL could have a fairly big negative impact. He seemed to be seeing the ball well and while he hadn't been mashing as much (though that seemed to be improving again) he was playing great defense at 3rd base and was drawing walks.
  9. I have the base prototype of my board game idea printed off, I need a last piece or two to get it together to test out, but I'm planning on testing it out next Thursday.
  10. Twins have been hitting so well. And their pitching hasn't been bad either. I love how Buxton and Rosario (and Polanco) have been hitting. It was great to see both Rosario and Buxton moved way higher in the line-up on Sunday. Getting Buxton's speed to the top of the line-up (doesn't have to be #1 but #2-3 in the line-up works is really important. Also, Bartolo Colon becoming the 18th pitcher to get a win against every team in MLB.
  11. USMC's Dynasty Draft Thread

    Caleb Sturgis, K, Philadelphia @JaguarCrazy2832 is OTC
  12. Relationship Advice Thread

    Oh boy! Lucky you. Next piece of advice is instead of giving advice on what to do or leaving her in control of what to do as my first two things, maybe shoot at removing stuff. So if she's going with "We could do X, Y, or Z." don't give a suggestion, come up with a removal. Well, 'X' would be more expensive or 'Y' would take too long to get ready or be too much work.
  13. Relationship Advice Thread

    Ugh, that's annoying. I'd then just always say something like: "Oh, I think you should decide this one." or "You've done such as good job on the other decisions, you should make this one." and toss in a few, "I really like what this is going to look like." just try and get your fiancee to make the decision as quickly as possible so it eats up less of your time.
  14. Relationship Advice Thread

    Haha, that's a loaded question. It completely depends on your fiance. I was pretty involved in stuff when I got married, but I wanted to be and I actually visualize what something looks like better than my wife can, so that helped with making decisions. But know how involved your fiance wants you to be. You'll probably get sucked into creating guest list, location, officient, picking food and cake probably. Beyond that, stuff like flowers, colors, stuff like that, you might be able to avoid.
  15. Ouch ... Yeah, was brutal, still almost won. Playing with two players goes so much faster than four players in terms of getting diseases cured. I don't think we've ever gotten to more than three (possibly just hit the fourth in one game) epidemics. So we still have a lot of deck left which is nice.