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  1. 2020 NFL Mock Draft

    Good Vikings pick. I didn't see Tua in there though, and I'd love to see the Vikings grab him assuming the hip and recovery are coming along nicely at draft time
  2. The 2018 Kirk Cousins Megathread

    I find the random stats out there now for the NFL so interesting: This one is pretty funny. Or at least unique.
  3. For those running D&D, I picked up the Eberron source book yesterday. From what I've read thus far, it's really good. And if you can get the FLGS (friendly local game store) alt art for the book, I'd highly recommend it. the normal cover is pretty bleh, but the alt art one is amazing. I also picked up Arboretum at the same time, which is a little thinky card game about putting trees in the right order. And we played three scenarios of Gloomhaven, though, technically one of them was twice, and we lost twice in that one. Just a little bit of bad luck for it. The app for Gloomhaven, though, is amazing.
  4. Wolves had a good win last night. They are still down Wiggins who missed some time for his grandmother's funeral and then has been sick, but the offense looked solid now that we have a point guard playing again. And Utah has a good team, so nice to see the Wolves get the road win there. Hopefully they can finish up the home and home series against the Jazz tomorrow with a win at home.
  5. Legacy style game or something with more of a story drive to it? Legacy is pretty hit or miss. I'd recommend Charterstone as a pretty pretty looking and simple legacy style work placement game. The story isn't as great, but it's a fun worker placement game, something I don't love. Clank! Acquisitions Inc. is a legacy game that just is just coming out right now but people are really liking. It is a deck builder and like Charterstone, which I didn't mention, you can play it after your done with it, which you can't with Pandemic Legacy Season 2 of Pandemic Legacy is also an easy option. More story driven, Mansions of Madness is great, if you want more of a horror theme. It's less horror and more Lovecraftian, so insanity than gore and jump scare sort of thing. There's a bunch going on in it, but Fantasy Flight does a good job of getting you up and running quickly. And there is an app component, so it's keeping track of the story aspect for you and timing of everything. Dead Men Tell No Tales is a cooperative game that has a bit of a Pandemic feel to it as you're trying to get treasures off a ship that is on fire and has a skeleton crew that is messing with you, and ghosts you have to fight. Very similar feel to Pandemic though, so if you want something a bit different , this won't be it. Near and Far is a fun one as well, was fun to play, a good story in it, and an interesting storybook type of map that allows you to jump into a story and build up a team. A good combination of story and mechanics. The artwork is really nice as well.
  6. The Mandalorian (Spoilers!!!) Episode 2- 11/15

    Agreed. Though, I love the rest of it. I love the space western and how they are leaning so heavily into it. I really like the Mandalorian himself. The casting has been great, and overall, I can't say that I wish there was anything more to the show than what it's been. I even like the slower pacing of the show, as it leans into that western feel.
  7. And yup, Odo is back with the Twins. Good move for both the Twins and him. Hopefully he'll be dominant this year so he can make money in free agency and help the Twins win. We have a good 1.5-3 punch with him and Berrios.
  8. Week 11 Non Vikings Games

    Yeah, Myles needs to be suspended for a long time. I'd probably say 16 games seems fair. He seems like one of those players who isn't so much an idiot, but gets caught up in the moment and has no idea when to stop. Even on plays, he's gotten so many late hit flags during his career and should have on that play. And he'll get multiple in a game. It seems like he doesn't have that mental piece that tells him play is over, calm down. I personally think that any late hit, even if it's on the QB while the play is still happening, should count towards ejection. Also there was this stat, I can't find the tweet, but Garrett has a ton of penalties, Hunter, with his 48.5 sacks, has only 42 yards of penalties in his career.
  9. Especially with this years starting pitcher FA's out there, Gerritt Cole is going to hog the money on the market, and Wheeler, MadBum, etc. Next year, if he has another year like this, he'll be the #2-3 FA SP.
  10. Seeing one of the local scoops guys saying that Oddorizi is considering signing his qualifying offer with the Twins. Which would be nice, because we have a lot of starting slots to fill.
  11. Then, no I don't believe that we did, I'll have to research that now.
  12. No, we didn't, unless I'm forgetting something, we've unlocked all the boxes of stuff. As for T.I.M.E. Stories, I think two players would be fine. But I like it better with more people. We played the first one with four and then the other two we've played with three. I think that four is better, but three isn't bad, and I think two would be fine. Looking at the BGG stats, people tend to like it best at 4, but 50% say it's fine at 2 players, and 50% of people don't like it at two players.
  13. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Training training all day, training training all day, and still training some more.
  14. Mock Draft 4.0 / 2 Rounds

    Two solid Vikings picks.
  15. 2020 Mock Draft

    Solid Vikings pick, I could see them going with a QB if there isn't a good DT or OG available.