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  1. Withy my Pfizer, I got very sleepy about 12 hours after the shot.
  2. I will check this out, the movie, already watched the trailer, but not going to theaters so see it.
  3. Board game night which was going to be digital turned into in person as two of the people who showed up on time and live close just walked over. We played two games of Welcome To, love that roll and write, and two games of Tokyo Highway. That one is a fun balancing game. And talking with some of the regulars, we've decided to do in person next month. Out of all the normal people to come, I think there is only 1 that I don't know if they are vaccinated and the rest are, so no reason not to start in person again.
  4. Oh nice Makes sense to me for how to roll stuff back.
  5. In MN restaurants/bars/breweries can be open later starting tomorrow, May 28th dropping capacity restrictions, Jun 1 dropping mask mandate. Maybe sooner for mask mandate if they can get an uptick in people getting vaccinated.
  6. Finally gamed in person with a friend after about a year, with a few outdoor masked gamings happening. All fully vaccinated now, so played two games of Dice Throne, love that game. And then we played Isle of Cats. It's been on my shelf for a while, but haven't played it. It's an interesting game, I feel like I don't have time to do all that I want in it, and that it could (should) have gone better for me than it did. But I'm ready to try it again, I think it'll be a game that I like a lot and play pretty often.
  7. If the Vikings do draft that high, I think that they'd have to be looking at a QB there. Sure, we took Mond in round three, but I can't see them doing that poorly and not looking that way, as much as Zim loves his CB's.
  8. That was a fun Twins game to watch yesterday. Hopefully the offense can continue to heat up. Though really the bullpen also needs to as well. Kiriloff looks like he should stick around with the Twins even when Sano comes back.
  9. Woods is here on a one year deal, the top safety is still on the board. I don't think I'd be too surprised by it.
  10. So predictions for tonight? I think that the Vikings pick twice tonight (with 4 picks currently scheduled). I think that they trade up into round 2 with two third round picks for a player, I'm thinking it'll be for a defensive player at either S or DL. Then picking in round three that feels like DB for sure there, maybe a WR who drops. And the final third round pick he'll trade to get a 4th this year and next year and maybe a 7th as well or something like that.
  11. So who in round two are players people would trade up for if they started to drop? Trevon Moehrig at S would be one for me and Owusu-Koahmora. If Wyatt Davis is slipping to the end of round two I'd make a small move up for someone like him. Would you move up for someone like Terrance Marshall if he started to drop or Asante Samuel Jr?
  12. i really like this draft pick (and the trade down to get him). Darrisaw was who I was hoping for over AVT at #14 (well, assuming Slater was gone). So to get him 9 picks later is a great pick-up for me along that offensive line.
  13. In a situation where Trey Lance falls to 14 and let's say Slater and Sewell are gone for sure, would you consider Lance? Now, what about if Darrisaw (or AVT) whomever your #3 OL is gone, would you consider Lance?
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