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  1. I know we have a few board game players in the forum, so I thought it would be fun to have a thread for board games. To get it started, what are your top 10 board games? Pandemic Legacy Season 1 - Awesome game, great story to the game, it's cooperative, and what happens in previous games affects the future games. Blood Rage - Another awesome game, you are a Vikings tribe and trying to get the most victory points, you're battling over areas, building up your army, and it's just really well done. Betrayal At the House on the Hill - Semi-cooperative game. You start out working together and then someone becomes a traitor, not a perfect game, but I like it every time that I play it. Dead of Winter - A zombie game, but it's not about the zombies (though they can kill you), it's about keeping the colony alive. Smallworld - It's a fun version of Risk, which turns people off from the game. It is a great game where you are trying to get the most points with crazy combinations of fantasy races and powers. Pandemic - Just the regular version of the game is great as well, would probably be higher if you counted how often we play it, but with Legacy being better, I move it a touch lower now. Tsuro - A ton of fun, super fast board game that can handle 8 players, a game that you want to play again once you've finished it. Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game - This game is fast, it has a wonderful balance of powers, it is almost always close, and the mechanics are a ton of fun. Lord of the Rings - This game feels like playing Lord of the Rings, but it doesn't take as long as the books. King of Tokyo - Fun simple game, you play as monsters who are punching each other, I want to get the expansion that makes the monsters unique.
  2. So new forum, new number of keepers 12, and the same amount of fun... ah, I was hoping we could add some fun. Team owners are here: 1. It's a Sabotage - IN 2. Sllim_Pickens - IN 3. DetFan - IN 4. CalLionsFan - IN 5. JaguarCrazy - IN 6. USMC - IN 7. Gnat - IN 8. catcheryea - IN 9. ChiSoxGuy - IN 10. Ziggy19 - IN 11. Canadian_Patriot - IN 12. Oregon Ducks - IN Check in again, and I'll update soon with the draft order.
  3. The Marvel Cinematic Universe

    I don't see them doing a Black Widow origin story, they have kind of moved to the point where origin stories at this point aren't fulling happening with Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Man not really being origin stories. And I feel like they've set-up enough of her backstory already. I can see them tying it into her origin, like some villain in Russia or somewhere is trying to recreate the program that she came out of, but it won't be pure origin. I do agree though that I'm not very excited for it. I think that a Black Widow film, at this point, needs to have some more star power to go along with it. Hawkeye would be the obvious choice and make it more of a spy/heist sort of film than the traditional superhero film. That is what I would lean towards if I were making the film. Keep is grounded, or maybe even use it to launch some sort of secret avengers team and introduce a more covert group and side of things.
  4. Twins are really making a push to get near .500 by the All-Star break. Probably should push back the All-Star game by a week or so until the Twins get cold again.
  5. The Gnat's Dynasty League - 1 Opening

    @USMC_PackFan thanks for posting out the order.
  6. The Gnat's Dynasty League - 1 Opening

    League was just activated, I'll probably send out a message in the next day or so for people to check in. August 11th for keeper lock and August 12th to start draft (or the closest non-weekend day after). There will be time slots for the picks, but hopefully not too short so we can get through everything easily.
  7. Also, heroforge.com is horrible/wonderful way to waste time if you are getting into RPG's, because you can design your character on there.
  8. Going to be playing as a player finally in a D&D game. I think I'm going to become a Gloomstalker Ranger and a Hexblade Warlock. Seems like a fun combo that allows me to live in the shadows and deal with darkness. I'm excited to play. I've considered a few ideas as well like a sorcerer or divination wizard are both strong options.
  9. WC Semi Final #2 - Croatia vs England

    That was a fun match to watch. Definitely been the best World Cup as a whole that I've really watched a lot of. I didn't get to catch the whole match, caught part of the second half and then when I got back from work, watched all of extra time. Seemed like a well played match and one that was pretty evenly played.
  10. Also, when the Twins traded Rick Agularia in the last year of his deal in the mid 1990's and then signed him back the following off season. That was for the same reason. Much more likely if you were to move Dozier that Polanco would stay at SS and Gordon would move to 2B. Less movement the better for Polanco who is comfortable at SS and has a similar skillset at SS that Gordon does. I could also easily see the Twins not resigning Mauer and him just retiring at the end of the year and moving Sano to first base as soon as 2019. My guess for the 2019 INF would be: 1B - Mauer, 2B - Gordon, SS-Polanco, 3B-Escobar, RF-Kepler, CF-Buxton, LF-Rosario, DH-Sano This is the ideal INF of the future though.
  11. I believe even if the Twins hadn't put the no trade clause in, he would actually have a limited no trade clause now because of how long he's been with a single team. The MLB has at least had, and might still have, some odd rules around that.
  12. Sam Beal - Supplemental Draft

    3rd Round to the New York Giants
  13. Twins Talk - Where Snow Outs Happen

    Please move on from Dozier, Lynn, and Grossman, get what you can.
  14. Twins Talk - Where Snow Outs Happen

    Thread for talk on the Minnesota Twins who are currently sitting about .500 and are close to playoff position. Do the Twins try and get a starting pitcher for cheap that could push them over the top? Or do the Twins sell on Ervin Santana and maybe a player like Kintzler or Dozier?
  15. The Milwaukee Brewers Thread - Woof woof woof woof

    Probably worth it for your thread as well as for the Twins thread.
  16. Sam Beal - Supplemental Draft

    Not taken in rounds 1 or 2 of the supplemental draft.
  17. Propose a Trade/Trade Rumors Thread

    Not really a proposal, but some trade news. Don't think we have any other twitter/non-footballs future speculation: Escobar should get a decent return, but I hope the Twins don't trade him. Dozier, should get something back for him, but don't know what. I hope we move Dozier though.
  18. I prefer we don't trade Escobar, I'd like to keep him around because I could see him being 3B for a little while. Dozier though should get traded, even if it isn't a great value with him right now. Dozier and Lynn are the two players I want to see traded. I'd also strongly consider trading Grossman. And I'd trade Morrison too, but there would never be any takers.
  19. Don't know how big a deal that is for the Browns. Browns fans, your thoughts on this?
  20. Most overrated player on your team?

    Kyle Rudolph. Not sure that he's overrated by Vikings fans, but around the NFL there seems to be some love for him. He's a good red zone threat, but he isn't a stretch the defense TE. He's a good blocker and a good red zone threat and probably not easily replaceable, but he's not a top 5 TE in the league, and I could probably find a way to get him around 10 in the top 10.
  21. Madden(ing) Ratings!!!

    Kendricks, Waynes, and Richardson seem low to me. Cook seems high to me. Yes, he was good in the games that he did play, but it wasn't that many. I'd probably say that Rudolph could be a touch lower as well. Then again, haven't played Madden in years.
  22. USMC's "Dirty Dozen" Dynasty (Draft Thread)

    3.12: Lavatius Murray, RB, Minnesota @JaguarCrazy2832 is OTC
  23. Transfers & Rumors: Deadline Drama!

    I didn't think Ronaldo would leave for Juventus. That'll be interesting next season.

    Playing the Orioles and Royals really does help a team get on a nice winning streak.