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  1. Yeah, it looks really interesting to me. I like the Indiana Jones type of theme and the more exploration versus the fighting in Dune Imperium looks like it has, also, the board and artwork on Lost Ruins of Arnak just seem very appealing.
  2. I liked this episode, I think the second was my favorite, but this one, the plot really pushed forward. I like what they did with Wanda's powers, she clearly can intentionally exert force over the bubble that is created, but her powers and her control on everything clearly break when she has hightened emotions.
  3. @SirA1are you familiar with Lost Ruins of Arnak (impossible to find right now but will have reprints) another worker placement deck building game. I want to pick that one up. I am trading in two games now, Zombicide: Green Horde and Conan just because I have games that do similar things and I just don't see getting them to the table possibly ever. Of course, when I did that, I picked up a few games, mainly because Wasp came out for Marvel Champions. I also picked up Deadly Doodles, a super light flip and write game, but it's fun, and Call to Adventure: The Stormlight Archive
  4. Pass rush is a solid option for the Vikings, but I could see them going Parsons as well, LB isn't the biggest need with Barr coming back off of injury, but Parsons might be BPA.
  5. I was super pleased with those episodes. The first one was good and definitely world building. And the second one was amazing. I feel like there's a lot to pick-up, I need to see it again, I feel.
  6. Nice on both accounts, I just watched, last night, a couple of people stream Willow vs Angel. Team Willow won, but just barely.
  7. I'm also backing this right now, I'm debating for sure if I'll keep it, I need to watch some rules/game play/thoughts on it, but I like the aesthetic. https://nerdologists.com/2021/01/back-or-brick-epic-seven-arise/
  8. Ordered a few new board games, one, Truffle Shuffle will be a gift (along with truffles) for my wife for Valentine's Day. But I got Dice Forge, fun dice building game that I've played before, Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition and Welcome to Dinoworld, two roll and write games, Narabi a little puzzle card game, and TAGS, a fun looking party game.
  9. So had a virtual game night over Zoom on Saturday. Played Scattergories, Cross Clues, and Criss Cross, all were a solid time. Had two people who up who in person generally aren't too bad because as a couple they just argue with each other while agreeing the whole time. Over Zoom it means that they just talk over everyone. Also got to play Metro X solo twice, it's a nice flip and write game.
  10. I could see that about it. From what I've gathered there is a bit more of a tactical nature as well with moving on the board and positioning things like that, but mainly it's meant for head to head fighting.
  11. Yeah, that hit wasn't dirty, it was a penalty though and that was sad to see the refs pick up the flag.
  12. I am as well, but I'm holding out for the Marvel set coming later this year, I want Ghost Rider, Moon Knight and Luke Cage
  13. I saw that something was coming out this year, I believe on Kickstarter. I hadn't looked at any of the mechanics yet. I do like cooperative games and deck building games. Haven't played Slay the Spire on PC or anywhere yet.
  14. I have a cribbage board and it'll get pulled out once in a while. I want to get a really nice Cribbage board that I can maybe hang on the wall in my game room.
  15. Also, shipping them takes time, transporting them to locations, the fact it needs to be stored so cold means they don't want to be constantly opening and closing storage, holidays, and probably 2000 other things.
  16. Watched all three Bill and Ted movies over the weekend, all are good, first two are definitely better than the last one but last one is a lot of fun still.
  17. Last two order of 2020 were Aeon's End: New Age and Black Rose War, both games that I've been interested in, I now will have 4 of the five versions of Aeon's End, I need to play the legacy one so that I can then put hopefully most everything into that bad. Also played Super-Skill Pinball: 4-Cade, it's a pinball roll and write game. I liked it quite well, just played it once, but seems pretty thematic and mechanically strong.
  18. I would like that Vikings draft.
  19. Finally played Marvel United last night, the base game, base villain is simple but it was fun. I like how the cards combo off of each other, so you have to think some to optimize your strategy. We played it on easy and it was easy, but still was getting closer to the end. I'd say that this is a highly recommended family, and if you like Marvel a well recommended game. From what I know the expansions are supposed to let you play a more hobby version of the game.
  20. Well, don't forget, Pierce, Hunter, and Barr all missed the season. I do agree that front-seven is a solid option, but OL is also a need, really UT, DE, OT, and OG are all very high needs for the Vikings.
  21. I prefer Deception: Murder in Hong Kong which does the same thing but slightly better. Secret Hitler isn't bad though, it just can get a bit too out there, and with the wrong people it ends up being annoying.
  22. I definitely considered both of these. I felt like I might just get Ankh when it comes to retail.
  23. I backed 12 Kickstarters last year, 10 of them were board games that I'm getting something with, one was a $1 that I decided to pass on in the pledge manager, and a cat plushie that is shaped like a D4. So I have a top 10 list of anticipated Kickstarter games from 2020: https://nerdologists.com/2020/12/top-10-kickstarters-i-backed-in-2020/
  24. I almost think that the Vikings might take Fields, let him sit for a year or two just because of value. Pitts is tempting as well, though, can't go wrong with an OT.
  25. Solid Vikings option, I could see DE being the pick, that said, I'd almost prefer Wyatt Davis, put him at LG and I think we'd have a solid OL across the board with needing to replace Rieff in a year or so.
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