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  1. This spells championship to me.
  2. All Things Wrestling Thread

    If you check out her twitter, it's amazing.
  3. What are you reading? V1

    I've actually looked at the Wiki a couple of times already. I did that to know how to spell stuff for it and to make sure I was hearing names correctly since I'm listening to the series. I was surprised by how much Leesha cosplay there was.
  4. Yeah, they definitely looked better. On the radio someone commented that Towns looked like he had a weight off of his shoulders and that he was just having fun out there playing. Also, did something happen to Thibs? Okogie has been getting some minutes (and looking solid), Thibs doesn't play rookies.
  5. What are you reading? V1

    That's a shame. When he's not, like when he was exploring and figuring out the wards on the spear, he could have been a decent character, or when he wasn't at odds with Regan and his wife in the town he was a solid character as well.
  6. NFL Draft - Team Needs

    Welcome to the new FF, we now are going to be saving our team needs for the upcoming year. I won't be using a new thread until the original thread gets to 100 pages.
  7. What are you reading? V1

    Just wrapped up The Warded Man. Thought it was solid, wasn't a huge fan of Leesha, but Rojer was a good character. Arlen kind of went in and out of being an annoying whiny emo man child and being pretty interesting in terms of a character. Falls into a pretty common trope I'd say with that. I'll definitely continue the series, was a nice thing to listen to while I'm at work.
  8. A Crazy Round 1

    Good Vikings pick, I wouldn't complain about more offensive line help.
  9. Got the order split up, only had to pay shipping for the pre-order part as the other was over their shipping threshold for free shipping. I'll be getting a few board games soon: The Marcy Case expansion for TIME Stories Raiders of the North Sea Ice Cool 2 InBetween - 2 player game with a stranger things vibe, from what I've heard about it.
  10. I know we have a few board game players in the forum, so I thought it would be fun to have a thread for board games. To get it started, what are your top 10 board games? Pandemic Legacy Season 1 - Awesome game, great story to the game, it's cooperative, and what happens in previous games affects the future games. Blood Rage - Another awesome game, you are a Vikings tribe and trying to get the most victory points, you're battling over areas, building up your army, and it's just really well done. Betrayal At the House on the Hill - Semi-cooperative game. You start out working together and then someone becomes a traitor, not a perfect game, but I like it every time that I play it. Dead of Winter - A zombie game, but it's not about the zombies (though they can kill you), it's about keeping the colony alive. Smallworld - It's a fun version of Risk, which turns people off from the game. It is a great game where you are trying to get the most points with crazy combinations of fantasy races and powers. Pandemic - Just the regular version of the game is great as well, would probably be higher if you counted how often we play it, but with Legacy being better, I move it a touch lower now. Tsuro - A ton of fun, super fast board game that can handle 8 players, a game that you want to play again once you've finished it. Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game - This game is fast, it has a wonderful balance of powers, it is almost always close, and the mechanics are a ton of fun. Lord of the Rings - This game feels like playing Lord of the Rings, but it doesn't take as long as the books. King of Tokyo - Fun simple game, you play as monsters who are punching each other, I want to get the expansion that makes the monsters unique.
  11. Movies & TV News/Buzz Thread

    Yeah, at this point in time Rowling can't leave well enough alone, she keeps on tinkering with her world, but she's doing so while tinkering with the books that she has already written. You made choices, not let them be, don't change them because you want to change them for another story, you made a choice, now stick with it please.
  12. 5,000 or Bust '18

    Week 1: Case Keenum (329)Week 2: Derek Carr (288)Week 3: Andy Dalton (352)Week 4: Patrick Mahomes (304)Week 5: Andrew Luck (365)Week 6: Tom Brady (340)Week 7: Drew Brees (212)Week 8: Jared Goff (295)Week 9: Kirk Cousins (164) Week 10: Ben Roethlisberger (328) Week 11: Carson Wentz
  13. Movies & TV News/Buzz Thread

    Agreed, or jumped ahead a number of years and told another epic multi-part story again. Having watched the first Fantastic Beasts, it also felt like there were two stories jammed together to make a single story. Fantastic Beasts would be much more interesting if it was fantastical adventures about finding or saving these beasts and using the beasts to save more beasts in wild and crazy situations versus trying to jam a more serious plot into the film.
  14. Yeah, I think I'll do that later today, especially since it didn't seem like there was a way to cancel the order and order it again without contacting them anyways.
  15. Stan Lee, Marvel Comics co-creator dies at 95

    That's a shame, was talking about it with co-workers, makes us wonder how many more of the MCU movies we'll get to see him in one more time. He's a legend will not be forgotten
  16. What are you reading? V1

    I'm not at a point where I feel like The Warded Man should have begun, and then the first third of so of the book could have been cut by a third to get us going forward again.
  17. Ugh, I have a pre-order with CoolStuffInc, and they don't ship the order until the whole order is ready to ship, but the Gloomhaven expansion is now going to ship in March, so that means that everything else is now delayed until then. It was originally listed as November, but that changed just a bit.
  18. What are you reading? V1

    Yeah, there are definitely a number of places where I've found it interesting thus far, but definitely a bit standard thus far. I think that the warding magic is interesting and has had some interesting moments with it, and I like the messengers and the fact that they are peddlers that you get in other fantasy stories, but different in some ways. I'd say I wish it was more focused on the messengers thus far.
  19. Ant Man and the Wasp movie SPOILER talk.

    Or that they knew about Thanos but didn't think it concerned them. Most likely the issues happening around Wakanda wouldn't have been widely announced, so they just knew that an alien had shown up in New York and that Ironman and Dr. Strange, and Spiderman were dealing with the problem.
  20. Ant Man and the Wasp movie SPOILER talk.

    Finally watched Ant Man and the Wasp on Saturday. Was a really fun movie.
  21. Twins Talk - Where Snow Outs Happen

    Thread for talk on the Minnesota Twins who are currently sitting about .500 and are close to playoff position. Do the Twins try and get a starting pitcher for cheap that could push them over the top? Or do the Twins sell on Ervin Santana and maybe a player like Kintzler or Dozier?
  22. What are you reading? V1

    I've thought it's been okay thus far. The Warded Man seems like it's a bit standard and trope filled, there are some interesting parts to it, but I'm hoping to delve more into what the story is going to be, still feels like I'm introductions to characters.
  23. From the sounds of it KR option is what they wanted him for. Not a need at RB with Cook back now.
  24. What are you reading? V1

    Just listened to Arsenal, a super hero book, the issue I had with it is that I had to use an audible credit (or maybe I paid for it), and it was about half a book. Now I'm listening to The Warded Man. Thus far it's been interesting.