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  1. aSK anything: 5.0: Designated Steve-vivor

    I'm not sure if anyone else is in South Minneapolis, but stay safe those who might be. That was fun hearing helicopters and sirens a ways into the night.
  2. D&D tonight, kind of excited for it, I will be when it happens. Also, Nemesis is back on KS from Awaken Realms, in probably "unrelated" note, Kickstarter is down.
  3. I know we have a few board game players in the forum, so I thought it would be fun to have a thread for board games. To get it started, what are your top 10 board games? Pandemic Legacy Season 1 - Awesome game, great story to the game, it's cooperative, and what happens in previous games affects the future games. Blood Rage - Another awesome game, you are a Vikings tribe and trying to get the most victory points, you're battling over areas, building up your army, and it's just really well done. Betrayal At the House on the Hill - Semi-cooperative game. You start out working together and then someone becomes a traitor, not a perfect game, but I like it every time that I play it. Dead of Winter - A zombie game, but it's not about the zombies (though they can kill you), it's about keeping the colony alive. Smallworld - It's a fun version of Risk, which turns people off from the game. It is a great game where you are trying to get the most points with crazy combinations of fantasy races and powers. Pandemic - Just the regular version of the game is great as well, would probably be higher if you counted how often we play it, but with Legacy being better, I move it a touch lower now. Tsuro - A ton of fun, super fast board game that can handle 8 players, a game that you want to play again once you've finished it. Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game - This game is fast, it has a wonderful balance of powers, it is almost always close, and the mechanics are a ton of fun. Lord of the Rings - This game feels like playing Lord of the Rings, but it doesn't take as long as the books. King of Tokyo - Fun simple game, you play as monsters who are punching each other, I want to get the expansion that makes the monsters unique.
  4. 5 cases in the base box. There's an expansion with 3-4 cases, and more coming out. I think that there's one that you can do completely digitally as well with Alexa, so 6 cases you can do in the base game?
  5. I'm through three cases of Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game, and if you want to feel like you're in a cop show, it's a great simulation of that. A case can really only be played once and takes 3 hours, but they are amazing thematic experiences, and they do a good job of changing up what you're doing, but creating a fairly coherent story throughout all of the cases. Definitely a good time, and with a little work, one that anyone could play with people over Skype/Zoom/Hangouts right now if you wanted.
  6. No real surprise that this happened. I believe it was almost automatic if he hit a certain sack threshold. I could see him going to Seattle, and I've heard Las Vegas and Carolina mentioned as well. I think that the Vikings are still in the running, at least that's what Vikings reporters are saying, and I think it'd make sense. But this frees up $13.9 mil for the Vikings, which is huge.
  7. From the comments in my MCU villains poll, @JonStark suggested running a bigger tourney, will be bracket style, for not just specific to the MCU, but overall comic book villains, and I thought, why not do heroes as well. Nominate your favorite Comic Book Heroes/Villains, up to 20 of each, ideally in a single post to make my life easier, and I'm going to tally up the totals for the nominations, so repeat nominees someone else has put down, and once we have enough, I'll create a bracket and get the voting going. Hopefully we can get up to 64 for both Villains and Heroes.
  8. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    "advanced" AI
  9. MCU Villain Tournament

    I was thinking about this topic as I have a podcast that I do for Marvel, both comics and movies. Who are the best MCU Villiains? I have a list of a bunch of them, we'll see how many it allows me to put in. Voting works as follows, there are three polls, first one if your favorite villains, second favorite, third favorite.
  10. GenCon is now officially cancelled. No surprise there, was just a matter of time. I guess that means I'll back a few more Kickstarters this year.
  11. Comic Villains and Heroes Tourney - Nominees

    I think that Venom counts for a Villain and a Hero, same with Magneto or sometimes Loki, those characters who walk the line that way.
  12. Comic Villains and Heroes Tourney - Nominees

    Heroes: 1. Thor 2. Deena Pilgrim - Powers 3. Christian Walker - Powers 4. Iron Man 5. Peter Parker (Spider-Man) 6. Martian Manhunter 7. Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) 8. Luther (Umbrella Academy) 9. Star Lord 10. Lady Sif 11. Booster Gold 12. Gambit 13. Charles Xavier 14. Jubilee 15. Deadpool 16. Ghost Rider 17. Hawkeye 18. Black Widow 19. Scarlet Witch 20. Deadman Villains: 1. Thanos 2. Loki 3. Doctor Octopus 4. Red Skull 5. Hel/Hela 6. Skrull 7. Cha-Cha (Umbrella Academy) 8. Hazel (Umbrella Academy) 9. Echo (Locke & Key) 10. Riddler 11. Deathstroke 12. Killmonger 13. Ultron 14. Gallactus 15. Max Lord 16. Mysterio 17. Kraven The Hunter 18. Magneto 19. Death (Marvel) 20. Mephisto
  13. MCU Villain Tournament

    Yeah, that's something that could be built up to, do a 64 villain and a 64 hero bracket style tourney would be fun to do. This is less of a tourney, like my title said, was orginally thinking of doing brackets or something, but then decide, just get top 3, the top 3, Thanos, Loki, Killmonger is my order as well for the movies.
  14. The Ant-Man Franchised

    I wasn't expecting that to happen. I'm assuming that's most of the money we saved with Cousins.
  15. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    I'm in season 2 of both Into the Badlands and Lucifer, I would say that Lucifer stays pretty steady and good, while Into the Badlands drops off some.
  16. Home Buying Help Thread

    Yeah, had a friend who just sold their duplex and bought a house, so seems like market is moving pretty easily, now a duplex will move faster than a single family, but doesn't seem to be completely locked down for it.
  17. I disagree, I think the issue is less the writing for Tony Stark, I think that we're getting the anxiety thing and it was done fairly well. Though some of the suit stuff is odd, for me it's Guy Pearce who is the issue, or at least his character. That's a character that in the movie has a massive change for no real reason. We don't get the underlying original character, he goes from sniveling nerdy character who can't stand up for himself to super suave and powerful character, and I realize that the strength element makes sense, but the personality change isn't a logical progression to what personality he'd be likely to end up with with that physical transformation.
  18. Home Buying Help Thread

    For Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, it seems to be down slightly from normal this time of year, but not down massively. I feel like there are some locations where places are getting snatched up quickly, but in the suburbs they aren't moving as fast as a few years ago.
  19. Watched Age of Ultron over the weekend. Way better than I remember it being. Thought that it did some interesting things setting up some movies, in particular Thor Ragnorak that I hadn't picked up on the first time around. But there's a lot that's really good about that movie. Also, it's a shame that Quicksilver did, he did a very good job in it.
  20. Home Buying Help Thread

    Actually thinking about jumping back into the market and selling our house to find a newer/bigger place. We bought a place close to downtown because my wife was using public transit to get into the office every day, but for a year and a half now, she's been working from home fulltime, so that reason isn't valid, and theoretically during that time, the value of our house has gone way up. I'm checking with our realtor to see what her thoughts on comps would be for it. But, we weren't able to do 20% down on this, so we're still at least two years away from being at that 80% of original loan point and done with PMI, so that's another reason we're thinking of looking and with interest rates down slightly, hopefully that'd save us even more. The only thing I'm worried about right now is what sort of value we can get on our house due to Covid, but that also means what sort of value can other people get on their houses, so maybe it would offset.
  21. D&D was good last night. Got in a little more role play and roll play. They got to do some combat for the first time with having a level, was 4 on 3 because they'd antagonized their fourth into wanting to leave their group, and it was their chance to be able to pick. It was close, but in the end they fell in combat. But definitely some interesting things being set-up that came out of it, and while I'd scripted the session to as how I thought it was going to go, I wasn't disappointed when it generally did go that way.
  22. So new forum, new number of keepers 12, and the same amount of fun... ah, I was hoping we could add some fun. Team owners are here: 1. It's a Sabotage - IN 2. Sllim_Pickens - IN 3. DetFan - IN 4. CalLionsFan - IN 5. JaguarCrazy - IN 6. USMC - IN 7. Gnat - IN 8. catcheryea - IN 9. ChiSoxGuy - IN 10. Ziggy19 - IN 11. Canadian_Patriot - IN 12. Oregon Ducks - IN Check in again, and I'll update soon with the draft order.
  23. 2018/19 Bundesliga Season

    I'm really excited to have this back on Saturday. I'm a big Borussia Dortmund fan and with a baby, it was something nice to throw on the TV while I was watching him while my wife was getting ready on the weekends. I'm mainly am just excited to have sports back of some sort, sorry Korean Baseball, you don't count cause I'm not getting up that early.
  24. Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game worked quite well via Zoom last night. We didn't do great on the case, went down a rabbit trail for a little bit at one point, but overall thought the game as a ton of fun. I think it'd be a bit easier in person, but definitely one that isn't bad online. The first case took about 3 hours to get through, and that's with it having 35 cards of which we saw 23 of them, but time went by so quickly. The story is very rich and engaging and you always feel like you're learning more, and while we could guess at parts of the story pretty early on, getting the details of it was a lot of fun. Definitely recommend it for a cooperative deduction and mystery game.
  25. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    It was back that there was going to be another season when I watched it.