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  1. Ezekiel Elliot remains suspended

    Is he suspended on odd number days or even? Or do they go by the day? Today is Wednesday so that means he's not suspended right? I'm so confused.
  2. Which of these hurt their team the most?

    As a Steeler fan I can't even begin to tell you how frustrating it is to constantly see how they defend Brady and the Patriots. However, the Browns have continued to get high draft picks and they somehow get worst. At least some of these teams are successful whereas the Browns are always losing. No matter how many changes occur in the FO it's still the same dismal results.
  3. Mike Mitchell Hit on Alex Smith

    The sooner the better.
  4. Who Dey Gameday? Bengals @ Steelers Week 7 GDT

    My favorites are brunettes as well.
  5. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Summerslam Weekend BAY BAY! ~~\\~~

    The Big Red Machine.
  6. Martavis Bryant has requested a trade

    Someone should inform his girlfriend that smoking pot and getting suspended on numerous occasions also can ruin Bryant reaching his full potential.
  7. Martavis Bryant has requested a trade

    Can this team go a week without a distraction?
  8. Steelers@Chiefs Ups/Downs

    UP: 1. Bell - Destroyed KC today. That's the running game we all remember. 2. Brown - Great concentration on the TD. He made up for stopping the route on the interception. 3. Dominating the first half - To allow a team just one first down in a half is incredible. 4. Harrison - When called upon delivered with a huge sack. 5. Run defense - Held the electric Hunt to just 19 yards after getting trounced the previous week. DOWN: 1. Mike Mitchell - He's entering Willie Colon territory for me. That's how much I don't like him. 2. Blowing a first and goal from the two - It was truly a great drive starting from their own one and if you would have told me beforehand that they would get a FG I would have been happy. However, to get that close and not score a TD was frustrating. 3. Keeping the Chiefs in it - Despite owning the first half the game still was close. It shouldn't have been. 4. Injuries - Gilbert and Williams both left the game. 5. More production from WRs - Still not getting a lot from them other than Brown.
  9. Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Kansas City Chiefs GDT

    One more stop guys.
  10. Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Kansas City Chiefs GDT

    Well it's up to the D now. Why didn't Tomlin go for two?
  11. Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Kansas City Chiefs GDT

    How do you leave a guy that open?
  12. Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Kansas City Chiefs GDT

    Don't let up now guys.
  13. Week 6 GDT

    From an interception to a TD. Wow.
  14. Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Kansas City Chiefs GDT

    It's good to be lucky!!!