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  1. 17-18 Hot Stove Thread

    Nutting is a piece of garbage. And that's insulting to actual pieces of garbage. One of the WORST owners, not only in baseball, but in all of sports. As long as he stays the owner nutting will change with this team. It was a fun three years when the team made the postseason in spite of him. It's comical the year he said he would spend money after the Pirates set their own attendance record. He spent nutting. He is a snake and a big time liar. The front office continues to blatantly lie to the fans and insult our intelligence as if we are five year olds who can't see through their BS.
  2. 17-18 Hot Stove Thread

    What a pathetic organization that has no clue what they are doing.
  3. 17-18 Hot Stove Thread

    He loses his composure when things aren't going right. Whether it be an error or not agreeing with the home plate umpire. He needs to do a better job of handling his emotions. Consistency has been a problem the past two years. Can be dominant one outing and ordinary the next.
  4. Steelers Christmas Classics: Week 15 GDT vs Pats

    I'm already nervous for the game.
  5. 17-18 Hot Stove Thread

  6. Ravens/Steelers 5 up and 5 down

    UP: 1. Killer B's - Ben, Bell, Brown, and Boswell all had a phenomenal game. What more can you saw about those guys? A great performance for them. 2. The tight ends - Jesse James had 10 catches for 97 yards and caught a huge third down and long pass on the game winning drive. Vance McDonald showed that he can be a nice weapon when he is on the field. Unfortunately he got hurt (again) and didn't come back. These two really stepped up with JuJu not playing. 3. Resiliency - Even though they trailed by 11 going into the fourth quarter you didn't see any panic on the team. Even when the Ravens went up by 9 with under 7 minutes to go they kept battling. Truly a great comeback. 4. Third down conversions - Against a very good defense the offense managed to convert and astonishing 12/18 third down conversions including a couple on the GW FG drive. 5. Zero turnovers - The Ravens have an opportunistic defense that feasts on turnovers. However, the Steelers didn't cough it up once. Great job on protecting the ball. DOWN: 1. Sean Davis - After an interception on the Ravens first drive he managed to have an abysmal performance. He led the team in tackles but was far more noticeable in his mistakes. 2. Awful coaching on second and third down on the last drive - Just imagine, if you will, if the Ravens somehow got into FG range and won it. It would have been sickening. It made NO sense to attempt one let alone two passes there. It reminded me of the Super Bowl when the Falcons were in FG range only to blow it. Why do coaches try to outsmart everyone instead of making the logical decisions? If they would have lost this would have been unforgiveable. 3. Officiating - What the hell was that? I don't like to get on the officials but they were awful for both teams. I still don't understand the Burns DPI when he hardly touched but not only that the ball was five yards out of bounds. I find it funny when the haters always cry about the refs always favor the Steelers. Yeah, right. 4. Second half start - The offense was stagnant for the third quarter. Thankfully they woke up in the fourth. 5. Run defense/tackling - Really bad night. The Ravens ran for 152 yards and averaged 5.8 per rush. Plus once again the Steelers have trouble making tackles. This has been going on for years now.
  7. 17-18 Hot Stove Thread

  8. Steelers Christmas Classics: Week 15 GDT vs Pats

    Ho. Ho. Ho. Nice.
  9. Week 14: SNF Ravens (7-5) at STEELERS (10-2)

    Can we please have someone competent to return kickoffs?
  10. Sunday Night Football: Ravens at Steelers

    What a rivalry between these two teams. Another crazy game.
  11. Week 14: SNF Ravens (7-5) at STEELERS (10-2)

    I'm exhausted. lol So many emotions. That was a hell of a roller coaster ride.