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  1. Big Brother 20 (no spoilers)

    Amazing how stupid some of these people are. That's another epic moment in the show. Brilliant Rockstar. Just brilliant.
  2. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Very well done video packages with the Miz and Bryan. Really good setting up the history they have had with each other.
  3. Chris Archer traded to the Pirates

    Don't worry Pirate fans don't understand them either. They don't have a direction unless that direction is to show how incompetent a front office can be. When they were actual contenders they didn't make any big moves. Had to keep their precious prospects. Now when they are a .500 team they sell the farm despite trading away Cole earlier this year for scraps. The owner is a piece of crap. Constant lies from the front office. I would have had no problem if they did a rebuild but you have to be committed to it. Don't half - you know what - it. The 11 game win streak right before the trading deadline put pressure on the front office to make a move instead of sticking to rebuilding. Huntington said he would make moves if they played better. Of course he figured they wouldn't but they did and it put him in a bad position. This will perpetually be an ordinary team. Hurdle is way past his expiration date as a manager yet they give him a freaking four year deal prior to the season. No power in the minors. One decent pitching prospect and that's it. At least they received back controllable pitchers in the two deadline deals but it's too bad they didn't have this dedication to improve the team when they were at the top of the standings a few years ago.
  4. All Time Offense?

    QB - Tom Brady RB - Walter Payton WR - Jerry Rice TE - Tony Gonzalez OT - Anthony Munoz OG - Randall McDaniel C - Dermontti Dawson
  5. Official Training Camp 2018 Thread

    Gilbert accidentally ran into him while pass blocking.
  6. May I request a JuJu Smith-Schuster sig for the upcoming season if you have the time please?
  7. Official Training Camp 2018 Thread

    Vance Golson, er, I mean McDonald still not practicing with a foot injury.
  8. That's what Ramsey got so bent out of shape about? Give me a break.
  9. Big Brother 20 (no spoilers)

    That was an entertaining house meeting called by Haileigh. Don't know why she would admit that she was the hacker though. See ya Bay.
  10. Official Training Camp 2018 Thread

    I've read that he has been having a good camp.
  11. Former Browns GM Tom Heckert dead at 51

    My uncle passed away with the illness Eckert had at the age of 46. Sad to hear about this news.
  12. Big Brother 20 (no spoilers)

    I'm going out on a limb and say that Rachel and Angela aren't going to keep in touch on the outside. That was pretty harsh. Good episode except for the Swaggy C part which no one gives a crap about.
  13. Big Brother 20 (no spoilers)

    Can you imagine Kaitlyn and Raven, from last season, in the BB house together?
  14. Ohio State Domestic Violence Scandal

    Administrative leave until the opening game.
  15. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Randy Orton channeling his inner Aqib Talib and tearing off Hardy's necklace. Good episode of Smackdown. Heck of a personal promo by Samoa Joe.