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  1. Fire Pettine

    The tone of the presser seems to contradict the news we're retaining Pettine. Sounds like Murphy overruled LaFleur. Not good for the working relationship between LaFleur and Pettine going forward.
  2. Fire Pettine

    Wow. LaFleur had the opportunity to back his defensive coordinator there and then in front of the media and he did not. That spoke VOLUMES to what he's thinking. He's gone. Guaranteed. I just don't see LaFleur chasing after 72 years old Wade Phillips. If his previous coaching hires is anything to go by he will look to hire the next up and coming coordinator. That might rule out retreads as well such as Richard Smith, Frank Bush, Perry Fewell, Greg Manusky and Joe Barry - all whom has some kind of link with LaFleur, directly or indirectly. Having said that a retread is less likely to be hired away for a head coaching opportunity so there's that stability factor to consider. Kris Richards has to be the favourite in my mind. 2nd choice is probably Joe Woods if he's yet to fully commit to Cleveland. If Raheem Morris is somehow available I think he would jump right to the top of the list. These are the three key guys for LaFleur to look out for. I think Joe Woods is the only one to have ran a 3-4 defence, please correct me if i'm wrong. There's a very high likelihood that Richards takes a coordinator gig elsewhere, Woods commits to Cleveland and Morris continues to be unavailable and that leads us to the next candidates below: Dark horse candidates should be Jeff Ulbrich and Aubrey Pleasant. Extreme outside candidates I consider to be Marquand Manuel, DeMeco Ryans and Tyrone McKenzie. If he were to look outside of his working history and network of contacts then Jim Leonard has to be seriously considered. Maybe Teryl Austin, James Bettcher could be considered. Mike Smith is the only one I would seriously consider as an in-house candidate. However he's basically best mates with Pettine and there's a strong chance he will leave with him and remove himself out of consideration for the coordinator gig out of respect for Pettine. Most of the Packers defensive staff are Pettine hires plus some McCarthy holdovers so we're looking at losing most, if not all of the coaching staff. Get ready for that guys! Cleveland, Dallas, New England, Tennesse, New York Giants, Philadelphia, Detroit, Minnesota, LA Rams are all either looking for defensive coordinators or position coaches. There seems to be alot of defensive line vacancies around the NFL at the moment, if Montgomery is fired it will be tough to find a good coach amongst all the competition. By the way I would love to see Mennenga fired. I was never convinced of that hiring in the first place and we compounded that problem by retaining a ST assistant from the Zook era - Maurice Drayton. He should be fired too. ST was bad and only lucked out on Ervin to get our unit remotely functional.
  3. Build Aaron Rodgers' Ideal Pass Catching Corps

    In recent years for whatever reason it seemed we have prioritised height over speed at WR. Allison, Lazard, EQ, MVS, Kumerow, and many various UDFAs who we brought in for a look - only MVS out of that group had genuine speed. I'm not sure why we moved away from smaller, quick and shifty receiver types in the Adams, Jennings, Cobb, Jones, Driver mold that Rodgers had so much success with. Nelson was an outlier not the norm but instead it looked like we tried to find more Nelson types instead of Jenning types. I hope Gute will re-adjust our WR recruitment strategy for FA and the draft.
  4. Fire Pettine

    Transitioning to the 4-3 is not impossible with our personnel especially on the DL. We already have 3 DE types with the right length, weight and athleticism in the Smiths and Gary. We have Clark at DT so that's 3 out of the 4 positions along the line already filled. That means if we switch to 4-3 we will be looking to draft or sign a FA defensive tackle. Lowry is a square peg in a round hole in this system so he could be a tradable asset. Adams and Lancaster is probably gone. Keke has a excellent opportunity to land a starting spot alongside Clark in this scenario. Linebacker is another story. Martinez would actually be an excellent fit in this system but it doesn't appear likely we will re-sign him. If he goes we literally don't have anybody for any of the three LB positions at this moment in time. Switching systems will require a serious FA and draft investment at LB. LaFleur may have no choice but to look for a coordinator with a 3-4 background if he wants to minimise disruption to his team and free up draft capital for other positions.
  5. Fire Pettine

    Again it seems like SPEED is a recurring theme with the Packers. It happened to Atlanta in the NFC championship game and now it happened again to the 49ers. Speed has been a major issue on both offence and defence for a long time. Gute has been actively trying to add speed on our team since he took charge, particularly on defence. He has been obsessed with adding SPARQ prospects on the roster by adding the likes of King, Alexander, Savage, Burks and Gary. Now, the reason our defence played so badly against the 49ers wasn't just simply down to lack of speed but also physicality. We got bullied at the LOS and opened up holes all day long. The speed issue came into play when Mostert broke through and our linebackers simply weren't quick enough to react. The angles our DB took didn't help either but that is fixable. Pettine schematically couldn't adjust. The fact that Gute never addressed the LB issue in the draft and free agency is partly the blame too but hey its impossible to fix every single position. There will always be positions with some shortcomings, and as shortcomings go Martinez is pretty damn good and reliable player to have - it could be a lot worse. The real issue was our struggle to pair him up with someone who can complement him. Burks or Josh Jones was supposed to be that guy. Back to the drawing board for Gute. LaFleur may feel a change in coordinator and scheme will be necessary. If we want to make it to the Superbowl we need to find a way to get past the 49ers. Now Gute needs to continue to do the same with our offence. In recent years for whatever reason it seemed we have prioritised height over speed at WR. Allison, Lazard, EQ, MVS, Kumerow, and many various UDFAs who we brought in for a look - only MVS out of that group had genuine speed. I'm not sure why we moved away from smaller, quick and shifty receiver types in the Adams, Jennings, Cobb, Jones, Driver mold that Rodgers had so much success with. Nelson was an outlier not the norm but instead it looked like we tried to find more Nelson types instead of Jenning types. I hope Gute will re-adjust our WR recruitment strategy for FA and the draft. I suspect our next draft will be focused on offence with a heavy emphasis on speed and SPARQ scores. If he smart he will draft speedy WR, RB and TEs.
  6. 2020 Tight End Titillating Talk

    Henry, Hooper and Eifert have to be seriously considered in free agency if we cut Graham. Can't go into the season lacking depth and/or experience in the position. It would be nice to reinvest the Graham money on a WR. Green makes some sense but he is 32 and coming off a major injury. Amari Cooper will be far too expensive. Robby Anderson is a potential target, didn't we have some trade interest in him last off season? Demarus Robinson and Devin Funchess are potential throw of a dart signing, Otherwise free agent WR cupboard is looking a little bare. Its possible we will let Martinez go and sign a cheaper alternative in FA. Van Noy, Schobert, Littleton, Hewitt, Trevathan are all options.
  7. Fire Pettine

    I'm not keen on the idea of firing Pettine as it will be difficult to find a better candidate. Overall our defence has vastly improved and there's no reason we cannot continue to build upon it with more solid acquisitions in the offseason. We invested huge sums of money on the Smiths and they have been an outstanding success thriving in Pettine's scheme. A new coordinator could undo any progress we made and suddenly they're square pegs in round holes and their contracts would suddenly become an albatross around our necks. If LaFleur do decide to part ways the good news is there's no shortage of names with ties to LaFleur or indirectly to Shanahan or McVay on the market: Wade Phillips - on same staff with LaFleur at Rams. However at 72 years old it would go against LaFleur's youth movement if his coaching hires is anything to go by. Kris Richard - coached in Seattle with LaFleur's old boss Dan Quinn and Robert Saleh. He's a big name candidate and is very available. He will definitely be on the radar. Joe Woods - naturally because of his connection to Shanahan, Saleh and Morris. Has previous coordinating experience - definitely one to keep an eye on. Raheem Morris - unless he is fired by the Falcons he's currently not an option for LaFleur but has strong history with LaFleur at Redskins and Falcons, and with Shanahan at Tampa. Jim Leonard - Only because he is familiar with Pettine's scheme and he might be able to build upon the foundations laid down by Pettine. Jeff Ulbrich - Another Falcons connection with LaFleur. Currently Assistant Head coach/Linebackers coach for Falcons. Dark Horse candidate. Richard Smith - Was coordinator at Houston when LaFleur was there as assistant. Coordinator again at Falcons when LaFleur was QB coach. Currently Chargers LB coach. Greg Manusky- vast coordinating experience, worked with McVay. No direct connection to LaFleur. Joe Barry - LB coach at Rams with LaFleur, currently assistant head coach/LB coach. Worked with Shanahan at Tampa way back in 2004. Had 2 previous coordinator gigs at Lions and Redskins. Frank Bush - another name that keeps popping up. Worked with both LaFleur and Shanahan. Was coordinator at Houston. Been assistant head coach/LB coach for the last 3 years with Miami and Jets. Lou Spanos - currently coordinator at UConn. On staff with LaFleur at Redskins. Was at Titans but missed each other by a year. Perry Fewell - Experienced coach with coordinating experience at Bills and Giants. Worked with McVay at Redskins but no direct connection to LaFleur. Aubrey Pleasant - DB coach at Rams, knows LaFleur from Rams and Redskins. Marquand Manuel - Former Packer. He was on same staff as LaFleur at Atlanta in 2015. Was coordinator at Falcons before being fired in 2018. Unlikely candidate for coordinator though. Johnny Holland - a name older Packers fans should recognise. Worked alongside both LaFleur and Shanahan. Now 54 years old, not sure if he has the chops to be coordinator. DeMeco Ryans - Was playing at Houston when LaFleur and Shanahan was there. Shanahan brought him to 49ers as ILB coach. Now completing his 2nd season as ILB coach it might be too soon for him to step up to coordinator. Still only 35. Tyrone McKenzie - very familar with LaFleur from Rams and Titans but probably too early for him to take the next step up to coordinator. Jim Haslett - was Redkins coordinator when LaFleur was QB coach. I suspect he's retired otherwise he would've joined McCarthy at Cowboys.
  8. NFL News & Notes

    What do all of you make of the Cleveland's disastrous season considering they had so many ex-Packers within the organisation? There was a school of thought that injecting people from a highly reputable organisation would go some way towards solving the dysfunction at Cleveland. Clearly this didn't turn out to be the case and they just continued to be dysfunctional. Cut at 53 cutdown: Joe Kerridge, Brian Price, Lenzy Pipkins Players: JC Tretter, Justin McCray, J'Mon Moore, Demarious Randall, Morgan Burnett, Jermaine Whitehead (got cut in-season) Front Office: John Dorsey, Eliot Wolf, Alonzo Highsmith Coaches: James Campen, Jeff Blasko, Joe Whitt Jr Apart from Tretter and Dorsey who left at least 3 years ago, all of them were part of the Packers organisation during our decline in the last couple of years before LaFleur's arrival. It got pretty dysfunctional at the end and all these people played a part in that. In hindsight stockpiling individuals who left the Packers who contributed to our decline may not have been the best course of action for Cleveland.
  9. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    mmm....nice. Sweet, fatty, salty and hot. I like the way you think. No idea what banana peppers are...maybe we call it something different in the UK.
  10. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    I never understood the hate against pineapple pizza connoisseurs. What you said was so pineapplist. Threatening death to people who simply hold a different opinion. Pineappleist hate speech must not be tolerated on this forum. Absolutely no place for that on here or anywhere for that matter. Shame, shame, shame on you, you pineapplist.
  11. 2019 WR Corps

    my point wasn't proven because I thought we had an excellent WR group.
  12. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    Ok. I'm making pizza tomorrow. The main topping is pineapple. What other toppings would you guys recommend to go with it? oh...and ham is not an option.
  13. 2019 WR Corps

    WR deepest position group we said..... So good that we must keep 7 WRs for final 53 we said.... ......... Actual result: dumpster fire position group. Who would've thunk it!?
  14. Got to bare in mind that if his stats means anything it was done behind one of the best special teams units in the NFL, a Dave Toub ST unit nonetheless. For him to replicate that for us......I think we should lower our expectations.
  15. Packers Trade Trevor Davis to Raiders

    The more I think about it the more I think trading Davis for a draft pick was the right thing to do. I liked Davis but being brutally honest he was going to be a free agent next year and was unlikely to be re-signed and as a result we would get nothing for him. Why not get something for him now and let other players on the roster have a shot at the return job. Can't complain with that thought process. I lol when people think our offence is fine speed-wise. Other than MVS we have no blazers. Adams is just about quick enough. EQ is quick for his size but compared to his WR peers he is distinctly average. Shepherd, Lazard and Kumerow aren't particularly quick. Even the new guy Hatcher is slow. Our TEs are meh. All our RBs aren't blazers. So across the board we do indeed have a collective speed issue. If Gute's approach to building the defence is anything to go by then we can fairly confidentially say he will look to sort out the speed issues on offense next year.