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  1. LaFleur's Lieutenants - Coordinator/Staff Thread

    I've been digging around looking for potential QB coaches, unfortunately the pickings are very slim so I decided to look at former NFL QBs who could be candidates for QB coach. There's one guy that could be interested in coaching: Dan Orlovsky LaFleur knows him from his time at Houston way back in 2008. He has ties to the NFC North and the chance to work with Rodgers would give him the best possible start to his coaching career. Also an interesting article of potential NFL QB coaches: https://eu.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/draft/2018/04/21/nfl-draft-2018-jordan-palmer-sam-darnold-ryan-lindley/536706002/ If LaFleur chooses to think outside the box then the likes of Jordan Palmer, Ryan Lindley, John Beck, Jimmy Clausen could also be considered. They are all working for various QB schools/agencies for offseason workouts and preparing draft QB for pro days, combine and of course for the NFL. Matt Schaub is another QB that LaFleur has worked with before. He's still in the NFL as the Falcons backup QB. Is he thinking retirement yet? Is he interested in coaching? Josh McCown is a name that come up before as a possible future coach but I don't think he's ready to move into coaching at this time. He doesn't have any links to LaFleur either. There's a few quality control assistants in the NFL with a QB background: Steve Shimko (Seahawks), T.C. McCartney (49ers), Spencer Phillips (Eagles), Marcus Brady (Colts).
  2. I've just realised that both of our coordinators were also the 2013 Bills coordinators. Suddenly I don't feel good about that If LaFleur is smart he will be patient and raid the playoff teams to fill out his coaching staff. He needs to ensure that our standard of coaching remains high. Filling the coaching staff full of coaches from purgatory teams is a disaster waiting to happen.
  3. LaFleur's Lieutenants - Coordinator/Staff Thread

    I seem to recall DeGuglielmo getting fired from the Patriots because he failed to spot the head bobbing from the center giving away the timing of the snaps. The Patriots lost their playoff game because of it! Nonetheless I expect him to link up with Gase at the Jets.
  4. So to recap: Pros: + Has NFL experience as a coordinator + Energetic and likeable + Goofy personality could make learning fun for the players, a complete contrast to the monotone Philbin. + Good communicator and supposedly comfortable with X's and O's. + Same age as LaFleur. More flexibile for LaFleur to bounce ideas off compared to an older coach who is more set in his ways. Between LaFleur and Hackett it ensures a higher energy teaching and coaching environment. + Coaching stability. Due to unspectacular record NFL teams are unlikely to chase him for head coach openings. + May be familiar with the system and verbiage of the offence Rodgers played in. Our offence is an offshoot of the offence his father Paul Hackett ran. It puts him in a unique position to marry what Rodgers knows with the offence that LaFleur wants to run. + Seems to have a good understanding of the run game due to Jacksonville run heavy offence. Could provide a good compliment to Rodgers/LaFleur pass orientated outlook. + Californian (mostly). Went to UC Davis which is just a couple of hours way from Rodgers home town and just an hour away from UC Berkeley. Maybe that commonality will help them get on well with each other. + Former hip hop dancer and greek fraternity president. Cons: - Uninspiring record as coordinator - Conservative (how much of that is on Marrone?) - Predictable playcalling, run run pass (that won't matter with us) - Zero creativity - common complaint from Bills and Jags fans. (I'm hoping LaFleur and Rodgers will compensate for this) - I will say it again, really uninspiring record as coordinator. Bills and Jags fans don't rate him at all.
  5. Some lesser known info about Hackett: Hackett was a four-year letter-winner as a linebacker and a short and long snapper at U.C. Davis from 1999-2002. While at U.C. Davis, Hackett taught Hip Hop dance for two years and was the President of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity.
  6. LaFleur's Lieutenants - Coordinator/Staff Thread

    I will be very interested to see who LaFleur identified for QB coach. Imo he has to be a former QB or a coach with a proven track record coaching good QBs. I don't think anything else will do for Rodgers.
  7. what does an offensive coordinator do?
  8. This article says Hackett is a close friend of McVay: https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/10/01/blake-bortles-nathaniel-hackett-jacksonville-jaguars-offensive-system This article says that he does a mix of K-Gun and West coast offences: https://thesportsdaily.com/2013/03/06/doug-marrone-s-buffalo-bills-offense-west-coast-philosophies/ This article says he runs a variation of the Air Coryell system: https://eu.detroitnews.com/story/sports/nfl/lions/2019/01/11/nathaniel-hackett-steve-sarkisian-linked-detroit-lions-offensive-coordinator-hunt/2547764002/
  9. At least I am comforted in the knowledge that if he was a bad candiate Pettine would've gotten into LaFleur's ear warning him off him. Since we hired him I have to assume he didn't and that he would be a good addition to our coaching staff.
  10. Very good points. I can certainly believe that may have played a large part in hiring Hackett.
  11. Whilst his track record doesn't make you jump out of your seat with excitement it's isn't necessarily the most important thing. It's all about what traits he has to offer as a person which will compliment the coaching staff, especially LaFleur. You want your offensive assistant to be a good communicator with a good handle of the X's and O's. Hackett appears seems to tick those boxes. He also appears to be a fairly energetic and likeable person which is always good to have on the practice field. I'm not a fan of old or softly spoken or fat guys that brings the energy levels down either on the practice field or in the classroom. He's the same age as LaFleur which might be important to him as he will be someone who he will be spending alot of time with drawing up our offensive system. The offensive coordinator has to be someone who LaFleur is comfortable with on a day to day basis. There's another crucial point- as of now he doesn't seem the type of coaching prospect that NFL will be clamoring to hire as head coach especially with his track record and the fact he is a non-playcaller with us. In theory we should have some long term stability with him on our coaching staff. If we hired a big name like Dan Campbell for example he would probably be gone the very next year. He seems, on paper at least, to be a good fit with LaFleur.
  12. LaFleur's Lieutenants - Coordinator/Staff Thread

    I've been on twitter and saw some negative comments towards Campen. Mostly about him and Favre. What's the story there?
  13. LaFleur's Lieutenants - Coordinator/Staff Thread

    Actually that's not quite right. We need to be careful not to twist his words: So they were strong candidates but didn't stand out. He never said they did not impress.