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  1. I've should've spotted the connection. Bad Chilli, Bad! Must do better! When Pettine was Cleveland's head coach Winn played under him for one season. Then at the beginning of Pettine's final season he was traded away to the Colts for a conditional draft pick and he hasn't done anything of note since. If Pettine deemed him not good enough then why does he think he can do the job now for us? I don't get it. He isn't much of a pass rusher so maybe he's hoping he will eventually be used to help plug our leaky run defence somehow. I'm a little sad about Mack. His tape really did hint to his potential and having someone his size in the middle would've been real nice. He had a month of training camp with the Giants so his conditioning shouldn't have been an issue. I suspect he simply didn't look good enough. Other than Mack the only DL we brought in for a tryout was Javier Edwards, way back in August 17th. We need to turn over more stones. It's strange the Packers haven't announced the Taylor move to IR yet. They announced the PS additions but not him.
  2. Does that mean Mack has been promoted to the 53 as cover for Clark? Lane Taylor has almost certainly been placed on IR. So we do have an open spot on the roster.
  3. Simple. Martin had to stay on the roster before moving to IR. Once that happened his roster spot went to Barnes. They could've cut Burks or Summers but they are clearly core special teamers with plenty of NFL tape. Had we cut them there were no guarantees they would pass through waivers unclaimed. These two played the most ST snaps on Sunday. Barnes has zero NFL tape. It was much less of a risk to cut him.
  4. Not necessarily. We have an open PS spot. If we were hoping to bring back Light in the wake of Taylor's injury then it's too late for that as he has been claimed off Arizona's PS to the Cowboys 53. No choice but to look elsewhere. By the way I wonder why we haven't heard of any roster transactions from us yet. Other NFL teams have been pretty busy today.
  5. Snap counts in a more readable format: Running Backs: Aaron Jones [42], Jamaal Williams [31], Tyler Ervin [14], AJ Dillon [5] Wide Receivers: Davante Adams [70], Allen Lazard [68], Marquez Valdes-Scantling [42], Malik Taylor [1] Tight Ends: Robert Tonyan [48], Marcedes Lewis [32], Josiah Deguara [24], Jace Sternberger [12], John Lovett [1] Offensive Line: David Bakhtiari [78], Elgton Jenkins [78], Corey Linsley [78], Lane Taylor [63], Rick Wagner [46], Lucas Patrick [32], Jon Runyan [15] Defensive Line: Dean Lowry [39], Kingsley Keke [29], Tyler Lancaster [23], Kenny Clark [15] Outside Linebackers: Za’Darius Smith [43], Preston Smith [43], Rashan Gary [32], Tipa Galeai [9], Jonathan Garvin [6] Inside Linebackers: Christian Kirksey [52], Krys Barnes [15], Oren Burks [3] Safeties: Adrian Amos [52], Darnell Savage [46], Will Redmond [24], Vernon Scott [3] Cornerbacks: Kevin King [51], Jaire Alexander [49], Chandon Sullivan [36], Josh Jackson [2] SPECIAL TEAMS LEADERS: Ty Summers [19], Redmond [18], Burks [18], Lovett [14], Malik Taylor [14], Sternberger [13] ===================================== My take on the snap counts: It's clear Malik Taylor was a game day active because of his ST work but is he ahead of EQ as a WR? That is yet to be determined. By all accounts it was said Lancaster took over Clark snaps yet it appears Keke ended up with the most snaps of the two. I was a little surprised to see Galeai get quite a few snaps on defence. I expected him to only do ST. He wasn't even a special team leader in snaps but its possible he reached 12 but didn't make the list. This is the biggest surprise of the lot. Barnes getting defensive snaps ahead of Burks AND Summers. WTF was he cut in the first place then? The only explanation I can think of is that Burks and Summers are very important players on ST and we did not want to risk losing them on waivers had we cut them. Also we needed to keep Martin on the 53 before putting on IR. We basically did this manoeuvre knowing Barnes was highly unlikely to be claimed. Risky but ultimately worked out. Josh Jackson only had two snaps which is much less than I anticipated considering his camp reports but as a result I expected him to compensate with more work on ST. Unfortunately for him we barely punted so he probably didn't have much work to do. Redmond was a busy man on Sunday. He's clearly our Jarrett Bush.
  6. lol good point but don't we use (for a lack of a better word) "gunners" on kickoffs too? We got to chase down the kick returner as well.
  7. I was unable to watch the game in full and had to rely on crappy red zone coverage. (they completely ignored the Packers for most of the 2nd half). I've got a few questions: Who were our gunners today? Who played in Greene spot? Who replaced Clark? Lancaster or Keke?
  8. Woah. This opportunity has been long time coming for Patrick but weakening a position of strength to fill a hole elsewhere is not something i'm a fan of. Jenkins has barely any tackle experience compared to Wagner who has played many NFL games there. Not a good endorsement for Wagner right now.
  9. I remember reading somewhere someone complaining that Gute likes to keep his "favourites" (Taylor) at the expense of more deserving players (Kumerow). Looks like it's not just Gute but LaFleur as well. Liked him enough to put him straight onto the active game day roster. We all definitely need to re-evaluate Malik Taylor's current importance to the team.
  10. What we can glean off this information: I guess that means Barnes could be directly replacing Greene. We could see him on the field alot today or Vernon Scott takes over instead. Galeai is clearly Ramsey's replacement. Looks like Lovett is in too for lots of special teams work. Wagner will very likely will be starting at RT. Taylor ahead of EQ. Wow. Unexpected. I wonder if this is more to do with special teams rather than how our receiving group is currently ranked? Our gunners today will likely see a rotation of Redmond, Taylor and Hollman. Not sure if there's a 4th guy in the picture.
  11. By the way "Will" is Billy Winn. He's 31 years old. Javon Leake is interesting, he's almost a like-for-like replacement for Ervin should Ervin goes down with an injury. Ray Wilborn is a LB turned Safety. A possible candidate for the SS/LB hybrid position that Greene plays? we don't have alot of cover there. The Packers have been busy doing alot of tryouts recently, some of which resulted in a PS contract. Our last tryout had Daylon Mack and Justin Britt. We've been busy looking at WRs, looking at no less than 8 WRs since August 23rd which included the likes of Chester Rodgers, Devin Smith and AJ Taylor. Robert Foster ended up being the one awarded with a PS contract. Our previous tryout reports:
  12. Two players can be promoted to the 53 each week. Clearly this is about adding depth to ILB and special teams if they do become game day actives. As a result of those moves we now have 1 open spot on the practice squad. Barnes making the final 53 is a nice surprise as this means our streak of UDFA making the final roster continues. I've read some nice things about him being able to play in various spots. I'm assuming Olivadotti was including special team spots when talking about his positional versatility. You got ILB position, SS/LB hybrid position which Greene plays, perhaps OLB when if we switch to a 4-3, I can't imagine him being used as a safety so the fourth spot has to be on special teams. I'm still wondering why we didn't add him to the 53 in the first place. Cutting him at the roster cut down meant that the 3 years UDFA contract he was on is gone. Now he's on a PS contract and they're much shorter in length resulting in us having less control over him. I'm interested to see the dynamics/consequences of practice squad players becoming game day actives. I mean a person on the 53 would be thinking "why the fu** am I not a game day active?. I made the roster, this guy didn't". Alternatively a PS player would be wondering why he is playing games on PS salary when he should be paid like a starting member of the 53.
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