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  1. you know what's funny, Rodgers has this image of being alternative, left leaning, laid back, hippy californian. After this interview he has gone completely the opposite.
  2. Holy Moley! I've just caught up with the whole Rodger's drama. I'm physically cringing. My first thought was....did....did..Rodgers just sabotaged his trade value for the Packers?
  3. Or more likely there was no "patient zero" and they all caught covid from various sources away from the team facility through friends and family. Life right now is much more relaxed now that the majority of the population has the vaccine. People are wearing masks less, mixing more and behaving normally. Naturally this results in a spike in covid cases and the odds are that unsuspecting friends and family will accidentally infect those players. The whole point of the vaccine isn't to stop covid but to reduce the rate of hospitalisations and deaths. So when a vaccinated person catch co
  4. I'm sure the same is true for other teams but the NFL will use this PR disaster to pin the blame on us (note: they already have) and make the already predictable PR move by punishing us for being lax with our protocols.
  5. I picked him up before all the Rodgers hoo-rah hit the waves. Now I'm seriously debating starting him. Going to wait and see if Adams/MVS is activated.
  6. Rodgers moaned all off season about the front office not doing enough for the team but when it came to Rodgers doing things for the good of the team he is found wanting. He comes across as a huge hypocrite. Seriously. If there was a covid outbreak involving unvaccinated players it greatly increases the risk of the NFL calling off the game and giving us a loss. If vaccinated players had covid the NFL would do everything they can to push the game to monday/tuesday. Imagine if this caused us to lose our #1 seeding and our playoff home advantage. Not only that if the game was called off
  7. Not surprisingly the NFL is washing their hands off the matter and putting the responsibility on the Packers. The NFL is all about PR and they will chose the best option that will paint them in good light. They will want to be seen being strong on Covid. This is not good news for the Packers at all.
  8. Just finished watching Tom Grassi doing a good job explaining what's happening. Per NFL rules. If an unvaccinated player has covid then all close contact unvaccinated players has to sit out out of the game. That what happened to Adams and Lazard last week. Theoretically Rodgers should've been out too but he played. Either Rodgers lied to the Packers about his vaccination status or the Packers lied to the NFL. Either way guaranteed to be big punishment handed down from the league. Big fine? loss of draft picks? turn our win into a loss? suspend Rodgers? Phew. This story
  9. Three possible scenarios: 1 - He lied about his status, team/league never asked for proof. 2 - He lied about his status, team/league asked for proof and he faked it (very much doubt this, but holy **** if so) 3 - He was upfront about being unvaxxed, and the team/league have just looked the other way while he ignores every protocol that other unvaxxed players are having to follow. It's gotta be 1 or 3, but neither are good looks for the league, team, or Rodgers. Very interested to see how it shakes out.
  10. So many roster moves these past few weeks. I have finally worked out we have four open 53 roster spots and one PS spot. Definitely expect some more moves in the next few days.
  11. I misread an article and thought he missed two games. However as Adams tested positive for covid then surely anyone who is unvaxed and is a close contact would by default have to miss the game. Rodgers played. Question is did the Packers unknowingly/knowingly broke NFL covid rules?
  12. If he's out for 10 days then that's because he is unvaccinated. If he is vaccinated and post two negative test within 24 hours he should be able to play against Kansas. But media reports are saying he is out which implies he is un-vaxed. Is my understanding correct so far? Further assumptions: Rodgers implied he was vaccinated by saying he was immunised but he was actually misleading the media. NFL rules say that players, both vaxed and un-vaxed do not have to wear a mask during game day. So wearing mask or not actually doesn't mean anything. The fact th
  13. I saw a post earlier about how Rodgers struggled against two-safety looks. I remember it being quite bad under McCarthy but under LaFleur this problem should not be happening. We now have a strong running game which in turn forces one of the safeties into the box and open up the field for his WRs. Rodgers against two-safety looks really shouldn't be an issue anymore. Even if our rushing attack is not forcing teams to abandon their two safety looks Rodgers have plenty of options to throw underneath instead of zeroing in on Adams. Offensively we should be comfortably dealing with any d
  14. It makes zero sense. All the players are well rested after a long offseason, the vast majority of starting players played little to no preseason football. Why incorporate a week break right before the season start?
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