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  1. For me it's simple, HaHa stopped tackling. For whatever reason he stopped making tackles. There was a youtube video i saw a long time ago highlighting his consistent avoidance of making tackles. He would only tackle when he absolutely had to. He would often be last to make the "tackle" when the player was already brought down by a teammate to pad his stats. There were moments where he just stands there in front of the player and wait for him to go down or someone else to bring him down. There was a big mentality change. Instead of being a steady reliable operator he became tackle shy
  2. I will be interested to see what Darren Fells gets in FA. He's essentially the same kind of player as Lewis but is a couple of years younger. I wondered if the Packers might look to get a slightly younger version of Lewis but obviously that didn't turn out to be the case.
  3. Really, According to his wiki he is 285lbs. That is extremely heavy as an EDGE. You usually see that kind of weight in interior DL so I assumed he was an interior DL
  4. Seattle have just signed DL Kerry Hyder and Benson Mayowa and that has probably closed the door on a Carlos Dunlap return which gives me hope. Seattle fans were saying before Dunlap signed for them the defence was leaky and after he joined the defence got much much better. Sounds like he still got some left in his tank. He's still only 32. He would certainly be an upgrade over Montravius Adams so in that sense our depth would actually be improved despite getting older.
  5. I wonder if this will finally help set Tyler Ervin's market. Will be interested to see what McKenzie got.
  6. I don't think free agency is necessarily done for us. I expect us to make a few minor moves such as Tyler Ervin and maaaaybe at a push Will Redmond. I think everyone else who was a Packer last year is gone. If there is any outside acquisition then it's likely to address the DL depth, I have my eye on Carlos Dunlup. I can't ignore adding OT either. Linsley and Wagner are gone and Bakhtiari is injured. Do we want to move Turner permanently to RT? Who is going to step in at LT? Is Jenkins going to remain at LG or move to C or LT? Far too many question marks. Someone like Alejandro Villa
  7. Always knew King would take a JuJu-like deal with us. The longer FA went on, seeing other players get signed elsewhere and nothing happening for either the Packers and King. There was only one obvious conclusion. Let's not freak out. He was part of a team that went 13-3 two years in a row. That's none too shabby despite his disastrous performance in the NFC championship game.
  8. I knew I missed somebody on the list! Absolutely, don't hate the idea. I did advocate Patrick Peterson as Woodson-like type signing and he's the same age as Butler. Butler is not a bad alternative at all, in fact he was quite productive at Tennessee last season.
  9. My Free Agent Shortlist (different to the cut list above) Most i've listed below may impact our comp picks. Lots of defensive talent left but very few offensive talent. The DL is still deep with good but aging talent. There's also some "throw of the dart" options at corner, some with major injury history but with lots of talent. If we're looking for safety depth, there are some worth looking. The WR options is not looking good for us right now. One is brilliant but mental, one is inconsistent and one is talented but slowing down. I'm not sure why Villanueva hasn't been snatched up ye
  10. I've been updating this list of cut players as best as I could. Here's what it currently looks like, let me know if I missed out on anyone. Carlos Dunlap is still out there. The cornerbacks list has dried up quite a bit, Casey Hayward is still the big one but wasn't he cut because he didn't fit with new Fangio-style defence at the Chargers, in which case wouldn't fit us either? If we want to get slightly younger at TE then Fells could be a decent option to replace Lewis. It's really is slim pickings. I'm expecting some more cuts to fill out this list over the next week or so as more and more p
  11. My Free Agent Shortlist: DE Aldon Smith DE Justin Houston DE Everson Griffen DE DeMarcus Walker DE Tanoh Kpassagnon OLB Jadeveon Clowney OLB Ryan Kerrigan LB Curtis Bolton CB Casey Hayward CB Gareon Conley CB Artie Burns CB Cre'von LeBlanc SS Raven Greene SS Karl Joseph FS Malik Hooker FS Tashaun Gipson FS Will Redmond OT Alejandro Villanueva FB John Lovett WR Antonio Brown WR Dede Westbrook TE Darren Fells Returners: RB Tyler Ervin RB Cordarrelle Patterson
  12. Woo hoo hoo! I've just come across this eye opening quote. 😵
  13. Just come across this tidbit. Sounds like 49ers have some interest in Lane Taylor.
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