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  1. Awesome! Fournette still has an outside shot to make it as well. Josh Jacobs was first alternate and was all banged up towards the end of the year. If any of the three backs (Chubb, Ingram, Henry) drop out then Fournette should be in.
  2. Front Office and Coaching Staff News

    Gruden would be my choice for the spot. Just waiting on someone to officially report that he’s actually interviewed for the spot.
  3. He would be more of bigger version of Telvin Smith. Jack and Telvin were amazing together during the 2017 season. Jack fell off when we tried to make him a MLB. Simmons and Jack would play outside on base downs and then next to each other in Nickel.
  4. I’d run to the podium and take Isaiah Simmons
  5. NFL Draft: What do we need NOW and LATER

    What we need is talent. Simmons could play LB, SAF, CB, and Edge. If our coaches can’t figure out how to use him then they shouldn’t be coaching.
  6. NFL Draft: What do we need NOW and LATER

    Man, I would love Isaiah Simmons in this team. I just hope his performance last night didn’t push him out of our range.
  7. 2020 nfl mock drafts thread

    In this plan we are moving to a 3-4 to effectively get Ngakoue and Allen in the field together. Cut: Marcell Dareus Geoff Swaim Marqise Lee Jake Ryan Re-sign: Yannick Ngakoue EDGE Keelan Cole WR Marcell Dareus NT Seth Devalve TE/FB Donald Payne LB Free Agency: Tyler Eifert TE - I don’t think we will be Major FA players. Eifert shouldn’t be overly expensive and would help the offense greatly. Draft: 1a - Isaiah Simmons LB/S - The Calvin Johnson of defense players. Just too good of a talent to pass up. Could line up almost anywhere in the defense. 1b - Trevon Diggs CB - Has a very high ceiling but is still raw. Tackling will definitely need some work. 2 - Mekhi Becton OL - Massive lineman (6’7” 350 lbs) that fits the style of lineman that Marrone loves. Would push Cam Robinson at LT. Could play OG if needed too. 3 - Tyler Johnson WR - Would be a massive steal if available. Wouldn’t be surprised if he starts shootings up draft boards though. 4 - Benito Jones NT - Big old country boy, run-stuffing NT. Exactly what the doctor ordered. Would backup Dareus at NT. 5 - Logan Stenberg OG - Another massive mauling lineman. Would be groomed to eventually replace Norwell. 6a - Malcom Perry RB - Navy QB that could play RB, WR, and returner. One of the most elusive players in space in this whole draft. 6b - Tyrie Cleveland WR - Quality receiver and excellent gunner on STs. 7 - Jessie Lemonier EDGE - Pass rusher depth for behind Allen, Ngakoue, and Smoot. UDFA: Calvin Taylor DL - Big guy (6’9” 300 lb) that could be developed behind Calais. Brady Ross FB - Battering ram to help open lanes for Lenny. QB - Minshew, Foles, Dobbs RB - Fournette, Armstead, Perry, Ozigbo FB - Devalve, Ross WR - Chark, Conley, Westbrook, Johnson, Cole, Cleveland TE - Eifert, Oliver, O’Shag, Jones OT - Becton, Taylor, Robinson, Ogbuehi OG - Norwell, Cann, Stenberg, Richardson OC - Linder, Shatley, Gauthier DE - Campbell, Bryan, A.Jones, C.Taylor NT - Dareus, B.Jones, Russell OLB - Ngakoue, Allen, Smoot, Lemonier MLB - Jack, Simmons, Jacobs, Payne, Cailitro, Q.Williams CB - Bouye, Diggs, Hayden, Herndon, Nickerson SAF - Harrison, Wilson, Jones, Wingard K - Lambo P - Cooke LS - Orzech
  8. Who will be the worst team in the NFL?

    I’m pretty high on Minshew but if this means we end up with Trevor Lawrence, then I’d be pretty stoked.
  9. Official 2020 TE Thread

    Thoughts on Thad Moss? Chance he comes out this year?
  10. NFL Draft: What do we need NOW and LATER

    He can play either. He has filled in at LT for Alaric Jackson when he got injured. Rumor is he will go back for his senior season and switch to LT full time.
  11. Front Office and Coaching Staff News

    Would have to imagine that Jax might be one of the three.
  12. Front Office and Coaching Staff News

    How would we feel about Ron Rivera if Carolina let’s him go?
  13. Front Office and Coaching Staff News

    Is it a given that Coughlin is gone at the end of the year? If he is still here, I would keep an eye on Matt Rhule. He almost got the Jets job last year and is again one of the hottest college coaches. Also worked on Coughlin’s staff in 2012. If Coughlin isn’t here then the field is pretty much wide open. I could see someone like Mike McCarthy being high on Khan’s list.
  14. NFL Draft: What do we need NOW and LATER

    I think one of our firsts should be used on a CB. Herndon still scares me a bit and Bouye isn’t getting any younger or cheaper. I really like Trevon Diggs. I’m a big fan of bigger, press style corners.