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  1. NFL Draft: What do we need NOW and LATER

    Yeah, can’t envision a scenario where we go QB in the first. As mentioned above, this CO is in win-now mode... they don’t have the luxury of developing a QB. Much more likely they will being in Andy Dalton or Jameis to push Minshew. If it doesn’t work out then I’m sure we will be in prime position to go after Lawrence or Fields next year.
  2. NFL Draft: What do we need NOW and LATER

    Agreed. I’d be ecstatic if we could get Wirfs at 9. Could play either RG or LT depending on how Cam plays. Really depends on what NYG does at pick 4.
  3. NFL Draft: What do we need NOW and LATER

    Yeah, definitely odd they didn’t even try and address the position. You would’ve thought at a minimum they would’ve brought in a vet swing OT to replace Ogbeuhi.
  4. BayRaider 2020 Semi-Final Version Mock Draft

    lol Jags aren’t going QB at 9
  5. Free Agent Tracker: News and Notes

    Dilla has gone quiet on Parham. Hoping we are still in on him. I’d be cool with rolling into the season with: 1) Eifert (true TE) 2) O’Shaq (HBack) 3) Oliver (Receiving) 4) Parham (large slot/redzone)
  6. Free Agent Tracker: News and Notes

    Hope Eifert doesn’t mean we don’t still go after Parham.
  7. Free Agent Tracker: News and Notes

    I’m a big fan of Parham. Really hope we can land him.
  8. Barrett 4.0 MOCK DRAFT. updated 3/22

    Trading Yann and take Delpit with the pick? Yuck.
  9. Jaguars re-sign DE Lerentee McCray

    That was LaRoy Reynolds.
  10. Free Agent Tracker: News and Notes

    With Trent Baalke, I could see Arik Armstead being a target to fill the Calais role.
  11. General News and Notes

    Doug seems to like massive tackles going back to his Buffalo days, so I could definitely see Becton being the pick. Id still prefer Wirfs myself though. Highly likely one of those two (maybe even both) won’t be there by the time we pick.
  12. General News and Notes

    So Dilla confirmed that Trent Williams was the big name offensive player that they were looking at trading for.
  13. Free Agent Tracker: News and Notes

    I’d really like Nick Kwiatkoski. Should be cheaper than Schobert/Littleton and looked good filling in for Danny Trevathan.
  14. General News and Notes

    Looks like he took the tweet down lol