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  1. Hate to see Giles-Harris go. If/when Tebow signs, wonder who the next guy to get cut is?
  2. Knowing how close Urbs and Tebow are, this is probably going to happen, isn’t it?
  3. I’ve seen a few people mock us JOK or Jamin Davis. Just not sure how either fit into the 3-4 especially with Jack and Schobert in front. Boselli did indicate a week or two ago that he’s not sure Schobert is going to be here long term so who knows.
  4. Just noticed that Pat Freiermuth just started following the Jags on Twitter. Appears the only other NFL team he follows is the Patriots (his hometown team).
  5. https://www.drafttek.com/m/2021-NFL-Mock-Draft-Round1.asp This mock was different. Has us taking Lawrence and then trading the farm To move up to 1.4 to draft Sewell.
  6. Hurst will be subject to the waiver wire where we currently sit first in the waiver order. Hoping we put in a claim.
  7. Saw a rumor that Trey Burton is coming in for a visit prior to the draft. Would make sense with the Urban connection.
  8. I’m willing to bet you can’t find one other Jaguar fan that has anything negative to say about Myles Jack last year. This take is so bad that I am wondering if I am being trolled at this point. Just admit you got this one wrong and update your next mock accordingly lol.
  9. I don’t know what to tell you other than you got this one wrong. I am used to seeing a lot of bad takes regarding the Jags but the Jack comment in this mock might be the worst one that I’ve seen this year. If you polled a group of Jags fans on who the best player on the team is, I’m willing to bet the answer is either going to be Myles Jack or James Robinson. All I can think of is your friend hasn’t watched the Jags since 2019 when Myles struggled with playing MLB. Once we signed Schobert and moved Jack to weak side, he absolutely shined.
  10. Your friend seems lost. Myles Jack was an absolute stud last year. Jack struggled when he played MLB after Poz retired. Last year he moved to weak side and thrived. Seriously man, Myles Jack played at an All Pro level last year lol.
  11. Will be curious to see if Urban is front and center at BYU and Ohio States’ pro days like he was with Trevor’s.
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