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  1. Definitely seems that at a minimum there is huge tension between Urban and Bevell.
  2. Yeah, getting the feeling this experiment won’t last long. Urban looks miserable and unprepared for the pro game. Brian Daboll in 2022?
  3. My main FA target would be TE Mike Gesicki so this draft is assuming he is our big FA pick up. Also hoping/thinking we won’t be picking this high but anyways… 5: R1 P5 S Kyle Hamilton - Notre Dame 37: R2 P5 WR Chris Olave - Ohio State 69: R3 P5 OT Daniel Faalele - Minnesota 107: R4 P5 G Cade Mays - Tennessee 147: R5 P5 RB Zamir White - Georgia 154: R5 P12 EDGE Markaviest Bryant - Central Florida 184: R6 P5 CB Riley Moss - Iowa 224: R7 P5 LB Troy Andersen - Montana State 1) Urban would be drooling at the thought of adding a player like Hamilton to the
  4. I think we were already at 89 because of the Schobert trade. The Daniel Ross injury looked bad so I’d assume IR for him. That leaves 3 guys who need to be cut.
  5. When Tebow first signed with the Jags, I truly thought Urban was going to utilize Tebow like he did his freshmen year at UF. Basically just wildcat/shirt yardage stuff. Also thought he would be used on the punt team similar to how the Jets used him. Every camp practice I’ve attended, Tebow was strictly used as a TE. He’s done little STs in camp and took zero snaps on ST in the first preseason game. I’m kind of confused at the thought process of how they are utilizing Tebow. I think there would’ve been less blowback if they said we are signing him to play a short-yardage/HBack role th
  6. Nothing official yet. Tom Pelissero said awhile back that they would probably keep a lot of the practice squad rules from last season. Said they will probably announce it closer to training camp.
  7. I think the most likely scenario if he is put on the practice squad. I don’t think the Jags will have to worry about him being poached off the PS and I believe they still have the rule where two PS players can be called up on game day.
  8. The Jets punter Branden Mann tackling Diontae Spencer probably lead to the Jags getting Trevor Lawrence. Probably the biggest one is Mo Lewis injuring Drew Bledsoe, which lead to two decades of Tom Brady. Seems like NYJ are responsible for a lot of these.
  9. Don’t know if he’s playing or not but…
  10. The ends/edges look like they are meshing well. Anyone know who the guy is in the far left?
  11. In terms of a 3-4, think of it as the edge strictly playing OLB and the hybrid going back and forth between hand-in-the-dirt and standing up. I thought Jihad strictly played DL (since he weighs nearly 290) but I saw bunch of clips of him standing up at OLB with Baltimore.
  12. Sounds like our front 7 will look like: D.Tackle - Brown, Hamilton, Tufele, Costin Big End - Robertson-Harris, Bryan, Gotsis End/Edge Hybrid - Smoot, Ward Edge - Allen, Smith SLB - Chaisson, McCray, Jacobs MLB - Schobert/Wilson, Quarterman WLB - Jack, Williams, Moses Don’t know what the starting lineup will be, but this appears to be how the players are being grouped in practice.
  13. Myles Jack being ruled down before he could score a TD will always sting.
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