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  1. Anyone know why Jags Twitter was talking about Tebow this morning? I feel like I missed something there.
  2. I could absolutely see the Jags parting the Rams pick for Brown. Cam is a FA and has struggled big time. Jawaan has had his struggles but I think it’s too early to write him off.
  3. Good point. Side note - Reading through Dilla’s replies has me intrigued. It’s implied he let people in on this potential trade over the weekend as well as another big potential move that the Jags might be in on. Wonder what that other move could be?
  4. And no the Jags aren’t trading Chark for him lol
  5. Ravens fans assuming they are getting Chark is hilarious to me.
  6. Still waiting on the Jags to deliver another L.
  7. I’d imagine he hasn’t been lifting with his shoulder injury so the weight doesn’t surprise me.
  8. It doesn’t sound like the Jags are going to “tip their hand” about the QB pick until the draft. The Jags are saying all the right things about evaluating each QB, blah, blah, blah. Prepress yourself for all the dumb articles about Fields going 1st when the Jags go up to Ohio State for their Pro Day. I promise you it’s coming.
  9. I’m all in the Orlando Brown train. Think getting him would be an absolute home run. Having QB and LT locked up for the next half a decade with guys currently in their early 20s would be incredible.
  10. He also retweeted a guy saying “I think that came from an @AllbrightNFL tweet that I'm pretty sure was about Derek Carr, not Minshew. (Thankfully!)”. I’m team keep Minshew but it also wouldn’t surprise me if he’s moved. What’s weird was last week was out with a realtor looking at houses in Jax. I guess property is a good investment but I’d probably wait if I were him lol.
  11. Your life Name: Chops Age: 32 Family: Married with two little ones State you were born in: Florida State you live in now: Florida Occupation or area of study: Bizness Something unique about you: This year was the first time I’ve seen snow Your love of the Jaguars When did you start following the Jaguars: Jax got a team when I was like 4. Literally got to grow up with the team. Really got invested during the 1996 season. What made you become a fan: Taylor and Darius. Favorite current Jaguar: Minshew All-time favorite Jaguar: Jones-Drew Favorite moment in team histor
  12. Allbright liked a tweet that alluded to Derek Carr being who he was talking about.
  13. I’m very curious which of Urban’s former players he will go after. There’s probably going to be a handful that will be or likely be available. Alex Smith QB Carlos Hyde RB (yuck) Curtis Samuel WR/RB Noah Brown WR Trey Burton TE Chaz Green OT Pat Elflein OG Corey Linsley OC Mike Pouncey C Carlos Dunlap DE Jonathan Hankins DT John Simon ED Noah Spence ED Raekwon McMillan LB Joe Haden CB Quinton Dunbar CB Gareon Conley CB Malik Hooker S I’m sure I am missing some, but I’d have to imagine a few players o
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