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  1. I think I’d prefer Khan not fire anyone until after the season. I really want us to stay with teaching distance of Lawrence. If the Jags only win 1 game this year and we end picking 2nd because of the Jets, it will be the most #becausejaguars moment ever.
  2. I’ve noticed a trend of Vikings fans talking themselves into the ending of trading up to get Lawrence. First, I don’t see any team dumb enough to trade up Lawrence. Second, I would think Jax would be able to offer the best package. We will probably be picking top 3, we have the Rams first, two seconds (including Minnesota’s) and likely a high first rounder next year.
  3. Don’t think anyone has any shot of beating out the Jets for the top pick. A Greg Roman/Justin Fields combo seems like a perfect match. Roman has ties to Dave and Baalke and his style is perfect for Fields. Fields went to Jimmy Smith and Keenan McCardell’s youth camp and has liked posts on Twitter about playing for the Jags. I could easily see the Jags falling in love with him.
  4. Rumors swirling on Twitter that Quinnen Williams may be moved at the deadline. Wonder if Dave would be interested?
  5. Wasn’t Baalke in SF with Roman too? Lawrence, Fields, and Lance all seem to be the type of QB that Roman succeeds with. Saleh was apparently very interested in us Kat year but we decided to keep Marrone. Joe Brady would be risky but I also feel like he could be the next McVay.
  6. How would we feel if we end up picking outside the top 5 and pair Dan Mullen with Dak Prescott? Then we go Kyle Pitts and Jaylen Twyman with our 1st rounders.
  7. Kyle Pitts is on pace for 40 TDS.
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/how-the-nfl-supplemental-draft-works-what-when-who-and-more-you-need-to-know-for-2020/amp/ According to this CBS article, players who are impacted by the coronavirus-shortened season would not be eligible (IE Etienne).
  9. Again, if the Jags are picking first then I doubt management will be around. The Jags will have also have the Rams first next year and 100M+ in caproom. If Lawrence is as good as advertised, then the Jags could turn it around real quick.
  10. I’d assume if the Jags are picking 1st, then the coaching staff and front office probably won’t be around. If Lawrence is as good as every says, then I’d think Khan would have plenty of coaches interested in hitching their wagon to him. Not to mention the Jags would have another first rounder (possibly high depending on the Rams) and over 100M in cap space. I’m biased, but I think the Jags situation would be highly desirable.
  11. Going Calais. Made the Pro Bowl ever year he was here, set the single season sack record, and was Walter Payton Man of the Year.
  12. Leon Searcy should be the RT for the Jags. Easily the second best OL we’ve ever had. I’d also add Gary Walker and/or Malik Jackson to the DL list. No way I’m putting Chris Hudson on my all time team. Carnell Lake, Tashaun Gipson, or Deon Grant should all be options for FS.
  13. If 1-4 wins gets you Lawrence/Fields and 9-16 wins gets you into the playoffs, then I see the Jags winning 5-8 games lol.
  14. Any mock with us getting TLaw is an A+ in my mind.
  15. Best case scenario is we get picks 1 and 2, trade Yann for another first rounder... 1.1 Trevor Lawrence QB 1.2 Penei Sewell OT 1.YannTrade Kyle Pitts TE 2.1 - Travis Etienne RB Then we got 120M in cap space to play with. The Jags dynasty begins... Ok back to reality.
  16. If it’s the Rams pick and Minshew played really well then I would probably go with Penei. It’d he tough though as I feel Trevor Lawrence is in the Elway/Manning/Luck tier. I’d hate myself if I passed on that and he dominated the league for the next 15 years.
  17. If the Jags earn the 1st pick, then there is no way that I am not taking Trevor Lawrence. I am Minshew’s biggest fan, but there is no way that I am passing over a generational talent like Lawrence. That guy could have us relevant for the next 15 years.
  18. Yeah, I could see Rhule wanting Mims so we’d probably have to jump Carolina.
  19. Denzel Mims at 42 would make me happy
  20. The Isaiah Simmons momentum has picked up in the last two days. I’m on board.
  21. Wonder if they are trying to make the WR-needy teams sweat before the draft?
  22. Kevin Hardy for sure. I’d also put Telvin Smith over him and then you could make an argument for Daryl Smith and Mike Peterson over him as well.
  23. Maybe because Poz isn’t the best LB that the Jags have ever had. You could argue he’s not even top 3. What a dumb comment haha.
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