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  1. WR Sterling Shepard signed to 4 year/41M extension

    I could see him in the 8 TDs, 1100 yards range next year. He plays receiver like he's a linebacker.
  2. NYGiantsman10's 4 Round Mock Draft

    Hey fellas! I've been deep diving on mocks and draft notes with the draft less than a month away. I tried to put together a mock that's a little different, 50% realistic, 50% hopeful on my part. The way I see it, the holes the Giants have to at least attempt to fill (in no particular order) are QB, edge rusher, and RT. That and we generally just need more plus defenders. You'll see from my explanations that I'm definitely no scout Let me know what you think! Round 1: 6th overall pick: DT Ed Oliver, University of Houston - I've been racking my brain about this pick for awhile. I think that if one of the "Big Three" defensive prospects (Nick Bosa, Josh Allen, Quinnen Williams) slips to 6, the Giants will gladly take one of them. If that doesn't happen, to me it comes down to either Devin White, or Ed Oliver (please God not Rashan Gary). I think Oliver is more in line with what positions Dave Gettleman values, and he just reintroduced himself to the NFL with his ridiculous pro day workout. I know it's an easy comparison, but people keep comparing him to Aaron Donald. I figure James Bettcher will know how to turn Big Ed loose better than the Houston coaches did. The fastest way to the QB is a straight line. I'm a little iffy on Ed's character, but I think the upside justifies the pick. Round 1: 17th overall pick: EDGE Brian Burns, Florida State - I originally had us trading down with Oakland with Oakland coming up for Drew Lock and us getting Burns at 24, but the more I read about his combine and how other analysts view him, it just became increasingly unrealistic in my mind to have Burns around at 24. Heck, he might not be here at 17. But hey, I said 50% realistic, 50% hopeful so he's here! Haha. When I read about and watch Brian Burns I just think speed. Pure pass rushing juice. With the way the NFL is trending, disrupting the QB has become more important than ever. As a rookie Burns can platoon with Markus Golden and Lorenzo Carter (who will hopefully take a step forward) to hopefully add some bite to our pass rush. Hopefully over time he can refine other parts of his game and become a complete player, but I'll settle for some added pass rush juice in year one. Round 2: 37th overall pick: TRADE w/ Arizona. Arizona receives: 2nd round pick (37th overall), New York receives QB Josh Rosen. - I think this is about as fair a trade as Arizona is going to get. A lot of ink has been spilled over this idea, so I won't go over it in depth, but I think it makes sense for both sides. I think Pat Shurmur and Eli would both be really good for Josh, and the Giants can watch how Josh progresses while he waits for his opportunity. If he's not the right fit, they can target 2020 QBs like Tua or Justin Herbert, or even start maneuvering early for the great white whale Trevor Lawrence. Round 3: 84th overall pick: TRADE w/ Seattle. New York receives Seattle's 3rd round pick (84th overall), Seattle receives a 4th (133rd overall), a 5th (142nd overall), and a 6th (180th overall) CB Trayvon Mullen, Clemson - I kept trying to force a trade back into the second round with New Orleans so the Giants could pick Dalton Risner, but I don't think there's any way that Risner will last that long. So, I readjusted and came up with this trade instead. It's a little more modest, and who knows if the value is right (I might be way off on this one). What I do know is DG likes to trade up, Seattle only has four picks, and the Giants need more DBs. I was torn between a corner or a safety, but I think there's a better chance of a good safety prospect slipping to later rounds than a good corner. Trayvon Mullen has good size/speed and was the defensive MVP of the national championship game. Worth a shot here. Round 3: 95th overall pick: OT Yodny Cajuste, West Virginia - So I know a lot of mocks have this hog going in the second round, but he just had surgery on his quad that's going to sideline him for 3 months. I'm hoping it's out of sight/out of mind for teams when they consider Mr. Cajuste, and he slides to us in Round 3. Good size, good strength, background as a basketball player, and plays hard. I think there's a good shot he could start at RT and hold his own (when he's fully healthy of course). I think having a veteran guard next to him will help a lot too. Round 4: 108th overall pick: WR Damarkus Lodge, Ole Miss - This one is a shot in the dark I originally had Miles Boykin here but he went and destroyed the combine. So I shifted gears and tried to find someone else to add some size to the Giants receiving corps. I think he needs a lot of work, but I think the top of the 4th is a good spot for him. The Giants can work him in slowly, and he has the size to add a different dimension to the receivers group. Alrighty! Tell me what you guys think!
  3. Giants to pick #6 in 2019 NFL draft

    It's too bad our roster is in such bad shape and we have so many needs because my goodness TJ Hockenson is my man crush in this draft
  4. Not a Daniel Jones fan at all MM? I wouldn't mind him at 37 a bit
  5. Yeah really like it. I really like that David Edwards pick in the 3rd that's a steal. I wonder if Julian Love will drop to the 4th round? I've seen him in the 2nd/early 3rd range in most mocks but it could happen. Also don't we have two 4th rounders? (not trying to nitpick )
  6. Minute Mock 2019 v1

    I think that offense is almost totally rebuilt, and would actually be pretty fun to watch. Dwayne Haskins and Jonah Williams won't just produce on the field they'll be great guys off the field too. - Jachai Polite scares me based on how badly he's been botching the draft process, but hey, we need a pass rusher. Worth a shot at that point. - I don't know much about Stanley Morgan or Joe Jackson but the positions make sense to me. Don't we have two 4th rounders? - Kinda funny that you were thinking about Miles Sanders I was contemplating doing a mock with him in it. Pretty much have to flood the defense with bodies with the rest of the picks and hope we find some gems.
  7. My Annual Forum by Forum Mock Draft

    l think the Giants will take Montez Sweat here. (I want them to take Haskins though 😓)
  8. FA Possiblities.. (Post Vernon Trade / LC let go)

    High effort role player. You’ll like him.
  9. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    Youre kidding right? Steve Smith had major microfracture surgery. That’s why he went from 100 receptions to being an afterthought.
  10. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    You have a point Shock. For all of DG’s faults (and he has many) he had a good draft last year. If he can find more versions of Will Hernandez and BJ Hill in the next 2-3 years, the team will be in much better shape. He’s just putting an awful lot of eggs in the draft basket. His idea for a rebuild isn’t impossible; now we have more than ever riding on these draft picks.
  11. Giants to pick #6 in 2019 NFL draft

    Do you think Hakeem Butler could be there at 37? 6: Montez Sweat 17: Jonah Williams 37: Hakeem Butler Trade this year's 3 and a conditional 3 next year for Rosen? 4th round: best corner/best interior offensive lineman 5th: BPA? (and so on and so forth)
  12. Looking forward to next year (a case for Eli)

    I think the past couple years could have a pretty negative impact on Eli's career as a whole. His overall regular season W/L record stands at 116-114 right now. Given that we'll probably be in the 4-12/5-11/6-10 range this year, Eli is going to have a losing record as a starting QB. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for the Hall of Fame. I could also see Giants fans taking their frustrations with the franchise out on Eli. Especially when the Giants bypass a quarterback again in the draft (which is what I suspect they'll do)
  13. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    I doubt any team would give up 2 ones for a receiver coming off ankle surgery
  14. Looking forward to next year (a case for Eli)

    The Giants have gotten pretty good at losing
  15. LB Markus Golden signs 1 year deal

    Good signing. Markus Golden, Lorenzo Carter, and a 1st round edge rusher....well...it's a start