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  1. The Official Fire Shurmur and his staff thread

    I'm not sure I see the Giants out-sucking the Bengals. If that happens though I'd like to see the Giants for whatever reason don't take Chase Young, I'd like to see a trade out. God knows we need picks especially after Gettleman's absolute blockbuster of a trade for Leonard Williams. I'd like to see Daniel get more time. He's a gritty kid I think he'll turn out ok.
  2. The Official Fire Shurmur and his staff thread

    https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2866322-giants-rumors-pat-shurmur-expected-to-be-fired-gm-dave-gettleman-in-trouble I think Shurmur is a goner but it wouldn't surprise me at all if Gettleman survives.
  3. Week 14: Giants vs. Eagles 12/9/2019 @ 8:15pm est

    I feel terrible for Eli but I'm pretty numb at this point. I knew they were gonna lose that game. I can't wait for this season to be over it has been brutal. Stay strong fellas 3 more games.
  4. The Official Fire Shurmur and his staff thread

    So do y'all think that tying the franchise record for consecutive losses will be enough to convince the ownership that there's a problem? 3 games left.
  5. This is an absolute no win situation for Giants fans. Been that kind of year
  6. Agreed. This feels like an absolute no win situation for Giants fans. You can't root against Eli (I'd hate to see his regular season record below .500) but I'd REALLY hate to deal with Chase Young on the Redskins for 10 years. Mara and Tisch will probably see Eli win a couple absolutely meaningless Dec games (losing Chase Young to the Dolphins or God forbid the Redskins), and decide the team is "close" and bring everyone back. Hell they'll probably even give Eli a raise. I say that half-jokingly. Mara gets way too much of a pass. He is not his father.
  7. Most Disappointing Units

    Giants running backs *insert joke about the whole team being hot garbage here* Barkley just hasn't played well this year. He had the ankle injury that he rushed back from, but he has been pretty bad in pass protection and has been missing holes as well as dropping passes. Hopefully it's just a blip in a long successful career but who knows Gallman had one good game and then promptly got a concussion Hilliman never belonged on the field in the first place Been that kind of year.
  8. 2020 NFL draft thread

    Yup. Even if Cincy takes Young the Giants can sell that pick to whoever wants Joe Burrows. I prefer Chase Young though. I wish the Giants could just forfeit the rest of the games
  9. Week 13: Green Bay Packers vs. NY Giants @ 1:00pm EST

    I don't know how John Mara can watch Aaron Rodgers almost automatically convert every 3rd and long he faces and think "Yeah this is the right coaching staff they just need more time". What an absolute disaster this team is.
  10. How are those rookies doing?

    We had a Julian Love sighting! And he even got a pick! Also Darius Slayton looks like a future starter. Kid plays hard. Our year has completely sucked and our team sucks but the kids are fighting it out. Here's hoping it leads to a better year next year
  11. 2020 NFL draft thread

    Yeah I agree. I was just saying a very similar thing to a friend of mine that the most Giants way to handle this will be: - Win a couple meaningless games down the stretch (just enough to take them out of contention for the truly elite players in the draft and for ownership to be like oh look! Progress!) - Keep everyone (that way Mara can have the "stability" he so desperately craves. Who cares if you're losing a shocking amount of games. At least the organization is "stable" right?) - Sign Leonard Williams to a groundbreaking extension while touting how "close" he is to actually making an impact. (Truly a masterstroke by Gettleman to give away a high 3 and a 2021 draft pick. Just can't teach that kind of intuition.) - Sign Eli Manning to an extension. Raise prices on everything. Ok now that I've got that out of my system, what I'd like to see happen would be: - Cinch that #2 pick. Gotta have the #2 pick. That pick is Chase Young without a doubt. Best defensive player I've seen in a long time. Additionally, with Tua getting hurt and Herbert tanking his stock, there probably won't be a demand for teams to trade up, so other top picks probably won't be as valuable. Consolation prize if the Giants aren't #2 would probably be OT Andrew Thomas because let's face it, our tackles suck and it's very hard to find great players for those EDGE/OT spots. - Fire the coach and his staff. I know 2 years is a quick trigger, but not only is the team not building off 2018, it's actually getting worse, and a lot of young players are regressing at an alarming rate. I haven't seen any sign that Shurmur is the guy to lead them out of this mess. I'm highly skeptical of Gettleman as well but I would bet that the ownership doesn't have the stones to cut bait with him given their slavish devotion to "stability". As for who they should hire, no more retreads thanks (sorry Jason Garrett). Personally I'd prefer Eric Bienemy, Matt Eberflus, or even rolling the dice on a Lincoln Riley. Daniel Jones is a smart, tough kid. He can pick up a new offense. - If the Giants stick with a 3-4, resign Markus Golden. In this trainwreck of a season, Markus has been a hardworking, consistent professional. A Chase Young/Markus Golden rush might actually occasionally get home. Lorenzo Carter and X-Man can fight it out to be the 3rd rusher. - In the draft, go EDGE (Chase Young) and then OT with that high 2nd. It looks like a pretty decent year for offensive tackles so the Giants should be able to pluck a starter right there. Also they could add a quality 1st round graded player at a less premium position. I'd really like to see Wisconsin center Tyler Biadasz or Oklahoma MLB Kenneth Murray there if they don't get a tackle. That pick needs to be an instant starter - No doubt they need to supplement in free agency as well, but free agency is always such a crapshoot. I'd love to see Yannick Ngakoue or some other splashy addition but being huge players in free agency has been an iffy proposition in the past.
  12. The Official Fire Shurmur and his staff thread

    Shurmur is currently 17-43 as a head coach. That works out to a robust .283 winning percentage But hey, at least he's an "adult" right Dave? Stand up there and take some questions to take some heat off of your coach and team you coward. That Leonard Williams trade looks really bad. I hope all this losing doesn't infect the young guys.
  13. Week 12 GDT: Giants vs. Bears @ 1:00pm EST

    Have y'all seen Lawrence Tynes on Twitter? he has been going in pretty hard on the team
  14. Week 12 GDT: Giants vs. Bears @ 1:00pm EST

    I just don't know how the owners can justify bringing back Shurmur next year with how much money they charge fans. I don't see it at all. Maybe getting destroyed by Philly twice (ugh) will finally wake ownership up. I'm already looking at mock drafts. Starting to sketch out some mock offseasons too. About the only thing we can do at this point.
  15. Week 12 GDT: Giants vs. Bears @ 1:00pm EST

    Mitch Trubisky is about to find the perfect cure for what ails him Ugh. Sorry fellas normally I'm a pretty upbeat, positive fan but I'm just not looking forward to the rest of the games for this year. I just hope Daniel plays well even if that means we're cursed with another year of Pat Shurmur.