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  1. Yeah I'm starting Tom as well. Might as well get something out of this game right? Random but have y'all noticed that OBJ isn't exactly lighting it up with the Browns?
  2. QB Daniel Jones selected by Giants @ 1.6

    https://giantswire.usatoday.com/2019/10/07/minnesota-vikings-everson-griffen-stops-press-conference-praise-new-york-giants-daniel-jones/ Interesting
  3. I'd love for the Giants to steal this one and keep being a thorn in the side of the Patriots (they have to lose some time right?) but I think it'll just be another ho-hum, 30-10 loss. Hopefully if that's the case we emerge relatively unscathed and can go at Arizona with Saquon, Ogletree, Tae Davis, and Wayne Gallman all back.
  4. Week 5 GDT: Vikings vs. Giants @ 1:05pm EST

  5. Week 5 GDT: Vikings vs. Giants @ 1:05pm EST

    He got his lunch eaten today and was still better than ole Flowers Like I said, I hope the Giants draft an OT in the first round. The pick will probably be fairly high so we should have a shot at one.
  6. Week 5 GDT: Vikings vs. Giants @ 1:05pm EST

    Eli Penny looked pretty good. I think he should get the bulk of the carries this week. I hope they don't rush anyone back on a short week
  7. Week 5 GDT

    ...Dak where were you throwing that?
  8. Week 5 GDT: Vikings vs. Giants @ 1:05pm EST

    Not a great game but my goodness Daniel Jones made some big time throws. He's a tough hombre I think the team as a whole is a year away (and a little injury luck) from being pretty good I want an offensive tackle with our first round pick. Tristan Wirfs please. Maybe an ILB in the 2nd and sign a pass rusher?
  9. Week 5 GDT: Vikings vs. Giants @ 1:05pm EST

    Geez the injuries at RB and LB are really showing up Proud of the D for battling. Bettch is actually a pretty good coordinator. Have to possess the ball and get some points on this opening drive or this game will turn into a laugher quick. Jabrill Peppers is playing a man's game
  10. Week 4 GDT: Redskins vs. Giants @ 1:05pm EST

    It's funny that all the guys Gettleman ditched (OBJ, Landon, Flowers) just won't shut up about the Giants. Like crazy exes
  11. QB Daniel Jones selected by Giants @ 1.6

    For me it's not just that he's playing and playing well, it is how he has carried himself since he was drafted. To be that sure of yourself and calm when everyone (including most of us) is laughing in your face and telling you how much you suck, how you weren't worth where you were drafted, etc is incredibly rare. It speaks volumes about who Daniel Jones is as a person. I don't know if he'll be a franchise QB, but I do know that he is a special person that will work as hard as he possibly can to become one. Guys like him and Saquon make me proud to be a Giants fan.
  12. Week 5 GDT: Vikings vs. Giants @ 1:05pm EST

    Yep we only have a few members here but I'd say all of our posters are pretty dang good. "Not many, but much" as the old saying goes Like I said in General I think this is a pivotal game that will really define the season. The Vikings have a technically sound D that is stacked from front to back with Pro Bowlers, and I think the linebacker injuries that the Giants have had will really show unfortunately. Those injuries will play right into how the Vikings want to play offense. Young Danny Boy will have to really be judicious with the ball in this one. I'd love to see the Giants split the next two games and bring a healthy Saquon back to face the Cards. He is too important to the present and future of the team to rush back. The decision must be taken completely out of his hands. 27-17 Vikings (hope like hell I'm wrong and we steal one at home. Crow isn't so bad tasting with the right recipe)
  13. Dave Gettleman and the Giants rebuild

    Yeah I agree with BZ on this. Watching Ryan Connelly play yesterday (before he was lost to an ACL. RIP.) I caught myself thinking "I can't remember the last time the Giants hit on a 5th round pick like this. Kevin Boss? Gibril Wilson? David Diehl?" Obviously this is way way way too early to be proclaiming anything, but it's nice to have a little hope. I think this game against the Vikings will be a really good litmus test for this team as a whole. The Vikings tormented Eli for years, so lets see how our young DJ does. Hope Golden Tate gives the offense a lift.
  14. LB Ryan Connelly likely tore ACL

    At least it happened earlier in the year so he has more time to rehab (Trying to be glass half full here) DG has quietly had two pretty good draft classes back to back. When was the last time we saw a 5th rounder make that kind of impact?
  15. Week 4 GDT: Redskins vs. Giants @ 1:05pm EST

    Good win! Not that worried about the picks DJ threw he's a young player. Bound to have some growing pains. Really nice game for the defense especially Jenkins and Jabrill Peppers. Feel horrible for Ryan Connelly though. I wonder if the Giants could make a trade because they are seriously short at ILB TJ Jones needs to be cut immediately