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  1. Eli Apple traded to New Orleans Saints

    Should've asked for Teddy Two Gloves back. I'll never forget the Giants losing out on both of the players they wanted at 10
  2. Looking to the future draft.. (yes already)

    Sup fellas? Happy to be back I think that the Giants should just draft the best players they can (God knows they have enough needs). I think Teddy duking it out with Lauletta would be enough to get decent production out of QB, and if that doesn't work out, the 2020 draft should have some good QBs. The Giants have to get back to beating up people in the trenches, and for as bad as things are now, I feel a lot better with Gettleman running the draft room. Our ownership is good and I still think Shurmur will prove to be a good coach. Just gonna have to take this year on the chin.
  3. Fire Sale Time

    Man, I wish the Giants had flipped Eli Apple for Teddy Bridgewater. Hopefully Lauletta can get a few games and if we can sign Teddy in the offseason, they can duke it out. Dedicate this 2019 offseason solely to fixing the lines. Draft Ed Oliver and Beau Benzschawel or David Edwards at the top of round 2. I legitimately feel for guys like Sterling Shepard and Landon Collins that are still out there playing hard. I hope all this losing doesn't poison them.
  4. Giants Intro Thread

    Hi guys! Been awhile I couldn't just leave my online Giants family suffering alone. So, here I am! Same username and everything Name: (first name only, please) Dan Age: 30 (insert expletive here) Family: huge family back east State you were born in/state you live in now: New Jersey born/live in California nowOccupation or area of study: Marine Corps officer/senior consultantInterests besides football: Video games, martial arts, traveling, exploring California Favorite current NYG player: Saquon Barkley (who else could it possibly be)Favorite all-time NYG: Elisha Nelson ManningHow many NYG games have you attended: Idk. 3? What one current player from any team would you like on the Giants right now: ...Sam Darnold What one player from all time from any team would you like on the Giants right now: Lawrence Taylor