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  1. Another guy with a chance to stick. Love it. Hope they get Tyler Johnson in the 6th
  2. Good pick. He has a chance to stick and that's all you can ask for at this point
  3. I like it. Good developmental prospect. Plenty of tools to coach up. Hometown kid. Wish one of the centers had lasted but that's how it goes sometimes. Tired of never having any developing linemen in the pipeline. The dropoff in talent from the beginning of the 3rd to the end was crazy
  4. Can I just say I love what Arizona is doing? Landing Hopkins, Simmons, and now getting a potential starting tackle in the 3rd. Bravo
  5. There goes my man Ashtyn Davis. Oh well. McKinney will be a good one
  6. Antonio Gibson over Josh Jones for the Redskins? What am I missing on Josh Jones?
  7. Stay strong bro! Keep the faith!
  8. My condolences. Have a football
  9. I gotta say, we are building this Giants forum back up. @Shockey1979 this must bring a tear to your eye old man
  10. I don't understand that Hurts pick at all. Seems like you could still get some instant starters there. Lukewarm on the Eagle's draft (leaving my white hot hatred for Philly out of it as much as I can)
  11. Absolutely love it. Productive, high IQ guy. The missing piece of the secondary and an instant starter. Plus Saban adores this guy.
  12. Agreed. Would love to see either. My personal preference is dropping 8-10 spots and adding another three. We'll see
  13. I think it's a solid pick. Thomas can come in and play right away. I'm not much of an offensive line evaluator but it feels like a good pick. No trades were materializing
  14. That looks like a pretty fair deal to me More ammo for the Jags to trade up with the Giants
  15. Tomorrow's the big day fellas. Im over here watching Daniel Jones highlights on Youtube Good hunting tomorrow!
  16. Probably, yeah. Those picks plus our 36 is four high quality starters. With that capital you could go: 18: OT Josh Jones 26: C Caesar Ruiz 36: OLB Zach Baun 39: FS Antoine WInfield (or sub in Delpit or Ashtyn Davis) Draft the best receiver at the back of the third round, best defensive player in the fourth (Logan Wilson maybe?). That team looks a lot more filled out on paper. Another course of action is you could potentially spin one of those twos into a first round pick in 2021. Teams get desperate sometimes in the early portions of round two.
  17. Heck let them switch spots with us for a mid round pick or two if that's the case
  18. According to Brandon Beane he has everyone fooled. We'll see I guess...
  19. Hola fellow Giants fans! Hope everybody is staying healthy and well in these strange times. I am stuck in purgatory right now because the Marine Corps cancelled my school, which has given me plenty of time to read mock drafts It has gotten me especially revved for the draft. I have read a loooooot of mock drafts with all of my free time, and I wanted to try my hand at slapping together a semi-realistic one. My goal was to find good deals for the Giants, but deals that were also somewhat realistic. I stopped after 4 rounds because it's pretty much just throwing darts for me after that. Let me
  20. Really really good. I'd like to see a center in there but that's my only quibble. YGM at 36 is my favorite pick
  21. Hey fellas just wanted to say ya'll are doing a great job keep it up
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